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50 Shades of Ginger - Cherik

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Erik is a barbarian!

At first, I was having fun in this new and exciting adventure through barbarian lands, full of those creepy folk of the cities. After a long travel in the train, and finally arriving in London, we had to hurry up, because the dawn was almost breaking and the city wasn’t as smoky as I thought, what meant we could get a serious sunburn. I was dragged to some narrow streets and then into a building. I felt as a peasant!

“Do you live... here?” - I must make it clear, I’m a man of the Highlands and own a castle! And that building was far smaller than the places I used to live in. Those doors of carved wood didn’t impress me! - “It looks as a rat nest!”

“You just described the place you lived.” - Erik turned to face me just before take the stairs for the third floor, picking the keys

I wasn’t ready for the sharp reply. Where was the sweet teacher I had tied to my bed??

That made me froze in the steps, looking around. I was exxagerating a lot, the building wasn’t old, and was all clean, had those fancy colorful papers on the walls and I didn’t see cockroaches, rats, bats or spiders or sheeps, or any of the nasty creatures (my neighbours...) which lived with me in the Scotland.

“What are you waiting for, landlord?” - Erik teased me, waiting at the door of his apartment.

All was dark there inside, as well in the corridor. I’d love to brag I can see in the dark, but that wasn’t as funny now Erik had became a vampire. Then that pervy, vicious teacher started getting his vengeance over me. And he was... Diabolic!

Erik came in right after me, and moved the hand towards the wall, poking at a tiny square, what made a strong deadly light shine over me, I got too late that only could be a trap!

“DAAAAAAMNIT!!!” - I yelled, bringing the hands to the head and begging for my ancestors and regretting bitterly for leaving my beloved castle. I knew that wouldn’t end well, but wasn’t ready to see how fucked I was now!

“Oh, sweet Jesus! Why the hell are you yelling?!” - Erik moved a hand over the lips, in his usual gesture of shock and disbelief.

“You are trying to kill meeeee!!” - I kneeled, curling in the carpet. - “I’d never expect you to be so evil!”

“Charles... Please! My neighbours...”

“Fuck your neighbours! I’m dying!” - I sobbed, waiting for the worse, yet my skin still hadn’t start to burn or break. - “Go and leave me here to die alone!

“Charles, that’s only light!” - Erik sighed, kneeling next me and trying to make me look at the ceiling. - “Electric power and a lightbulb.”

I realized Erik wasn’t hurt by that light and neither I was. I looked around, slowly calming my nerves, yet I didn’t believe in a single word. He made me uncurl and took me to show how the tiny square worked, turning on and off the lights a couple of times. Nice trick, I must say...

Then Erik told me briefly that was a modern device, which used energy to light up the bulbs and imitate the daylight. Nice words of a skilled teacher, but I had seen too many things in the Highlands to don’t be easily tricked!

“WITCHCRAFT!” - I snarled.

“For a vampire, you’re pretty scared of everything.” - He shook the head, making me blush.

“I’m not scared! YOU should be scared at me!” - I huffed, flushing even more, but not only because I was angry.

Erik was having fun of me, and made me feel silly! And that son of a bitch had changed even more since I forced the changing on him. Now he was just striking handsome, yet not very different from when he was human. Erik’s skin was softly pale now, but had a warm tone where that was thinner, and his gingerness was more noticiable. Not to mention the idiot should thank me because I got him rid of that ginger moustache, which made him look as a twin of the crazy Dr. Jung, who once wanted to spank me with a fucking belt, but Erik didn’t need to know this part of my past...

So unfair... I was just one step of become Erik’s slave! Not only I was deeply attached to Erik after biting him when he already as a vampire, but also my eyes must have been sparkling everytime when I stared at him now!

“Charles. Stop.” - He waved the hand, making me blink. - “Are you feeling fine, my dear?”

I was under the effects of drinking his blood! Erik was as stupid as he was handsome and probably wouldn’t understand my despair! If he knew about it, I would become a puppet in his big, pornographic hands!

