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Getting Brian Back

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Brian left the warehouse after a few minutes of saying good-bye to Dom and Dom went back over to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. He saw Teresa standing up and pulling on her pants from the day before. “Morning.”

“Morning.” She walked to the kitchen space and found some cereal to eat.

Dom went for the gut first thing and asked, “Like what you saw this morning?”

Teresa sucked in a breath and turned around. “I didn’t see anything. I just woke up.”

“You’re not a good liar. I noticed you were awake when we came downstairs.” Dom eyed Teresa over his cup.

“Maybe I was but you guys looked like you could use a little privacy.” She made her cereal and sat in the farthest seat from Dom.

Dom wanted to laugh at her skittishness. He wondered how Brian put up with her for so long undercover. He asked, “Are you afraid of me?”


“Yes you are and you’re probably afraid of what Brian would say if he heard that you might not like me.” Dom waved his hand in the air and continued, “I don’t care either way but even you acknowledged that Brian gave his heart to me long before we acted on those feelings…”

Teresa huffed and stalked over to Dom. She poked his chest with her finger and Dom just held himself together. She said, “He gave you his heart when he gave you those damn keys. He then went to wherever and by the time he got to me - he had a hard edge - almost angry. But I can’t fault him there since that’s part of his role but his heart didn’t melt until he went back to LA.”

“You fell in love with O’ Conner? He seems to do that to women.”

“He also needs to be protected. Seeing him here with you all tells me that he was a lot freer and more laid back a long time ago than he can be now.”

“Because we’re his family.”

“Family doesn’t leave their own behind. Why do you think he brought us down here? He couldn’t stand to see someone else raise Nicky and Oleg. He knows they need a strong father presence in their life.”

“When all of this is done and over with you guys might still be around but don’t get used to anything.”

“You’re a self-centered bastard asshole.”

“That’s what I hear. I might be with Brian but I take care of everyone and the boys will be all right when everything settles.”

“Fuck you.”

“Back at ya.” Dom finished his coffee and asked, “We done now? I’ve got work to do.”

Teresa went back to her end of the table and glared at Dom while he washed his and Brian’s breakfast dishes. He could feel her glare all the way over to the other side of the warehouse where he sat at a desk and pulled out layouts and maps of the surrounding areas by the police station.