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Special Touch - Dreams

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I had woken up this morning to an empty bed and an orgasm. I can’t say that I remember exactly what the dream was about when my body shook and I came, but it was intense. So much so I thought I could smell Sean all around me. Yes. I had been dreaming about Sean, again. This was the third time in a week I remember dreaming about one of Norman’s closest friends, the first time had been just vague glimpses of things. Conventions and kissing, three bodies in a bed somewhere. It had been vague but sexual for sure. The dream I had remembered from two nights ago had been more innocent. Laughing and joking in the New York City house, I think Norman was in and out of the room. Sean was telling some story and I was laughing. I remembered waking up feeling light and happy. It’s been months since I have seen Sean but he seemed to be on my brain lately.

Norman was away for the weekend, off to a convention making thousands of fans happy. When he had left yesterday, neither of us were sure if we would catch up with each other much these next days. He would be spending time with his Boondocks cast mates and things for Mandy’s wedding were amping up. We had an appointment in Atlanta to go wedding dress shopping. She had gone through countless websites, stacks of magazines and I even messaged her some ideas. It would be an exciting day of wedding fun, well at least it would be fun for me, I didn’t have the same stress she did. I had most of the plans for the bridal shower taken care of, we had cake tasting and food choices still to make but that was all the fun stuff as far as I was concerned.

I turned on the shower and walked back to the bedroom to find something to wear, sifting through a basket of laundry till I found the sun dress I was looking for. I’d steam out the wrinkles while I was in the shower. Putting the dress on a hanger I opened the bathroom door and the steam that enveloped me suddenly brought me back to the dream I had last night. Sean, soaking wet coming out of the shower in all of his naked glory. Wet hair, toned body, California tan and a raging hard on. I was seated on the vanity, Norman’s naked body pressed to mine as we kissed and hugged. I could see Sean through the steam, watching us as I watched him. He stroked himself.

The image of it flashed so strong in my mind, it was as if it hadn’t been a dream at all. I smiled at the thoughts as I took off my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I was dieting to fit into the dress that Mandy wanted me to wear, it was a beautiful green and not too bad as Maid of Honor dresses go. I had nothing to complain about.

I stepped into the shower and let the water run over me and it pulled me back into my dream again. It was all out of order I’m sure, but it was vivid. The three of us in the shower, much bigger than it was in real life, but set up the same with a stone bench on one end. I was bent against it as I sucked on Norman who was sitting there, while I felt Sean inside of me. The dream was so clear, fucking and sucking, being double teamed by two of the sexist men ever to grace the planet. Somewhere in the dream they had changed places, I was sucking on Sean which was always different, the taste and size but especially the way he liked to buck into my mouth, fucking me as I sucked him. Sean did enjoy a good blowjob.

Adjusting the showerhead I leaned against the tile wall and let my brain go back to the dream as much as I could, it made me ache just thinking about it. There was no wonder why I had given myself an orgasm in my sleep. From the shower to the bed, there was massage oil and I think at one point they may have been massaging me but that’s not what I remembered at that moment. Right now it was the way Norman we kneeling behind his friend. Lubing up the evenly tanned ass with one hand while reaching around to stroke his hard cock with other. When the visual struck me it was powerful. I had dreamt of Norman violating Sean in a way that they did not play together. The powerful way he gripped Sean’s dick and how Sean moaned out at the sound of Norman’s touch. I think for the most part I just stayed back and watched, a spectator to something that was wildly sexy and intimate. There was moaning coming from Norman as he pushed himself inside of his friend and even know as I remembered it, my nipples hardened and my pussy ached.

Sean was not like this, he was not into men or bi in anyway, but I stilled desired to see this, to see the way Norman took him. Very different than he was with Andy. I filled my hands with soap and ran them over my skin lingering at my breasts but finally between my legs. I wasn’t going to make myself cum, but I felt as if I needed this to help keep the details of the dream fresh in my mind. I watched as the man I loved rammed deep and bit into Sean’s shoulder. The animal fucking that happened before me was sexy and delicious and I whacked my head against the tile wall as I thought about all of it. I never wanted anyone in my life to be something that they were not, but why couldn’t Sean just play this way sometimes. It was erotic and I knew that it would make Norman so happy, even if it was simply play and not something deeper.

At some point there were hands on me, pulling hard at my nipples, fingering me, calling me dirty names, the dream had shifted more primal in all ways. I masturbated in front of them as they fucked, Sean called me a slut as he fucked into Norman. There was moaning and panting but most of all, it was out of control. Sean conquering Norman, me being forced to have an orgasm, and a climax from my lover that spilled over my skin and dripped down my mound.