“Shut up, damnit!” - I pounced on Erik, who grabbed me by the waist, balancing my weight, and I wrapped my arms on his neck. I would never admit, but I love how he is taller than me. - “Bedroom. Now!”

“Charles... I was planning to sleep.”

“You can sleep as much as you wish when you die! Now you’re my bitch!”

“Watch out your vocabulary, you dirty-mouthed vampire!”

“My pretty bitch?”

Erik made me slip back to the floor, heading through the living room, a place with light and fancy furniture, and a thick carpet which made me have dirty thoughts. I also had dirty thoughts at the coffee table, at the couch, and at the... I went following to his bedroom, a quiet, simple and neat place. The apartment could be small, but I couldn’t complain for lack of fancy.

“I should wash your mouth with soap, you know!” - Erik softly scowled at me, while undressing.

I remained at the door, seeing him disposing of the vest, unbuttoning the shirt and leaving the shoes aside. Those peasant clothes didn’t fit him well, but still did better than the silly and pale suit he wore when we first met.

“I’m a man. I do no neet to speak fancy, damnit!” - I frowned, trying to get angry at Erik. - “Plus, I’m a man from the Highlands. I’m a power of the nature.”

“You’re a spoiled brat.”

He carefully disposed of the clothes, which were all stained with coal dust from the long travel, but before I could see something he already was wrapped in an annoying housecoat. I never will get why he was so obsessed in stay dressed!

“Where are you going?”

Erik had closed the curtains, preventing the upcoming daylight, and went to a door in the ending of the bedroom. Of course, I was aware of the traps of a modern place, but walked in to follow him. That next room was reasonably big, had the floor and half of the walls covered in small white bright squares. That was a bathroom!

“I will take a bath, my dear landlord. And it’s strongly recommended you do the same.” - He opened a pair of faucets at the bathtub (as white and bright as the tiles), raising a lot of steam. More witchcraft... Hot water in faucets!

“I had one before we travelled.” - I shrugged.

“Charles... When I knew you, you were stinking as something dead, dry and dusty!”

“That’s how real men smells like! Deal with it! Real men doesn’t smell all...” - I forgot what I was speaking when Erik unwrapped a white bar from a blue silk paper pack and reached that near my nose. Soap. And smelled so neat and nice! That was the smell I found on him when he was dropped on my yard. I felt like wanting to sniff Erik forever, when I first meet him... He smelled so good!

“I must inform you I won’t tolerate your overly manly and stinky presence in my bedroom while you don’t get yourself properly cleaned.” - Erik stopped before the sink, staring at the mirror and rubbing his chin. - “Does our... Body hair... stop growing?” - He whispered.

“Yes. It stops. What is a good thing, because your moustache scratched me everywhere.”

“Oh, Jesus...” - He covered the eyes with the hands, in his usual dramatic mood. - “What did my life just become?? I’ll never grow a moustache again...”

“Stop the drama, Erik! Don’t you think I miss my beard??”

“You... Did you have a beard?” - He stared at me for a long time before break in a very amused laugh. - “Oh, please... Look at you! No way you would grow a real beard! I’m sure you looked as a kid who got the face smeared at caramel sauce! I bet that was light, reddish, scruffy and thin...”

Oh. I never... NEVER felt so offended! I blushed beet red!

“You’re vile, you German.” - I hissed.

My first desire was leave that barbarian and come back to my land, where no one was crazy to mock of a landlord’s beard, and neither would demand them to have baths... But I underestimated the vileness of that man. I should have listened to my grandmother, who always told me gingers have no soul, and the devil lived in Germany!

Still laughing at me, Erik left the housecoat on a hook in the wall and stepped in the bathtub, in what I believe was a deliberate way of convince me to enter in that thing. That was close! But I was stronger... I started wondering if all of his gestures were to make me eat on his hand, and become slave of his desires! A seductive and evil German disguised as a sweet and over polite teacher... That was Satan’s thing!

“Cupcake...” - I called.

“Yes?” - Erik was too busy, scrubbing vigorously the arms and neck with the washcloth.

