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Forced Family

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The city was lost.

The Avatar had lost.

The revolution had won.

The Avatar ceased to exist.

There was only Korra now. Korra the non-bender. Korra the defeated. Korra the hopeless one. Korra…

Just Korra.

That day was humiliating. She was captured and thrown around like a bag of clothes, and then put on display on a stage in the middle of the city for all to witness Amon taking her bending away. The cheering, surprisingly, was one of the most devastating things about the whole experience. People wanted this. People wanted her weak. People didn’t want the Avatar anymore. She’d never been one to cry so publicly in front of so many people but at this point, she stopped caring.

After her mortifying experience, she was taken away in a truck and transported somewhere. Everything was a blur. She wasn’t sure how long she was in the van. It felt like an eternity sitting in the back, swaying back and forth, left and right, lost in her thoughts that replayed all her failures over and over again.

Equalists in masks roughly pulled her from the truck and shoved her to the floor. The laughter coming from them as they watched her fall made her sob again. One got on top of her and tied her wrists together before pulling her to her feet and shoving her forward to follow a line of Equalists going into the back of a strange building. She’d never been in that part of the city before.

It seemed everyone was awaiting her arrival. The inside of the building was designed just like a prison. Equalists were standing along the long halls she was lead down. Some were cheering as she passed. She hung her head in shame.

She was shoved inside a cell, possibly the smallest one they had. It was away from the other cells filled with what she assumed were benders, or former-benders. Her cell had a small door that had a small compartment in the middle for transferring things without needing to open the actual door. The cell itself was dark. The light from the tiny window across the room only lit up a small part of the cell with light. Right underneath the window was her bed. It looked hard and cold. Where was she suppose to use the bathroom?

The door slammed shut behind her after they untied her wrists and she heard laughter from one of the Equalists.

“Enjoy your new home. Amon’s still deciding what to do with you after all the trouble you’ve caused him. Personally, I’d throw ya in the wild and see if you could make it home as a non-bender. Hahaha, oh how the mighty have fallen! Even the Avatar couldn’t stop the people from getting what they want.”

Korra stared at the window above her bed. Tears flowed freely down her face but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he reduced her to tears.

“Maybe he’ll put you to work in the factories like your little boyfriends. Wonder what they’d think knowing you’re nothing now. Just a pathetic shell of your former pathetic self. A waste in the world, if you ask me.”

She suffered the verbal abuse for days. Perhaps weeks. Food came three times a day, surprisingly, but she usually only ate one meal and hardly ever finished it. A few times a day, she was taken to another cell for bathroom usage, which included showering. Otherwise, she stayed in her lonely cell either sleeping or staring at a dark wall. She was more upset with herself than she could ever be with Amon. She failed everyone and now she had no way of redeeming herself. How could she have possibly taken on a blood bender?

She thought she was going to spend the rest of her life in her cell until the fateful day she was taken from her cell. It was early in the morning, from what she could tell from her tiny window. Two Equalists came in and yelled at her to wake-up. She didn’t move. She expected nothing but for them to grab her and hoist her up. She didn’t expect them, however, to force her out of the cell, down the long corridor, and outside to be put in the back of a truck.

The bumps and turns made her fall over from her seat multiple times. After the seventh time, she just laid in the floor of the truck, no longer having the energy to pick herself up. Luckily, the ride wasn’t too long but she couldn’t help but feel dreaded anxiety. Where were they taking her? A part of her hoped it would be with Bolin and Mako but a part of her feared it since she didn’t want her friends to see her in such a pathetic state.

She was pulled out of the truck, again. Equalists lived to be rough, it seemed. After falling to her knees, she noticed where she was. There were mostly houses here, a small residence near the edge of the city almost like Air Temple Island. They were in front of a large house. It looked to be entirely one-level but it was impressive. The outside was white and looked to have been made out of the same stone as the Sato estate. Hiroshi likely had something to do with building it. Two large windows were on either side of the white door but she couldn’t see anyone in the house.

She was hoisted to her feet once again and forced to walk down the stone path to the house. On one side of the house was a garden that looked to have stretched all the way to the back of the house. There was yard space all around the house. Who lived here?

She was blind-folded before they even opened the door to the house. She didn’t understand why but she just didn’t have the energy to protest and fight anything anymore. She was lead through the house and into a room, she presumed. She couldn’t see, but she could already feel the house was impressive just by the way her feet sounded on the wooden floors. The room she was put in had must have been carpet. When they untied her blind-fold, she found out she was right. The room was actually a bedroom. A gorgeous one at that.

It was large. Maybe too large. The carpet was a soft red color while the walls were a pristine white. There was a large red bed against the furthest wall. A matching red couch was in front of the bed. It looked..soft. Each side of the bed had a wooden nightstand large enough for storing clothes. Two lamps stood on top of the nighstands with brown shades. Above the bed was a painting even larger than the bed. It was of a peaceful meadow with animals flocking and flowers budding. The sun rose high above the horizon to warm the green grass. On the right side of the bedroom was a section with two lounging chairs in front of wall-high bookshelves; A personal library. The left side of the room had a large, wooden closet. It looked old but was in good shape considering. A few feet from the closet was a door that lead to, what she assumed to be, a private bathroom. Two large windows were beside the large painting and another, smaller but still fairly large, near the library to provide natural light.

