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I Am Spiderman

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“The phone… is ringing.”

“So let it ring.”

“What if it’s important?”

“If it was important, Fury would’ve called the SHEILD line, not the regular phone,” Clint grumbled into his pillow, but all the same, he blindly reached up to the bedside table, fumbling around for a moment before his hand landed on the phone, picking it up and turning his head enough so he could answer it. “Hello?”

“Uncle Clint?”

Clint furrowed his brow for a moment, trying to process the voice on the other line. His mind was still a bit hazy from sleep. “Who is this again?”

There was a familiar chuckle from the other end of the line, “It’s Peter, Uncle Clint.”

“Peter… Oh! Peter! What’s up kiddo?” Clint couldn’t help but smile fondly, shifting in bed so he could lay on his back and talk to his nephew.

“Well… I kind of have a problem. It’s nothing big, so don’t go calling any SHIELD agents or anyone!” Peter said, and Clint could definitely hear the slight waver in his voice as he talked, “You remember I went to that science exhibit last week with my biology class, right?”

“Of course,” Clint replied. How could he not know? Peter had been looking forward to it for weeks. “What happened?”

By this point, Bruce was propped up on his elbow on his left side, regarding Clint with curious eyes. The words ‘Peter’ and ‘what happened’ in the same conversation couldn’t be good.

“Well… I kind of sort of got bitten by a spider that escaped one of the exhibits. I didn’t realize it until after it happened and I saw the spider on my hand. It’s just a red bump now, but I haven’t been feeling… normal lately. Think Uncle Bruce could take a look at me and make sure I’m not dying or anything?”

“Yeah, of course. Do your Dads know?”

“Of course not!” Peter nearly shrieked, “And you can’t tell them! I don’t want them worrying over nothing.”

“Hate to break it to you kiddo, but knowing Tony, he’s probably got JARVIS tracing and recording any calls you make with your phone.”

Clint could nearly hear the smile in Peter’s words when he spoke again, “I know. That’s why I borrowed my friend Harry’s phone.”

Clint couldn’t help but laugh, “Natasha needs to stop teaching you her little tricks. But here’s the deal: Bruce will take a look at you, and if we find anything wrong at all, we’re telling your Dads. Got it? If it’s nothing but a little bite after all, we won’t say anything. Fair?”

Peter sighed on the other line, “Okay, okay. Deal. Can I come over now?”

“Yeah, sure. Wait, don’t you have school today?”

“It’s one of those teacher meetings days,” Peter replied, shrugging, “Thanks Uncle Clint. I’ll be there soon!”

Clint shook his head and hung up the phone, turning to meet Bruce’s questioning gaze, “Peter’s on his way over here. He said a spider bit him while he was at the science exhibit last week and he’s been feeling a little… off. He wants you, good doctor, to take a look at him.”

Bruce’s brow furrowed, seemingly already running over different possibilities in his head, “Well if it was a week ago, it can’t be fatal. Most venomous spider bites kill a human in a couple days, if not hours, so long as they‘re left untreated.”

“Well, that’s reassuring,” Clint stated, sitting up and running a hand through his unruly blonde hair, “I’ll go down to the bagel shop and grab breakfast. You can… get started on whatever sciencey stuff you need to do.”

Bruce chuckled, “Right. Am I to assume Tony and Steve don’t know about any of this?”

“You assume correctly, doctor.”

Bruce looked amused, “Right, so when Tony finds out that we didn’t tell them, he can kill us both.”

Clint only grinned, “In case you forgot, we’ve got the big guy on our side.”

Bruce could literally feel the Hulk grinning manically in his head. It seemed that since the other Avengers showed the big guy that they trusted him, he’d been a lot more calmer around them. Bruce has suspected that maybe, just maybe Tony had been right. Since Bruce stopped hating himself and the Hulk, the big guy wasn’t as easily agitated as in the past. It was almost like him and Bruce could actually work together. Maybe even understand each other, on some level.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Pick up onion bagels. They’re Peter’s favorite.”

* * *

“Everything okay, Pete?” Harry asked, taking his phone back when Peter handed it to him, regarding his friend with curious eyes. It wasn’t unusual that Peter made the call outside; they were in the library after all, doing research for their term papers that were coming up.

“Yup,” Peter nodded, grabbing his book bag off the back of the chair he’d been sitting in minutes earlier, “I gotta run to my Uncle’s place. I’ll give you a call tomorrow, okay?”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “With your missing phone?”

Peter only grinned in response, “You forget who my dad is. He can make a new one in five minutes.”

Harry chuckled, “Yeah, gotcha. Have fun.”

He watched Peter leave, before his attention was turned to the small pile of books that he’d meant to check out for his paper. Harry shook his head in amusement, making a mental note to check them out for Peter and drop them off at his place later.

* * *

“It looks like a regular house spider bite to be honest,” Bruce stated, looking over the small red bump on Peter’s hand, “Do you have any symptoms?”

Peter shook his head, “No. Nothing like dizziness or anything like that. There is this one weird thing. Whenever there’s danger about to happen to me, I get this like… tingling feeling in my head. It’s hard to explain. It’s kind of like a dizzy spell, only without the disoriented feeling. Does that make sense?”

“And it only happens when something potentially dangerous is about to happen to you? Kind of like… a forewarning?” Clint asked, leaning back against a counter in Bruce’s small lab, arms crossed over his chest.

Peter nodded, “Exactly!”

Bruce furrowed his brow, before putting his glasses on and proceeding to take Peter’s vitals; blood pressure and heart rate and such. “Vitals are all in perfect order,” Bruce said, “Other than the… tingly feeling, is there anything else strange?”

Peter pursed his lips in thought, seemingly arguing internally with himself. “Well… I feel stronger. Like I’ve spent hours at the gym. And I can move easier. Kind of like how Natasha does. Only… smoother? I guess?”

“Couldn’t that just be hormones? Like, a growth spurt or something?” Clint asked, glancing to Bruce, “Have you been spending time in the gym with Steve?”

Peter shook his head no again. “No. I usually spend time in my room. Or helping Dad with stuff in his workshop.”

“Well, I don’t think a little improvement in strength or agility is anything to worry about. You weren’t exposed to anything else weird at the exhibit, were you?” Bruce asked, looking at Peter’s hand again.

“No. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Well, I don’t see anything wrong, from a doctor’s point of view,” Bruce concluded, “But I still think we should tell Steve and Tony. It’s nothing serious, really.”

“And, it’s not like you’ll get in trouble. It’s not like you went looking for a spider to come along and bite you. Right?” Clint asked, narrowing his eyes a little at Peter.

Peter sighed, “Of course I didn’t. The most I was doing was taking photos whenever we stopped to check out a different exhibit. But… I guess I have no choice but to tell them, huh?”

Clint smiled, “Either you do it, or we’ll do it, kiddo.”

* * *

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"You were bitten by a spider and you didn't think to tell anyone? What if it was poisonous?!"

"Tony please calm down..."

"How can I calm down, knowing my son might've died from something so simple, just because he didn't tell anyone?!"

"I'm fine, really. I had Uncle Bruce look it over and he didn't find anything wrong. He also said if it was poisonous, I would've known right away and of course I would've told you then," Peter rambled, trying to get out as much as he could before Tony could start talking again.

"But there's no side effects or anything, right?" Steve asked, looking over the small red mark on his son's hand, which Peter noticed, did in fact, look smaller than it had before, earlier that week.

Peter wasn't sure whether or not he should tell them about the less than usual side effects. The whole thing with the 'tingly' feelings he got when danger was near, and about his sudden extra strength and agility.

He did promise Uncle Clint that he would tell his Dads about the bite. Uncle Clint didn't say anything about telling them about the side effects.

Peter shook his head no. "No, nothing. I'm fine, really."

"But there has to be a reason why you went to Banner and Barton now. Why now? Why not earlier?" Tony asked, pacing back and forth.

Peter shrugged helplessly, "I don't know. I didn't think of it before. It started itching a little so I figured that since Uncle Bruce is a doctor, he could look at it. He said it was itching because it's healing."

"That makes sense," Steve agreed, "As long as there's nothing wrong. And you promise to tell us if anything unusual starts happening, understood?"

Peter cringed. He really hated when Steve used that tone of voice. "Understood."

Steve smiled, ruffling Peter's hair a little. "Good."

"Sir, Nick Fury is on the Avengers line. Shall I put it on speaker?" JARVIS asked, then added, "It sounds urgent."

"Yeah, sure, why not. This should be fun."

"Stark, Rogers, we need you at base. Now. Loki's up to his tricks again. Suit up."

Tony sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, "Of course he is. Right. We'll be right there, honey." Tony turned his gaze to Peter, "We'll let you off the hook this time. Since technically you didn't do anything wrong."

