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Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

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“Tsuki! Tsuki, come back here!”

A playful, gentle bark is all Stiles gets as a reply and then Tsuki is off again, running on the sidewalk, her cute, little tail happily dangling from left to right and ears raised up in excitation.

“Oh, come on,” Stiles moans, shaking his head. Though there is already a smile making its way on his face as he dashes after the grey wolf cub, feet light on the concrete and sunglasses bouncing over his nose. “Not fair!” he half-shouts, laughing.

Tsuki only barks louder.

And then she’s landing straight into Derek’s open arms, her small head working its way under Derek’s chin, poking at him until Derek surrenders and starts petting her, scratching her ears and running his fingers down her neck. “Hey, pretty lady,” Stiles hears him chuckle as he reaches them. “Nice to see you too.”

“Told you it wouldn’t be a good idea to bring her to the bus station.” Stiles takes off his glasses. “She gets way too excited when it comes to you.” Though there is no heat in his words, more like a happy teasing, that kind of fondness that Stiles reserves for very few people.

From where he is crouched in front of their little baby, Derek grins up at him. “Jealous?” he teases just as Tsuki yaps and wetly licks his nose.

Thing is, Stiles is fucked. Hell, he has been fucked since that very first time more than eight years before, when Derek had been nothing more that a pretty face to look at. But now- Oh, now Derek is a man. They both are. And he looks more than handsome under the early afternoon light, his three-day old stubble the only thing signaling that he’s been away from home, from Stiles.

“I’m pretty sure she missed you more than I did,” Stiles chuckles, fingers sliding their way between Derek’s dark hair and resting there.

Finally home, their house doesn’t feel right when Derek isn’t there.

Derek’s fingers close around Stiles’ wrist. “Liar,” he murmurs, tugging Stiles down for a kiss.

Between them, Tsuki yaps loudly, looking for attention. Stiles covers the back of her neck with his palm and thinks - briefly, crazily, immensely - that he’s never felt so happy, so alive as he is in this moment.