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Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop

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It was an improbably frigid November day when one Tony Stark entered into a small café on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Observing his surroundings he stepped up to the counter and ordered a small hot coffee, black and took a seat near the window to people watch. It was unusual for him to step foot in a place that was not serving alcohol, or hosting a plethora of beautiful young women ready to throw themselves at him, however something had drawn him in on this day and he had yet to figure out exactly what that was.

As he sipped on his coffee something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. Across the café sipping on an herbal tea was a raven haired, fair skinned beauty. Tony sucked in a breath as he watched her drink gracefully from her cup as she read from a novel.  This mysterious woman was without a doubt one of the most breath taking creatures he had yet to run into, and in his time as a playboy, Tony Stark had had his fair share of women.

However it was not simply her looks that drew Tony in for further inspection, it was the way she held herself, seemingly exuding self confidence that intrigued him to go and speak with her. He picked up his coffee and threw on a million dollar grin; trademark Tony Stark confidence flowing off of him in droves as he sauntered across the open café to where she sat. He eased himself down into the seat across from her and smirked, “Hello gorgeous,” he breathed out, a look on his face only to be described as amused. He took a sip from his coffee and added, “Tony Stark, and you are?”


Escaping from the prison in Asgard had been rather simple for Loki as he had managed to convince his absolute moronic oaf of a “brother” that he would be of no harm to anyone if the cuffs restraining his magic were removed. Once he had been safely inside his cell he threw a displeased façade on for Thor as he sat down on the small bed in the dark dungeon. As soon as Thor was a good distance away from his cell he allowed himself a small evil laugh and a smirk. “Really Brother, you make things far too easy for me,” he whispered happily to himself.

Loki stood once more and stretched as he felt the magic crackle in his spine, enjoying the feeling of what was soon to be his freedom from this hellish place. He held his hands up in the darkness and watched eyes wide with amusement as a soft green glow emanated from them. With a flick of his wrist he was gone from the cell, however he had not anticipated the outcome of using such a large amount of his magic in the short period of time after regaining it.

That was how Loki wound up face first in a puddle, in a small alleyway in New York City. It was not the ideal place for a God who had only months ago attempted to bring the city to their knees, however he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stay in Manhattan appearing the way he looked now, there were chances he would be recognized by civilians, and Odin forbid he should run into one of Thor’s fellow misfits. Loki could feel that he hadn’t much magic left flowing through his body at the moment, he would need time to rest and recover to full strength and so it appeared he would be stuck in this Midgardian city for some time.

Thankfully he had a bit of his magic that was still kicking around in his body and he was able to perform a rather simple shape shifting spell. He ran his hands slowly over his hair and face first, transforming it into a woman of rare beauty, one with long raven tresses, vivid green eyes, a face that looked as though it was made of fine porcelain, and lips red like blood. Next he ran his hands down the length of his body, the sharp angles and lines of his male form melting away into soft curves and the features of a supple female body. One last wave of his hands and the metal and leather armor that he had previously been clothed in transformed into a pair of black skinny jeans, a green blousy top and a pair of pumps. He stood rather pleased with himself as he walked out of the alley and down the busy Manhattan street.


“…and you are?” Loki snapped out of the trance that the book he had been reading had placed him in and looked up. A smirk appeared on his or rather her face as Loki’s piercing green eyes stared into the rich chocolate brown ones of none other than Anthony Stark.

“I am…not interested,” she quipped, lifting her tea and novel as she stood up from the table. Loki knew exactly what she was doing as she walked away from Tony. She didn’t have to glance back to know that Tony would follow her. He would undoubtedly be unable to accept that the playboy side of him was so easily turned down.

For a moment, Tony stared at the woman incredulously before standing up from the table as well and following the mysterious woman out of the café. He lingered behind a bit, admiring the view rather shamelessly before calling out after her; “You did hear me say that I’m Tony Stark, right?!” he bellowed, earning a few stares from passersby on the sidewalk.

Loki smirked to herself and kept walking, rounding a corner and stopping abruptly, turning to face where she knew Stark would be emerging soon.  She waited and crossed her arms as she finally saw the man round the corner, looking a bit distressed and out of breath. Loki raised an eyebrow at the man’s state and allowed herself a small laugh as Stark ran literally right into her. Loki wobbled on the heels, unused to walking in them and fell over with a small “Oof!” onto the ground, bringing Tony down with her.


“Oh shit, are you okay?” Tony asked her as he stood up, holding out a hand to help the woman up. As he helped her to stand, he observed her curiously. There was something so familiar about the beautiful creature that stood before him and he could not place exactly what it was but he felt as though he had met this woman before. Suddenly a pit formed in his stomach, one filled with dread and he cringed as he opened his mouth; “Did I sleep with you and never call? Is that why you’re ignoring me?” he asked.