Tony pat his shoulder and Peter nodded, watching as he headed down for his workshop, undoubtedly to get his Iron Man armor. Peter turned his attention to Steve, who opened his mouth to talk, but Peter cut him off with a small smile.

"I know the drill Pops. Stay here and stay out of trouble. Don't wait up since it's a school night and dinner's in the fridge. I got this."

Steve smiled and pulled him into a hug. "That's my boy."

Peter watched him run off for the workshop as well, where he knew Steve's suit and shield were now kept. It was more convenient, having them in the same place as the Iron Man suit, so they could suit up and Tony could fly Steve to their destination.

Peter sighed and walked down to the workshop a half hour later, punching in his code and opening the door. "Good evening, Peter," JARVIS' voice cut through the silence cheerfully.

"Good evening, JARVIS," Peter smiled a little, before flopping down onto the couch, "Can you play some music?"

"Your father's regular music or something different, Sir?"

Peter shrugged, "Whatever Dad listens to. Just... don't blast it insanely loud like he does, okay?"

"Indeed, Sir."

Peter leaned his head back against the sofa and stared at the ceiling for a moment, lost in his thoughts. It was about an hour later when he woke up, JARVIS' voice cutting through the quiet music.

"Sir, Harry Osborne is at the front door. Shall I let him in?"

Peter smiled a little, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, "Yea... yea sure." He didn't even remember falling asleep. Peter stood up and stretched, before heading out of the workshop and up the stairs, meeting Harry in the living room.

"Hey Pete, were you sleeping? I wasn't exactly paying attention to the time when I came over," Harry smiled, sheepishly, "Anyway, you left these at the library. I checked them out for you."

"Thanks," Peter smiled, taking the books from him, "You've always got my back. What would I do without you?"

"Uhm... be completely and totally lost in life?" Harry grinned, following Peter into the kitchen, sitting on a stool in front of the counter.

Peter chuckled, "Yeah, don't flatter yourself." He dug around in the fridge, before pulling out a couple cans of soda and handing one to Harry.

"Thanks. I take it your dads are out chasing Loki around also?"

"How'd you know?" Peter sighed, leaning against the counter, "I really wish I could help. I want to be able to do like they do."

"Tell me about it. Ever since my Dad finished his glider and his suit, and Nick Fury let him join the team, he's more protective than ever. It's kind of weird, too. I've asked him to let me help, you know, like design my own suit and glider like his. And you know what he said?"

"Let me guess," Peter smirked, "It's too dangerous?"

"Bingo," Harry sighed, shaking his head, "I don't get what the big deal is. I want to help them. I want to make him proud of me for once. Is that so bad?"

"I know how you feel," Peter agreed, taking a sip of his soda, "I've asked my Dad if I could join too. Maybe make a cool suit of armor like his. I mean hell, even Rhodey has a badass suit of his own, just in case they should ever need more back up."

"Sucks, right?" Harry sighed, "I get that they're our Dads, it's their jobs to worry about us and make sure we're safe but still. Looks like the only way we'd be able to join up is if we suddenly gained super powers," Harry chuckled, "Anyway, I should get home before my Dad does. He doesn't want me out too late on a school night."

Peter nodded, feeling a little better. He at least had a best friend who was definitely on the same page as him. "Want me to let you out?"

"It's okay, I know the way," Harry smiled, "This place is like my second home, anyway. See you at school tomorrow."

Peter gave a little wave, "See ya."

Turning his attention to the books Harry had dropped off for him, Peter sighed. World War II. Just the thing he wanted to write a whole term paper on. History really bored him, especially when he'd rather be in Science class. He supposed he could ask Steve about it, since he was there and all, but he'd probably insist that Peter research it for himself. That doing the research was part of the project, after all.

Sighing in resignation, Peter picked up the pile of books and made his way upstairs and to his room. Might as well get this over with. The sooner the better, too.

* * *

"Well I must say, that was a completely pointless thing to call us all out for," Tony stated, flying back into his workshop and landing gently, before setting Steve down and flipping up the faceplate on his armor, "All Loki did was pull another one of those public stunts like he did in Europe. And when we try to catch him, he escapes. What was the point, really? I swear he's some kind of attention whore."

Steve shook his head, setting his sheild down and pulling his hood and mask off, "I don't know. It's weird. Almost like he's stalling while he's secretly got something else he's planning."

Tony stepped onto the platform to have his suit unassembled, "I don't know. It's impossible to tell how his mind works. Even Thor isn't sure how Loki's mind works."

Steve watched quietly as the last bits of the Iron Man armor were removed and Tony walked over to him, slinging an arm around his waist. "What's on your mind? Thinking about me naked again, are you? It's alright, if you insist, I'm sure I could program a way to have my clothes removed with my armor."

Steve's cheeks painted pink, before he shook his head. "It's not that. It's Peter. Has he... come to you, asking to join the Avengers?"

Tony stiffened a little beside him, "What? Why? Has he asked you?"

Steve nodded quietly, and Tony pinched the bridge of his nose, "Damnit. Yeah, yeah he did. I told him no. At least not until he's older. Even then I'll probably still say no. It's just too dangerous."

"I told him the same thing," Steve replied, biting his bottom lip in thought, watching as Tony poured himself a drink from the little mini bar, "It is dangerous. It's not all glory and fame like they make it out to be on television. He could get hurt, make enemies, even get himself killed..."

"Hey, relax," Tony said, "Peter's a smart kid. I'm sure we don't have anything to worry about. Maybe when he's older, we'll talk about it. Maybe. Yeah, definitely a maybe. But for now, how about you and I... we get to bed, hmmm?"

Steve shook his head with a smile, knowing that look in his husband's eyes all too well. "Alright, let me check on Peter first, okay?"

Tony grinned and downed the rest of his drink, "Don't keep we waiting, Cap. You know how flying makes me get."

* * *

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“This… this is so cool,” Peter breathed to himself, looking around the deserted alley, from his perch on the side of a building. The side of the building. That in itself was amazing. It was almost like his body was defying gravity.

It had been an accident that he’d found out about that ability. He’d been walking home from school that day, since he’d missed the bus. He felt that tingly feeling in his head again, spun around and spotted it; a car was driving through traffic lights and stop signs, heading right in his direction. Peter only had seconds to react, doing the first thing that came to mind and leaping out of the way, leaping farther than what could be considered normal.

And the weird thing was, he’d leapt onto the side of a building and was now perched there effortlessly by his hands and feet. Nobody on the street noticed him; they were too busy gathering around the car that had crashed into a (thankfully) deserted shop.

Peter looked around a moment, before starting to climb up the side of the building, effortlessly. Just like a… spider.

He climbed up over the edge and stood on the roof, looking around in awe. “Woah… this is insane.”

Deciding to be daring, Peter smiled to himself and took off running for the opposite edge of the building. He leapt over the edge, perfectly making the gap and landing gracefully on the building across the street. He couldn’t stop smiling, an idea already starting to form in his head. These new abilities of his could prove to be very, very useful.

“Yeah… I definitely have some research to do when I get home,” Peter thought aloud, a habit that he no doubt picked up from Tony, before jumping off the side of the building, doing a tumble in midair and landing in a crouched position, before standing up, brushing his pants off and smiling as he started walking home once more, like nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

Like he didn’t just jump off the top of a five story building and land like it was nothing.

Once Peter stepped into the ridiculously big house that they called home, custom built by Tony himself, JARVIS greeted him cheerfully.

“Good afternoon, Sir. Your fathers asked me to inform you that they are out on Avengers business and that dinner is in the refrigerator.”

Peter shook his head with a small smile, trying to contain his excitement, “Thank you, JARVIS. When did they leave?”

“Approximately one hour ago, Sir.”

Peter smiled. Perfect. That would give him time to start researching and sketching out ideas without being interrupted.

“JARVIS, please let me know when they come home, okay? I have… homework to do and it would be best to be uninterrupted.”

“As you wish, Sir. Shall I take messages for any phone calls and visits?”

“Yeah. Good idea. Unless, you know. It’s Dad or Pops.”

“Yes, Sir, understood.”

Peter grinned and made his way up to his bedroom, closing the door and tossing his book bag on his bed, before sitting at his desk and starting up his computer. First things first; he needed ideas. Now that he knew he had these cool new … powers, he’d need something else. Something to go with them, make them more useful.

He searched up everything he could find on spiders, trying to pick out something that he could make work. There was only one thing that really stood out to him.


He didn’t have any ability to make webs on his own like spiders could. Maybe he could invent his own webbing. Something strong enough to hold a person, maybe allowing them to travel.

Kind of like flying. Only more like… swinging. Yeah, swinging. Web… swinging. That has a nice ring to it.