I would venture to guess that my real life orgasm came during the part of my dream where the boys both took turns cleaning me up and then kissing, because that was what had my head spinning the most at this very moment.

A good indication that you have spent too much time in the shower is when your fingers become wrinkled, which mine were now. I shut off the water and stepped out, looking at my now wrinkle-free dress as I dried off. This had been one of the sexiest dreams I had ever had and I hoped that it would continue when I went to sleep tonight. But for now, I had dress shopping to get to.


We sat in the bridal salon, a gaggle of woman waiting for the bride to come out in her first dress. I have to say, though I’ve never really felt that need to get married, sitting in that store, surrounded by dresses, well, it does make you think about walking down that aisle toward the man of your dreams. Ready to spend a life time together. It also makes me think of how nice Norman looks in a tux. I could picture the flowers and the family, his son standing at the alter as his best man. My father walking me through the church. I could envision it all, but it didn’t feel right, marriage wasn’t for us. It seemed more like a staged spectacle in my mind.

Mandy came out of the dressing room with her stylist in toe, yards of white fabric draped around her, a strapless ball gown style dress with a sweetheart neckline and lots of sparkle. It was beautiful, she was stunning and my smile must have been a mile wide. She looked hesitant, I could tell right away this wasn’t the dress for her, but she had tried it anyways. We all ooohhed and awed over it before she shook her head and went back into the dressing room.

“So when do we get to go to your wedding?” Mandy’s mom leaned into me and whispered nudging my arm as she did it.

I smiled, I had heard the question before, usually from my own mother, but Betty was a second mom to me and I had expected this question as some point today. “I’m just not the wedding kind of girl.” That was so true but most people didn’t understand that. We talked a while and when Mandy reentered the room in an A-line that grazed the floor with cap sleeves and a shimmering belt, my heart leapt. It was absolutely stunning. I’m sure I was as excited about it as she was. Betty began to cry and I think we all knew that this was the dress she’d walk down the aisle wearing. Though she tried on two other dresses, it was this detailed Eddy K dress that stole the show.

Fitting took a while and we sipped mimosas Betty and I went through the wedding binder together, looking at flower choices that had been made and going over the calendar. It was still a few months till her bridal shower, but Betty and I were already making plans. I have to admit, I was glad that neither myself nor Mandy were the crafty types. We were not making anything for this event. I have always feared having to make place cards and center pieces. Mandy was practical, she was leaving such things to the experts.


“Is it wrong that I can’t get excited about this wedding?” Norman and I had been talking on the phone for a while now. He was out of the shower and dressed to go to dinner with the guys and I was laying in the hammock on the back deck. It’s not that I wasn’t excited, I couldn’t be happier for her and Tom, but I wasn’t giddy over any of it.

“Nah.” I could hear him lighting a cigarette. “It’s not your thing. She knows that.” That was the truth. “’sides. You can fake being happy. You act like you’re happy with me all the time.” He kind of half laughed at his own bad joke.

I swung gently in the Georgia sun, “What are you talking about, I’m always happy with you.” Sometimes he didn’t trust how purely simple our relationship really was.

“You’re like the first girl I’ve ever been with who didn’t fight with me.”

The statement through me off, I don’t think I had ever heard him say such a thing. If I had been in anything but a hammock I would have shot up to a sitting position, but I was too sunk into the net for that. “We’ve had our fights.”

“Nah, there’s never been screaming and yelling and shit thrown at my head with you.”

Well that was good to know, because I wasn’t the sort of person to do something like that. We had broken up once, we had gone a few days without talking and voices had been raised on occasion but I would never scream and throwing anything was out of the question.

“Norman Mark Reedus, you listen here.” I got all Southern on him. “First of all, I am too lady like for such behavior.” We both laughed a little. “Second, I am not a girl, I am a woman. And that, in there, lies the difference.”

I heard him closing doors now, he must have been on his way out to dinner finally. “That is true Holly. You are all woman.” His voice was lower as if he didn’t want people to hear what he was saying. “And who cares that you don’t give a shit about weddings. You’ll be there for her, that’s all that matters.” He had brought it all back around.

“Hey…” He was changing the subject. “Andy and Gayle wanna get together when were all back in Georgia.” The Lincolns had gone to LA for a few days as a family and I didn’t know exactly when they would be back. “They are dropping the kids with family for the week and she wants to have us over for supper.” Gayle was always the one getting the four of us together. Just the thought of it made my body tingle. I was past wondering if there was something underlying in the invitation. Now I knew that there was.

