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[Fanmix] If I Were Two Faced (...would I be wearing this one?)

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If I Were Two-Faced  (would I be wearing this one?)




The Lady is a Tramp - Tony Bennett & Lady GaGa


I never bother with people I hate

That’s why this chick is a tramp



Heavy In The Day


Lonely in the day but wishful in the night

I should be making memories, that's why the days are light

Taking all my chances on making mine anew

Shaking at the thought of taking it from you



Try It Again - The Hives


Lookie here baby

You're coming my way

But I move like a landslide

So get out of my way and stay away



You Do It Well - Saint Motel


You do things I will never do

and you do them well



Moon To Let - Tina Dico


They say it’s cold out there but nothing can be colder than you

You will soon forget how the Earth lost the jury on this moon to let



Bite Hard - Franz Ferdinand


I may be lonelier now

But I'm happy alone - honest

It ain't lonely alone

What would we talk about anyway?



For What It's Worth - Placebo

For what it’s worth. 

I always aim to please. 

But I nearly died



Bang Bang You're Dead


Oh I gave you the Midas touch 

As you turned 'round to scratch out my heart



rar. incl. cover art @ MF

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