Peter jotted that down in an empty notebook, along with some other notes he thought would be useful. He’d just have to somehow create a formula, a compound, that would be able to hold him, allow him to swing around and be able to hold bad guys without them getting away. Not to mention he’d need something to hold the compound in and something to make it useable.

Peter chewed his bottom lip slightly, thinking. Swinging would definitely require his hands, to hold onto the compound. So maybe something around his wrists or arms, something like a bracelet or a wristband.

Peter thought again for a moment, before grabbing his pencil and starting to sketch a couple ideas into his notebook, under where he’d taken his notes. Once he managed to find an idea he liked, he’d just have to build it. It was not a problem to use his Dad’s workshop, except for the fact that his Dad was usually always in it. And then he’d ask too many questions, wanting to know what his son was working on and making suggestions and that would be no good. Peter wanted to keep this secret for now.

So that idea was out. Harry’s Dad had a lab in their house. Hell, Harry’s Dad owned a whole science company. He had a lab wherever he wanted one. But that would mean telling them what he was working on, and Mr. Osborne might mention something to one of his Dads. So that idea was also out.

The school’s science labs didn’t have anything he could use. He couldn’t use Uncle Bruce’s lab, because while he was sure that Uncle Bruce would keep it quiet, Uncle Clint would spill the beans.

Then an idea dawned on Peter. The science exhibit. He could easily sneak in there after hours, when he was sure his Dad’s were asleep or out on Avengers duty for the night. It was the perfect idea. The science exhibit had a bunch of different labs available and Peter knew they didn’t have a security system in place. Because really, who would steal science equipment?

That was his answer. Once he figured out what he would need to make his compound work, getting the ingredients required to make more would be simple. First things first though; he’d need to design the device that would enable the type of ‘web action’ that he had in mind. He could design it and build it in the lab and then figure out the compound afterwards.

Peter couldn’t keep the smile off his face. He was going to do this. And keep it secret. He knew his Dads would flip out if they found out. So for now at least, it would be his little secret. Yes, there was a new super hero in the making. Peter had these awesome new powers, and he wanted to use them to do the right thing. It was pointless to waste them, when he could be using them to save people. Like his Dads did on a daily basis. Like he’d wanted to do, since he found out his Dads were Iron Man and Captain America.

That’s it. I just have to prove to them that I can do this. Make a name for myself, have them see this new hero saving people… and when the time is right, reveal the truth to them. Then they’ll know that I can do it. Then they’ll have to let me join The Avengers with them.

* * *

Tony covered his mouth to hide his yawn, as Fury rambled on and on about the same things that he’d heard a hundred times. He always hated these stupid meetings. He swore they were pointless. Why not just make a file about everything he wanted to talk about and send it to each Avenger separately?

Steve, on the other hand, was listening intently to every word Fury said, blue eyes focused on the man who stood at the end of the table, pacing slightly as he spoke,

Thor and Natasha were also intently listening to Fury rambling on, while Clint looked like he was trying to not fall asleep, and Bruce was looking at Fury, but Tony could practically see the science equations formulating themselves in Bruce’s mind.

Tony kept his hands in his lap, under the cover of the table, pulling out his Stark phone and messaging Peter. Hey kiddo, home from school yet?

There was a brief pause, before Peter messaged him back. Of course… Judging by the message, I’d say Fury has you locked in a boring meeting again?

Tony tried to keep the smile off his face, so Fury wouldn’t notice. Too late.

“Is what I am saying amusing to you, Stark?” Fury demanded, “Because no one else here seems to find the fact of Loki terrorizing the public to be amusing.”

Tony coughed, before plastering his billion dollar smile on his face, “On the contrary, I find what you are saying to be rather… boring.”

Tony smirked as Fury’s visible eye narrowed at him, before he continued, “Sorry Nicky, buddy, but we know all of this already. In case you forgot, we were there when Loki started… terrorizing the public. We stopped him and chased him off.”

Fury started to say something else, but Tony stood up and stretched, smiling at him again, “Now if you’d be so kind, Rogers and I will be on our way. It is the weekend, after all, and I would like to spend some time with my son.”

Tony smiled to himself, knowing that if anything, that was the key to getting Steve to willingly follow him out of the meeting. If Tony knew him as well as he thought he did, he knew Steve would protest on any other occasion, but one mention of spending time with Peter, and Tony could very easily usher the super soldier out the door.

Which is just what he did, high fiving Clint on the way out, while Steve apologized to Fury over his shoulder, Tony still dragging him down the long hallway and out of the building, to his waiting car.

“Man, Fury sure loves to ramble on about the same thing, in five different ways, in one sentence,” Tony grumbled, putting his sunglasses on and sliding into the driver’s seat of his car, “What do you say we hit the shawarma joint and pick up dinner to take home? Make it a dinner and a movie kind of thing. Spend some time with Peter.”

If Steve had any protests to leaving the meeting, and Tony knew he did, they were all forgotten as soon as Tony mentioned spending time with Peter again, and Tony knew it. He bet he knew Steve better than Steve knew himself.

Steve could only smile, getting into the car also. “Alright, alright. You win. I won’t complain about leaving the meeting. This time. But you owe me, Stark.”

Tony grinned, speeding off into traffic and ignoring the honking horns of the other cars on the road, “Oh Steve stop it. You know I like it when you talk dirty to me.”

Steven only smiled, and Tony swore he could see the halo above Steve’s head. “You’ll just have to wait until bedtime, Stark,” Steve grinned, putting emphasis on Tony’s last name, knowing the effect it had on his husband.

“You know, tonight is shaping up to be a perfect night. Shawarma, movies with Peter, fondue, and maybe a second serving of fondue after, then maybe some more fondue for desert. Sounds like my kind of night,” Tony grinned.

Steve couldn’t help but smile triumphantly. If anything, this also meant Tony would willingly go to bed as well, instead of spending every hour of the night in his workshop. Yeah, Tony may know Steve better than Steve knows himself, but on the other hand, Steve definitely knew Tony better than even Tony knew himself.

Chapter Text

“Sir, your fathers have returned home. They are in the workshop,” JARVIS piped up, startling Peter out of his thoughts.

“Thanks, JARVIS,” Peter replied, closing his notebook and stuffing it in his book bag, before closing his research that he had opened on his computer. He didn’t need his Dads finding any clues and starting to figure out what he was doing. It was best to keep everything quiet for now.

Peter headed downstairs, greeted by his Dads in the kitchen. “Hey Pete,” Steve smiled, “How was school?”

Peter shrugged, “You know, school,” he replied, “I got an A on my term paper for history.”

“That’s great! What did you write it on?” Steve asked, smiling with a proud look on his face.

“Paper?” Tony supplied with a wry grin, taking out the sandwiches they’d bought for dinner from the bag and placing them on the counter. Steve shook his head.

“You know that’s not what I meant.”

“And you know that I’m a smartass and you should’ve expected that comment.”

“It was on World War II,” Peter piped up, laughing at the ‘kid on Christmas morning’ look that Steve got in his eyes.

“Really? And you got an A? That’s my boy!” Steve smiled, nearly smothering Peter in a hug.

“Okay now, Steve, if you’re done smothering our son, shawarma and a movie are waiting for us,” Tony spoke up, pouring himself and Steve both a drink from the bar, “Who’s picking the movie?”

“Shawarma again?” Peter asked, raising an eyebrow, “Haven’t we had that at least three times this week?”

“It’s good!” Tony protested, “Besides, someone has to keep them in business.”

“Tony, you could buy the shop if you really wanted to,” Steve chuckled, sitting down on the sofa to Peter’s left, Tony on his right.

“You know, that’s a good idea. JARVIS, have Pepper make some calls and buy the shawarma shop.”

“Right away, Sir.”

“Oh no, Pops, what have you done?” Peter groaned, “Now every meal will be shawarma.”

“Oops?” Steve chuckled, “Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll get sick of it eventually.”

“Nope, not happening,” Tony protested, “One can never get sick of shawarma. Now, movie. Who’s picking the one we watch?”

“I am!” Peter jumped up, grabbing the remote off the table, “I refuse to watch Finding Nemo again.”

Steve pouted, “But come on, it’s a cute movie.”

“Pops, we’ve watched it last Friday,” Peter shook his head, “I want to watch something different. Something like… this one.”

Tony raised an eyebrow at Peter, who sat back down on the sofa happily, “Ah ha, I knew it. You just wanted to see Catherine Zeta-Jones in the lazer scene.”

Peter had the decency to blush a little, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a cool movie. Lots of plot twists and action. I like it.”

“Our little boy is growing up,” Tony sighed, pretending to wipe a tear away, while Steve looked puzzled.

“I think I’m missing something here…” he murmured.

“You’ll see,” Tony smiled, “JARVIS, mind dimming the lights to the ideal movie watching brightness?”

