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Wolfbreed I & II

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Sequel/Series: nope
Pairing: CLex
Rating: NC-17
Category: first time, drama, romance… big time romance
Archive: list archive
Notes: This was initially inspired by the film Underworld, a Smallville fanfic, Blood and Teeth by Bleudiablo, and a Sentinel fanfic, Woods Forsaken by Josephine Darcy; but quickly took on a life of its own!
Warnings: General season one and two spoilers. Bloodplay and blood drinking, some violence and violent sex, but no n/c.
Disclaimer: not mine
Summary: Things change for Lex and through him, for Clark too.

Clark hammered at the mansion door angrily. No answer to his phone calls for days, the people at LuthorCorp insisting that Lex was home in Smallville, and now, no one was answering the door.

This was ridiculous. Even if Lex was away, there would be some staff taking care of the place. Worried now, as well as angry, Clark forced the door.

“Lex!” he called out, sweeping the building with his X-ray vision. Spotting a skeleton crouching in the general vicinity of Lex’s bedroom, Clark refocused and gasped. Lex was curled up near his bed, shaking.

He speeded up to the bedroom immediately, only to find that door locked too. He knocked, but there was no response except for a strange noise. Clark had had enough. Grabbing the door handle, he forced it open.

“Lex?” he said quietly. Clark caught a flash of reddened eyes and a guttural snarl, before Lex was on him. The force with which Lex leapt on him, knocked Clark to the floor. He was so shocked, all he could do was wrap his arms round his friend and try to make sure Lex didn’t get hurt as they hit the ground.

Sharp pain shot through his neck and Clark struggled against an extraordinarily strong Lex to try and see what was happening. Lex lifted his head and Clark gasped. Blood was dripping from his best friend’s mouth. His blood.

With a fierce growl, Lex bent down again, biting hard into Clark’s neck. This time, as he felt the pain, suction… Lex’s lips against his skin… Clark was suddenly as hard as a rock, his cock pressing against the crotch of his jeans. He couldn’t help it, Clark rocked up into Lex’s body.

“Oh God,” he muttered.

Lex growled again, but it was softer somehow, and Lex writhed on top of him, starting to lick at his neck as well as suck.

“Lex,” Clark moaned, lowering his hands to grip Lex’s ass. He bucked up as the smaller man ground down against him.

Then, just as suddenly, Lex wrenched himself away, stumbling back until he hit the far wall.

“Lex?” Clark whispered.

“Clark?” Lex blinked and licked his lips. The taste of blood made him shiver and feel sick at the same time. How could he have fed off Clark?! But… “You’re okay!” Lex shook his head. How could Clark be alive, let alone okay? He thanked whatever higher being might be out there that he was.

Frowning in distress, Clark got up. “Yeah, um, Lex look, I know I got a bit…” he flushed hotly.

“Clark, I drank your blood!” Lex snapped, the horror of it starting to take over. He could have killed Clark! That he hadn’t was just… impossible. “Clark…”

Staring in shock, Clark nodded. Lex had drunk his blood, he’d pierced Clark’s skin! How?

“How are you alive, Clark?” Lex asked quietly.

“What’s happened to you, Lex?” Clark asked at the same time.

Swallowing hard, Lex dropped his head to his chest and sighed. “I don’t know, Clark,” he whispered, “I just don’t know.”

Clark got up and walked over to his friend, holding out his hand. Lex took it and let himself be hauled to his feet.

“Sit,” Clark said gently.

Lex managed a smile and sat next to Clark on the bed. “Clark, I…” Lex sighed again, “Last week, I went to a club in Metropolis. Something must have happened to me, but all I remember is waking up, locked in a bathroom stall with a dead body. Clark,” Lex squeezed his eyes shut, “I could still taste his blood in my mouth.”

“You… you killed him?” Clark asked hesitantly, more worried about Lex and his state of mind than the life of a stranger. But he was also worried because Lex had somehow pierced his skin and drunk his blood. What might his blood do to Lex?

“I think so,” Lex nodded, hoping that Clark wouldn’t be disgusted and leave.

“What did you do then?” Clark asked quietly.

