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The Path Before Me

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“Get in the car.”


“I said get in the fucking car before I tie you up and toss you in the boot.” He looked around the corner of the building. She huffed and sat in the passenger’s seat.

“Where are we going?” She began playing with the emergency compartment.

His hand snapped and shoved her back. “Don’t touch my stuff.”

She sighed again, “Why am I even here?”

“Wrong place, wrong time? I just do what’s asked.” He didn’t take his eyes off the road, “Tell me if you see any cops.” His foot pressed the accelerator.

“Jesus Christ, how fast are you going?!”

“You ask too many questions, now shut up and do your job.”

Stunned, she leaned back in the chair and kept her eyes peeled on the side mirror looking for any suspicious vehicles.

The driver swerved the car into an empty garage and shut of the engine. “Get out.”

“You know, I thought British men were supposed to be gentle and kind.” she grumbled.

“And I thought blondes were suppose to be dumb, not redheads.”

“Fucker.” She kicked a can causing it to bounce off the walls.

He grabbed her arm and slammed her up against a nearby wall, “Look I could’ve left you there for dead but I opted not to, so show me some respect, alright?” He let go of her and made his way to the elevator. “Follow me.”

Rubbing the slowly forming bruise on her arm, she walked into the elevator with him.