“Right away, Sir.”

* * *

“Steve… I’m…”

“I know… Tony… I am too…”

The two of them moved together slowly, taking their time and enjoying the intense sensations that traveled through their bodies. Tony fell limp onto his husband, panting slightly and letting the tingling in my body slowly make its way out. Steve wrapped his arms around Tony’s back, holding him close. The cool casing and metal of the arc reactor was a nice contrast against Steve’s hot skin.

They stayed that way for a few long moments, Steve running his fingers gently through Tony’s dark hair, smiling a little as he made a few content sounds. Tony shifted a little, moving to lay beside Steve, his head resting on his chest. Steve smiled, loving the blue glow that lit up the room lightly from the arc reactor. It assured him that Tony was alive and well.

“Hey Tony?”


“I was just thinking recently… do you think Peter really wants to join The Avengers? I mean… He’s definitely got your smarts and understanding of science but…”

Tony looked at Steve, seemingly understanding his point, “He doesn’t have a cool suit like mine or otherworldly powers like Thor?”

“Exactly,” Steve sighed, “Even if we did agree to let him join, he doesn’t have anything to protect himself.”

“Well, if he really wants to join up, maybe after high school, he could join the research part. Maybe go through agent training or something. He could be the next Coulson.”

Steve chuckled slightly, “Yeah, maybe. We’ll talk to him about it when he’s older. I just feel kind of bad, telling him no like I did. I wasn’t even thinking of the other parts of SHIELD he could possibly join. I was only imagining him out in battle like us.”

“Same,” Tony agreed, “But hey, let’s not worry about it now. Like you said, he still has high school to worry about. Let him worry about normal teenage things while he’s still a teenager. After that, then we’ll talk to him about the other stuff.”

* * *

“A little higher… more to the right… your right, not mine... Seriously, am I in your way?”

Peter laughed a little at the scene, before him: his Dad sitting at his worktable, working on one of his Iron Man suit’s boots. Dummy was holding a magnifying glass for him, which only ended up in the robot getting more in Tony’s way than actually helping him.

Peter punched his code into the panel and opened the workshop door, heading inside, “Hey, Dad.”

Tony looked up, “Hey Pete. Would you mind giving me a hand?”

“Sure. What can I do?”

“Take this,” Tony said, taking the magnifying glass from Dummy and handing it to Peter, “And hold it right here for two seconds.”

Peter did as instructed, watching his father’s careful hands maneuver some wires around in the boot, before soldering them into place. “What’re you doing?”

“Giving the flight thrusters a little boost in power,” Tony smiled, putting his tools down and looking over the wiring one last time, before deciding it was perfect, “Some of Loki’s newer minions have been a lot faster in the air than expected, surprisingly.”

Peter had only heard the stories his fathers had told him about the infamous Loki; he knew he was Thor’s brother and an Asgardian God, but he’d never seen him before. And apparently he was the source of all the problems that had been happening around the country as of late.

They both looked up when the door to the workshop opened again and Steve came in carrying a plate of sandwiches and a few cans of cola.

“Peter, you ordered room service, how thoughtful,” Tony grinned, not missing the slight eye roll Steve gave him, “You put it on the tab, right?”

“No, you see, this is me being the world’s best husband and father, and making sure his own husband and son actually remember to eat and don’t starve away while doing sciencey things,” Steve replied, and Tony huffed.

“What are you talking about, you’ve got it all wrong. Everyone knows I’m the world’s best father,” Tony grinned again, “Though I suppose I don’t mind sharing the title with you, Cap.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Steve smiled, setting the food and cans down, before pulling up a stool and sitting with them, “Working on the Iron Man suit?”

“Mmmhmm,” Tony nodded, “Just finished upgrading the flight thrusters. Gonna try them out. After lunch, of course. I tend to forget how good food can be.”

“Can I come?” Peter asked, an excited look on his face, before blushing a little, “I’ve always wanted to…”

The smile that lit up Tony’s face couldn’t get any wider. “You want to come flying with me? Really?”

Peter nodded, looking more excited than embarrassed now, “Can I?”

“Of course!”

Steve raised an eyebrow as they both looked to him, expectantly, “What?”

“No protests? Really? Are you feeling alright, Cap?” Tony asked, feeling Steve’s forehead with his hand, “You don’t feel hot. Look hot, yes. Feel hot, no.”

Steve chuckled, “I don’t mind. I know you’re careful, Tony. And I know for a fact that you wouldn’t let anything happen to Peter, cause if you do, you’ll be a dead man walking. Or flying.”

“Oh my god, did you just crack a joke?” Tony gasped, “Dummy, why weren’t you recording this? This day has to be like, a monumental day in Steve Rogers history.”

Peter laughed, feeling very… normal. It was nice when he could spend time with his Dads, joking around about pointless things like normal, non-superhero families did.

* * *

Chapter Text

Peter watched as Tony stepped onto the assembly platform, before the floor broke away and his helpful robots started to assemble the Iron Man suit for him. It still amazed him that his Dad created it. It definitely made Peter admire him even more.

Once Tony was completely suited up, he flipped up the faceplate and smiled over at Peter, “Ready?”

Peter nodded eagerly, smiling from ear to ear. He walked over and wrapped an arm around Tony’s waist, while Tony secured his own arm around Peter’s waist, flipping the faceplate of the armor down, “Hold on tight.”

“Just don’t go too-“ Steve started, but paused and shook his head as Tony took off into the air, jetting out of the workshop, “Fast…”

Peter looked around in awe, watching everything zoom past below them. This was amazing. And Tony got to see this kind of thing every time he put the armor on and went out on missions. It only served to excite Peter more; soon, when he started work on his web shooters, he’d be able to do close to the same thing.

Tony flew them around the nearby amusement pier, the lights on the rides lighting up as the sky started to darken with the impending night.

“Enjoying the view?” Tony asked, amusement evident in his voice.

“Yeah!” Peter nodded, knowing Tony would be able to hear him, even over the sound of the air whipping by them.

When they finally headed home, almost a half hour later, Tony flew them back into the workshop, landing and setting Peter down gently, before proceeding to step back onto the assembly platform, so his Iron Man armor could be removed. No sooner was it off, Peter hugged him, catching him slightly off guard.

“Thanks Dad. That was awesome.”

Tony smiled, returning his hug, “Of course.” He caught sight of Steve at the door to the workshop, hand poised over the panel, ready to enter his code. He had stopped though, smiling and making a ‘that’s so cute!’ face at Tony. Peter smiled again and headed upstairs, greeting Steve on his way.

Steve walked into the workshop and Tony smiled innocently, “World’s best father, right here. Maybe if you’re nice, I’ll still consider sharing the title with you.”

Steve chuckled, “Yeah, yeah.”

He wrapped his arms around Tony’s waist from behind, nuzzling against his neck affectionately, “I don’t remember the last time Peter was so excited about something like that.”

Tony only grinned, turning his head to meet Steve in a kiss, “What can I say. Having Iron Man as a dad is pretty cool.”

* * *

“Hey Peter, we’re heading to the store, wanna come with us?” Steve asked, knocking gently on Peter’s bedroom door. Peter looked up as he opened it, smiling a little, sitting at his desk with some papers scattered around.

“Nah, that’s okay. Got homework to finish up.”

Steve smiled, proud of him for doing the responsible thing and focusing on his homework before anything else. “Okay. We’ll try not to be too long. You know how your Dad gets whenever we go to a store with an electronics department. Call us if you need anything, okay?”

Peter nodded, “Will do. Have fun.”

Once he heard the car speed out of the workshop, Peter put his ‘homework’ away and grabbed his book bag. He’d already finished his homework and he knew his Dads were going out soon, so he needed and excuse to not go with them. He had another agenda planned. He headed down to the workshop, punching in his code and heading inside.

“Good evening, Peter,” JARVIS piped up.

“Evening, JARVIS,” Peter replied, heading over to one of his Dad’s smaller motorcycles and climbing on, starting it up. It was the only one his Pops ever let him use to get around, mainly because it was smaller and suited him better, and because he definitely needed something to get around on, since their house was situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean and not in the city like normal houses were. Then again, Tony built the house, so that explained a lot.

About half an hour later, Peter arrived at the science exhibit, parking the bike across the street with some other cars, so it wouldn’t look suspicious. It was finally dark out, so he should be able to sneak inside without anyone seeing him. He knew that there were a couple backdoors that were usually left unlocked.

Making his way around the side of the building, Peter tried the first door, frowning as it was locked. The second one to the right was also locked.

“Damn,” he muttered to himself, before looking around for another possible way in.

Then he spotted it: a window on the third floor was left open. Perfect. He could climb up and get inside that way. Peter looked around a moment, making sure the coast was clear, before jumping easily onto the wall and starting to climb up to the open window. He still couldn’t believe how effortless it was for him.