Loki allowed him to aid her in getting to her feet, which she would have normally refused had she not been wearing a pair of precariously high heels which made it difficult to be doing things on her own.  Once she was upon her feet again she looked upon his face curiously, he seemed to feel regret for a mistake that he had not made which was mildly amusing to her as she believed him to be completely devoid of morals, at least when it came to how he treated his sexual partners. Loki tilted her head to the side as she spoke to him, her voice sounding strange to her own ears as she was unused to the high pitch of this female form; “Oh please Stark, do you truly believe that a woman of my caliber would be as moronic to fall for your garish charms?” she questioned, eyes piercing his.

Tony was taken aback a bit first by the sultry sound of the almost English sounding accent followed by an odd phrasing of words that made him consider the identity of the mystery woman. He had been almost sure based upon her eyes alone that it was someone he knew but he was still having trouble placing it. Never one to miss a beat in a conversation Tony quickly quipped back at her, “Well how about we change that gorgeous?” he asked as he threw her a trademark smirk. He wasn’t about to let this magnificent example of beauty out of his sight yet, not until he had a chance to take her apart and put her back together, both literally and figuratively. He was captivated by her aura and he needed to get her agree to see him again, though it seemed as though he may have a larger task on his hands than he had originally planned for.


Loki had barely been listening as Stark rambled on and on about how he would no doubt enjoy taking her home and throwing her between his sheet. Instead she had been focused solely upon the glowing that was being emitted from within the man’s chest. Of course she had noticed this once before when she had been in his gaudy tower many months ago, but she had not had the proper amount of time to truly examine the very device that she knew was integral to Stark’s life. Perhaps she could get a better look at this if she went along with Stark’s plan to bed her.

Her head snapped back up to attention as Stark finished speaking and she offered him a much warmer smile than the ones she had been giving to him prior to this realization that this small device would be at her fingertips if she gave in to him. “I do suppose I could offer you a chance to thrill me Mr. Stark, what do you have in mind?” she purred seductively, moving a bit closer to him as she spoke.

Tony wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her towards the curb where Happy was waiting with his car, “I have a little place just up the street if you’d care to join me for a drink,” he grinned, pointing to the eyesore now named Avengers Tower that was in the middle of New York City. This may have been one of many times during this day that Loki was thankful she was disguised as a female, for walking into the Tower where no doubt at least a few of the “Avengers” were residing would be wandering around. The last thing Loki needed at that moment was to be taken into custody by SHIELD; first there would be some much desired time spent with the device in Stark’s chest.

“Sounds divine,” she breathed, allowing him to lead her to the car that he had waiting. The car ride was short and lasted in relative silence, Stark flashing Loki a devious looking grin every chance he had as he looked her over as though he were a hungry dog and she was a piece of meat. It was slightly disturbing but she brushed it off as part of the man that he was rumored to be.

She couldn’t stop herself from marveling at the sight of Avengers Tower up close, as they walked in and stepped into the elevator she felt a feeling akin to nervousness flutter in her stomach, something truly unusual for her and she did not appreciate it one bit. If she was feeling anything for this man, her plans of acquiring a close look at the device in his chest may be hindered and she would have none of that.

If Tony noticed the slight change in the mood between them he said nothing as he led Loki into the very room in which she had been defeated no more than a month prior. She hid a small grimace as she stared at the spot where earlier there had been a hole in the shape of his body; well now at the very least she would be getting that drink she was offered all those days ago. She stepped gingerly around the area of her “smashing” and walked over to the bar that Tony was standing behind.

“Suppose you heard about that huh?” Tony asked nodding to the part of the room that had been previously used for the giant beast’s tantrum.

Loki bit her lip to keep from saying something that would give her away and settled for a polite smile and nodding of her head. She swallowed back the slight bundle of nerves that seemed to be forming and reached for the drink that Tony had poured for her.

“So Mr.Stark-,” she started before she was cut off.

“Tony, please. Mr. Stark was my father, someone I’d really rather not be associated with,” he said calmly, urging her to finish her sentence.

Loki rolled her eyes in a slight annoyance, she was constantly being interrupted and it was quickly becoming a nuisance.

“So, Anthony, I was going to inquire as to if you would prefer to take these drinks somewhere a bit more comfortable,” she asked quirking an eyebrow as she looked over towards the rather plush looking sofa.

It appeared that Tony needed no further encouraging as he enthusiastically pulled Loki over to the sofa, leaving behind their drinks, forgotten upon the bar. He took a seat and pulled Loki down on top of him, straddling his hips as he ran his hands lightly along the smooth lines and curves of her body.

Despite herself a small moan escaped her lips, however brief before her lips were captured by his in a kiss that was filled with more passion and heat than she had been expecting. It was not as though she did not find him attractive, for a mortal he was rather fit and his intelligence and wit impressed her as well. However, she was here for one thing and that was to acquire a missing piece of information that could be beneficial to her future here upon Midgard.

Knowing that she had to please him to get closer she leaned into the kiss, allowing him to part her lips with his tongue, allowing him access to her mouth. Tony ran his tongue along the inside of her mouth, exploring it and was surprised that she tasted faintly like fresh fallen snow behind the taste of the liquor. The taste of her mouth was intoxicating to him and he struggled against his pants, trying to gain friction.