“I came back here as fast as possible. But by that time I was craving… blood. I sent the staff away and locked myself in here. Even Enrique looked tempting.” Lex shuddered.

“Oh God, I’d have freaked out,” Clark tried joking.

Lex attempted a smile, but he was still worried. Clark wasn’t safe with him, and yet, somehow, he was still alive. “Clark,” he started, “I was in here a while. I don’t even remember you coming in, just suddenly being aware of the taste of blood. You should be dead.”

Clark froze. “But I’m not and I’m more worried about you right now.”

Looking away, Lex pulled a face. He should have known Clark would change the focus of the conversation. “I think this concerns both of us, Clark, don’t you? I don’t even know if biting you has affected you in any way.”

“I guess,” Clark sighed. “But I don’t think it did.”

“I shouldn’t have been able to bite you, should I?” Lex asked. Based on his research into Clark, that which he’d admitted to and that which he’d continued in secret, it was a reasonable assumption to make.

Clark reared away from his friend, suddenly scared. But lying seemed so wrong now, even more so than before, because something was happening to Lex that could affect them both. “No,” he admitted.

Lex smiled softly and placed a hand on Clark’s arm. “Are you… an alien?” he asked, daring to take that last step.

Clark squeezed his eyes shut. “Yes.”

“Well,” Lex sighed, “I’m glad I’m not going insane and I’m glad it means I didn’t kill you.” He just couldn’t bring himself to be angry, or feel betrayed in light of what was happening. Clark had told him the truth and that was enough.

Clark smiled tightly, “Thanks.” He opened his eyes, “But what about you, Lex? Do you think… do you think you could be a v-vampire?”

Lex grimaced. “You know, a couple of years ago, if someone had suggested that, I’d have laughed myself sick,” he sighed, “Now? Who knows? Maybe.”

“What shall we do?” Clark whispered. It wasn’t the only issue they had to discuss, but Lex didn’t seem to remember them grinding together like animals in heat. Either that or he was pretending it hadn’t happened. Clark didn’t know what to do, one of his most hidden wants, desires, had just been forced into the open and he didn’t think he’d be able to cope if Lex rejected him.

“I don’t know, Clark. I locked myself in here because I’m afraid I’ll hurt someone,” Lex sighed, “I can’t go out like this.”

“You can’t hurt me, Lex,” Clark started hesitantly. It was true, Lex feeding off him hadn’t even made him feel faint. It had however turned him on, but Clark was willing to try dealing with that if it meant helping Lex. “You could… you could feed off me.”

“No!” Lex exclaimed automatically. He could not put Clark in danger like that. “We don’t know what it could do to you.”

“I do,” Clark mumbled. Just the thought of Lex biting his neck was making him hot and bothered.

“What?” Lex asked with a frown.

“Nothing,” Clark said hurriedly, “Listen, the only thing that can hurt me is meteor rock. If this was some kind of mutation, I’m sure I would have already been affected. I’m willing to take the risk so we can find out what’s happening to you. Are you willing to take the risk of not knowing what my blood might do to you?”

“Are you sure?” Lex asked, his heart touched. Maybe he hadn’t been dreaming when he’d thought that he and Clark had a relationship closer than friendship. Clark nodded. “Then, yes.”

“Good,” Clark smiled, “Just let me phone my parents and we can go to Metropolis.”

“Okay,” Lex replied, shaking his head in wonder. He wanted to ask Clark why he was doing this, but suddenly, all he could think about was rubbing up against Clark, nuzzling his neck and biting down into that firm, sweet flesh… oh God! Lex stood and walked up behind Clark.

“Mom, I’m sorry, I have to stay. Lex is going through, wah!” Clark squeaked when Lex suddenly pressed up against him.

“Clark?” His mother sounded worried.

“Um, it’s fine Mom, I promise I’ll phone tomorrow,” Clark said hurriedly and put the phone down. “Lex? What are you doing?”

“I don’t know,” Lex whispered, sliding his arms round Clark’s waist and kissing his neck. The pulse of blood just beneath the skin’s surface enflamed him with hunger and lust. “I need you.”

