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xxxHOLiC Alternate Universes

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Pirates (Scene 2)

(Sometime after scene 1)

Up close, the costume favoured by Captain Yuuko was composed of so many tassels, beads and frills that it was amazing she didn't jingle more obviously every time she moved. They gave Doumeki the vague impression that if you undid the wrong catch, the whole thing could fall apart like a matchstick house. Possibly, that was the intended impression. More possibly, this was not a wise train of thought to be entertaining when the Dread Pirate herself was leaning into your face.

"Well then, Mr Doumeki!" the captain boomed, with a truly wicked smile. "Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?"

Doumeki had to take a moment or two to parse this statement. "Sure."

"Wait, what!?" Watanuki burst out. "You… you can't put him on the crew!"

"Oho?" said Yuuko. "Is that mutinous talk I be hearing from ye? Ye've surely been at sea enough months to be remembering the Captain's word is law, savy?"

"Aye Aye, Captain," said Watanuki weakly.

Watanuki watched his captain flounce away up to the main deck until she was out of earshot. "She only talks like that because she knows it annoys me," he said petulantly.

"Really," said Second Mate Doumeki.