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Getting Brian Back

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A couple of hours later, Brian and Dom came back downstairs. Brian in board shorts and an unbuttoned button down short sleeve shirt and Dom came down in loose pants and a sleeveless shirt. The two went over to the kitchen area and Dom got them each a Corona and went and got comfortable on one of the couches. Dom pulled Brian close and Brian leaned into the embrace.

Tej walked over and asked, “Feeling better Bullet?”

“Getting there. Lots went down since I seen you last.”

“Well if it helps, from what I’ve seen, you didn’t leave your qualities too far behind.”

“How did that night turn out anyway?” Dom asked.

“Let’s gather everyone up. I only want to tell this once.” Brian said.

Tej went and gathered the group up and Brian stood in the middle. Teresa asked, “Sure you want to tell everyone?”

Brian looked over Teresa’s features and said, “Yeah. They need the truth and I only want to tell it once.”

Nicky and Oleg came up to Brian and Oleg asked, “Do you want our help telling what happened?”

“You can fill in the blanks if you want.” Brian said.

The three told the tale of the night; Brian explaining about the gun, Oleg admitting to taking it and using it on his stepfather, and Nicky telling about the searches they all did for any evidence. Brian fingered his stomach area and Dom asked, “What happened to your stomach?”

“Stab wound. The doctor who sewed me back up made it to where the scar would pretty much be invisible.”

“You saved the day in typical O’ Conner fashion, getting the kid home safe and still manage to pull off the driving you did.” Rome said.

Brian glared at Tej and Rome and said, “I was dying,” Brian pointed to Oleg and continued, “and if he hadn’t been with me I would’ve probably passed out completely and just bled to death. How the hell I made it to my house I still don’t know. That was the most dangerous assignment I’ve ever been in on and I don’t plan on doing anything like it again.”

“So no more law enforcement careers that have undercover operations?” Dom teased as he pulled Brian onto the couch next to him.

“Law enforcement wouldn’t have me back but I don’t want it either. I’m where I need to be, where I want to be.”

“That’s good cause we want you here too.” Dom said.

Brian curled himself up next to Dom and wrapped his arm around his waist as he rested his head on his shoulder. Dom tightened his own hold and ran his fingers over Brian’s hair. “Dad you okay?” Nicky asked.

“Yeah. I’m getting there.” Brian said as he glanced at Nicky.

“Why are they still calling you dad?” Dom asked against the side of Brian’s head.

“I helped raise them.”

Dom let it go and wandered how permanent the children and Teresa was in his life. Granted he tried to go along with Brian’s answer of raising them. They were young to not know or remember fathers very well and he knew Brian did the best he could while doing the undercover work the government wanted. Dom decided to go with another thing Brian said and that was a day at a time. That’s all they had at the moment.

After the story settled over everyone, they started to go their own ways again and kept the kids and Brian in their peripheral. Teresa gathered the boys up and said, “It’s getting late. Time for bed.”

“But mom?” Nicky said.

Brian sat up and said, “Listen to your mother Nicky. She’s right. It’s getting late and we all need to think of getting some sleep. We have a lot to do tomorrow.”

“It’s only ten though.” Nicky kept going.

Brian moved quickly and kneeled in front of Nicky. He asked, “How old are you?”

“You know how old I am.”

“How old?”

Nicky remembered those tones and said, “I’m twelve almost thirteen.”

“Which means you’re not a grown up yet and you have to listen to your parents. It’s late and everyone needs to sleep. Once this is done then we’ll talk about new bed times for the rest of the summer but you need to listen and follow directions the first time around. This isn’t Jersey and it’s much more dangerous here so we just want you and everyone else safe.”

“Okay. I’m sorry.” Nicky hugged Brian and Brian hugged him back.

“Go apologize to your mother and get some sleep.”

Nicky walked over to Teresa and apologized and then he and Oleg walked over to their two beds and lay down. Brian turned to Dom and Dom had a small grin on his face. Teresa went over to Brian and said, “Still got it in you.”

Brian just shrugged and said, “He needs to see the danger but he also needs to learn not to back talk you.”

“Thanks Brian.”

“Everything will be all right T. Get some rest and me and Dom will see you in the morning.”

When Dom stood up to follow Brian, Teresa looked him over and said, “Take care of him for me.”

“I will. Good night Teresa.”

“Night Dom.”

Brian and Dom disappeared up the stairs and Vince looked at the group of adults standing around and asked, “Which one rules the roost?”

“Both of them.” Mia said as she wrapped her arm around Vince. “They’re right where they need to be.” Vince leaned down and kissed the top of her head.