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Change Fate’s Design

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Title: Change Fate’s Design
Fandoms: Torchwood/Star Trek XI/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, John/Tosh, Rory/Amy, Doctor/River, Mickey/Martha, Sulu/Chekov, Owen/Andy/Kathy
Summary: Time is collapsing in on itself due to a disruption in the timelines. Now, to save the future, they must fix the past and save those who have been lost.
Word Count: 27,536
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Star Trek.
Beta: royalladyemma

Chapter 1


Time is held together by strands, and we all have our roles to play in weaving the fabric of the Universe. We all have our places to fill, be they large or small, and there are those certain special people who are meant to play such a vitally important role that time would actually begin to unravel should something happen to them.


Toshiko Sato, as she lay dying, could feel when the first strand of the time line began to break. As the rhythm of her heart slowed, faltered, and then finally beat its last, that fragile strand of time snapped completely.


The insidious alien race known as the 456 were never meant to visit Earth, either time; their arrival was what caused the second strand of time to cave under the pressure. As Ianto Jones lay dying in his immortal lover’s arms, neither knew that two lives would be lost that day. When Ianto’s final breath fell from his lips the strand crumbled at the loss of one young Welshman, and his and Jack’s unborn child.


The final delicate strand of time to be crushed into dust before its time was the moment when Nero’s attack on Earth wasn’t stopped. Without one Dr Leonard McCoy around, James T. Kirk never got aboard the Enterprise. Without him in command, the crew of that great ship flew into Nero’s trap and Earth was lost in Nero’s revenge. 


Time was unravelling; the future that was to be was no more.


But still, a tiny fragment of hope remained; those who have travelled in time remain unharmed by to the changes and with the last of the Time Lords and one wise Vulcan to lead them, time may yet be saved.




“No, no, this is bad, very bad!” The eleventh incarnation of the Doctor was in a panic as he ran around his console, pushing and poking, prodding and pulling every control he could get his hands on.


“Doctor, what’s happening?” Amy Pond demanded to know as she clung to her husband, Rory, with one hand and to the TARDIS’ railing with the other, desperately trying to remain standing as the ship shuddered in what seemed to be pain.


“Something very bad!” the Doctor repeated as he began to rapidly scan the readouts that the TARDIS was giving him.


“We get that! Mind telling us what the bad is?” Amy had never seen the TARDIS react this badly to anything.


Still trying to stabilize his beloved ship the Doctor gave his two Companions the briefest of answers. “Time is unravelling, the future is gone and the present is fading and I have no idea as to why! Now if that answers your question will you please get over here and help me before the ship breaks apart!”


Rory and Amy shared a worried look; that did not sound good at all. Another strong jolt had them rushing to help the Doctor stabilize the TARDIS.


Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they managed to get the shuddering ship under control. Making quiet little shushing noises, the Doctor ran his hand across the controls trying to sooth his crying ship. He didn’t like that something was hurting his TARDIS.


“Doctor, what’s that sound?” Amy couldn’t help but ask, trying in vain not to cry at the pain-filled song echoing in her head. From the look on Rory’s face he could hear it too. “It’s so sad!”


“It’s the TARDIS’ song; she’s in pain. Something is hurting her.” The Doctor’s worry increased; his ship only let a few of his Companions hear her sing. “Can you show me, old girl? Tell me what’s causing you this pain?” the Doctor asked. “Please?”


Imagines suddenly appeared in the air before them and scenes of loss and grief played out to a wide-eyed audience.


A woman - she seemed so familiar to the Doctor, but he couldn’t place her - was shot and mortally wounded, yet she still managed to save the world only to die moments later in Jack’s arms.


Jack and ‘Ianto’, the TARDIS whispered, standing up against a fiendish race of alien drug addicts in order to save Earth’s children only for Ianto to die, clutched in Jack’s arms with words of love left unspoken. The Doctor felt his own hearts break at the look of pure pain written on Jack’s face as his spirit was shattered by the death of his lover.


It was the sound of a third heartbeat ending that sent the Doctor staggering back in shock. ‘No! No, no, not this too! Do not have robbed Jack of his lover and their child!’ the Doctor thought angrily. If Jack hadn’t known about the baby, then the news would very likely destroy what was left of him. If he did know,… then… the Doctor shuddered as a cold chill ran down his spine; he knew that no one involved would have survived Jack’s wrath.


The third set of imagines was in flux, as if they had yet to happen.


A trouble-making young man and a bitter doctor, their unlikely friendship was strong and the ground work for their future love. Their biggest test came at the edge of disaster as the doctor made the choice to help his friend, a choice that could have cost him his career; it was a move that lead the other man to help to save the world.


Without warning the images faded, leaving Amy and Rory gaping at the Doctor, looking for answers. With a quick shake of his head, the Time Lord gathered himself together. There was work to be done.


Surprisingly, though, it was Amy who spoke first. “Okay, I’m pretty sure the last one hasn’t happen yet. And I have no clue as to the first one. But I’m pretty sure I remember the second one; it was the 456.” Amy spoke up and the Doctor whirled around and pinned her with a furious gaze.


“Who the hell was the 456? What happened?” The Doctor looked every inch of the oncoming storm he was.


Amy backed away, frightened by the look of fury in the Doctor’s eyes, and Rory moved to stand protectively in front of his wife. “The 456 came to Earth over a year ago, and they demanded ten percent of the world’s children. It was rumoured that a secret group stopped them at a high cost, meaning they lost one of their own in the process.” Rory told the Doctor all he knew.