When he reached the window, he looked around inside for a moment, before climbing in and brushing his pants off. It looked like a storage room, with a single, tiny light bulb hanging from the ceiling and casting the room into an eerie glow.

Peter opened the door slowly, looking down each end of the hallway, before stepping out and closing the door silently behind him. He knew exactly where the labs were; in the basement. Of course.

Why couldn’t they have at least built a lab on each floor?

Peter found the stairwell and made his was quickly down to the basement. When he stepped inside, he smiled, looking around. It was just as it had looked a couple weeks ago, when he’d come here on that class trip. He set his book bag down next to one of the lab tables, before heading over to the closet that kept all the chemicals. He opened it and pulled out the ones he was sure he’d need. He’d done the equations a million times. They were perfect. Now it was just a matter of putting the chemicals together and hoping they worked like he thought they should.

At least an hour passed while Peter worked, mixing and brewing and heating various chemicals and combining them within the last beaker. He held up the beaker, which was filled to the brim with the compound. It was a bit sticky, but it felt strong, like a rope. Taking some out with his hands, Peter formed it into a small rope, tugging as hard as he could. It didn’t break at all. It stretched a little, but that was it.

He took the rope he’d made and rolled it into a ball, before throwing it at the wall. It landed with a quiet sound, sticking evenly. Peter walked over and inspected it, trying to pry it off the wall, which took a great amount of effort. He couldn’t help but smile. If he designed his web shooters in the right way, he was sure the force of the compound shooting out of them would be enough to hold enemies down.

He wouldn’t know for sure until he got home and started work on the web shooters themselves. Then he’d be able to try the compound out with them. Peter stored the rest of the compound and the chemicals he’d used to make it and stuffed everything in his book bag.

He jumped a little as his phone rang, before pulling it out. It was his Dad. “Hello?”

“Hey, Peter. Where’d you take off to?” Tony asked.

“Uh, the library,” Peter replied, making his way back up to the third floor, “Needed to do some research on my homework.”

Perfect cover… libraries are always quiet. And it’s dead silent in here.

“Alright well, your father wanted me to remind you that curfew is at eleven. You know how he gets if you’re home a minute late.”

Peter chuckled, “Yeah, I know. I’m leaving now. I’ll be home soon.”

“Okay. Got it. Hey Pete… you can… you know, take your time, if you want. I’ll keep Cap busy.”

Peter could practically hear the grin behind his father’s words, “Ugh Dad, please! I’d rather not have visuals like that of you and Pops in my head.”

“Just sayin’,” Tony smiled, “See you when you get home.”

Peter shook his head, before climbing out of the window and effortlessly jumping down and landing in a crouched position. At least now he’d have time to make one more stop before going home.

* * *

Peter looked around the craft store, not entirely sure what he was looking for. He knew he needed something to make his suit. But he wanted something lightweight and easy to move in. Climbing up buildings and swinging wouldn’t be easy with big, bulky armor.

Peter chewed his bottom lip in thought, walking down the fabric aisle slowly. He at least knew what colors he wanted. Red and blue. Red like his Dad’s Iron Man armor, and blue like his other Dad’s Captain America suit.

“Anything I can help you with?”

Peter turned around, coming face to face with a pretty blonde girl with bright eyes and a warm smile. Her nametag read ‘Gwen’.

“Uhm… yeah, actually. I’m uhm… looking for some material to make… a costume. For my nephew. For Halloween,” Peter smiled, in what he hoped was a convincing smile.

The girl, Gwen, smiled back, “Okay well, what kind of costume was it going to be?”

“Well… He wants it to cover his whole body, head to toe. And something that’s easy to move in… since, you know, trick or treating and all,” Peter replied, pleased with his quick thinking.

Gwen nodded, “I know just the thing. Follow me.”

She led him over to a section that contained spandex, pulling out a sample sheet that was white, “Spandex is easy to move in and stretchable. And it’s easier to design and sew than most other materials.”

Peter nodded, “Yeah… that should work. Maybe in red and blue?”

Gwen smiled and nodded, “How many feet would you need?”

“Er… maybe however much you think would be enough to cover a full grown man? You know, just incase we end up making a mistake, so we’ll have extra material to work with.”

Gwen nodded, unraveling a length of red and a length of blue from the large spindles, pulling out a pair of scissors from her apron and cutting them off, before folding them neatly. “Let me wrap them in tissue paper for you. I’ll be right back.”

Peter nodded, watching her walk off for the counter, calling out a “Thank you!”

A few minutes later, she came back over and handed the fabric to him, before squinting at him, “Do I know you from somewhere?”

Peter looked curious, “Maybe?”

“What’s your name?”

“Peter. Peter Parker.”

Recognition painted her features and she smiled, “Peter Parker? Harry’s friend, right? I’m Gwen, I’m friends with Harry also. I thought I remembered seeing you around school.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Peter smiled, “Harry talks about you all the time. You’ve been friends for a while, huh?”

“Since grade school,” Gwen smiled, “Hey, we should hang out sometime. The three of us. Go see a movie or something. Are you free next weekend?”

“Ah, yea, I should be,” Peter blushed, trying not to be awkward.

“Awesome. I’ll let Harry know,” Gwen smiled, “It’s nice to finally meet you, Peter.”

“You too.”

* * *

It was exactly one minute until curfew when Peter pulled into the workshop, parking the bike next to the others. His Dad was at his workbench, typing something on the computer and switching between the three monitors, each of which had different information presented on them.

“One minute before curfew, cutting it close,” Tony spoke up, “Two minutes and Steve would’ve been worrying off his rocker.”

“Sorry,” Peter blushed, “I ran into a friend… at the library and…”

“A friend?” Tony asked, eyebrows raised, “A friend who’s not Harry? It’s a girl, isn’t it? Why else would your face be turning as red as my armor?”

“Dad~!” Peter blushed, “Yes, it was a girl, okay? She’s Harry’s friend. She recognized me from school and introduced herself, that’s all.”

“Is she hot?” Tony grinned.

Peter stared, “Wha- … I don’t know! Yes? … No! I mean… she’s pretty, yes, but that’s all! I don’t even know her like that!”

“Know who?” Steve asked, coming into the workshop also.

“Peter made a new friend. A girl friend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend, Dad!”

“She’s a girl. And she’s your friend. Girl friend.”

“She’s Harry’s friend. Like I said, I don’t know her like that. I just met her today.”

“You said she’s pretty,” Tony teased and Peter threw his hands up in frustration.

“Tony, stop harassing our son,” Steve chuckled, then turned his blue gaze to Peter, “Also, you’re late for curfew.”

Peter blinked, “Huh? No I’m not. The clock says eleven ten; I got here at ten fifty nine.”

“Every other clock in the house says twelve ten,” Steve replied, then looked at Tony, who shrugged innocently.

“I tried, Pete,” Tony said, “I thought I had JARVIS change all the other clocks in the place also.”

Steve shook his head, unable to keep the smile off his face, “I’ll let it go this time. So, Peter. Should I make dinner tomorrow for your girlfriend too?”

Peter groaned threw his hands in the air, before he walked out of the workshop.

Tony looked at Steve in amusement, “You’ve been around me for too long. You’re picking up my snarky and smartass sense of humor.”

“You love it though,” Steve smiled, stepping close and giving Tony a soft kiss on the lips.

Tony smiled, turning in his chair and grabbing the back of Steve’s neck, pulling him down for a deeper kiss, “You know I do.”

* * *

Chapter Text

It was nearly seven in the morning when Peter finally crawled into his bed for sleep. He’d spent the night working on his web shooters, using scrap metal that he found in his Dad’s workshop to make them, soldering parts together, making sure all the internal mechanisms worked properly.

Judging by the number of times he accidently sprayed himself in the face with webbing, he was sure they’d work just fine. He’d designed them into lower arm braces, with two small buttons that rested in each palm of his hand, which could easily be triggered by his ring and middle fingers. One would allow him to shoot a rope-like web, which he hoped he’d be able to use to swing like he’d planned, and the other he’d be able to use to shoot web balls at his enemies.

He even designed little pill-like capsules to hold the compound within the shooters, allowing him to store plenty of extras. Peter made sure to store them, along with the fabric for his suit, in the trunk that sat at the foot of his bed. He figured no one would bother looking in there, so they’d be safe.

He really wanted to try his web shooters out now, to see if they worked, but the sun was already up and he’d have to do it at night, when less people would be around to see him and his Dads would most likely be asleep.

“Hey Peter~”

Peter groaned and buried his face in his pillow, his voice coming out muffled, “What?”

It was too early to be woken up. Especially when he felt like he’d just gone to bed.

