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The Hills are Alive

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Will was a little frightened by the look in her eyes. He had seen it once before, years before when she had made then all go find the source blood and James Watson had been the one to call her out on it. He was debating whether or not to call her on it. She had just informed him that she was taking him to Austria. After they had crash landed in the Gulf in an abandoned oil rig Will had been careful to plan all his conferences around Ashley's birthday.

Helen had gladly taken advantage of the fact and had asked him to do something with her every year since that Ashley would have liked to do. They had gone to Dublin on one of the trips, Will's favorite of course; they had also gone to Madrid and spent a weekend on the beaches and in museums. He doubted Ashley would have liked the museums but probably would have gone just to placate her mother. But Austria? What the hell was in Austria that she could be taking him to?

"We're flying into Salzburg in two days, Will." Again, that gleam and she was practically bouncing in her heels. He was sitting cautiously in his office and staring at her with a measured look, a pen locked between his two fingers.


"Yes, Ashley always wanted to go there, visit some of the…tourist spots as well as native places only I would know about."

"Austria…really?" He set the pen down and leaned back into the chair making it tilt away from her.

"Yes," she smiled again and the gleam was back. "So you'll come?"

"Of course, Magnus. I told you, every year I would go with you wherever you wanted to go."

"Ok. So Austria?"

He couldn't figure out why she was being so nervous about this and asking him a million times if he would go. She knew he would do anything for her, right? "Yes, Magnus. I will be going with you to Austria on the plane in two days at…" he looked at the email she had sent him with their reservations on it "Five in the morning? Jesus Magnus could you pick an earlier flight?"

"I wanted to get there before it was too late in the morning, there's a lovely little pastry shop I want to take you to."


"Time zones Will, and travel time. We should be getting in around nine in the morning."

"God that's going to be a long day." He wiped his hands through his hair; he had a ton of paperwork to do before they left. Not to mention packing—how did she do it all and so quickly?

"Feel free to sleep on the plane."

"Right…" He wiped his hands on his pants and starting to make a list in his head of what needed to get done before he was going to leave.

"I'll leave you to it then." Her heels clacked as she left and Will turned to his laptop deciding that he would first take care of the least pressing matter. Procrastination was always better done in this manner and it was something he had completely perfected.

Pulling up his personal email account, the one Abby was allowed to use he composed a simple letter stating he would be gone from such and such date to such and such date and the he was sorry for the short notice but knew she would understand and the he would make it up to her when he got back for canceling yet again on their plans.

The reply he received rather quickly, even for Abby and he was sure it was just an agreement to his change of plans, but he opened it anyway.



I'm writing to inform you that your travel plans no longer concern me. I have found someone closer to home who is willing to love and care for me when I need it. Not everything is about you, Will, maybe one day you'll realize that.



He read it over again and again. He was trying to figure out where the email had come from. Had she been taken over by the undersea parasite that had stolen Magnus in the sub, because this certainly couldn't be his Abby who had typed those words? Could it?

Apparently he had been staring at the computer for a good long time because when he looked up his office was completely dark and Magnus was staring at him with an odd look on her face. "Something wrong?"

"Uh…" he glanced back at the monitor that was still glowing, he must have been moving the mouse, "no, sorry. Was there something you needed?"

She pointed out the door, "It's dinner time, we were just wondering if you were going to join us."

He glanced at his watch, the files still littering his desk and again at his watch. Deciding that he wouldn't be getting much done anyway and his stomach rumbling couldn't be put off any longer he stood and made his way to her. "Yes, what's on the menu?"


"Will, did you sleep at all in the two days?" Magnus was sitting next to him on a first class commercial flight. Her legs were crossed and her skirt unreasonably short for traveling and he couldn't help it if his eyes tracked up them and over her chest until they hit her, very amused, eyes.

"Uh," his voice was crazy scratchy and his concentration was waning. "No."

"That's not good, Will." She settled back and closed her eyes as the plane wheels left the ground and they were thrown into an off-kilter equilibrium.

"Like you should talk." He groused before laying his own head back and fighting off the waves of dizziness from lack of sleep.

"I actually slept in the last two days, Will. Each night actually so yes, I can 'talk.'" She was looking at him again, her eyes scanning his features and he just gave her a very lame and unappreciative smile. "Sleep on the plane, then."

"Never happens."

"Hmmm…" It wasn't much longer before they'd evened out and the seatbelt sign was cut. Will had plied himself with water all morning trying to keep awake and needed to use the lavatory so bad he wasn't sure he could have made it any longer if the pilot kept the seatbelt sign on. He gladly stood and rapidly made his way forward and over Magnus' crossed legs, planting a hand on her thigh to keep himself steady as he lurched for the vacant lavatory. She chuckled in his absence and asked for a water and some white wine.

She stood herself and fiddled through her carry-on bag before pulling out a non-specific medication vile of white tablets. Taking out one, she slipped the medication back in her bag and sat down. Once the water arrived, she slipped the pill into it and waited patiently for it to dissolve.

When he arrived back, some twenty minutes later, she was glad fearing he had actually fallen asleep on the cold steel. Again, he stumbled and latched on to her bare knee to hold himself up. Finally seated, she handed him the small cup of water with a smirk, "I thought you might like this."

"Thanks," he took it and downed the entire thing. "Why are we going to Austria, Magnus? What did Ashley want to do there?"

"Well, as a little girl, one of her favorite movies was 'Sound of Music.' It was filmed in Austria and took place in there. Recently they created a tour of all the sites where they filmed and I had thought of taking her on it. Not to mention I've never taken her to Salzburg before. She and I had been to Vienna twice, but not Salzburg. I thought she might quite enjoy it."

"A tour…of 'Sound of Music?'" He yawned, his eyes closing.

"Yes, Will. A bus tour to be precise."

"A what?" He turned to look at her and she was smiling when his head lolled back into the seat and his eyes closed.

"Sleep well, young William. We'll arrive before you know it."