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Getting Brian Back

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While Officer Elena Neves, liaison for DSS Agent Luke Hobbs, was going through the computer searches looking for any information that could possibly give O’ Conner motive for helping Toretto break off that prison bus when she ran into O’ Conner’s previous work assignments. She called Hobbs. “Sir you need to see this. It’s about O’ Conner.”

“What is it?” Hobbs snapped over the phone.

“He was getting out of deep cover when the FBI put him back in LA.”

“Shit! I’ll be right there!” Hobbs rumbled. They hung up and Hobbs finished putting on his uniform and weapons before going down to Elena’s room to look over what she found.

He knocked on the door and she opened it for him. He went over to her computer and started going through all the screens she had up that had to do with Federal Agent Brian O’ Conner’s career from his time in Miami to Jersey and back to LA. He looked over all the undercovers he pulled and noticed the length of the Jersey undercover. He mumbled, “Damn. They were going to kill him.”

Elena asked, “Who’s going to kill him?”

“His bosses at the FBI.”

Hobbs sat in the chair with the laptop and Elena sat next him on the arm. She asked, “What do you mean his bosses tried to kill him?”

“They thought the Jersey mob would do it for them. Brian’s one of the best undercovers that the FBI had except when it came to the Torettos.”

“Maybe he’s in love with the sister?”

“Don’t know but we need to look at what he’s done for them and who he’s spent the most time with since the first operation.”

“Okay so the first time he let’s the brother go, then last year with that case he works with the brother and then works with the sister to get the brother off the bus.”

“We got a hell of an agent on our hands. I wander if he was able to satisfy his wife while he was in Jersey?” Hobbs thought out loud.

“His files don’t indicate anything outside Dominic Toretto.” Elena laughed.

Hobbs raised his eyebrow and was about to reply to Elena’s statement when his phone went off. He checked it and opened the text message.

--Hey L, Rua Diablo and Rua Anjo. –BOC

“Shit.” Hobbs said.

“What is it?”

“O’ Conner. I’ll see ya later. I’ll call if I need anything.”

“He contacted you? Does he seriously not know how to go into hiding or anything?”

“He knows what he’s doing. He wants to meet me for something.”

“Are you sure it’s safe?”

“Yeah. If he’s contacted me then it’s important enough to at least listen to him. I’ll see ya later.” Hobbs left the hotel and found the intersection that Brian sent him in the text—right in the middle of a market area of course. Hobbs got a cab to the area and found Brian sitting around a coffee stand with a cup of coffee in front of him. “Hard man to find.” Hobbs opened.

“You know me.” Brian said as he sipped his coffee.

“Yes which is why I trusted you to come alone and not as armed as I normally am.”

“I’m not armed so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“An agent not armed, I don’t know what to make of that.”

“I haven’t been an agent for months now but I left my weapon with Dom for the moment. I had a feeling I wouldn’t need it today.”

“You’re awful sure of yourself.”

“Sometimes you have to be.” Brian grinned.

“What did you need?”

“I think you can help us with what we have going on down here. You know bigger fish than Dom and our family.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We found the person who runs the city and he wants to cripple it. We’re trying to stop it.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

“You gotta bring me immunity papers for everyone on the team and then I’ll tell you what we’re doing. This guy is a son of a bitch and we’re going to take care of him with the US Government’s blessing or not. Either way, me and Toretto are very small fish in this pond.”

Hobbs sat across from Brian and said, “I could see that but why are you still trying to protect a federal fugitive?”

“The question should be why are federal fugitives able to hide?”

“What’s the answer?”

“Someone always bigger to fry. Dom was only hijacking trucks, the drivers didn’t have any injuries passed the tranquilizers but the guy we found has a passion for keeping the people of Rio down on their luck and those DEA Agents that were killed is him, not us. I’ve got the evidence.”

“Keep talking.”

“Not until I see what I asked for. All of us can disappear and you know it.”

Hobbs decided to throw O’ Conner some of what he had to test the waters. “You want to know why they left you in Jersey for so long?”


“Yeah I’ve seen all of their notes and files on all of your undercover work. They wanted the mob to kill you before you somehow outwitted death and you had to let Gazelle die. That case you worked last year with Toretto, they shouldn’t have let you go under.”

“That was personal. I was helping my family. Then I got hurt again and Dom wouldn’t run anymore. The FBI is a piece of shit letting the big fish go and trying to get a reformed small person who’s paid over and over for the crimes he committed and didn’t. I couldn’t see him go back.”

“Why’d you let him go the first time?”

“It was the only option.”

“That’s your answer?” Hobbs laughed.

“Get me those papers Hobbs. I’ll contact you tomorrow same time to check on that.” Brian got up and put a bill on the stand and slipped into the crowd.

Hobbs watched the disappearing act every step of the way and lost O’ Conner in the crowd. Damn, thought Hobbs, Brian was good at what he did. He also went over all of Brian’s answers and tried to figure out what Brian was angling for. He shook his head and went back to the hotel he and his team were staying at so he could think and go over more of Brian’s work.