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Storm of War

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Whenever it rained- and it rained a lot on London those four years long years between 1914 and 1918, Mycroft couldn’t help but think about the two men he loved more than anything, who were undoubtably out being soaked somewhere not too far away.

First he was thankful. Thankful for the fact that Greg had let him use his influence to place him in a training camp in Dover, training new recruits and more importantly not fighting over in France. He was thankful that at the end of a day of exercises in the rain, Greg would at least be able to get somewhat dry in the instructors barracks, and wouldn’t spend all night in the wet, staying wet until the sun was warm enough to dry him.

His thankfulness couldn’t last long though, and his thoughts invariably strayed to his brother. His dear little brother, who he’d tried so hard to place somewhere in the logistical support back in London, somewhere Sherlock would be safe. When his brother, in a strange display of patriotism had insisted on enlisting, Mycroft had attempted to place him in a safer position, as he had done with his lover, but his brother’s stubbornness had won out, and he was somewhere in France.

When the sun shone, or there was only a light cloud cover, Mycroft managed to stay optimistic. Then he could remember Sherlock’s talent for survival, how he valued himself too much to attempt any ridiculous heroics, how he was too smart to get himself killed.

When it rained, Mycroft’s head was filled with images of mud and washed out trenches, of enemy fire raining down and craters filled with septic water. When it rained Mycroft was reminded of all the ways other than enemy fire that a soldier could die, and he saw his brother’s feet rotting away from gangrene, or coughing himself to death, ill with untreated pneumonia, or slowly dying from dehydration as he refused to drink the unsafe water.

The government official forced himself to work on, the world couldn’t stop just because he was worried, but every time it rained he redoubled his efforts in finding an end to the war, knowing that his brother would only ever really be safe once he was back home.