Clark stifled a moan and leaned back, tipping his head sideways to give Lex better access.

“Clark, what are you doing?” Lex asked desperately.

“Bite me, Lex,” Clark whispered, “Please, I want you to.”

Lex shivered with desire. How could he resist that? He turned Clark in his arms, almost climbing up that strong body to get at his neck. “Want you, Clark, want you so bad,” he murmured. He licked Clark’s skin and moaned at the salt-sweet taste. Lex felt strange, his gums ached and then, suddenly, he was biting, his mouth filling with thick, rich blood.

“Oh God,” Clark groaned, holding tightly onto Lex. He was so hot, so hard already, he couldn’t help humping against Lex. Clark turned and carried his friend to the bed, tearing at his shirt.

Lex growled, letting go for a moment. He stared at Clark, licking blood from his lips.

Suddenly, they were on each other, ripping at clothes, kissing, clawing, falling onto the bed. Clark rolled on top, dipping his head for a kiss. Lex moaned, biting Clark’s lip. He plunged his tongue into Clark’s mouth, lapping at the trickle of blood. It sent a shiver of ecstasy through him, and he pushed at Clark, forcing him onto his back.

Clark bucked up needily. “Lex,” he gasped, “Fuck me,” he begged before he could really think about what he was saying.

Lex groaned and kissed Clark again, rocking against his groin. Bending down, Lex tore at Clark’s chest with his teeth, using the blood to slick up his cock. Pausing just a second to lick his fingers, Lex shoved Clark’s legs apart and slammed inside him.

The connection was electric and Lex couldn’t stop. He thrust into Clark over and over, licking and sucking at his chest.

“Lex, God, Lex,” Clark moaned, meeting every thrust just as hard, holding Lex’s head to his chest. The feeling of lips, teeth and tongue against him, the suction of blood out of his body was the most intensely erotic experience he’d ever had.

Lex slammed harder and harder into him, the bed creaking ominously, banging against the wall. Clark dropped his head back and screamed, his climax shooting straight through his whole body and his ass clamping down on Lex’s cock.

Sucking hard, Lex pushed deep into Clark and came with a bone deep groan of pleasure. Panting harshly, Clark held Lex tightly, smiling to himself. Lex lifted his head, smiling back lazily. There was one more thing he had to do.

Carefully, he bit his wrist to draw blood and held it to Clark’s mouth.

Moaning at the amazing taste, Clark sucked ravenously at Lex’s wrist. Humming happily, Lex pulled away and kissed Clark. The taste of his own blood in Clark’s mouth was perfect. The mating was complete.

Lex blinked. Uh oh. He scrambled back off Clark.

“Lex?” Clark frowned in confusion and worry. Things felt so perfect, yet Lex looked so guilty. “What’s wrong?”

“Clark, I… I think I just did something,” Lex started nervously.

“What, you mean s-sex?” Clark flushed lightly, “That was okay, right?”

“Yes! God, yes,” Lex nodded, “But I… we had sex, exchanged blood… I didn’t realise what we were doing till it was actually done,” Lex shook his head and sighed, “But I, I wanted it so bad, wanted you…”

“What, Lex?” Clark asked, “What do you mean?”

“I mated with you, Clark,” Lex whispered.

“And that means…?” Clark’s eyes widened, heart beating a little fast in anticipation.

“Basically, we’re married, Clark, forever.” Lex tensed, waiting for pain, rejection and loneliness.

Clark smiled and sat up. “Aw gee shucks, Lex. You mean I’m stuck with my best friend, who not only knows my secret but also has one of his own just as incredible, and happens to be the best lover ever, for the rest of my life?” Clark sighed melodramatically, “Darn.”

Lex raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “Best lover ever?”

“Oh yeah,” Clark nodded enthusiastically, “Not that I have any basis for comparison of course…” He winked and Lex laughed feeling relief flood his heart.

“You know, if we’re married, I expect snuggles after sex,” Clark whispered softly, lying back down. “We should talk anyway.”

“Okay,” Lex smiled and lay down, cuddling up to Clark. His best friend. His mate. The man he loved more than anyone else in the world.


