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Getting Brian Back

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Two hours later everyone was on top of the roof across from the main police station as they watched more trucks pull into the back parking lot. Tej said, "Looks like he's moving all his money to the one place we don't want to get caught in."

"We need to reevaluate the plan guys." Han said.

"No this is good. We want it all in one place." Dom said.

"But the station's not designed to get out of."

"Well we'll be in and out before they even realize we were there." Brian said as he stood close to Dom.

"You two are crazy."

"Leave whenever you want but we're getting that money." Brian said as he glanced at the team.

"Nah we'll be here to help." Rome said.

"Then let's get started." Brian said.

"Follow Brian's lead on this guys." Dom said.

"Okay. So what's the plan Bri?" Rome asked.

"One don't call me Bri. Second we go in and pull the vault out and me and Dom will drive it to the meeting place."

"What do you need us for then?" Han asked.

"You guys are important and have jobs to help with the end product. Don't worry." Brian said.

"Hey Brian let's talk for a second." Dom said. Brian followed Dom over to the other side of the roof and Dom asked, "You know what you're doing?"

"I know what I'm doing Dom."

"Good. Then we're taking a long vacation after this, just us."

Brian wrapped his arms around Dom and pulled him into a kiss. As he let up and made a few kisses gentle he said, "That sounds really good and we'll spend tonight not fighting but making love instead."

"Love the sound of that baby. Too much shit's happened today."

"Definitely. Lets get this done now."

"Okay." Dom pulled Brian back into a kiss.

Brian pulled away and said, "If we don't stop we're fucking right here in front of the team and I don't think they'd like the free porn."

"Fucking outside does have an appeal to it though Bri."

"I agree but let’s finish this job before we attempt things like sex outdoors. Gotta save some of these things for our vacation."

"I know we have to be patient." Dom sighed.

"I'll see what kind of time I can get us when we get back to the warehouse."

"We need to focus on the plan first."

"Well its been awhile since we fucked and we can use 30 minutes to satisfy ourselves."

"Okay. We'll fuck when get back to the warehouse." Dom said. "I wasn't trying to disagree because you know I'd rather be together with you but the plan has taken some dangerous turns."

Brian stroked Dom's jaw and said, "I know baby and I'm sorry this thing has gotten a little out of hand."

"I won't even say anything to that. Let's get this done and then I'm going to fuck you senseless."

Brian shivered at the thought, it really had been too long. He really wanted what Dom was promising, he kissed Dom again and said, "Let's go." He was really, really eager for that portion of the evening to begin.

Back at the warehouse, Tej was working his remote control camera car out of the box the evidence officer put in the room and started moving it around the room and Rome said, “This is why you don’t drive. Turn the camera to the left. I thought I saw something.”

Tej glared at Rome and said, “Alright, ‘Special’ Agent O’Conner.” When he looked back at the screen he noticed the vault. “Holy shit.”

“What is that - 6 x 6.” Brian said from his seat almost in Dom’s lap because Dom wouldn’t let him go.

“That’s 7 x 12. Eighteen inches of solid steel, a tumbler system to beat all systems and then you have the palm scanner - and after you talk to it, caress it and....”

“Man you need to get laid.” Rome cracked.

“Hey some of us like our jobs. That safe is a work of beauty and art.”

Gisele came up and asked, “So what do you need to crack it?”

“Reyes’ hand print.”

“How do you know it’s Reyes’ hand print?”

Tej looked at Rome and asked, “If you had a 100 million dollars in a safe would you have someone else’s hand print on the scanner? No you wouldn’t now shut your mouth.”

“Damn you’re getting touchy.”

“I’m not touchy, you just don’t respect what I can do with a few computer keys and a cord.”

“Alright enough fighting. Han you’re up.” Dom said as he ran his fingers under Brian’s t-shirt.

“A piece of cake.” Han said.

“I’ll drive.” Gisele said.

As the two headed out Dom glanced at Brian and grinned. “We’re going to need to find some cars.”

“Finally I can get a car back.” Brian said.

Dom pouted, “You didn’t like riding with me?”

Brian kissed the side of his mouth and he said, “You know I do but we need two drivers for this next part.”

“I know baby. Let’s go upstairs while we wait on this hand print. We don’t have to worry about anything else for a short while. They’ll holler if they need us.” Dom whispered.

Brian kissed the top of Dom’s head and whispered, “I’ll race you.”

Dom chuckled and said, “Every-thing's a race to you.”

“Only things that mean something.” Brian grinned. Then he leaned down and as he nibbled Dom’s earlobe he whispered, “Now this next ‘race’ better be longer than ten seconds baby.”