Erik was doing it by purpose!

“I’ll never take bath again. Doesn’t matter if you’re bargaining with your body! You have no power over me!” - I snarled, stepping back relutanctly.

“I... what?” - He said. Nice trick!

Erik as always pretended he didn’t know he was using his charming features in the oldest fashion, because actually knew all my weak spots! If he had planned to play dirty, I decided do the same, and made my best pout while walking out, sitting in the edge of his bed and sulking for a good time until he moved out from the bathroom.

My spicy ginger cupcake definitively wanted to play hard with me. The son of a bitch came sensually wrapped in the housecoat, all fresh and neat, smelling as a gift of the gods sent specially for me, and with the umid hair just combed, and as if that wasn’t enough, he acted oblivious, as if I didn’t know all he wanted was to enslave me! I had to make a huge effort to don’t let Erik see how his look and contradictory behaviour affected me.

“No-no-no-no...” - He frowned deliciously at me, reaching my arm and making me stand up. - “You’re smelling as smoke, coal and everything else, and you’re all dusty. I wasn’t kidding, Charles... Frankly! I won’t let you sleep here before getting yourself clean! I told you!”

... Damnit, I felt so aroused everytime he used that teacher tone at me, but then I pouted more. Hah! He never resisted when I pouted!

“As you wish, landlord!” - Erik pinched at my ear, not strongly, but firm enough to make me move from near his bed. - “I’m doing it for your own well.”

“Who you think you are, you... You... You barbarian?!”

Erik took me out from the bedroom and then to the corridor, where he opened the door of a smaller, but also clean and well furnitured room, making me sit in the narrow bed.

“This is a guest’s room, and this is where you will sleep untill you change your mind. If you want to behave as a spoiled kid, that’s how I’m going to treat you! You’re stinking!”

“That’s how real man smells! I’m a...”

Before I could protest, Erik headed out from the guest’s room, leaving me alone in that lonely and ugly place.

“... A man of the Highlands, and a power of the nature.” - He teased me from the door, mocking of my own words and accent. - “Sleep well, power of the nature.” - He closed the door.

“Erik! How dare you?? You promised! Noooo!”

He ignored me. I can’t remember anything else more annoying than be ignored. Of course Erik didn’t lock any door in the way, and even closed the curtains of the corridor, what made rather safe for me to follow him, but I didn’t dare to go.

Meh... I wasn’t smelling that bad, even under all the dirty from the travel. All that stains of coal on me and my clothes mostly smoke-black... I refused to start taking more baths now than I took in my whole life. That was a matter of pride and honor! Didn’t matter how tempting was that bathtub filled with witchcrafted hot water, the delicious smell of the white soap bar, or even join Erik in it and that soapy washcloth...

But why was I bothering? He wouldn’t be able to resist me, anyway! Looking around I found a small gate near the floor, in the wall between the bedrooms. The only way I could pass there was as a bat. Even better - that meant I would scare him to death!

My bat form was scarying as hell, I know. I was a little nasty beast, ready to get my vengeance, and crawled through the small opening reaching Erik’s room, where all was quiet and comfortably dark, all the curtains closed and Erik’s housecoat over an armchair.

I made a fly around the room, finding my victim sleeping heavily on the stomach, holding a pillow. The whole scene looked comfy and warmth, and for a brief moment I thought that was worth of my manly figure to have a bath. Tempting but... No.

I landed over the covers, just in time when Erik shifted in the bed, and I found out how those people of the cities had horrible habits! Erik was sleeping fully dressed, in a white and beige striped set of shirt and slacks. He moved onto the side, the lashes fluttering, then I moved closer, opening my wings and showing my claws and fangs, hissing the louder I could and...

I got hit by a pillow.


I was threw over the armchair, which saved me of hit in the opposite wall. I fell over Erik’s housecoat, while he sat up in the bed, realizing what was happening.

“But what do you think you’re doing, Charles??”

I forgot I was under the bat form and answered with all the curses I could remember, and those weren’t few. By the manner Erik narrowed the eyes at me, he pretty much understood what I meant.

