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Getting Brian Back

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After Rome left Dom alone in the kitchen he went over to some couches where the others were sitting and he said, “Those two are fucked up.”

“They’re doing what needs to be done.” Gisele said.

“What’s the problem?” Tej asked as he looked between the upstairs and the kitchen.

“They’re getting pretty volatile and that’s saying something. Maybe we need to do an intervention or something?” Rome said.

Han stopped eating long enough to shake his head and he said, “No. We interfere and things will not go well. They know how to press each others' buttons and they do all the time.”

“So it’s okay that my homie and your homie are together and Brian feels the need to bring a strange lady and her two kids all the way from Jersey because he doesn’t want them to not have a father figure in their lives and everyone is okay with this?”

“It’s his life. Like you said you’re his homie so go ask him yourself if you want to know what’s going on. We’re just rolling along letting them deal with the other shit outside this heist.” Tej said.

Rome got out of his seat and went passed Teresa and Mia and climbed the stairs two at time. He went over to the door that he knew Dom and Brian used as a bedroom and knocked. Brian answered the door and asked, “What do you want?”

Rome pushed by him to get in the room and took in the room - the bed was a mess, a table and chair were in one corner with papers scattered all over it, and a pile of clothes were in another corner. Rome turned back to Brian and asked, “Why are you playing with this Hobbs guy that you and Baldy downstairs are fighting over?”

“I’m not playing with Hobbs. I’m trying to get us papers to get back into the US; he can do that for us.”

“Why’d you bring that lady and those kids here? It’s not the time to play daddy when you got a team of agents after us and then a drug kingpin at the same time.” Rome said.

Brian pushed Rome into a wall and twisted his hand in his shirt. “They’re my family too. Depending on how things go in two days with the heist this might be the last time I see them ever.”

Rome saw the anger in Brian’s eyes and asked, “I’ve been your friend most of my life. When were you going tell me that you’re only interested in men now?”

“Only interested in Dom.” Brian growled.

“So you don’t want that big hulking agent to fuck you?” Rome spat.

Before Brian stopped himself he punched Rome’s jaw and yelled, “Fuck you!”

Rome held his jaw for a minute and then tackled Brian to the bed. They wrestled around and Rome almost pulled a punch until someone yanked him off of Brian. Rome looked up from the floor and saw Dom glaring at them. “What happened?”

“He’s implying the same shit you are!” Brian yelled as he touched the side of his mouth.

Rome stared daggers at Brian and he yelled, “I’m just trying to understand this fucked up little world you’re trying to create for yourself!”

“I’m trying to get our lives back.” Brian said as he rolled over onto his side.

“So you’re going to be a baby and pout about this shit?” Rome said.

“No.” Brian growled.

Rome stood up and said, “When you get your shit straight then you can talk to us.” He left the room after that.

“Are you flirting with Hobbs?”

Brian turned onto his back and said, “No. I just know he can get us our immunity papers so we can go home.”

“They aren’t going to let us go home except to go to prison and you know that. We found each other again and now that we’re together I don’t want us apart.” Dom said as he sat next to Brian on the bed.

“Have I really tried to create my own world here?” Brian asked as he rubbed his face.

“A little bit but hell you’ve been other people for so long you’re having trouble letting them go.”

“Maybe I should let everyone go then.”

“I’m not letting you go Bri. We know each other the way most people would love to know their partners, spouses, etc.”

“I’m sorry I got T and kids involved in this thing.”

“We’ll keep an eye on them and we’ll work out what to do after the heist.” He ran his fingers over Brian’s hair and asked, “Are you going to meet with Hobbs again?”

“Maybe. It’s still the only thing I know I can do.”

“Try and keep yourself out of handcuffs okay.”

“I will.”

Dom leaned down and kissed him gently and said, “Lunch will be ready soon if you’re done with your tantrum.”

“I think we’re done fighting for today.” Brian said as he kissed Dom back.

Brian pulled Dom down on top of him and Dom deepened the kisses as he slid his hands under Brian’s t-shirt. Brian wrapped a leg around one of Dom’s thighs and the two moaned at the contact. Dom slid a hand down between them and a knock interrupted.

“Damn it.” Dom said as he rolled off of Brian.