I heard the dinging of the elevator. “Yeah. Sounds good.” It had been too long since we had been with them, had played with other people. “Actually, I’m glad you mentioned that. I’ve been having these crazy dreams about us and Sean lately.” I was certainly missing the multiple partner component to our relationship.

Norman was quiet for a moment then he was almost inaudible as he spoke, he must have been in a public place, “Get your ass on a plane, Sean’s downstairs.” I loved his enthusiasm.

“Yes dear, I’m fly right out to you, you tell Sean I’m on my way.” It was always a tempting thought, though unrealistic.

“Hey, I’m caught up with the guys, I gotta go.” I could tell he wanted to talk longer but he was always busy at conventions and if the guys were all together, fans were sure to be lingering as well. It might be dinner but Norman would have a crowd to contend with as well.

“Kay baby. Love you. I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He would be home very late but at least he’d be home to sleep next to me in about twenty four hours. We said goodnight.

I checked email and Mandy had sent over some photos of accessories to go with her dress and replied about some guest favors I had found and emailed her. Her wedding binder was impressive. Three ring style with pages of notes, photos and magazine clippings tucked in page protectors, flags and sticky arrows pointing to ideas, pockets filled with receipts and contracts. I think she had found her calling, she needed to be a professional wedding planner. I admired the way she kept it all organized but also, kept it all together. When the florist had told her that a choice she wanted wouldn’t work well with her other selections, she didn’t melt down or turn into a bride-zilla. She simply asked for his suggestions, made notes, discussed it with me and Tom and revised her vision. Hell she had even compromised on her venue to keep the date that worked best for her family, it wasn’t something all brides would have done.


Crazy weeks were normal with us. Actually, I don’t even think I would call them that any longer, it was more like typical. He was steeped in promotional interviews for his movie release, there was show filming day and night and he was starting work on an exciting new project that involved his second favorite thing, his motorcycle. I was getting wound up in wedding plans and work was ebbing and flowing. I really needed to think about opening my own place where I could build a clientele base that would be consistent. But that was never easy when I knew that I’d be in New York City almost half the year. I was grateful for the places that would work with my strange schedule.

This was ‘old married couple’ week, that’s what I called it when we were to too busy to do more the share the same bed at night and an occasion meal while standing at the island. It had been hot today and I had spent most of it outside at my parents’ house helping my dad replace a window that had been rotting on the back sunroom. I had tried to convince him to hire someone but he wouldn’t have it. So there I was yanking out old nails and moving wood around. Mom had brought around lunch at one point and dad came up with a few other ‘little’ projects he wanted to work on. By the end of the day I felt as if I had worked on Norman’s TV set for twenty hours straight.

I had been asleep when Norman came to bed, I had felt him cuddle up to me, kissing my neck and grinding his dick against my ass. I wanted him but not as much as I needed sleep. I might have mumbled something to him but I couldn’t remember. I’m only vaguely sure he kissed my head and said goodnight.

The dream had been sexy again, admittedly I loved when I had such graphically dirty dreams. Sean had been there at first, we were having sex and I could feel his mouth all over me but then it changed to something else. We were in the living room, the lights were low and I was sitting across the room from Norman while he sat in the arm chair. He was slouched and shirtless, barefoot with his jeans open and his dick pulled out. I was sitting back against Sean and we were wrapped together as we watched Norman. I am pretty certain Andy was there watching as well. His eyes were heavy and he was staring at us as he grabbed himself and stroked. This was not the first time I had seen Norman masturbate, he did it for me during sex sometimes when I wanted to watch him. Actually, masturbation is something he very much enjoys. There have even been a few occasions when I have walked in on him doing it at odd hours of the day.

He’s always embarrassed, but I encourage him to continue, with me in the room or letting him have his time alone. This dream was different though. His hand was gripped tight around his balls, the shaft hard and pulsing and I was fixed on watching as he licked his thumb and rubbed it over the slip of his tip, coaxing out the pre cum and then licking again. There was nothing shy about what he was doing, the way he stroked, his tongue licking at his lips as he stroked. A look so focused on me it was almost haunting. I could feel Sean behind me as he caressed my skin and his breath lingered near my ear.

Norman’s hips began to rock and sometimes he would drift his hand along his chest, finding a nipple and pulling at it as he pumped at his cock and close his eyes. He was as lost in the moment of masturbating as I was watching him. The rhythmic motion of his hand occasionally interrupted by his need for spit in his hand for lubrication. I could tell by the hard-on Sean had against me that he was impressed by what he was seeing. There was something mesmerizing about watching a man pleasure himself but even more so when it was this sexy man I knew so well.