“It’s already after twelve. Planning to sleep all day?” Steve asked, smiling, “You weren’t up all night in the workshop with Tony, were you?”

“No,” Peter replied, voice still muffled, “Homework.”

“Ah, okay well, I made lunch, if you’re hungry. It’s in the kitchen.”

“Thanks Pops.”

Peter managed to get up and wake himself up a little, getting dressed before heading down to the kitchen, joining Steve at the counter, sitting on the stool next to him.

“Where’s Dad?”

“Workshop. Says he’s working on something super important and then started rambling off a bunch of science things and I lost track of what he was saying after that,” Steve chuckled, “You’d probably understand him better than I would.”

Peter smiled a little, “Maybe. Sometimes even I don’t follow him. I think Uncle Bruce is the only one who really does.”

“Probably,” Steve agreed.

Once they finished lunch, they headed down to the workshop, where Tony was working on what looked like one of the Iron Man helmets, which looked like it took a pretty beating during one of their missions.

“Up a little higher… I said up, not down. Hold it riiight there. Don’t move. You’re moving. I said not to move, Dummy,” Tony sighed, reaching up and adjusting the angle of the flashlight that Dummy was currently holding for him.

Steve chuckled, grabbing his brown jacket from the back of the sofa and slipping it on, “I’ll be back soon. Director Fury called me in, in regards to our last mission.”

“Say hi to Little Nicky for me,” Tony replied, unable to help but smile as he felt Steve’s arms wrap around him from behind, kissing him softly on the cheek.

“Will do.”

Steve smiled and ruffled Peter’s hair, before climbing on his motorcycle and speeding off out of the workshop.

“Dummy, seriously, work with me here.”

Peter chuckled and pulled up a stool next to Tony, “Why not just have You help instead?”

“Because believe it or not, Dummy is actually smarter than You,” Tony replied, picking up the helmet and observing it from all angles.

“Really?” Peter asked, smiling in amusement as Dummy made what sounded like a pleased clicking noise.

“Yup,” Tony nodded, setting the helmet down again, “Come with me. I have something I wanted to show you.”

Peter blinked in surprise, but stood up and followed Tony over to the display cases, where he kept his older models of the Iron Man suits.

“Now, you can’t tell your father about this, because you know how he gets. But… I designed a little something for you, for when you’re at least eighteen,” Tony started, “Because let’s face it, once you’re eighteen, you can legally do more than you could before and make more of your own decisions and all. I know, I was eighteen once.”

Peter nodded, head tilted to the side slightly in confusion. He honestly had no idea what his Dad was rambling on about, but he knew it was best to let him ramble and get it all out of his system.

“JARVIS, kindly open the secret project for me?”

“Right away Sir,” JARVIS replied, and Peter watched as an empty panel next to the last suit that was on display moved upwards, revealing another Iron Man suit. This one looked similar to the Mark V design, more lightweight and less bulky than the original armor designs. Where the Mark V had silver in with the red color, this one had blue and red.

“You made a new suit?” Peter asked, admiring it, “It looks awesome.”

“It’s yours.”

“… What?” Peter swore he was hearing wrong.

“It’s yours,” Tony repeated, with a smile, “Well… consider it like a car. It’s yours but you can’t use it until you’re old enough. Because your father would flip shit if he found out I even made this for you.”

“For… me?” Peter nearly squeaked, letting the information sink in, “You made an Iron Man suit for me?”

“Well, yeah,” Tony smiled, “Why not? I figured when you’re older, maybe we could go flying together and I could give you some training on all the functions of the suit. I made one for your father too, I even made it all… spangly like his current uniform, but you know how he is around technology. Anyway, I figured it could be used for emergencies for now. You know, in the event Loki attacks the house or something. But don’t even think about taking it out on a joyride. JARVIS will know when there’s a problem and then he’ll open it for you. Otherwise, he’ll only open it when I tell him to.”

Peter did the first thing he thought of; he threw his arms around Tony’s neck and hugged him tightly, “Thank you! Oh my god, I have the coolest Dad ever…”

Tony grinned, “JARVIS, you are a witness to that. I am officially the coolest Dad ever.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“So… this means you guys are gonna let me join the Avengers soon?” Peter asked, eyes wide.

“About that,” Tony started, then paused, “JARVIS, close the secret project please. Thanks. Yeah, about the Avengers. Don’t tell your father about any of this. I’d rather he didn’t kill me. But we were talking before, about letting you join the Avengers. We had decided that we might let you join on as a SHIELD member or maybe even an Agent, given the right training.”

Tony held up a hand before Peter could protest, “But… I’m not entirely against you joining the Avengers team, so long as you have the right training, the right armor and are at least eighteen. Hence why I made you a suit of your own.”

Peter nodded eagerly, “Well… what if I suddenly got cool super powers?”

Tony chuckled, “That’s a different story. Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone in the Avengers has super powers. Unless you count Bruce. Thor doesn’t count, he’s a God. That’s just unfair. But yeah, super powers might ease Steve’s worry by like… twenty percent tops. But like I said, none of this conversation leaves the workshop. It stays between us.”

Peter nodded, smiling from ear to ear. “Got it.”

“Good,” Tony smiled, “Would you mind giving me a hand? If I Dummy helps me anymore, I’ll never get the helmet repaired.”

* * *

Finally, Peter thought to himself, flopping back onto the floor of his bedroom and stretching his arms out. He’d spent the last few hours sitting on the floor, pieces of red and blue spandex and other materials scattered around, working on putting his suit together, based on the sketches he’d done.

He’d finally finished it. It took longer than expected, due to the fact that he wanted it to fit snugly, so extra fabric was out of the question, as it would only end up getting snagged on stuff and tearing. He also had to use his own body as a reference as to how to cut the material. And then there was the part of stitching everything together and adding the accents on and such.

Peter glanced over at the clock, which read just after nine PM. Perfect. He had two hours before Steve would be looking for him for curfew. He stuffed his newly made web shooters into his book bag and put his suit on, for the first time. It fit perfectly, hugging his body just as he’d planned. He admired himself in the mirror for a few minutes, also looking for any errors he might’ve overlooked, before putting his clothes on overtop of it and shoving his mask into his bag as well.

He headed downstairs, smiling at his Dads, who were sitting in the living room, Tony leaned against Steve’s left side, Steve’s arm around his shoulders. They were watching some movie that Peter wasn’t sure he’d seen before.

“Hey Dad, Pops. I’m uhm… heading to Harry’s for a little. I’ll be back before curfew, promise.”

“Alright,” Steve smiled, “Have fun. Say hello to Dr. Osborne for me.”

Peter nodded, “Will do.”

He headed down to the workshop, climbing onto his bike and taking off. He wasn’t sure exactly where he was going to go in order to try out his web shooters; he needed somewhere secluded. Then an idea hit: the old warehouse district. It was no more than a few miles away and was always deserted. It was perfect.

Peter arrived ten minutes later, cutting the light on his bike and parking it by the side of an abandoned warehouse building. He looked around briefly, deeming the coast clear, before taking off his clothes, leaving himself in his newly made suit. He pulled his mask out of his bag, putting it on, before rolling the sleeves of his suit up a little and attaching his web shooters to his arms, before rolling the sleeves back down. Perfect.

He looked around for a moment, before raising his arm and pressing the button that rested in the palm of his hand with his middle two fingers, successfully firing a rope of webbing to a long steel pole that stuck out from the top of the building. The webbing stuck on tightly when Peter gave it an experimental pull. He then looked around, spotting a taller building. He started at a run, reaching up and shooting another web, this time to the top of the taller building, letting out a surprised yell as he grabbed the web with his hand, easily swinging up into the air.

Peter looked around, spotted his next target and fired another web with his left hand this time, catching it on another building and letting go of the web held by his right hand. He repeated the motions around the empty area, unable to stop smiling behind his mask as he effortlessly maneuvered around the buildings. It felt amazing, almost like the same feeling he got when he went flying with his Dad.

That’s when Peter spotted it. Across the street from the warehouse district, a group of three guys were attempting to break into the jewelry store on the corner.

Looks like my first mission as a superhero has arrived.

Chapter Text

Peter swung across the street, landing silently behind the three men, who were oblivious to his presence. And these guys called themselves burglars?

“You know, if you’re going to rob a jewelry store, I wouldn’t dress like a burglar.”

All three of them spun around, staring at him. The one in the middle held up a gun, pointed at him. “Who the fuck are you?”

That was a good question. Peter hadn’t exactly thought up a name for himself to go by, so he said the first thing that came to mind, “You can call me… Spiderman.”

“How about we call you dead?” the guy sneered, pulling the trigger.

Peter felt that tingling feeling in the back of his head again, before jumping out of the way, narrowly missing the bullet. He fired a well aimed web ball at the guy, knocking the gun from his hand, before firing a few more, successfully pinning him to the door of the jewelry shop.

