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Getting Brian Back

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Luke made it back to the hotel and found the rest of his team waiting on him. “Hey boss.”

“Didn’t find them did ya?”

“Sorry boss but no.”

“That’s fine. We’ll take a different approach. Go keep watch, I’m going to look over some things.” Hobbs nodded at Elena and they went down to her room to set up the laptop and the files they had on Toretto and O’ Conner.

Once the door closed Elena asked, “How’d the meeting go?”

“No one got shot and I watched O’ Conner’s disappearing act with my own eyes. He’s too damn good at what he does for the FBI to contain him. Outside Toretto’s team; he’s just like us – get the bad guy and bring justice to the victim. With Toretto – he’s broken more laws than Toretto ever has and is finding a way for them to get justice his way.”

“So if we get the brother then O’ Conner won’t be far behind then?”

“That would be my guess.”

“Did you ask him why he let Toretto go?”

“He said it was his only option.”

“O’ Conner’s played both sides of the fence so long I’m surprised he hasn’t had a breakdown about what is right and wrong.”

“I could tell when I talked to him today that official right and wrong are out and his ethics have kicked in. He looks at Toretto and his people like they’ve already served their sentences no matter what laws they keep breaking and he’ll use whatever knowledge he has in his head to outwit anyone on their trail and it’s worked so far. The fact he even met with me is crazy but who knows what we’ll discover.”

“You almost sound like you want to help him out. What else did he tell you?”

“He says that we have bigger fish to fry then him and Toretto. They’re going to stop this person no matter what.”

“And he won’t give you a name or tell you anything else?”

“Not until I get what he wants.”

“Can you get what he wants?”

“I can get him something, not exactly what he asked for but I can help a little.”

“I don’t think it’s Toretto we have to worry about; I think it’s O’ Conner.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well Toretto’s file has that he has a powerful personality and to watch his charisma. I think that O’ Conner has his fair share of charisma too and that’s what keeps the two coming back to each other and not worrying about too many other people.”

“Maybe so. O’ Conner couldn’t survive all those undercovers without something to help him out.”


Brian made it back to the warehouse and he walked over to Dom, who was looking over the building plans. Dom looked over and asked, “How’d it go?”

“It went well.” Brian said.

Brian stopped at Dom’s shoulder and Dom wrapped his free arm around Brian’s waist. Brian leaned into him and Dom asked, “Did you find where they were?”

“Small hotel five miles from here. I met with Hobbs at a market across town and we talked.”

“Does he know that you know where they’re at?”

“No and it’ll stay that way for the moment. We need all the surprise and information on our side that we can get.”

“He hasn’t figured out about us has he?”

Brian stroked his hand over Dom’s scalp and said, “He’s trying to figure out my motives but I think he’ll help us to an extent.”

Dom swallowed a noise in the back of his throat and pulled Brian into his lap. “Baby you need to be careful. We got a family to take care of now.”

“I’m being as careful as I can be.” Brian said and pulled Dom into a deep kiss. Their arms tightened around the other and they kept the kisses slow and deep; reassuring the other that things would be okay in the end.