Clark woke, sun blazing in his face. He blinked. Sunlight? Holy shit!

Clark leapt to his feet, speeding to the curtains to drag them closed. “Lex,” he gasped, looking back at the bed, “Lex, are you okay?”

Yawning quietly, Lex rolled over and stretched. “I’m fine, Clark, what are you doing?”

“You… vampire… sunlight,” Clark squeaked.

Lex frowned and sat up. “I didn’t think of that. I should have though.” He pursed his lips thoughtfully, “I guess sunlight’s okay. We’ll need to check garlic and silver too.”

Clark winced, “I don’t want to risk you getting hurt, Lex.”

“It would be a quick test, Clark,” Lex smiled softly, “So we know what to expect. I mean, what if garlic affects me the same was kryptonite affects you?”

Clark shuddered. They’d had a long talk the previous night about everything they’d done and lied about over the last two and a half years. Cried, laughed, held each other and got over it.

“Okay, okay,” Clark sighed, “Stay there and,” he stared, forcing himself not to look at Lex’s cock, “For God’s sake, put some clothes on.”

Lex smirked, “What like you?”

Clark looked down at himself, blushing hotly when he realised he was naked. He speeded into his pants and raised an eyebrow. “I’ll be right back.”

Lex smiled, “Okay.” Clark vanished and Lex pulled on his boxers, knowing his lover would only be a second.

Returning with a clove of garlic and a silver knife, Clark paused in the doorway. “Anything?”

Lex shook his head, “It reeks, but I feel fine.”

Clark moved to the bed and sat down. Hesitantly, he touched the garlic to Lex’s skin. Lex shook his head again.

“Nothing. Let me eat some,” Lex said with a grimace. What a great breakfast! Clark pressed his lips together, he really didn’t like this. “Clark, come on,” Lex said quietly.

“Okay,” Clark sighed, “At least start small, lick my finger.”

Lex raised an eyebrow. “Oh really? You sure that’s all you want me to lick?”

“Lex, be serious, please,” Clark pleaded, “I’m nervous enough as it is.”

“Sorry.” Lex took Clark’s hand and gently sucked on his finger.

The little shiver of sexual heat was immediately doused by Lex slapping both hands over his mouth and running into the bathroom. “Lex?!” Clark ran after him, wincing at the sight of his lover retching over the toilet bowl. “Oh man, I knew this was a bad idea.”

He knelt down next to Lex and gently rubbed his back. “What can I do?”

“Water,” Lex croaked. That had been absolutely disgusting, but at least he knew to avoid garlic now.

“Okay.” Clark threw away the garlic and carefully washed his hands before he got Lex a glass of water.

Leaning back against the tiled wall, Lex drank the cool liquid down greedily in relief.

“Are you okay, Lex?” Clark asked, feeling a little distressed at seeing his lover so sick.

“Yeah,” Lex sighed, “Come on, silver now, and churches, crosses and holy water later…”

“No,” Clark shook his head, “No way.”

“Clark,” Lex started warningly, “We have to. He smiled sexily, changing tack suddenly, “Come on, cut me with the knife. Don’t you want to see me bleed?” Eyes glazing at the thought, Clark nodded. “Good,” Lex whispered, beckoning his lover over.

Clark stumbled down next to Lex, who extended his arm. Carefully, he sliced into Lex’s skin with the knife.

It hurt, but no more than he was expecting, and Lex watched the blood well up even as his skin started to heal. Clark didn’t even think, he just moved, tugging Lex into his arms and licking at the blood.

The taste was addictive and it drove him insane. “Lex,” he groaned.

“Oh God.” Lex swallowed, his dick instantly hard. His gums were aching and he shoved Clark back against the floor, ripping off his pants. Lex settled down between Clark’s legs, licking a wet stripe up his shaft.

Clark groaned, bucking up reflexively. Lifting his head, he growled at Lex.

Eyes narrowing, Lex growled back and crawled over Clark’s body. He glared fiercely at his mate. With a quiet whimper, Clark lowered his eyes and bared his neck submissively. Lex snarled in satisfaction and leaned down to lick Clark’s jugular. Savouring his lover’s shiver, Lex bit down and sucked hard.