The guy struggled to get free, but Peter smiled behind his mask, “You’ll exhaust yourself before you get free, pal.”

He then looked up, shaking his head as the other two had taken off running in opposite directions. “And just where do you think you two are going?”

Peter fired one web in each direction, successfully grabbing both of them by their backs and giving one hard tug, pulling them both back over and tying them to the light pole with the webbing, before they had a chance to escape.

“Well, you boys can just hang out here until LAPD shows up,” Peter smiled, swinging off for the warehouse district again. Once he was back at his bike, he called 911 on his phone and informed them that there were three burglars outside the jewelry store, waiting to be arrested.

He tugged his clothes on quickly, over his suit, before getting back on his bike and speeding off for home. He hadn’t anticipated running into his first adventure as a superhero so suddenly; he had just planned on practicing with his web shooters, which he quickly found out, worked more perfectly than he thought. He couldn’t stop smiling, feeling the adrenaline running through his body.

It felt so good to do the right thing. Even if it was only stopping a tiny burglary like that, it was a start. He didn’t expect to go chasing after Loki on his first ‘official’ day as a superhero. As… Spiderman.

He liked that name. It suited.

* * *

When Peter’s alarm went off the next morning, he groaned and smacked it to the floor with his hand, silencing the ungodly noise. Six in the morning was too early to get up on any day. But school beckoned him.

He showered quickly, events of the previous night running through his head. He wondered if he should wear his Spiderman suit as a daily thing now. Or at least have it on hand. He knew that now he was ready, he’d be more alert to the criminals and wrong doers and stopping them without concealing his identity was out of the question. He supposed it wouldn’t hurt to wear it under his regular clothes and keep his mask hidden away in his book bag, with his web shooters. He’d designed them to snap easily onto his wrists, so he wouldn’t have to spend too much time fussing to get them on.

Peter headed downstairs, setting his book bag by the sofa, before joining his Dads in the kitchen. The LCD television was on, showing the morning news.

“What police are calling a bizarre incident, occurred last night. The call to police came in around ten pm, stating that three men were tied up outside the jeweler’s on Ocean Avenue, after attempting to break in and rob the store. Reports say that the men who attempted to rob the jeweler’s, stated that they were subdued by a man in a red and blue body suit, who called himself ‘Spiderman.’ The most puzzling thing, is that the robbers were tied up with what appeared to look like webbing. Surveillance cameras were unable to catch whoever had apprehended them, as there weren’t any set up outside. Some people are speculating that it might’ve been a member of the notorious Avengers, who have been keeping our country safe.”

Peter tried his hardest to keep the look of shock off his features, and instead asked, “Was it a member of the Avengers?”

“Not that we know of,” Steve replied, handing Peter a plate of bacon and eggs, “Fury already called us all in for a meeting, in light of that incident. Either it’s a new Avenger that we don’t know about yet, or someone else entirely.”

Peter nodded, sitting down at the counter, trying to contain his giddy excitement. This was it. He was on television. He was officially a superhero now. And he was just getting started.

“Have a good day at school!” Steve called to Peter, waving as he headed out the front door, skateboard in hand. Peter returned the wave, smiling.

“So, who do you think this new superhero is?” Tony asked, looking thoughtful, “Spiderman. Kind of strange, don’t you think?”

“Says the one who calls himself Iron Man,” Steve teased and Tony huffed.

“For your information, I never came up with that name. The media did. I just thought it was pretty cool and that it fit, Captain.”


* * *

“As of yet, we do not know who this… Spiderman is, or what his motive is,” Nick Fury was saying, was he walked around the table slowly, hands clasped behind his back, “As of right now, we do not see him as a threat.”

“Perhaps, a new team mate?” Thor spoke up, “An ally, to help in battle?”

“Maybe,” Fury agreed, “But not until we know more about him. This is the first we’ve heard of him. It’s entirely too soon to be certain about anything. For all we know, he could be another of Loki’s minions, attempting to get inside SHIELD and cause havoc, under the cover of being a superhero. So for now, be on alert. Especially during missions.”

“And that was another of Fury’s completely pointless meetings,” Tony sighed, climbing back into the driver’s seat of his car, “Why couldn’t he just have had us on a phone conference for that?”

“I think he does it because he knows how much it irritates you to come to his meetings,” Steve chuckled, “Come on, let’s hit the shawarma place for lunch. I know it’ll cheer you up.”

* * *

“Hey, Pete!”

Peter looked up as he heard his name, smiling as he spotted Harry and Gwen, sitting on the bleachers that lined the school’s track and field. He jogged over, walking up and joining them, “Hey.”

“Pete, Gwen tells me she met you the other night,” Harry smiled, “And that you’re coming with us to the movies this weekend.”

“Yeah,” Peter blushed, “It sounds fun.”

“Awesome,” Harry smiled, “Hey, did you catch the news this morning? They were talking about a new superhero in town. Calls himself Spiderman.”

“Yeah, I heard,” Peter nodded, “Seems kind of cool, if you ask me. Taking on the little criminals while the Avengers handle the bigger baddies.”

“I agree,” Gwen nodded, “It’s nice to know there’s someone out there, who can help you on the spot.”

“Says the girl who’s Dad is Captain of the police force,” Harry laughed, and Gwen blushed, shoving him playfully.

“Shut up. You know they take forever to arrive on the scene. My Dad insists it’s because there’s so much crime in the city. I suspect they all sit around the station, eating donuts and drinking coffee. So, Peter. Harry tells me you’re really good at science, even better than him.”

“Huh?” Peter blinked, “Oh, uhm yea, I’m pretty good, I guess…”

“Would you mind tutoring me sometime? I’m not understanding the next chapter of Chemistry at all,” Gwen explained, “And Harry is no help with Chemistry.”

“Hey, I’m an expert with biology,” Harry shrugged, “Chemistry isn’t really my forte.”

Peter blushed, “I… sure. Maybe we could meet at the library sometime?”

Gwen smiled and nodded, “Sure! Harry, you should come too. Maybe Peter can teach you something. We can stop later tonight, after dinner maybe? I can use help with my homework.”

Harry shrugged, “Sounds good to me. What do you say, Pete?”

“Sure. Sounds… fun.”

* * *

“You know, there’s other ways of getting money that don’t involve robbing a bank,” Peter spoke up, hanging upside down from the ceiling of the bank by a web, right behind the robbers, who were stuffing money from the safe into duffel bags.

There were least a dozen civilians and bank employees, all kneeling on the ground and looking frightened.

“And who the hell are you?” the one who was keeping watch asked, pointing his pistol at him.

“Haven’t you heard? I’m the new guy in town. Spiderman, at your service,” Peter smiled behind his mask, before dropping from the web and landing a solid punch right to the guy’s face.

The guy stumbled, before reeling back and making to return the hit, but Peter dodged it and caught him in the side, before landing another punch, knocking him out cold. He turned his attention to the other two, firing a couple well aimed web balls at them, knocking them both back into the safe, before covering the opening with webbing. He knew it would hold them and wouldn’t come off unless it was pried off with something like a crowbar.

“It’s safe now, make sure to call the police,” Peter called out, before jumping up and swinging back out the window of the bank.

He could feel the adrenaline running through his body again; it felt amazing. He stopped at the alleyway that he’d left his bag in and ducked down behind a dumpster before pulling his clothes back on, over his Spiderman suit. He shoved his mask back into his bag and grabbed his skateboard, before heading back for home.

Peter paused and pulled out his phone as it rang, “Hey, Dad.”

“Hey Pete. We might be a little late for dinner tonight; Avengers duty calls. Steve says there’s dinner in the fridge for you,” Tony explained, “Are you on your way home now?”

“Yeah,” Peter replied, “Just about.”

“Okay, I’ll let him know. See you when we get home, kiddo.”

* * *

Chapter Text

It was around six in the evening when the call came in. Peter had been in the workshop with Tony, getting help with his science fair project. Of course by ‘help’, it meant Tony was trying to make it more complicated and complex than it really needed to be. Peter had to remind him almost constantly that most other kids in his school didn’t even like science, let alone understand half of what Tony wanted to do.

Peter had wanted to do something with robotics, kind of like how his Dad had done when he was younger and made Dummy. This of course, led to Tony wanting to turn Peter’s relatively harmless model robot into a miniature Iron Man. Peter wasn’t really against the idea, but Tony was the only one who knew how the suit worked, and Peter was supposed to keep the fact that he was Tony Stark’s son hidden.

But that didn’t stop Tony from making a miniature Iron Man robot anyway. “I’ll give it to Steve for his birthday,” Tony had said, “Maybe I’ll paint it all spangly like his suit.”

