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Getting Brian Back

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Back at the warehouse, Dom spun Brian around and yelled, “What hell are you doing Brian? You’re goading the asshole that can take us back to the States and put us in prison!”

“I’m trying to get what we need so we can go home!” Brian yelled.

“You looked to me like you were making doe eyes at him last night and this morning!”

“If you’re implying what I think you are then you need to get your priorities straight! We need to keep our heads on right so we can make it through the next few days!” Brian growled.

“Then you need to keep your dick in your pants!”

“I’ve only been thinking about trying to keep us safe.”

“Well you need to rethink how you’re going about your plans.”

“You need to relax and have some faith that I know what the fuck I’m doing!” Then Brian stomped off upstairs.

Dom went into the kitchen and put everything away loudly slamming doors and getting some stuff out for dinner. He pulled out a big pot and put a cutting board and knife on the counter. Rome walked into the kitchen and for a change just waited for the other person to talk. Dom said, “What do you want?”

“You know how his brain works, he’s not going to rest until he knows we’re all safe to leave.”

“I know.” Rome went to pat Dom’s shoulder but Dom said, “Don’t touch me.”

Rome raised his hands in surrender and said, “Sorry man. We cool?”

“I need some time all right.” Dom went back to chopping up the food and filling the pot.

Back at the hotel Hobbs and Elena were in her room talking about any information found on Brian, Dom or Teresa and Hobbs looked at Elena and asked, “You remember when we were going over theories a few days ago as to why O’ Conner’s doing what he doing?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Brian didn’t do anything for Mia. He did it all for Toretto himself. I ran into them a while ago at the market.”

“And how did you find that information out?”
“Toretto doesn’t like mine and Brian’s chats and Brian pretty much unruffled his feathers before they disappeared again.”

“What’d they do?”

“Kissed and touched like they’d been married for years.”

“That’s a close relationship.”

“Yeah and I plan on getting them one way or another.”

“I’m sure you all will come up with an agreement.” Elena laughed.

“No agreements they’re going to separate prisons and stay there the rest of their lives.”

“They’ll fight you on that one tooth and nail.”

“Maybe so but I’m tired of them, mainly Brian, trying to weasel stuff out of me.”

“He’s been all over law enforcement he knows what and how to ask for it to get results. He wouldn’t be asking if you couldn’t get it.”

“Yes he would just to buy time for them.”

“You need to stop being paranoid.”

“There’s a reason O’ Conner is so good at undercover work, blending with his targets and stuff, because he is one of them.”

“Then you need to start tracking that number he’s been contacting you from and find him if he’s as dangerous as you say he is.”

“That’ll be the only way because he’s not giving me any clues although now that I’ve seen him at the market I know they’re close.”

“Get to work then.” Elena laughed.

Hobbs just glared at her and went back to the rendezvous room so he could look at the maps and start the tracking for the location. After five minutes he still didn’t have anything so he figured the phone was off til it was needed for a text message then he remembered that he had called the number and Brian answered. He decided to give it a try but it went to straight to voicemail the three times he tried calling it. He growled in frustration and threw his phone across the room. He needed one of them to slip up so he could go forward with his own plans.