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Getting Brian Back

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The next afternoon Brian and Dom went down to the market and as they bought fresh food and meat they saw a few people looking rather professional in their search so they ducked out the back way and went to the warehouse. As they put the food away Brian said, “We got trouble on us so be careful. The DSS is finally in town.”

“Where’d you see them?”

“At the market. Good thing we didn’t drive down today.”

“Still it’s a close call and we need to be extra careful.” Dom said.

“What about the boys? If they find this place then everything goes to hell.” Teresa said.

“The suite at the hotel in Santos is yours for another two weeks if you want to go back down there until we take care of Reyes. Then we’ll have a better idea of where we are after this.”

“Why’d you bring us here Brian?” Teresa said.

Nicky heard some the conversation and said, “Dad’s doing what he thinks is right. We might not see him after all this done.”

“Nicky stay out of this. We’re talking.” Teresa said.

“You’re fighting, you always fight.”

Brian looked at Nicky and said, “Go find your brother and wait for me and your mother.”


“Nicky if you don’t stop the back talking I’ll go get my belt.” Brian said.

Dom came over and touched Brian’s arm. Brian glanced at him before switching back to Nicky. Dom said, “No need to belt the kid.”


Dom backed up after feeling the vibrations rolling through Brian and said, “Okay I’m out of it.”

Nicky finally wandered over to where Oleg was playing video games and kept an eye on the fight between his parents.

Teresa looked at Brian and said, “You thinking of beatin’ Nicky? You haven’t whipped him with a belt for two years.”

“He knows better. If, for the moment we instill the fear of God in him, we need to do that. Life is crazy right now.”

“Life is never normal around you is it?”

“Not really. As much as I try for normal it doesn’t happen a lot of the time.” Brian looked around for Dom and saw him manning the grill. The two shared a look and Brian asked, “After we eat do you want to go back to the hotel or do you want to stick it out. I can’t guarantee anything but I will try to make this as safe as possible for as long as I can.”

“We’ll take it a day at a time. If anything I’ll get a cab down to Santos and we’ll wait for you.”

“Okay. Sounds good.”


About five miles from the warehouse DSS Agent, Luke Hobbs, was pacing and spitting at his men. “You lost them! They’re pretty easy to spot especially O’ Conner with his surfer looks!”

“Sorry boss. They must’ve spotted us and ducked out before we had their location pinned.”

“Don’t sorry me! These guys are professionals! O’ Conner knows how we hunt so he’ll be especially cautious! We need to keep surprise on our side and it doesn’t seem to be there right now!”

“We’ll start going through the neighborhoods a street at a time and find them before they disappear again.”

“Good thinking. Should’ve done that to begin with!” His team scattered out of the hotel they were in and he looked over his maps wandering where O’ Conner and Toretto would play house. He knew they were close just not sure how close.