The door behind her slammed shut followed by a locking sound. What was the purpose of being here? Was she here to see someone? Was she to live here? After a few minutes of staring at the room, she wandered over to the library area. Some of the books were huge. She pulled a random one from the shelf and flicked on the lamp between to the two chairs. Before she could sit down to look over the book, she heard the door knob wiggle before clicking. It turned. A figure stepped in. Her heart dropped.

In stepped the last person she wanted to see. Amon. She watched him close the door and lock it again. His eyes were on her the entire time, hiding behind that stupid mask she wanted to punch off. She straightened her own position and dropped the book in the floor while they faced-off in a staring contest for a minute. He was the first to turn away to walk over to the couch.

“Put the book back.” He instructed.

Korra kicked the book instead. “How…dare you. You humiliated me. You ruined me. You took everything away from me!” With each word, her voice rose higher. “And you…you have the nerve to bring me here. What more could you possibly want from me? You took my bending, my loved ones, imprisoned me.”

Amon didn’t seem concern with her outburst. He sat nonchalantly on the couch with one arm resting on the back of the couch. His eyes watched her carefully. She didn’t like the way he looked at her.

“You should be grateful I didn’t toss you in the wilderness to fend for yourself. You’re right. You have nothing. You are nothing. The world doesn’t need you anymore. A world without bending is what the people want. No one wants you anymore.” His words stung her more than they should have. She didn’t have anything to say. She could already feel the tears threatening to spill from her eyes but she wouldn’t dare cry in front of him. She wanted to hang onto the last bit of dignity she had.

“Come here.” He ordered.

She remained in her spot. He sighed.

“Being difficult will only get you hurt, Korra. I said come. Here. Now.” There was a lack of patience in his voice. There was no doubt that his anger was slowly rising.

“Why don’t you- Ah!” Her entire body began to ache. It felt like every vein was on fire. She suddenly couldn’t move, only cry out from the pain. Suddenly, her arm started moving without permission. It was flailing unnaturally then began to twist. Her cries turned into screams. He was going to break her arm!

“When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it without question. I will show you mercy, this time.”

His blood-bending hold on her was suddenly released. She fell to her knees, panting softly and sweating. Never had she experienced such excruitiging pain before. She was even shaking now. The fear she felt when she encountered Amon was there again but worse. Her bending was gone but he was finding new ways to torment her.

“I’m not going to tell you again. Come. Here.”

His voice was menacing and unforgiving. It made her flinch. She wiped the tears threatening to fall from her eyes. She wouldn’t let him see her broken. Standing up was more painful than she originally thought. She timidly looked at him sitting on the couch. It was hard to read his emotions with that mask on but his body seemed completely casual.

She took small steps towards him. Every inch of her body ached and begged her to laid down but the fear of being blood bent again forced her to move until she was standing as far away from him as she could get away with.

His eyes studied her, slowly moving from her own and down her body. It made her feel overwrought.

“You should consider yourself lucky. Anyone else, I would have thrown away.” He stood up from the couch and approached her. Each step towards her was heavy. Fear made her stand in place. The only thing she could focus on was that mask coming towards her. She was still shaking. No doubt he could see the fear in her eyes. He stopped when his body was almost pressed against hers.

“You can still be..useful. I will give you a purpose.” He brought an ungloved hand to her cheek. She flinched. She just couldn’t stop staring at his eyes. Something wasn’t right. His fingers trailed from her cheek down to her neck. She stopped breathing. “You will serve my needs. My every needs…”

He placed his other hand on her hips and began to trail it upwards before slipping it underneath her shirt. That’s when she snapped out of her fear-filled trance. “What are you doing?” She tried to steady her voice but it came out shaky. She almost tripped over her own feet trying to back away from him.

“I am going to take what I want. You can resist and go through the pain or you can be obedient and maybe get pleasure in return. Either way, I will break you, Korra.” He took a step towards. She turned around to run but found her body frozen in place. He closed the distance between them until he was breathing down her neck. “You seem to forget how powerful I am. Perhaps you need a constant reminder.” He stepped aside before her body was suddenly flung backwards through the air. She was thrown unceremoniously into the couch but she still couldn’t move. She watched in horror as he approached her.

Fearful eyes stung with tears as they watched him pull off her shirt. Lustful eyes fell onto her freed mounds. How long had he lusted after her? How long did he plan on having his way with her?

A tear almost fell from her when he slipped her pants and boots off, taking her undergarments along with it. She wanted to cry in a corner from how helpless and humiliated she felt. He pushed her in the corner of the couch and crawled on top to squish her between the couch and himself. She watched in horror as he unzipped his pants to free himself.

She couldn’t find any words. Her mouth refused to cooperate aside from swallowing the hard lump in her throat. Their eyes met briefly as he stroked himself.

“You caused a great deal of stress during the rebellion. It’s only fair you make yourself useful and help relief some stress instead.” He hooked one of her tensed legs around his hip while he nestled himself between them. She fought with every ounce of strength to free herself of his blood bending grip but it was no use.