Moaning, Clark wrapped his legs around his mate and thrust urgently against him. Lapping lazily at Clark’s neck wounds, Lex rolled onto his side and reached down to wrap his hand around his lover’s erection. He pumped gently, until Clark started to whimper again, thrusting into his fist.

Tightening his grip, Lex stroked hard and fast, sucking on Clark’s neck at the same time. All Clark could do was lie back and drown in sensation. Lex was alpha, his mate and Clark wanted nothing more than to please him.

Grunting, Lex nipped at Clark’s earlobe. Clark arched up with a wail, coming in long spurts into Lex’s hand. Sighing in satisfaction, Lex gave Clark’s neck a final lick and sat up. Then he blinked.

“Wow,” he whispered, “What was that?”

Frowning, Clark shook his head, “Your blood is so… I couldn’t help it.”

“Clark, you were submissive to me,” Lex said quietly, “I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

Clark smiled and sat up, laying his head on Lex’s shoulder. “You’re my mate, and my…” Clark searched for the right word, latching onto the one that had floated through his mind earlier, “You’re my alpha, and I’m more than happy with that.”

“Really?” Lex asked hesitantly.

“Definitely,” Clark nodded and nuzzled Lex’s neck. He grinned suddenly, almost hearing Lex worry. “Do you think it’ll be a problem in public if it’s just a sexual thing?”

Lex pulled back, raising an eyebrow at his lover. “And how did you know I was worrying about that?”

“You are still my best friend, aren’t you?” Clark asked.

Smiling finally, Lex nodded, “Of course, Clark, always.” They shared a gentle kiss and then Lex pulled Clark up. “We’d better shower and head off.” Clark nodded.


“I just have to pick up some papers from The Talon before we go,” Lex said as they got into the Ferrari.

Clark groaned. He’d been avoiding Lana lately. Even though they’d broken up, for some reason she kept trying to talk to him about their relationship and where it was heading. “Just don’t leave me alone with Lana,” he sighed.

Lex raised an eyebrow, fighting back his jealousy, even though something inside him wanted to scream at the thought of that bitch being alone with his mate. “Why? Worried you might do something inappropriate?” he snapped quietly.

“What?” Clark gasped. “Hardly, Lex. Even if I wasn’t mated to you, I’d be avoiding her at the moment.”

“Really?” Lex asked softly, feeling the knot in his stomach ease at the words.

Clark blinked in surprise and delight, suddenly realising Lex had actually been jealous. He leaned over and rubbed his cheek against his lover’s shoulder, making a tiny, whining noise. “Really, Lex.”

Growling lightly in satisfaction, Lex twisted his head round quickly to drop a kiss on Clark’s hair. “Well, hopefully, we’re early enough that she won’t be there yet.”

With a heartfelt sigh of happiness, Clark nodded. He left his head on Lex’s shoulder until they got into town.

At The Talon, Lex let them in, glad that he’d been right and that Lana wasn’t there. Even if Clark wasn’t interested, which Lex wasn’t completely certain about, he had a feeling that Lana would challenge him. It made him feel… like he wanted to claw her to pieces and feast off the flesh of his enemy and… oh God! What was happening to him?

Clark was startled when Lex suddenly dragged him to the back of the shop, out of sight of the street. “Lex, what are you doing?”

“Marking my territory,” Lex growled, shoving Clark up against the wall. He yanked his lover’s shirt out of the way and lunged for his neck, biting down hard.

Feeling Lex’s teeth sink into his flesh and the suction start, Clark wrapped his arms round his mate and pulled him close. He was desperately hard already. “God, Lex, please,” he breathed, rocking up against the slim, taut body of his lover.

“Oh my God.”

Clark opened his eyes in time to see Lana’s expression turn from hurt confusion to horror. She grabbed a fire extinguisher from the wall and swung it at Lex. Using his speed, Clark spun them round, folding himself around Lex protectively. He flinched at the impact, not from pain, but from the explosion as it shattered.

