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    If you've come here and you don't know what this is, let me tell you right now: it's an epic. With a chapter for every letter of the alphabet, much blood, sweat and tears have gone into this (well, I nearly cried when I got to X and couldn't think of a title...). In here we have both slash and het pairings: Lister/Rimmer, Lister/Kochanski, Cat/Kill Crazy, Cat/other, Kochanski/other, and possibly more that I've forgotten.

    The basic hypothesis of this series is the question, 'What if Lister and Rimmer 'turned' in jail?'. The first chapter I wrote was 'Impossible Dreams' after reading Yuchtar's 'What The Smeg?' I wanted more Rimmer/Lister stuff, but was having trouble finding it. So I decided to do it myself, even after I found out that slash writers get flamed to bits (hi JB!) on FF.N.

    Some chapters of this story contain m/m slash. Some contain f/f slash. Others contain m/f explicitly sexual scenes. Though this content is not in all chapters, this story is still rated R. So any of you slash-haters still here, leave now. This is not your scene. Those of you still with me, enjoy. Refreshments will be provided as soon as I have some flames to toast the marshmallows.

    (Oh, the early 2000s. How I don't miss you.)