His fingers lightly stroked along her now bare sex like he was petting it. “Imagine how your little former fire bending boyfriend would feel seeing you like this. Then again, perhaps he wouldn’t care. He did choose Hiroshi’s daughter over you, after all. He wanted a real woman, not an insolent brat who can’t keep her mouth shut.”

His words hurt more than when he finally entered her. It was that moment that she realized there was no fighting him. He was just too powerful. He wasn’t gentle with her. Each thrust was hard and needy. Soft groans told her just how much he enjoyed her body. She hated it. She hated every minute of it.

The blood-bending hold on her was finally released but she made no effort to even fight him. Instead, she turned her head and tried to drown out the searing pain inside her along with the degrading words he spoke to her.

“The mighty Avatar beneath her worst enemy and completely powerless to stop him. An arousing sight indeed.” He purred. “This is your purpose in life now. You’re no longer the Avatar. You’re just a worthless toy who’s only purpose is to be an obedient little girl.”

His thrusting grew harsher. She thought he would end up slamming her through the arm of the couch. His grunts were animalistic and absolutely disgusting to her. She knew he was staring at her. She knew he wanted her to cry but she refused to. He must have grown frustrated since he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

She had no idea how long she stared into those eyes behind the mask or how long he pleasured himself at the cost of her body and dignity. She knew his release was close when he started panting and his hands wandered every inch of her body, only stopping to squeeze her breasts.

There was a strong grunt from him as his hips slowed down. She bit her lip. He finally came to a halt. It was over. She endured.

“ what you’re for.” He remained inside her to allow the last of his essence to drip into her. He gave her breasts one last squeeze before pulling out. Ragged breath was released from her mouth. As he stood up, she curled her body so her knees were to her chest and she stared blankly at the other side of the couch.

He watched her carefully while tucking himself back in his pants and zipping them up. Not a tear fell from her eyes during the whole ordeal. He hmphed and began walking towards the door. “I expect you to eat the food I bring you.”

Before he stepped out of the door, he heard her whisper. “You’re a monster.”

Though she didn’t know it, he gave a slight nod before closing the door.

Sure enough, when he brought her food, he instructed her to eat. She mumbled that she wasn’t hungry and received a smack across her face. How she wanted to cry. Shaking hands picked up the chopsticks and bowl of rice for her to slowly put into her mouth. Satisfied, he left to bathe, demanding she finish before he got out.

The minute she heard the pipes running, she took her still full bowl and quickly walked over to the window in the personal library. She threw the bowl at it, hoping to at least crack it. It did nothing, not even leave a scratch. She could feel the frustration welling inside her sore muscles. She was desperate to get out, even if she was completely naked. She picked up one of the chairs and tossed straight at the window. It made a loud thud but the glass remained in tact.

Korra groaned and slammed her fist against the unbreakable window. He knew she’d try to escape. She didn’t know why she assumed he would have been careless enough to have weak points in the house. He was always a step ahead of her. That’s how she got in the situation in the first place.

The anger rose within her. He took everything from her. Her friends, family, virginity, life. She wouldn’t let him continue abusing her. She took the chair and threw it across the room at one of the windows near his bed. The same thing happened; A loud thud emitted from the window but left no crack or even a scratch. She growled. There had to be a way. There was always a way. It just had to be.

Her next move was to head to the door. She knew it was locked but she had to try. She jiggled the locked knob repeatedly and even banged on the door a few times. It wouldn’t budge. She banged her head on the door a few times before the bathroom opened up.

Amon stepped out of the bathroom with a long towel around his waist. His hair was obviously wet but the rest of him seemed dry. She was a bit surprised to see him without his mask and scar make-up on, but not too surprised. He took one look at her then over to the mess with the chair and bowl laying in the floor and rice everywhere.

“Clean it up.” He strolled over to his wooden closet and opened it to shuffle the clothes hanging inside. Korra stared at him with disgust briefly before she walked over to her discarded clothes and picked them up.

“You can’t keep me here forever.” She said as she pulled her undergarments and pants on.

Amon was already buttoning his trench coat. “You think you’ll escape? You think someone’s going to come rescue you? You’re nothing but a distant memory in this city. Your parents aren’t coming, the air acolytes are gone, even your friends are going to forget you.”

She glared at him as he spoke. She felt an overwhelming sense of anger and bitterness well up inside her. “That’s not true. Someone will always be looking for me!”

The fully clothed Amon turned to look at the equally clothed former-bender. His face showed annoyance. “You’re just as spoiled as the Sato girl.”

“Asami? Where is she?” Korra’s demeanor turned to that of curiosity and desperation. “Is she with Mako and Bolin?”

He approached her, slowly. She stayed glued to her spot. Whether it from newfound bravery or out of terror, she wasn’t sure. He stopped until he was inches away from her face.

“You’ll find out sooner or later. She still has a lot of…training to go through.” He smiled before pulling his hood on followed by his mask. "Clean this mess up." He left her in the room to stare blankly at nothing in particular. It was about ten minutes after he left that she finally dropped to her knees and cried her heart out.