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Getting Brian Back

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Two hours later, Luke Hobbs came back to the room, to see Teresa Gazelle pacing the far wall. When she heard the door open she stopped and turned to see who was there. She saw Luke with two bags and a careful look on his face. She growled and continued her pacing. “I see you’re still not much for talking. I brought you lunch. Elena’s taking care of the boys.”

“Let me talk to the boys.”

“Nope not until you tell me what I want to know.”

Teresa passed a side table with a few small figurines on the table so she picked them up and threw them at Hobbs, which he ducked out of the way of those.

“Do you want me to restrain you because I will. I’m trying to be nice.”

“Let us go you bastard!” Teresa yelled.

“You know I can’t do that. Here’s your lunch.” Hobbs put the bags on the table and left the room again.

Upstairs in the room next to Elena’s, Elena was sitting with the boys as they played video games. She tried asking them some basic questions not even related to the case but the kids wouldn’t budge; they couldn’t even be bribed. After Nicky’s game was over he looked at Elena and said, “While you seem like a nice lady we aren’t talking. Dad will find us and all of you will be in trouble.”

“You are a stubborn little boy aren’t you?” Elena said.

“We aren’t little.” Oleg said.

“No, not so little I guess. I’ll be back in a little bit.”

Downstairs Elena met Hobbs and said, “The boys aren’t cracking. Nicky even said that his Dad would find them and we’d be in trouble.”

“Only O’ Conner would get put in with a family that had his level of stubbornness and arrogance.”

“How is Mrs. Gazelle?”

“Pissed and not talking.”

“We have to figure out what will make them crack.”

“We have all of their luggage right?”


“Go through everything and see if you can find any electronics like phones if they still have them. If they won’t crack, maybe O’ Conner will.”

“Smart thinking.” Elena hurried over to the room with their bags and found one phone in Teresa’s luggage. She brought it back to the rendezvous room and said, “Her phone already has four missed calls and possible voicemails from O’ Conner.”

“Good let me see it.” Hobbs took Teresa’s phone and listened to all of O’ Conner’s voicemails. By the last one he sounded frantic and said he was on his way to Santos to get her. That was thirty minutes ago so Hobbs sent one of his guys to track him and to bring him in alive. In the meantime Hobbs put Brian’s voice mails on a recorder and started to mix up the messages except the last one and started playing them aloud.

Teresa was on the other side of the door and as she listened to Brian’s voice she sunk down onto the floor and curled into a ball. She knew they found her phone and that he had left voice mails since she hadn’t called him to tell him they got to Santos okay and now he was about to be caught himself. She hated herself for leaving Brian and the warehouse, thinking she’d be safer in Santos.

In Santos, Blane made his way through the streets keeping an eye out for O' Conner's car. He found the car in front of a no name hotel and parked behind it. He thought for Brian being an ex-cop that he was stupid for parking in the street. A few minutes later Brian came out of the hotel and Blane intercepted him with a couple of car questions and then someone came up and put Brian in a van forcefully.

"What the fuck?" Brian yelled.

Blane and his partner in crime just laughed through the paneling of the van. The front of the van was paneled up so Brian couldn't see the driver or his buddy and the back of the van was blacked out and he couldn't see anything. He tried to use his cell phone but found that he had no signal so he couldn't call Dom and tell him everything just went south. He found a corner to sit in because the back didn't have seats and decided to bide his time. He hoped he was going to the same place Teresa and the boys were at so they could help each other escape.

When they got to the hotel, they were met by Hobbs. Once the back was opened Brian tried to jump out but Hobbs hit him just right to wind him so he could strip Brian of his weapons and communication devices. After his pockets were gone through Hobbs picked up his phone and a knife. The thought crossed Hobbs' mind that it was odd for Brian to have a knife on his person but then he thought no one but Dominic Toretto and Teresa Gazelle seemed to know the real Brian O' Conner. While Brian still couldn't do anything besides moan in pain Hobbs took him inside and put him down the hall from Teresa and unlike Teresa he tied Brian to a chair near a table.

Blane asked, "Do you think he'll crack?"

Luke looked between O' Conner and Blane and said, "He'll crack."

"He's not too smart."

"Don't let him fool you. He knows what he's doing." Luke replied as he watched Brian start to come to as he groaned in pain and coughed.

Brian caught himself and tried to move but felt his restraints so he relaxed his body and glared at Hobbs.

"What the fuck are you trying to do?"

"Get the answers I want and since your family isn't talking then you'll talk."

"I'm not talking. I need to finish this job before people get killed and you kidnapping us isn't going to help matters at all."

"Tell me who you're taking down and maybe I can help."

"You won't help so its pointless. We got this under control and when Dom hears about this then you can bet you signed your death warrant and I won't stop him."

"He won't kill me."

"He hears you have me and the boys he'll come for us."

"Well why don't you tell him yourself?"


"You're signing your own death warrant then." Luke growled.