“No.” - He shook the head. - “You won’t sleep here and we won’t do anything else.”

I curled the upper paws, rubbing them on my eyes and making the best sob of my whole life. Erik crossed the arms over the chest.

“You won’t melt my heart pretending you’re crying.”

Then I threw myself on the pile of his housecoat, kicking and punching the fabric with my paws, snarling, hissing and making it clear how I wasn’t amused at the situation.

“No. Just no.” - Erik stared sharply at me.

I stopped, huffing and lifting the middle finger of my paw at him. Since when my ginger sheep had become rebellious??

“You can go out by the same door you came in, landlord.” - Erik moved, lying down again and getting quiet. - “And don’t dare to try set fire on my bed while I’m asleep, or I shall slap you rear in a very unpleasant way.”

... And now was he reading my mind?? Yes, I had planned to do something like that. Unfortunatelly, Erik had a big and heavy hand, what didn’t let me other option than come back to the guest’s room.

He was lucky that morning, because I was feeling benevolent and mercyful. Plus, I was tired. I barely stretched in that narrow, cold and hard bed, I relaxed, and even rather excited for living in a new place, so far and different of my castle, I soon fell asleep, waking up only a good time later.

Then I learnt a bitter lesson about sleeping naked and over the covers, in a place where there was no hearth. I wasn’t ready for London’s weather, even being an untamed Scottish man, raised wild and outdoors. That should be the middle of the afternoon, and Erik knocked at the door.

“Charles... Dear?”

If he had crossed that door all messed and wrinkled, I wouldn’t have felt so bad, and wouldn’t have complained of anything... But noooo, Erik had to come in all his glory, had changed clothes, was combed and was so... Oh, so fuckable!

“Get the fuck off!” - I snarled. - “And where are you going all embellished, Erik?!”

He stared very seriously at me. That was so unfair... I was having a hard time to keep my knees together when Erik was around!

“I’m going nowhere. I have to organize my papers and...”

“I don’t care!” - And actually I didn’t give a damn if Erik had to re-organize his life due the changing of his nature (and he was scarying natural about it...). He wouldn’t be a teacher anymore, but he had half dozen of things he could do for working, but right now I couldn’t stop my knees. - “Let’s to ‘that’! NOW!”

“Charles, no!”

“Your lips say ‘no’, but your body say ‘yes’!” - I snarled.

I pounced on my pervy teacher and ripped his shirt off and started biting him everywhere I could reach. If a man like him walks in my room all pretty and provocative, of course he was looking for trouble! I only wanted to give him what he was looking for, and his protests only added more energy to my attack.

“Charles, you promised you would behave decently!” - He protested while I rolled over him in the narrow bed, trying to take his pants out.

“And you promised we would fuck every morning and four times at the Tuesdays!”

“After you take a bath, you...!” - I made Erik shut up kissing him fiercely, what was kind of effective.

Soon his arms were around me and I was just half way of put my hands on his lovely ginger parts, if not by his stupid belt.

“I already said I’m too man to take bath!” - I said. - “Now we gonna bump some uglies, Erik... I hope those modern beds are strong enough, because I’ll fuck all the decency out of you!”

“Charles, this is my last warning!” - Erik wriggled under me, rolling and throwing me in the matress. - “Stop behaving as the maniac landlord I know you are! And hold your curses! You deeply offend me everytime you talk to me as if I am...”

“You’re my bitch! Now come here and fuck me as if you’re a viking and I’m the maiden you just kidnapped!”

Erik ran from me, composing himself, yet his shirt was now ruined and he was all scratched and flushed, and behind the fear I’m sure I could see the passion burning in his green eyes... No, blue... No, grey... Whatever. I moved the knees apart, ready to be taken wildly. I was so hard I could even kill one with my cock!

“Charles... You’re just... Disgusting!” - Erik ran to the door, breaking to the corridor, and of course I went after him. - “I am not this kind of man!”

“Of course you are! You’re crazy for me!”