“Rory, I need you to think hard; was it Torchwood that stopped the 456?” The Doctor sounded a little bit calmer now that he was getting some answers.


A thoughtful look came over Rory’s face as he thought for a moment before nodding. “Yeah, I think that’s what they were called. Do you know them?”


A bitter laugh escaped the Doctor’s lips. “Oh, I know them all right; they cost me someone very dear to me. But to my knowledge the 456 never came to Earth. They are barred by the Shadow Proclamation from ever coming near any planets with children. They’re addicts, every last one of them and they use children as a drug.” The Doctor’s disgust was plainly written on his face.


Amy had a similar look of disgust on her face. “And governments all over the world were actually going to hand over our children to those druggies! It’s no wonder so many of them are gone from power.” Her look changed into a frown. “But I still wonder why is the TARDIS showing us these imagines? And what’s up with the last one?”


“I have no idea why she’s showing us this or why it’s hurting her and I have absolutely no clue as to what this means for the future.” The Doctor admitted his ignorance with a shrug of his shoulders and a concerned look on his face.


“We may be able to help, sweetie.” A very familiar and at this point very welcome voice called out.


All three of them blinked as a haggard-looking River Song and older-looking man appeared in the TARDIS’ control room. “I believe you know my friend,” she added speaking to the Doctor.


Despite the situation the Doctor couldn’t help but smile at the alien before him. “Hello, Spock.”


The elderly Vulcan nodded his head in greeting. “Doctor, it is good to see you again, my old friend.”


“I don’t mean to be rude but who the hell is this and how can he help?” Amy demanded as she crossed her arms and glared at the new arrival.


“I am Spock, an old friend of the Doctor’s and because I am from an alternate universe the time collapse here in your universe has no effect on me.” Spock got straight to the point.


The Doctor blinked at this news. He had no idea that there were two Spocks; you’d think as a Time Lord he would know about these things. “But how? The walls between the different universes are sealed shut. How did you get through?” Then it hit him; Rose, Mickey and Jackie had found a way back through the walls, and they were just mere humans. A Vulcan would have a far better chance of finding a way through.


The Doctor was very confused; despite the pain it had caused him to do it, he had made sure that after he returned Rose, the other ‘Doctor’, and Jackie to the alternate universe the void was closed forever.


“For now the walls are closed,” the Vulcan answered his friend’s unasked question. “But the future holds many secrets that have yet to be revealed,” Spock informed the Doctor with the wisdom of the ages in his voice.


“He’s got you there, sweetie.” River spoke up with a knowing smile for her Doctor.


“I will tell you all I know about the last imagine the TARDIS showed you. It was this universe’s future, and without Ianto Jones the child produced by him and Jack Harkness, it is a future to be no more.” For one very brief moment an unusual hint of sadness could be heard in the Vulcan’s voice as he thought about how those most important to him would be lost forever if time were not saved from destruction.


River crossed her arms and added her own thoughts. “Without Toshiko Sato laying the ground work with her time lock and other time-related projects, the Time Agency will not be founded and that means Jack will never join or find his way to Earth. He’ll never meet you or fall in love with Ianto. The future is crumbling all around us and we’re going to need help if we have any hope of saving it.”


The Doctor knew that River was right; this was a much bigger problem than he thought. It was imperative that they save three lives as quickly as possible: Toshiko Sato, a technical genius; Ianto Jones, a Welsh Tea-Boy; and the innocent life growing in Ianto.


With wisdom in his eyes Spock addressed the Doctor. “There is one who would be the greatest of help to our cause.”


The Doctor shook his head, he knew who Spock was talking about, but in truth, he didn’t know Jack’s mental state or if the immortal would even want to see him again. “I don’t think that’s wise; Jack is more than likely not in his right of mind at the moment.” Having just seen the look of agonizing grief on Jack’s face, the Doctor was truly worried about his old friend’s state of mind over the loss of Ianto.


“I can see the concern in your eyes for Jack Harkness and your feelings are well-founded. He is not dealing well with the death of his mate but he is needed; he has knowledge that we will need if we are to be successful,” Spock pointed out.


The Doctor’s shoulders slumped even further as he admitted in a small voice, “Problem is I don’t know where Jack is.” There was shame in his voice; what kind of friend abandoned someone in their hour of need.


“Yes, you do. Just return to the place where you last saw him, when you gave him his final gift from your former self.” River’s voice was laced with barely controlled anger; she knew what the last Doctor’s ‘gift’ had been and she was both unimpressed by it and quite disappointed in her Doctor.


The Doctor winced as he remembered his thoughtless gift to Jack and he was unable to meet River’s eyes. “Right,” he sighed deeply, “and while I’m getting Jack what will you be doing?” He questioned in the hope that she and Spock had arrived with a back-up plan, in case he couldn’t get Jack to come with him.


“Don’t worry, Sweetie, I’ll be getting someone else who can help us.” The Doctor did not like the smirk on River’s face and the wicked tone she used.


Eyes narrowing at his… whatever River was to him, the Doctor demanded, “Just what are you planning?”


River just smiled sweetly at him. “Don’t worry about a thing; you just remember I love you.”


That did nothing to reassure the Doctor or anyone else on the TARDIS.