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Any Sugar, Sugar?

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“Next order please!” came the voice from behind the counter, its owner a short man with flowing, shoulder-length black hair tied roughly at the back of his head, loose strands falling away.

As the next customer approached the counter Nasir stepped out from behind the coffee machine, his hands fiddling to re-tie his hair. Having quickly attended to it, although still having failed to capture the escaping locks, he looked up at the man already wearing his ‘sorry about that, what can I get you?’ smile.

And that’s when Nasir’s world stopped turning, the clock on the wall behind him ceased to tick.

“Uh, hello,” Nasir sheepishly greeted him, “what, uh... what can I get you?”

The man on the other side of the counter was so tall that Nasir had to tilt his head noticeably upwards to look at him. The definition of his muscular body was painfully evident through the man’s tight-fitting sweater, his bootleg jeans hugging his powerful thighs.

The man looked down at Nasir, his ocean-green eyes as clear as the waters they exemplified meeting his own of honey-brown – and that’s when everything crashed forward and his world caught up to speed.

He smiled at Nasir, and in his mind he melted into a gooey puddle on the floor. His twin dimples and adorable smile could probably have broken hearts by themselves.

“I’ll grab a strong cappuccino, extra chocolate. And cream, thanks. I might need the energy.” His arm bulged, showing off his mouth-watering bicep, as he lifted it to show a stack of books and papers squashed underneath it.

Nasir just sort of looked at him, not really registering anything he’d said at all. His mind however had not lapsed when it came to noticing the general perfection of the man. He unsubtly pored over every aspect of his customer from what must be the body of Adonis himself to the chocolate coloured hair cut shorter on the sides, and back to his flawless face – which by this stage was looking quite confused, as though slightly worrying for his barista’s sanity.

“Hey, um... you alright little man?” came his voice once more, actual concern in his eyes. Nasir just wished the earth would split beneath his feet to end this anguish. He was always so cool and collected – although he’d never stood before a God.

“Oh yeah, sorry. Dizzy spell.” Nasir smiled, blushing a little. “Um, can I grab a name for your order?”

“Agron,” the man said, smiling, as Nasir hastily scribbled his name on his receipt. “That’s good then, I thought something was seriously wrong, you looked pretty dazed.”

“You... I was.” Nasir blurted out, wishing his thoughts and voice would stick to their proper task.

“What?” Agron asked, laughing.

“Nothing! Let me get this for you.” Nasir hid behind the coffee machine, every few moments glancing up to see if Agron’s eyes were still upon him.

Get a bloody grip, Nasir!’ he thought to himself, ‘He’s not that good looking, and so what?’

“Shut up brain, yes he is.” He mumbled under his breath.

“Sorry, who’s what?” Agron asked, having been paying more attention than Nasir had thought.

“Um, just... just talking to myself! Yeah...” It was a losing battle.

“Don’t they say that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness?”

“Well maybe I am a bit crazy... for you” he mumbled at the end, laughing at himself quietly. Who cared now, if it wasn’t already obvious that he was into him then it was now and there was a 50/50 chance it could go somewhere better than where it was currently.

“Oh, is that so? How do you know I’m not already involved with someone?” he smiled cheekily, not offended.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know...” Nasir felt crushed, but they were never great odds to begin with. “Well here’s your coffee, strong with extra chocolate and cream – so that’s $4.65.”

Agron handed him a $10 bill waving his hand for him to keep the change. As he went to take the coffee he lingered a moment as they each held on to it.

“You can relax Nasir,” he said, looking at his name tag, “I’m not.”

With that he took the coffee from a confused Nasir, and winked – and that was it, he had just died. The ground had opened up and he was blissfully plummeting into nothingness.

Emotionally picking himself up off of the ground he watched as Agron walked out of the store, turning only once to look back and smile a toothy grin. Recovering, Nasir went to place the cash in his drawer when he noticed something stuck to it; a sticky note, with a swiftly written message:

Call me,