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Getting Brian Back

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While Dom went to rescue Brian and Teresa, he gave the group explicit instructions on what to do about raiding the first cash house of Hernan Reyes. The group had on their own raided the house, and tied up the occupants. It was done done quickly and efficiently, just like Dom and Brian had discussed - without casualties. Dom had important things to do, but he wished he could have been there when they set light to the cash. When they were in the car, they heard reports over the radio about a group of people having robbed Reyes. Now, Reyes knew who was causing him trouble and would no doubt have his crooked cops guard his cash.

Back at the warehouse, the team saw Dom with his arm wrapped around Brian’s waist and Teresa helping the boys back inside. Rome came up to Dom and Brian and pulled Brian into a ‘man-hug’ and then looked at Dom and said, “Thanks for finding him.”

“You’re welcome.” Dom said. Dom put his arm back around Brian and asked, “How’d the raid go?”

Tej came up to them and said, “It went well. Reyes is moving all his money now to one location so we have to figure out where he’s moving it to.”

“Well he has most of the police force in his pocket so let’s follow and see where they lead us.” Brian said.

“All right.”

Dom looked at Brian and said, “You’re staying with me.” Then he looked at Teresa and said, “You and the boys are staying here and you can help Mia with communications and listening to the radio to give us a heads up, okay?”

“That sounds fine.” Teresa said.

Brian pulled away from Dom and said, “I need another car. We can’t finish the plan without me driving.”

“And I’ll get you another car when it’s time for that. Right now you’re staying with me.”

“Fine.” Brian said as he walked over to where the maps were so he could distract himself with more plans.

Dom sighed and walked over to the table Brian was standing next to and asked, “What’s the matter Brian?”

“You’re treating me like a girl.”

“I’m not treating you like a girl. I want you safe. While we follow Reyes’ people to where they hiding the rest of the money I want you with me and when we drive - you’ll have your car.”

“Okay but when this is done we’re off the grid for a long time.”

“I understand and we’ll find us our piece of paradise.”

Brian grinned at Dom and then started looking over the maps again. Dom stayed on the opposite side of the table and paid attention to what Brian was pointing at on the map. “We need to get cars on most of these locations and see if he’s pulling his resources to one location.”

“We have enough people so let’s go.” Dom said. They divided up and they all took radios with them. Brian got in the front seat of Dom’s car and Dom got in the driver’s seat. He looked at Brian and saw him slouched in his seat. “We’ll find you a car soon.”


Hernan Reyes paced his office as he listened to a tale that two of his henchmen had to have imagined. He looked at one and asked, “Do you know the leader of this group of people?”

“They said that their names were Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner. They were following their instructions.”

“How much money did these people take?”

“Nothing. They gathered it up and burnt it.”

“In front of everyone in the house? Where were you all?”

“They had us tied up. We came to you as quickly as we could.”

Reyes pointed to his top henchman and said, “Let this be a lesson to you.” He walked over to the man practically begging for his life and hit him in the temple with a heavy glass statue from his desk. “You know the back up plan so get moving. I’ll meet you shortly.” The other henchman left quickly and started calling all the houses to move the money.