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Getting Brian Back

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After Luke Hobbs finished his coffee, he called the Jersey FBI office and explained the situation and the lead investigator said they’d send agents first thing in the morning to collect Teresa and the two kids. Hobbs said okay and disconnected.

The next morning around 9:00 a.m. Agent Hobbs got a phone call. “Hello?”

“Agent Luke Hobbs?”


“We’re the agents sent to collect Teresa Gazelle and her two kids. Sir, they aren’t at the house. We staked it out all night and they aren’t here.”

“What do you mean they aren’t there?” Hobbs growled.

“They aren’t. We tried looking at the boys’ school and everything and they’ve fallen off the face of the planet.”

“Are you a hundred percent sure about this?” Hobbs growled.

“Yes we are sir. We don’t know what happened to them.”

“All right. I’ll find out.” Then Hobbs hung up.

He found some spare cash and finished dressing in his uniform before he went to Elena’s room. He knocked and she answered ready for the day. “What’s the matter sir?”

“No one’s in Jersey. Have you been able to pick up any thing on the scanners or anything?”

“Let me check.” She let Hobbs into her room and she went over to her computer and checked out a few screens and said, “I can’t find them anywhere.”

“Okay. I’ll message O’ Conner.”

“Do you think you’ll get an honest answer out of him about her and the kids?”

“I don’t know. All I can do is try. I’ll find them eventually but it takes a little time to trace things.”

“Just let me know if you need anything. I’ll try to see if I missed anything.”

“You’re doing a good job working with what you got. Thanks Neves.”

“No problem.”

At the warehouse, Brian was going through the kitchen space and living space looking things over. “What are you looking for brah?” Rome asked.

“Just things we might need and stuff. We’re getting a little low on food so I might have to take a trip to the market today.”

“You won’t forget those corn things will ya? They were really good.”

“No. I’ll bring you back some.”

“I’m going with you.” Dom said as he came into the kitchen space.

“Okay.” Brian replied.

“No arguments today?” Rome asked.

“Not today. Too much in play.” Brian said as he finished scribbling his list of stuff he’d need to buy. Brian looked at Dom and asked, “You have about $100 on you right?”

“You know I do. What’s going on?”

“Nothing. You’re coming with me to the market.” Brian laughed.

“You’re crazy man.” Rome said.

Dom looked over Brian and said, “I gotcha. Are we going now?”

“Yeah. I made a list.” The two left the warehouse and Teresa went over to where Mia was monitoring the computers and airwaves for any traffic against them.

Mia looked at Teresa and saw her worried expression. “Don’t worry Teresa. Brian and Dom know what they’re doing.”

“I hope so. It seems like Brian does stuff for no apparent reason.”

“He does do that but you’ve lived with him for five years so I’m surprised you’re just figuring it out.”

“Some times all it takes is a main event to notice something. I only noticed some of what Brian does because I knew he was undercover but now that he’s with your brother, things could really get explosive. Not a lot of people in L.A. like him.”

Mia glared at Teresa and said, “Only people who don’t know the situation. I’ve been pissed off for almost five years because of Brian’s betrayal but I’m getting over it because I know the truth now. It’s Dom who has to worry about the more immediate side effects of Brian.”

At the market, Brian grabbed a basket and him and Dom started going through the stalls first according to Brian’s shopping list and afterwards just picked a few things at random that could go with a dessert or dinner. After they paid for their groceries they went to leave the market and ran into Hobbs. Both Dom and Brian had a bag apiece to hold. Hobbs looked between the two and settled his gaze on Brian. “How are you two this morning?”

“Gathering breakfast and maybe lunch for later. How have you been Hobbs?”

“I’ve been on the level man. I’m getting my card ready for what’s to come.”

“Sure about that?” Brian asked.

“Where’s your wife and kids? Need to ask them a few questions.”

“Don’t know. I haven’t been to Jersey in over a year.” Brian replied as he switched sides holding his bag.

“You know she’s a fugitive if she’s with you guys?”

“Well she isn’t so you’re out of luck.”

“Why so defensive?”

Dom stepped in front of Brian and asked, “What’s your interest in Brian’s other family?”

Brian rested a hand on Dom’s arm and said, “It’s all right.”

Dom whipped around and growled, “It’s not all right. Everyone’s too close for comfort.”

Brian stepped closer to Dom and asked, “This too close?”

“Brian stop. Let’s get out of here.” Dom said.

“Go get us a cab while I finish talking to Hobbs here and we’ll get out of here.”

“You’re coming with me.”

“Dominic.” Brian said.

“Don’t start Bri. Let’s go.”

“You two run along and once I find Teresa then you two will be back in the states faster than you can blink.” Hobbs said breaking into Brian and Dom’s small argument.

“Good luck.” Brian looked at Hobbs and then pulled Dom to the cabstands. Hobbs looked at the two from across the market and saw how Brian kept an arm around Dom and it looked like he was kissing the side of Dom’s neck and talking to him. He could feel the energy crackling from where he stood and noticed that Dom eventually wrapped his own arm around Brian and pulled him into a gentle kiss. Brian must’ve calmed him down enough that he’d be vulnerable in public. Hobbs rubbed his face and looked at the stands again and saw they weren't there anymore. He knew he could throw the sister theory aside now and he grabbed a few things for dinner.