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Kurt: What are you doing?

Blaine: Zyzzyva.

Kurt: What's a zyzzyva?

Blaine: Don't you know what a zyzzyva is? :O

Kurt: No… should I?

Blaine: But of course.

Kurt: Fine. What is a zyzzyva?

Blaine: …

Kurt: What are you doing?

Blaine: …

Kurt: Why are you texting me lots of triple dots?

Blaine: Because you didn't ask.

Kurt: Yes, I did! I specifically asked, 'what is a zyzzyva'?

Blaine: You didn't ask properly.

Kurt: Great. Blaine, I'll love you forever if you tell me what a zyzzyva is.

Blaine: Already been there. You said that if I told you what a hogget was.

Kurt: No I didn't!

Blaine: Yeah, you did.

Kurt: Oh damn, I did as well.

Blaine: Ha. Anyway, we're going out. You already love me forever.

Kurt: Touché.

Blaine: Are you sure you don't want to know what a zyzzyva is?

Kurt: Very.

Blaine: You know you do, really.

Kurt: Ummm…

Blaine: ZYZZYVA.

Kurt: The use of capitals doesn't change the situation.

Blaine: ZYZZYVA.

Kurt: Not changing.






Kurt: Please stop spamming my texts.

Blaine: Why should I?

Kurt: You're not going to stop until I ask, are you?

Blaine: That's for my knowledge only.

Kurt: You're so infuriating sometimes.

Blaine: And that's why you love me.

Kurt: Fine. Blaine. Please tell me what a zyzzyva is.

Blaine: There we go. A zyzzyva is a tropical American weevil.

Kurt: That was not worth this conversation.

Blaine: Oh, but it was.

Kurt: No. It is only trumped by tamaraw which I spent about $3 on texts to find out and it turned out to be a water buffalo.

Blaine: That was hilarious.

Kurt: Where do you actually learn all of these useless names?

Blaine: Biology.

Kurt: My Biology classes were never that weird.

Blaine: Yes, but you're a sophomore and I'm a junior.

Kurt: You're saying that we do the boring stuff in sophomore year then the pointless stuff in junior.

Blaine: Yeah.

Kurt: This is a colossal waste of my money.

Blaine: That you could be spending on clothes?

Kurt: No!

Blaine: Sure.

Kurt: Maybe.

Blaine: If you say so.

Kurt: Fine, yes, I could be spending it on clothes.

Blaine: But surely talking to your boyfriend is more fulfilling?

Kurt: Not when he's talking about zyzzyva. What's the plural of that? Zyzzyvas? Zyzzyvae?

Blaine: Honestly, Kurt. It's zyzzyve.

Kurt: Now you're just being silly.

Blaine: Yes I am.

Kurt: I'll see you at the weekend, Blaine. GOODNIGHT.