Lex snarled and yanked himself free. The bitch had attacked them! That was more than would be tolerated. Lex leapt on Lana, knocking her to the floor, and smacked her hard across the face.

Clark paused for a second, wondering when Lex had acquired claws, before he hurried over. “Lex,” he said quietly. Lex stopped his next blow and looked up. Clark shivered. His lover’s eyes had changed shape and they were glittering with anger. Lana was bleeding from three claw marks to her face and she looked terrified. Clark had to do something.

Dropping to his knees, Clark whined quietly. Lex growled, sniffing at his mate. Why was he interfering? The bitch had hurt him and Lex would kill her for it. Clark whined again, tipping his head back. Torn suddenly between killing the bitch and finishing what he’d started with Clark, Lex growled softly. In the end, it was no contest.

Lex crawled over to Clark and buried his face in his neck again, slicing into his skin with sharp teeth. Through the haze of lust, Clark was vaguely aware of Lana running out of The Talon, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

Pulling back, Lex bit his wrist and held it to Clark’s mouth. He wanted to strengthen the bond between them. With a moan, Clark rubbed himself against his mate, sucking the sweet blood into his mouth until he came explosively in his pants.

Lex smiled, then frowned. “Oh fuck! I attacked Lana!”

Clark sighed and nodded. “It’s okay, Lex, it wasn’t too bad.”

“Not too bad?!” Lex exclaimed, “I was going to kill her, Clark.”

“But you didn’t,” Clark said reassuringly, putting his hand on Lex’s arm as they stood. “And it’s okay, I understand.”

Lex sighed and straightened his clothes up. “How am I going to explain it though?”

“Lie,” Clark shrugged. Lex raised an eyebrow and Clark flushed. “We have to, Lex.”

The door opened and the Sheriff walked in with a deputy and a very pale, shaken looking Lana. “Mr. Luthor, may I have a word?” the Sheriff started.

“Of course, Sheriff. What’s wrong? Has something happened to Lana?” Lex replied.

The Sheriff raised her eyebrows. “If what Lana claims is true, you’d know all about that.”

“Me?” Lex frowned in forced surprise.

“Miss Lang claims you attacked her just now, after she tried to stop you from attacking Clark Kent.”

“Attacked Lana? And Clark?” Lex gasped, “I don’t understand.”

“You were biting him, I saw blood,” Lana shrieked suddenly.

“Lex? Bite me?” Clark tried to look confused, “We just came to pick up some papers before we head to Metropolis for the weekend. Sheriff, we haven’t even seen Lana this morning.”

“What?!” Lana screeched, “He was sucking your blood, I know it, and then he attacked me, clawed me!”

“Clawed you?” Lex gasped, “Come on, Lana, next you’ll be saying that fire extinguisher shattered because you hit Clark with it.”

Lana’s eyes widened suddenly and her mouth snapped shut. She met Lex’s fierce glare for a second, then looked away, dropping her head. Lex suppressed a growl of satisfaction. “She’s obviously hysterical, Sheriff.”

The Sheriff pulled a face and sighed. “I guess you’re right. Come on, Miss Lang, let’s get you to the doctor.” She turned, then paused, looking back. “Mr. Luthor, I’d get those fire extinguishers checked out if I were you.”

“Yes, of course,” Lex replied with a nod.

Lana let herself be led outside and Clark sagged with relief. “God, Lex, that was close.”

“No,” Lex shook his head, “It was far too fantastic a story for our good Sheriff to believe.”

Nodding, Clark frowned suddenly. “Why did you say that thing about the fire extinguisher?”

“So Lana would know she wasn’t going mad, and to stay the hell away from you,” Lex snarled.

“Oooh, possessive,” Clark said, shivering happily.

Lex grinned. “Come on, Clark, let’s get out of here.”


“Yes, Clark?” Lex glanced back at his lover inquiringly.

“You had claws, and your eyes were funny too,” Clark commented.

“Doesn’t sound like vampirism to me,” Lex mused.

“Depends on the book,” Clark said with a shrug.

“True,” Lex sighed, “The sooner we get to Metropolis, the better.”