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Getting Brian Back

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Once Brian and Dom went to bed that night, Vince pulled Mia away from the group so they could talk. “What do you think is going on in Brian’s head? Bringing a woman who was his wife for all purposes but on paper and two kids down here.”

“I don’t know. We never really knew him and still don’t for all intents and purposes.”

“Thought you loved the guy at one point in time?”

“You can love a stranger but am with him? No. Now I don’t want to hear anything else about that.”

“What do you think Dom knows about the situation?”

“Probably the same as we all do but he and Brian seem to know each other without really knowing each other.”

“Why do we keep Brian around then?”

“Because we owe him more than he’ll ever let us pay back. Plus I don’t want to see Dom pissed at the world again.”

“Pissed at the world works for him though.” Vince was trying to be funny but he clamped down on his smile and laugh seeing the look on Mia’s face.

“Grow up.” She walked away after that and went to sit next to Teresa while Vince went to go hang with Tej and the other guys.

Upstairs Dom looked at Brian as he came out of the shower and asked, “What are we going to do about Hobbs?”

“I don’t know yet. He’s close but I don’t know how close. I’m going to go out tomorrow and scout around the buildings and see if I see anything out of the ordinary.”

“I’m going with you.”

Brian glared at Dom and said, “No. It’s safer with only one person out. Plus you need to get things ready for our raid on the police station.”

“Brian why are you resisting so much?”

Brian stood up from the bed and stalked over to Dom. He jabbed his finger in Dom’s chest and yelled, “I’m not resisting! I know how Hobbs works and I’m trying to keep everyone safe. We all have our roles in this and I’m trying to do my role.”

“Brian your role is to not get killed and I’m going with you.” Dom rumbled.

“No.” Brian growled as he shoved Dom.

Dom shoved Brian back towards the bed. He wasn’t going to let Brian get the upper hand in the argument. Brian landed on his back sprawled sideways. He went to lift himself up but Dom had his lap straddled and arms pinned before he could prop himself up. Dom laced their fingers together and kept Brian pinned to the bed as he leaned down and sucked the air out of Brian’s lungs. Brian gasped into the kiss and tried to suck in more air but Dom was busy taking what was his until he felt a little lightheaded himself. He broke the kiss and Brian turned his head to cough and catch his breath.

Dom leaned down and started working the corded muscles on Brian’s neck with his teeth and lips and felt Brian shove his hips up. In between tasting and chewing, Dom said, “If you go come back alive all right.”

That was the closest Brian had ever heard of Dom being worried about him and he said, “You know I will.” Dom let go of Brian’s fingers and Brian tugged at Dom’s towel. Feeling Dom start again on his neck Brian growled, “Fuck me dammit.”

Dom ran his rough hands over Brian’s t-shirt and made sure to stop at his nipples. He found Brian didn’t like having his actual nipples played with but the area around them was very sensitive and Dom used that to his advantage. He pulled Brian’s shirt off and ran his tongue around the hard buds and suckled them gently. Brian wrapped his arms around Dom’s back and gripped his shoulder blades as Dom worked his way down his torso.

They weren’t so tangled they couldn’t move away from the other but the thought of moving seemed to reinforce their grips on each other and Dom leaned in to kiss Brian again. “Gotta get you out of these pants Bri.” Dom rumbled as he worked the button and fly loose. Brian sucked in some air and held his hips very still even though he wanted to press himself hard against Dom’s body. “Snowman’s coming back I see.” Dom grinned as he nibbled Brian’s collarbone.

Brian groaned and let his body go, his hips thrusting against Dom’s, blunt nails digging into Dom’s back, and one leg wrapped around Dom’s hip. “Taking too long. Getting harder to breathe.” Brian clipped out.

“Getting there baby.” Dom said as he ran his fingers over Brian’s hair. Dom gave into Brian’s rhythm and pushed Brian’s leg off of him so he could discard the pants and then reached for the tube still on the night table. Brian moaned seeing Dom work the tube open and adding slick to his fingers. Dom looked at Brian and motioned to the center of the bed and Brian scrambled backwards to get there.

A few minutes later Dom had Brian prepared and he slid over top of him and dragged him into slow, passionate kisses as he pushed into Brian’s waiting body. Once all the way in Brian moaned and wrapped his legs around Dom’s waist, giving him permission to move. The sex itself didn’t last long but the two stayed wrapped together and imagined themselves in their own paradise, letting the current events vanish for the time being.

The next morning the two came downstairs dressed for the day and Brian found a soft chair to sit in while Dom got their breakfast ready. Dom looked over and asked, “You all right?”

Brian got what he was saying and said, “I’m good.”

Dom sat their breakfast on the table and kissed the back of Brian’s shoulder where he left a mark and said quietly, “Be careful today.”

Teresa had woken up and was about to sit up until she saw Brian and Dom’s interactions at the breakfast table. The two could read each other like no one else and she saw Dom kiss Brian’s shoulder and Brian pulled him into a gentle but deep kiss. She longed to be able to have that again but for the moment she’d have to be patient.