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Getting Brian Back

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Dom paced the back corner of the warehouse waiting on word from Brian that he was with Teresa and they were on their way back. Vince walked over and asked, “What’s up your ass?”

“It’s been three hours. I should’ve heard from Brian by now.”

“He’s probably fucking her before he calls you all innocent and everything.” Vince said.

Before Dom could stop himself he growled and rammed Vince into a nearby wall. One hand clenched the front of Vince’s shirt and the other took a swing for his jaw. “Don’t you ever say something like that again. He won’t have to kill you because I’ll have already done it - best friend or not.”

Han, Tej, and Rome saw Dom punch Vince and went to see what had happened. Tej and Rome pulled Dom off of Vince and Han asked, “What just happened?”

“He made a cheap shot about Brian. I haven’t heard from him yet and with everything going on I think something happened.” Dom said. He clenched his hands into fists and went to try and punch Vince again.

“Man I’m just playing.” Vince said as he held his hands up in surrender.

“Now is not a time to be playing.” Dom growled.

“Fine you’re worried about your toy since he went off to find his wife and kids.”

“Get Vince out of my sight!”

Mia and Gisele came over at the commotion and saw Rome and Tej holding Dom back and Vince with a smirk on his face. “What happened?” Gisele asked.

“His toy, he thinks is in trouble because he hasn’t heard from him yet.” Vince sneered.

Dom pulled himself free of his handlers and slammed Vince into the wall again. “Get the fuck out of here!” Dom yelled as he took a few swings at Vince’s face.

As Dom was trying to beat Vince’s face in with his fists, his phone started ringing. When Dom heard the familiar ringtone he pulled himself away from Vince and moved away from the group. He answered the phone, “Hey baby. What’s going on?”

Luke laughed into Brian’s phone as Brian looked on with a gag in his mouth. “Your baby is here with me. He was so easy to catch.”

Dom took a deep breath and asked, “Where are you guys?”

Luke held the phone out to Brian on speakerphone and Brian tried to warn him around the gag. Luke asked, “Who is this person you’re hunting?”

“None of your business. Where’s Teresa and her boys?”

“Out of sight for now.” Dom hung his phone up and Luke hung Brian’s up.

Luke pulled the gag off of Brian’s mouth and Brian just glared at him. He hoped Dom knew what he was doing and he knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

“So you’ve been in love with the male Toretto this whole time? That’s why you let him go when you were undercover the first time and that’s why you two teamed up when you came back to work in the LA field office against Braga and he fell in love with you which is why he would’ve went back to prison to save your career. Then when the judge sentenced him, you blew your career for a second time and picked him off a transport bus, only to become a fugitive yourself. Was it worth all the trouble?” Hobbs asked as he sat near Brian.

“Fuck off!” Brian growled.

An hour later they heard doors slamming open and Dom not being so quiet about trying to find Brian. He found Teresa first and checked her over really quick for injuries. She said she was fine and they kept going. Hobbs met the two in the hallway outside of Brian’s room and asked, “This all you have Toretto?”

“Just me.” Dom growled and went to slam Hobbs into a wall. The two ended up on the floor and Brian’s phone fell out of Hobbs pocket. When it was cleared Teresa grabbed it and put it in her pocket and worked her way to the door. She went to open the door but found it was locked so she slammed herself against the door a couple of times like Brian showed her in Jersey and felt the door give way. She found Brian tied up and with the gag back in place so she worked the ties loose and pulled the gag out of his mouth.

She held his face and asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Where’s Dom and the boys? We need to get out of here.”
“The boys are a few floors up with someone and Dom is fighting Hobbs.”

“Have you seen my knife?”

“No. Maybe Hobbs has it. I was able to get your phone back though.”

“Thanks.” They went to the door and found Dom pinned under Hobbs, trying to get loose.

Brian went over and did a swift kick to Luke’s head and that gave Dom enough balance to flip them over and he found his own knife. After flipping it open he held it against Luke’s throat and he said, “Where are the kids?”

“Three floors up - room 343.”

“I’ll go get them.” Teresa said.

She went off to the elevator and went up to the third floor. “Where’s Brian’s knife at?” Dom growled pressing the blade against the curve of Luke’s neck.

“In my side pocket - left side.” Brian retrieved his own blade and put it next to his phone in his pants pocket. “What’s with the knives?” Hobbs asked not moving a muscle or his throat would be sliced.

“Nothing you need to worry about. Now get up.” Dom stood up slowly and Brian kept an extra eye out for trouble as Dom moved Hobbs into the room Brian was in previously. Dom shut the door and he heard the lock click shut. A few minutes later Teresa came back with the boys and Dom said, “We need to get out of here. That room won’t hold him for long.”

Brian stepped close to Dom and gave him a soft kiss on the mouth. He said, “Thanks for the rescue.”

“He needs to learn that you shouldn’t piss us off.”

Brian kissed him one more time and said, “I love you Dom.”

“Love you too Brian.”