When his orgasm finally came, his body tensed then released over and over, cum erupting from the head of his dick streaking his chest, knuckles and even his cheek. It looked as if it seared his skin. And then he panted, as if he had just finished running a marathon. And I thought it was all over, he let go of himself and licked his knuckles clean.

I awoke alone in bed again, Norman was off to work early. These sexy dreams seemed to be a wonderful way to tide me over as we didn’t seem to have time or energy to connect with each other right now. I looked at my phone and realized what had woken me, I had missed a call from Gayle. I couldn’t believe how late it was, it was after nine. Dad had worked me hard yesterday. I used the bathroom, poured some juice and went out on the deck before I called her back. Norman had been up early and for a while, there was the tell-tale coffee cup in the sink and the espresso machine on the counter but also, there was a weapon on the kitchen island. He had pulled out the compound bow and had been hitting targets before work. Something he often did when he was awake before sunrise.

The targets were littered with bolts that I would leave for him to retrieve later, for now put the bow back in its case. This wasn’t the one he used on his show, this was one he had bought last summer with my father. They had gone shopping together, which I had thought was cute.

“Hi Gayle, sorry I missed your call, I was still sleeping.” I was sitting on the deck now with my feet up.

“No problem, it’s a great day to be lazy.” We chatted for a while about their trip to California and their kids. She asked about my family and I filled her on Mandy’s wedding even though they had never met. Sometimes I thought of Gayle as this Hollywood figure that I barely knew but the reality of it was that we had a lot in common besides our lovers or the fact that we enjoyed sex together. We had talked for almost an hour before she laughed, “Oh god, I almost forgot why I called. I wanted to invite you to dinner. You and Norman. And we were hoping you’d spend the night.”

“We’d love to.” There was no doubt about that, I was missing their company but moreover, I was missing the fun we all had when we were together. Flashes of our past encounters danced in my brain as I thought about what I would wear.

Gayle’s asked if I would come over early and help her get dinner ready, the guys wouldn’t be home till later and they would be coming straight from set. Arrangements for it all had already been made, this had been more of a curtesy call.

By the time I had caught up with her we were off to go shopping for dinner I was excited for our evening ahead. Fans had been crawling around town this week as social media had told that it was a full cast of filming for this episode so when we walked into the market I wasn’t completely surprised when a few people in show branded t-shirts were staring and whispering. Well, talking quite clearly actually. ‘I think that’s Rick’s wife.’ She was talking about Gayle. Two woman were eyeing me and one that muttered ‘skank’ and ‘hoe’, which didn’t surprise me, it was the reason I only followed Norman and Mandy on my very private Twitter and that I had closed down my Facebook page. Gayle took the lead keeping us focused on shopping till we had the fixings for dinner and we were ringing out.

The same women were now lingering in the parking lot watching as we got to the car. ‘She never lets him do anything. She guilt’s him into staying home.’ It was a comment I had never heard before.

Gayle whispered in my ear, “I don’t think you’re a skank.” She was making light of things and I appreciated that. Folks wondered why I didn’t spend much time with Norman in public. Yes, there were some fans who embraced me and thanked me for making him happy but most of them, woman most often, were snide and rude. Downright ugly in the way they spoke about me even when I was in ear shot. They were much less rude to Gayle but she heard it on occasion as well. We got in the car and she took my hand. “Don’t let it get to you.” Normally I didn’t but she could see that I was annoyed this time.

“I guilt him into staying home?” I found the statement more appalling then being called a skank.
Gayle was inching through the parking lot, “Stop the car. Do those bitches realize that they see him more than I do lately? All those fans on the side of the road get more of his time then I do some days.” My voice was escalating for no reason. I never begrudged him his work, his fame or especially his fans. But it did piss me off that these woman thought that I ever forced him to stay home. He was a grown man who made his own decisions every day and I never asked him to give up his work unless his health needed it.

Gayle had put the car back in park. “They’re still there if you want to go set the record straight.” She knew exactly what I was going through. She had been the famous one, the famous wife and the daughter of the famous guy. She knew all sides of this. “Some of them are great Holly, but some of them are nasty wretches that need to be put in their place.”

I had never gotten into a fight in my life and I wasn’t going to start now, especially with a fan of Norman’s. “No, just drive.” I looked over my shoulder as they watched, I’m sure making note of the license plate as well as the make and model of the car. “But I might not be done ranting about this.” We both laughed.