Loki noticed this quickly and moved her mouth away from his, grinning as she took in the disappointed look upon his face. She made amends for that by pulling her top up over her head and releasing the tight corset she had had on under that, leaving her chest exposed to him. Based on the look that graced his face, she had made the right decision by pushing this along.

She shivered a bit as his cold hands ran gently along the sensitive skin of her breasts, and she moaned loudly when he leaned in to take one of her sensitive nipples into his mouth. Loki arched her back, pushing against his mouth as Tony’s teeth grazed her nipple lightly at first and a bit harder the second time around. If she was going to have to do this for the sake of his arc reactor, she could at least enjoy herself during the activity, she thought to herself as she opened her eyes to study his face.


Tony had sat wide eyed and full of desire when she took off her top; she was without a doubt one of the most perfect specimens of a woman that he had ever had the pleasure of being with. He watched as the silky green blouse slid off of her shoulders revealing the tight corset underneath that when released, gave way to beautiful milky skin, pale and begging to be marked by Tony. He took a breath and shifted his hips under her slightly, allowing her to feel the presence of his now fully hardened erection. Before long his mouth was on her skin, making marks that were sure to be there in the morning.

As Loki moaned beneath his touch, he found himself wanting more, desiring to hear more of those small noises escaping her lips that were sending little jolts straight down to his groin. He had an overwhelming urge to simply take her right there, his impatience was slowly winning over his want to make this last.

Loki seemed to have noticed that he was feeling this way and so very slowly, making sure she grazed the bulge in his pants, she slid to the floor beneath his knees. It was unsavory for a God to be kneeling to a mortal, but she lacked the patience to do more than this and wanted to achieve her goal quickly of being able to get a closer look of the device in the man’s chest. However if she was about to do this, she could at least torture the wanting mortal who was at the mercy of her touch.

Tony watched her move gracefully as she unbuckled his belt and dragged his jeans off; he let out a small hiss as they dragged over his stiff erection, giving him the friction he craved but not nearly enough to be satisfied. He dug his hands into the cushions of the couch as she massaged the insides of his thighs and let her mouth ghost over his now throbbing length in a teasing manner. Tony could tell by the mischievous look in her eyes he was in for a great time, but there was something more to this than there normally was with all of his previous conquests; something that made both his actual heart and his arc reactor flutter a bit with anticipation of what could come from this. It made him nervous, commitment was not one of his strengths however he pushed it out of his mind until later, for now he wanted to focus on the nearly perfect woman in front of him.

 “Fuck!” he gasped as he was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt the warm wet heat of her mouth envelop him entirely and he nearly lost it right there. He let his head drop against the back of the couch as he mouth worked magic on him.

Loki glanced up at him through her eyelashes and smirked around him, seeing the effect she was having on him. This was going to be beneficial to her later when she made a move to get what she wanted, he would be far too tired to put up a struggle as she ripped the device from his chest.

Loki put everything she had into this blowjob, making sure that she gave Tony every bit of pleasure that she could and all the while she told herself it meant nothing; that it was only to further her in her next attempt to take this realm for herself. She moved tantalizingly slow up and down on his shaft, making sure to hollow out her cheeks at the right moments to create suction. She paid special attention to the sensitive head of his throbbing length, her tongue darting out in between her kiss swollen lips to gather the few drops of precum that gathered there.

Tony let out a few low guttural moans as he managed to keep his eyes open and half lidded to stare at the vision of passion in between his legs. He was reaching the edge of his orgasm and he could feel it building deep in his stomach, a fiery feeling that spread through his body, igniting his skin with incredible pleasure. She still had her mouth on him working at him as though he was a popsicle and he knew he was a few more small moves away from letting go inside of her mouth. She must have sensed this and he gasped as he felt his cock hit the back of her throat as she took him in fully.

“Fuck! Yes…so close!” he moaned loudly, grasping at her hair. It was not a forceful motion, but rather one to hold her mouth still in place as he felt his body tense up under her.

Tony felt her hollowing out her cheeks and sucking him down fully as he came hard down her throat. He watched her as she swallowed down nearly everything he gave her and soon after she pulled off of him with an obscene pop.


Loki smirked up at him as she wiped a drop of his come from the corner of her mouth with her tongue, giving a slightly over exaggerated moan as she tasted him. She watched his head slowly fall to rest on the back of the couch, having have exhausted him from the rush of an orgasm wash over him.

This was her perfect opportunity to get what she had come for now that he was sleeping peacefully, fully vulnerable to her.  Not one to waste any time she quietly stood from her knees and hovered over his chest, mesmerized by the glowing piece of metal that hummed softly in the quiet of the room.

“Tony? Look Fury wants us down at SHIELD in less than a hou-…Oh my goodness ma’am I am so sorry,” a voice called from over in the corner of the living room.  

Loki, startled looked over to where the very blonde and very innocent looking Captain America was standing, covering his eyes to prevent further embarrassment. In all of the excitement she had not noticed that her magic had given out on her, leaving her standing there back in her natural male form.