Erik ran to his own room, trying to close the ripped shirt. He looked as a slutty peasant girl running from a rapist in a wheat field... I even felt a bit nostalgic of the scene that thought brought to my head.

“I am! I’m consumed by lust because of you, landlord, but I refuse to be treated as one of your conquests! You may own my heart, but you will never own my body again if you don’t tame your instincts!” - He ran around the bed, wrapping himself in the housecoat and hiding from my hungry eyes. - “I have feelings, Charles!”

“I can see your feelings for me on your pants!” - I crawled over the bed, trying to reach him. Oh, I was literally drooling as a rabid beast!!

“Stay away from me, you luxurious beast!”

Useless to say!

“Clothes off! I didn’t come to London to hold your hand while you read Charlotte Brontë novels for me! Who you think you are? Rochester?!” - I pounced on him... - “Ouch!”

... And I got hit by a pillow. Again?!

Fuck, that was only a pillow, but Erik was so unaware of his new strenght he managed to throw me back in the bed with it, what surprised both of us. I honestly didn’t expect him to be that strong now.

“I love Charlotte Brontë novels, landlord! Have more respect, once you definitively aren’t Tom Lefroy!”

“There should have a law to forbid you to have pillows!” - I huffed, recovered of the surprise. - “I can’t believe you’re treating me like this only because I’m too manly for your gentleman’s taste!”

“Yes, I am! And we aren’t going to share any intimacies before you learn some manners! And you neither are welcome to my chamber before apologize!” - He opened a drawer, picking a new shirt and disposing the ripped one, changing and also opening the wardrobe and picking a perfectly cut and tallored suit jacket which matched with his slacks.

“I won’t!” - I kicked on the covers of the bed - “Hey... Are you going out?” - I sat up, seeing what he was doing. Erik was very serious, choosing a necktie. - “I wanna go, too! Take me with you!”

“And neither I’ll go out with you, dirty and unruly as you are. I thought you wanted to know the city... Not to mention you need new clothes.”

I didn’t know Erik would go so deep in his vengeance... I pouted, watching him getting a bit too pretty for my taste, ready to go out, maybe flirt with someone else... Maybe even cheat on me! He was so charming all dressed, if I wasn’t naked I’d say my pants were on fire!

“Fine! Go and have fun! I hope you burn into a pile of ashes! Then they will have to sweep you out of the sidewalk!” - I punched on the matress, as I was totally ignored. - “May a dog piss on your ashes! It’s still bright day outside, you silly gentleman!”

Erik turned to face me before leave, all sexy and now with a drop of perfume. I cursed myself for being so proud of my lineage and traditions and don’t agree taking that damn bath!

“Don’t understimate me, landlord!” - He was holding a black and thick umbrella, which he waved to show me, narrowing the eyes.

I yelled of anger when was left alone. I counted waiting him to regret and come back. He didn’t. Erik was very serious and very angry.

I was sulking in the guest’s room when Erik came back home, with the arm full of papers. That was almost midnight! I didn’t move from where I was, what was a bad strategy: Erik didn’t make any effort to be friends with me again. I listened him walking by the apartment, and then back to the living room, where he started poking into a weird and noisy machine-like thing, apparently used for writing.

At early morning, he walked back to the own room and I cursed out loud because felt the smell of hot steam mixed with the scent of the soap and couldn’t stop thinking in run there and join him! I was cursing when I finally slept, hating be sleeping cold and alone again and starting hating all the coal dust in my skin.

I woke up with someone knocking at the front door, and soon listened a new voice, and a friendly talk started in the living room. I was too much in a bad mood to be curious about it. I could even agree I was starting to smell awful, and if Erik was busy with his friend, I would have a chance to sneak and take that fucking bath without having my pride even more scratched, and finally have my spicy ginger cupcake back to me.

That was the middle of the afternoon, and I was able to open the curtain, finally seeing the street. That was full of people! I got scared and excited all at once, and ran to Erik’s room and the bathroom, enjoying the opportunity.

