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Stealing Moments

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The problem with having two lovers, and with having impulsively given both of them the access codes for her neural stimulator, was that she couldn’t tell which one of them was setting her off in the middle of her work shift. Tali was busy tweaking the life support systems for greater efficiency, and suddenly she felt an unmistakable vibration jolting between her legs. She clenched her teeth to prevent herself from gasping or shouting, and tried to return to work. A few minutes later, the vibration returned, stronger. She glanced sideways at Ken and Gabby, running systems checks with their usual banter, and turned her helmet’s audio output off. Then she let herself groan, as the thrumming traveled up inside her. Both aroused and irritated, she opened a chat channel.

tzorah: stop it. I’m trying to work here.
gvakarian: stop what? I’m just running simulations.
tzorah: simulations of what asijo

The next pulse of the stimulator made her hands stutter on the keys. She realized with some horror that she’d actually sent that message.

gvakarian: the weapons systems of course
gvakarian: are you ok
tzorah: im fine wheres shepard
gvakarian: how should I know?

She tried to ping Shepard’s terminal. He was never there, of course. He only checked his messages when Kelly reminded him, and stayed there for no longer than it took to read and answer them (as briefly as possible, always). She didn’t like messaging his terminal anyway, since Kelly obviously read it, and Miranda probably did, too.

No reply. She thought about it, and tried messaging Kasumi, ignoring the messages flashing on her screen:

gvakarian: stop what exactly?
gvakarian: tali?

The stimulator started slow this time, then sped up dramatically, pulsing into her sex, then running back to her ass, back and forth, at irregular intervals. She bit back a groan, knowing that if it were loud enough, her subordinates would hear her through the helmet, even with output turned off.

kgoto: sup tali?
tzorah: have you seen shepard lately?
kgoto: why ask me?
tzorah: youre always sneaking around?
kgoto: think he headed down to the shuttlebay with jacob
tzorah: thanks

Heat spread from her belly up through her chest and spine. Her knees shook. She leaned against her console and sent Joker a message.

tzorah: do you know where shepard is?
jmoreau: took the shuttle out, just fifteen minutes ago
tzorah: thanks

Which meant Shepard was now in the middle of a boring shuttle ride, amusing himself by toying with her. Well, all she needed to do was set her stimulator so it couldn’t be accessed remotely. In fact, she should have done that from the start. She brought up the program on her omni-tool...

Someone had hacked it so she couldn’t turn it off. She stared at the readout, the stimulator pounding between her legs, tingling around her breasts. She could re-program it herself, of course, but it was kind of hard to concentrate... oh... and Shepard had no tech skills at all, so he couldn’t have done it...

gvakarian: yeah i do
gvakarian: once i figured out what was going on

Bracing herself against the constant stimulation, she accessed the climate controls and set the temperature in the main battery to freezing.

gvakarian: hey! we’re making YOU feel good
gvakarian: besides cold is not good for the equipment
tzorah: WE?????
gvakarian: shepard started it


She blinked, as the latest deep pulses of vibration faded, and turned her head toward Kenneth, who was regarding her quizzically.

“Is everything all right, ma’am?” asked Gabby.

Tali turned her audio output back on and said, “Yes. Everything’s fine.” Her voice came out strained, and neither human looked convinced. “I just need to see someone about... something.”

She walked off toward the elevator. Behind her, Ken snorted, and Gabby giggled, and she really didn’t want to know what they were saying. She took the elevator up to deck three, stalked through the mess stiff-legged, feeling as though the stimulator was rattling her apart from the inside out. She usually stopped to chat with Rupert, but she just waved at him as she passed. The corridor to the main battery had never seemed so long as she walked down it now, trying to keep from collapsing into jelly right there. At least the door was unlocked. The air wasn’t that cold, she noted as soon as she entered. Garrus must have overriden her change to the climate controls. He turned around, smirking at her.

She leveled a finger at him. “You. Sit.”

Mandibles flaring with amusement, he did as ordered. She settled herself on his lap, straddling him. “Now finish what you started, you bosh’tet.”

“I told you, Shepard started it.”

“I don’t care.”

Still grinning, he obliged by sliding a hand between her thighs, adding live warmth and pressure, pleasant even through the suit, to the heat and pulsing of the stimulator. Tali groaned and closed her eyes, let herself stop thinking and just react to the sensations humming along her nerves. She had been fighting it so hard that she fairly ached for relief. Garrus put his free arm around her back, holding her steady while she squirmed and thrashed. She relaxed into his hold, into the pressure of his fingers against her, into the currents buzzing along her skin. Her whole body felt hot and damp. It didn’t take her long to reach climax, shaking in his arms. The vibration eased off, notching down into a slower, gentler level that she could luxuriate in for a while, tender and easy.

After a while, she noticed that Garrus’s breath had grown quicker and harsher, and decided she ought to reciprocate. Opening her eyes, she smiled at him, bumping their heads together, and reached for his pelvic guard. It came off so easily, she noted, and amused herself by thinking about lusty-minded armor designers. She was not surprised to find him mostly unsheathed, hard and slick. She kept her eyes on his as she reached for him, gave him a few little strokes that brought him fully out, and then turned on the vibration unit in her glove. She hadn’t mentioned that little upgrade to either of them. This seemed like a good time for a surprise.

He tensed at the unexpected sensation, then groaned and leaned his head back against the wall, mandibles quivering as she moved her hand up and down and around, adjusting the pressure. She let her free hand wander to the back of neck, turning on the vibration there, as well, teasing him under the fringe the way she knew he liked. She smiled as he pushed against her, and boosted up her stimulator. She kept it at a moderate level so she could concentrate on him, until the hitch in his breath and the tension in his body told her he was close to the edge, and then she upped the sensation for herself so that she came again as he did, with a jerk and a moan. She loved the way he held her close and trembled in her touch, she decided, even stuck in her suit.

Eventually they both sighed, and she got up, reluctantly, and found a cloth to clean themselves up with. “You have to admit that was a nice break in the middle of the workday,” Garrus said.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Maybe, but I still want your report on the weapons upgrades by the end of the shift.”

He grinned back. “Yes ma’am.”

“And when you’re done with that, you can help me figure out how to get back at Shepard.”