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This New World

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I lay in my bed with one hand resting on my stomach and the other holding my pocket calender. I counted the time it had been since this all started. Seven weeks. Seven weeks ago, everything changed. Though Voldemort was over two years dead, the world was still problematic. Just because their leader was dead didn't mean that the Death Eaters were giving up. Pure-bloods still roamed about killing people like Harry and myself. Muggle-borns and half-bloods, that is. Not to mention Harry was still a prime target. So we'd stayed hidden, the three of us, after the great battle.
 We stole away to Grimmauld Place. After all, Harry felt most safe there now. Hogwarts was still not safe to return to, not like we really could now, being nineteen year olds. Ginny went back to Hogwarts, after staying with us for some time. Ron decided that rather than going back to his family, he would stay here with Harry and me.
 I sighed, wondering if that had really been for the best. So much had changed. We'd all been through so much together. I suppose it was only a matter of time until things got complicated. I thought back to when Ron left, leaving Harry and me alone to look for the horcruxes. I guess that's when things actually got complicated, although it took some time for it to expand.
I closed my eyes, setting the pocket calender down on my bedside table. All I could see was them. Their torsos, their hands, their lips, their – I stopped my thoughts, sitting up rather abruptly.
That's what started all of this in the first place.
I groaned as another dizzy spell came over me. Hah, wasn't that funny? If it was a spell, perhaps there would be a way to undo it. My mind darted to the idea of trying to find a spell to fix this, but I sighed, shaking my head. There was no fixing this. Even if this hadn't happened, the complications between the three of us were sure to arise. This just made it so much worse.
There was no way any of us was ready for this. But they had to know. It wasn't as if they wouldn't notice sooner or later anyway. I sighed once again, finally getting up off of my bed, disturbing Crookshanks who had been laying happily at the foot of it. He huffed at me as he jumped down as well, as if I was the cause for all his problems. I shook my head at him, feeling the same way now.
I walked over towards the body-length mirror in what was now my room. I looked horrid. My hair was frazzled, my eyes had dark circles, and I was pale. I suppose stress will do that to you. I tried to make a halfhearted laugh at myself. Seven years of dealing with the darkest wizard in history, and I was just as scared about this as I was about that.
I turned to the side, observing my body's profile. It hadn't changed much, yet. My chest stuck out more than it should have, and my stomach didn't seem to curve right. I placed my hands on it again, looking down directly at it. I had to tell the boys.