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Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

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“You sure this is the right angle?” Stiles says, the muscles covering his shoulder blade shifting under his skin as he tries to turn and look into Derek’s eyes. “I mean, not that I’m not enjoying it on anything, but-” He makes a gesture with his hand, fingers moving in a you-know way against the striped carpet. “Shouldn’t there be a magic button or, I don’t know, something in there?” And, seriously, this is the most awkward sex they will ever have and Stiles is about to melt into a puddle of come and sweat because Derek’s dick feels amazing but there is still something missing and he can’t-

“Stiles,” Derek groans, lowering his head and closing his eyes, trying to focus on the smooth, perfect pressure around his own dick. “I’m trying really hard to- Damn. To find it,” he adds between clenched teeth. He moves one hand to the small of Stiles’ back, fingertips pressing against his tailbone. “Just, lower your hips a bit. Yeah- Right there.” And then he is sliding deeper, pushing and finding tightness and perfection.

This time, Stiles finds himself holding on the carpet for dear life as he shrieks and tries to crawl away from Derek, from his cock that’s sliding so deep inside him, touching Stiles in all the right ways and making his breath catch in his chest.

But Derek doesn’t miss a beat, fingers closing against Stiles’ hipbones and keeping the boy right where Derek wants, on his four, spread open and finally, finally silent. Almost. “Holy shit I’m gonna cry.” Stiles can feel red creeping up his neck as he hides his face in his arms, his hips rocking on their own volition, meeting Derek’s in a symphony of wet, desperate noises.

Maybe Derek comes right after Stiles clenches around him and, yes, maybe Stiles really does cry a little, tries to hide his face from Derek as the other collapses over him, heat radiating from his skin as if from a bonfire. As well as, maybe, it doesn’t take much to Derek to push Stiles towards his orgasm, holding the boy in his arms and murmuring dirty, lovely words in his ear until come is spilling all over his fingers, dripping over the abused carpet.

Maybe, this is just a moment they will never forget.