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Getting Brian Back

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The next night Elena called Hobbs and he asked, “What’s going on?”

“I was going through O’ Conner’s undercover assignments more thoroughly and found some stuff on his wife while he was undercover in Jersey.”

“What’d she do?”

“During his last night undercover she went and found Oleg Yugorsky at a couple’s house where she shot and killed them so she could get all three children out alive.”

“Why isn’t she in jail?”

“The file doesn’t say anymore but I’d say that she was protecting the children from horrible things when she rescued them.”

“Interesting, maybe I can get that bit of information out of O’ Conner.”

“I don’t think he knows about that.”

“What do you mean he doesn’t know his wife murdered people?”

“Could’ve been hushed up by the FBI and they never told O’ Conner.”

“We’ll just have to see. We can talk to the kid too.”

“They’re in the States though.”

“We can send agents to their house for questioning. We need to find out what could be pushing him to do what he’s doing.” Hobbs sighed.

“Are you going to be all right Luke?”

“I’m fine. I need to send O’ Conner a message telling him I have stuff he wants and then I’ll call the FBI in Jersey and have them round up his wife and the kids.”

“All right. Let me know if you need anything. I’ll keep looking.”

“Thanks Elena.” Then Hobbs hung up and gathered up papers on some of the criminals in Brazil. Instead of a text he called Brian’s phone.

Brian picked up on the fourth ring and asked, “Not tapping this are you?”

“No O’ Conner. I’ve got stuff that should interest you…”

“Immunity papers for the team right?”

“You know I can’t get you those but I did work it out that no one would chase you as long as you stayed off US soil. I’ve got papers on the top criminals in the city. You might be interested in it.”

“Meet me in an hour and half where we met yesterday. I’m going to finish my dinner.”

“Still don’t trust me do you?”

“No.” Then Brian closed his phone. He walked back to his place beside Dom and sat back down.

“Was that Hobbs?”

“Yeah. He doesn’t have our immunity papers but says he’s worked out a deal that no one would chase us as long as we didn’t touch US soil. It’s bullshit so I’m going to keep working him. He has other papers though that might help us and that’s what I’m going to go get.”

“I’m coming with you.” Dom said.

“No Dom. You have to stay here.”

“It’s dark. I’m coming with you. I’ll stay out of sight until he’s gone.”

“If you come then you better follow every instruction I give you because I’m not going to allow him to take you back to jail.”


They finished dinner and Brian got a cab for them at the market. He had the driver drop them off ten minutes from where he met Hobbs and they walked quickly to the area. Brian looked over everything and said, “You need to stay here. This should only take a few minutes and then we can get out of here. When you see me leave then go down about two blocks and up the street and I’ll be there. I don’t want Hobbs knowing you’re here.”

“He won’t. Be careful.” Then Dom kissed Brian quickly before he slid further into the shadows where he could still watch the interaction.

Brian licked his lips and went to get a cup of coffee like he did the last time and tried to contain his nerves. A few minutes later Hobbs came up from the opposite side of the market and sat next to O’ Conner. “Here’s the papers O’ Conner.” Hobbs said as he slid the papers by Brian’s elbow. Brian picked them up and flipped through them and found their guy but kept flipping so it didn’t tip off Hobbs who they were after but he noticed a few people who worked for him and the packet would come in handy.

“Thanks.” Brian said as he took a drink of his coffee.

“What’s going on O’ Conner? You seem more on edge than last time.”

“Things are going along just fine Hobbs except you can’t seem to get the one thing I want from you.”

“You know I can’t get you the immunity papers. You knew that when you asked for them. What the hells going on?”

“Mine and Dom’s team, we all paid dearly for everything we’ve done and we’re not even the big fish in the sea like I keep trying to tell you but you won’t listen. Maybe after we take down the big fish you’ll reconsider. Now I need to go. Text next time you want to meet.” Brian finished his coffee, put some money on the counter and vanished again.

Luke Hobbs sat dumbfounded on his stool as he watched O’ Conner simply vanish into the crowd once again - he’d have to learn the trick. He sighed and ordered his own coffee while he got his thoughts together. One thing he did know was that Brian wasn’t alone tonight and had a feeling Toretto was hidden somewhere so maybe he’d be able to find them eventually. For the moment though, he was going to call in to the FBI and send some agents to collect Brian’s wife and the two kids. He’d see where he was after he talked to them.