Fuck. Nothing in life prepared me for the things I found in that bathroom. I mean, I had seem how deal with the fauces, and the water was hotter than what I expected. I was scared as fuck of that shit, and of the soap bar! I felt like I was betraying many generations before me, accepting such barbarians habits into my life!

Oh, I was doing it all for the love of my pervy ginger!

Once I got in the water, I started agreeing maybe I should have taken it before. When I washed my hair, I’m pretty sure something alive fell from it and ran away, together with a lot of coal dust and earth. Now the washcloth, and scrubbing all the rest... Nothing bad, but I had to stop and change the water, because the first was deep grayish and had a certain amount of coal dust in the bottom. That was taking more time than what I expected, I was hoping Erik didn’t mind if my next bath was only in the next summer!

“Witchcraft... I hope they had burned the one who put hot water in these satanic fauces!” - I muttered.

The second part was easier. I only had to get clean, and to say the truth the hot water made me have all sort of dirty and immoral thoughts featuring Erik... and his all soapy monster’s hands. I still was cursing myself for losing the opportunity of jump on him in that very same bathtub. For someone with my experience and needs, I was acting as a virgin maiden!

“Fuck... Two days is too much after so many years alone...” - I huffed, frustrated. I was hard, and didn’t want to have fun all alone.

All the urge I felt when Erik was around were partly the effects of when I drunk his vampire’s blood. Of course, Erik was burning in desire because of me, unable to resist to my charm, but he wasn’t feeling half of my despair. I was so aroused merely due that hot bath and I tried rubbing myself with the washcloth. Hesitantly, as a test, I decided slip the soapy washcloth between my legs.

“WITCHCRAF- FUCK!” - I almost yelled, my head threw back in the edge of the bathtub.

That was a jolt of pleasure all the way starting on my hard member and reaching my spine. I could be overreacting to that touch, but the washcloth was velvety, slippy and hot... Then was because of it my pervy teacher was so attached to his habits?? I could perfectly understand it now!

I rubbed again the washcloth on my member, closing the fingers around. I almost came in the first stroke. That was a nasty pleasure! Those creepy people of the city knew how to have fun! Damnit! I couldn’t even try to be discreet. I cried out loud when caressed myself also with the other hand, stroking up and down, rubbing the tip with soapy fingers, and moving them down. That was going better and better. I wanted Erik to be with me, I only could imagine his pornographic hands doing those dirty things to me.

I squeezed harder around the shaft, shifting in the water and spreading more the legs. My other hand was following my imagination, touching on my balls and behind. I slid more, rubbing on my own hole, closing my eyes in a long and heavy shiver. I stroked harder on my member, that soft washcloth was giving me sensations I couldn’t ever imagine!

My first finger pressed inside, sliding in. I moaned loudly, throwing a leg over the edge of the bathtub and wishing I had my man with me, had his fingers instead mine. If Erik didn’t take me that night, I would for sure do something really stupid! I put a second finger, shoving them on me, wanting to go deeper, clenching around, slowly at first but now wildly. A third finger came inside me, I was shivering, almost coming, moving faster the hand on my member.

“Damnit! No!” - I was in despair, almost in pain. I was both aroused to the limit and almost crying in rage. I cursed at myself, because... - “Damn short fingers!”

My fingers were too short for doing it! I kept forgetting it! They weren’t long enough as I needed, but I kept trying, thrusting and rubbing on the washcloth, now violently, moaning louder, for a moment almost feeling the tip of one of my fingers reaching that spot inside me which made my body get in flames. Almost!

I tried harder, rocking the hips on my own fingers, squeezing the eyes shut, an almost painful climax making my thighs shake and my whole body vibrate as if the whole building was about to collapse. I was only aware of my ears feeling closed, the echo of my cry in the walls and that delicious washcloth still in my hand.

“Damn... I need a man!” - I snarled, panting heavily, opening the eyes and realizing I wasn’t alone.

I languidly sat straight, staring at him with wide opened eyes, slowly standing up even I still was softly caressing myself with the washcloth.

“Hello...? May I help?”