That was when the call from Nick Fury came in.

“Sir, Director Fury is on the Avengers line,” JARVIS informed him, “Shall I put the call through?”

“Depend on how urgent it is,” Tony shrugged, “I’m kind of helping my son at the moment. Pretty sure Nicky boy will understand.”

“We’ll take the call,” Steve spoke up, and both Tony and Peter looked over at him, “What?”

“When did you even get in here?” Tony asked, raising an eyebrow, “You need to stop hanging around Natasha and Barton. You’re learning their sneakiness.”

“Rogers, Stark, we need you in downtown LA right away. Loki’s been spotted wrecking havoc,” Fury’s voice came over the speaker on the Avengers line, “Agent Romanoff and Agent Barton are already on the scene. Banner and Thor are on their way. We need you to suit up and get out there immediately. And keep an eye out for Spiderman. I’d like to personally have a word with him if he shows up on scene again.”

Spiderman had made appearances at a couple of the Avengers last encounters with Loki, proving to be an ally and also very helpful in battle. They had a sneaking suspicion that Fury wanted to talk to him about the Avengers Initiative.

“Charming, as always Nicky,” Tony smirked, then looked to Steve, “Guess we have no choice, huh?”

“Nope,” Steve replied, then looked to Peter, who only smiled and held up a hand, “I know the drill, Pops. You guys go have fun.”

Peter watched as Tony stepped onto the platform to have his armor assembled and Steve headed off to the room with his suit, to get changed. Steve came back moments later, just as Tony’s helmet was put on and the faceplate snapped into place, the eyes lighting up. Steve walked over, sliding an arm around Tony’s waist, holding on as he took off into the air, flying out of the workshop.

* * *

“Iron Man’s been hit! He’s falling!”

Even through the chaos of the battle, all the noise and explosions and whatnot, everyone seemed to freeze on the spot. Tony didn’t just fall. Not unless he was knocked unconscious. Even then, JARVIS usually took over the suit and got him to the ground safely. This wasn’t the case.

Steve tried not to panic, looking around frantically. The Hulk was nowhere in sight, Thor was surrounded by enemies that he was trying to fight off. Natasha and Clint wouldn’t have a chance to catch him without getting killed in the process.

That’s when a flash of red and blue shot across the sky. Spiderman. Spiderman was heading for Tony’s falling figure, swinging faster than he probably ever had before. He landed on a rooftop, before jumping down, headfirst. He caught Tony around the waist, firing another web, which stuck to the building he’d just leapt from, slowly lowering them both to the ground, before laying Tony down.

Steve ran over, watching in confusion as Spiderman pressed the releases on each side of the Iron Man helmet, watching it open up so he could remove it entirely. How did he even know how do to that?

“Dad… Dad, wake up!”

Tony woke up abruptly, sitting up and cringing a little, rubbing his neck gently with a gauntleted hand, “Wow… either I took a big knock to the head, or Spiderman just called me Dad.”

Steve felt his blood run cold. No. No way. It had to be a mistake.

He watched as Spiderman reached a hand up and tugged his mask off, looking a mixture of embarrassed and worried all rolled into one. It was Peter.

Tony blinked, then said, “Okay, I really must’ve been hit hard. Cause now I’m hallucinating.”

Tony was caught off guard as Spiderman… Peter, hugged him tightly, “Thank god you’re okay!”

Tony patted his back gently, his mind racing a mile a minute, “Thanks… for saving my ass back there. This still doesn’t mean you’re not grounded.”

* * *

“So you were bitten by a spider and didn’t think to tell anyone?” Steve asked, looking to Peter with concern etched all over his perfect features.

“Well… I did tell Uncle Bruce and Uncle Clint,” Peter replied, looking sheepish, “I figured since Uncle Bruce is a doctor, he’d know if anything was wrong, and if it was, I’d tell you right away.”

“Well, I’d say that you being able to stick to walls, shoot webs from your hands and being suddenly stronger and more… enhanced, qualifies are something wrong,” Tony replied.

“I can’t shoot web from my hands,” Peter replied, “I designed the armbands that do that for me.”

Tony’s eyes lit up a considerable amount, “What about the web itself?”

Peter nodded, smiling a little, “I created it. In the labs at the science exhibit. The uhm… armbands I designed and made in your lab with Dummy’s help.”

“… Dummy actually helped? Then why the hell is he always in my way instead of helping?” Tony sighed, exasperated, “But you designed them? And built them? Yourself? Can I see how they work?”

“Tony,” Steve sighed, “Can we please get back on topic?”

Tony blinked, looking at Steve like he was seeing him for the first time, “I’m sorry, are you not hearing this? Our son is a genius. Just like his Dad.”

Steve rubbed his temples, “Tony, our son is out fighting crime. By himself. And hell, he was at a couple fights with Loki! He could've been seriously hurt.”

Tony nodded, “And in case you forgot, he did pretty well out there. Anyway, let’s get him some training. Natasha and Barton can teach him everything they know. Train him in the ways of the assassin. I’m sure you could spar with him and teach him some things.”

Steve stared at Tony, “Just like that? You’re willing to let him join us?”

“I never said that,” Tony replied, “Not… entirely. Training first, obviously. No fighting crime without us there also. Fighting crime is one thing; that’s usually bank robbers with guns. Nothing big. But the Avengers are on a whole other scale. We’re fighting all kinds of stuff; weird alien like things and whatever else Loki can throw at us. It’s really dangerous.”

“Which is exactly why you’re not joining the Avengers,” Steve cut in, glaring at Tony briefly, “I’m not entirely fond of you going out and fighting crime, either.”

“Come on, Pops,” Peter protested, “You would’ve done the same thing if you were in my shoes. I have these cool powers now; I could be using them for my own gain, but I’m not. I’m trying to help people, like you and Dad.”

“I understand that, Peter and believe me, I’m proud of you for making the right choice but still. Putting yourself in harm’s way isn’t the key to being a hero. You’re going around in nothing but a suit between you and a bullet.”

“I could enhance his suit to include vibranium. Completely bulletproof. What is your suit made out of, anyway?” Tony asked, looking to Peter.

“…Spandex,” Peter blushed, “But in my defense, it’s easiest to move around in.”

“Spandex?” Tony stared at him, “That’s it. You’re giving me your suit and I’m enhancing it. I’ll just mix the spandex with vibranium and you’ll have flexibility and protection against guns all in one.”

“Tony, can we have a talk, please?” Steve asked, narrowing his eyes a bit at his husband, who shrugged.


“I cannot believe you’re seriously considering letting him do this,” Steve hissed, once he and Tony were in the privacy of Tony’s workshop, “He’s a teenager, a child! He doesn’t need to be out trying to fight crime.”

“Steve, come on. You know as well as I do that he’s just going to do it anyway, with or without our consent. Yeah, I’m terrified of something happening to him. I’m scared to death that he could get hurt, or worse. But the way I see it, we can’t prevent him from doing this. Even if he didn’t have powers like he does, he’d still want to join the initiative. You know that and I know that.”

Steve sighed, crossing his arms, “I hate when you’re right.”

“I always am.”

“That’s beside the point. Alright. He’s not joining the Avengers. No way in hell. If he insists on fighting crime, he’s not doing it without proper training. I don’t care how long the training takes. If he really wants to do this, he’s going to finishing the training first. No questions asked.”

Tony nodded, biting his bottom lip slightly in thought, “Hey Steve, what would you say to letting Peter join the Avengers if… I made him his own version of the Iron Man suit?”

“… Why are you so determined to have our son get killed?” Steve asked, staring at him.

“Come on, with a suit like that, he wouldn’t get a scratch. I could definitely teach him how to use it. It’s simple. And I’m not trying to get him killed. I’m trying to be supportive. Something my father never exactly was for me. My father never exactly supported me in anything I wanted to do. This is the one thing Peter wants to do and we have the ability to help him do it the proper way. So why shouldn’t we?”

“… Alright, alright fine. But he’s not joining the Avengers until he proves he can handle the training, be dedicated to it and be responsible on the field.”

“That’s the spirit, Cap. Come on, doesn’t it make you a little proud, that our son wants to be like us? That he looks up to us and wants to do good things like us?”



“Shut up.”

“…Shutting up.”

* * *

Peter looked up as his Dad’s came back into the living room, Tony with a smirk and Steve with his usual poker face. Peter braced himself for the worst.

“Give me your suit,” Tony said, holding a hand out.

Peter blinked, “Why?”

“Just do it.”

Peter sighed and reached into his book bag, pulling it out and handing it to Tony.

“Good. Now your father and I have talked about what we’re going to do,” Tony started, “As of right now, no crime fighting what so ever. Not until you complete some training. We’re going to talk to Natasha and Barton and see if they can teach you everything they know. There’s some old warehouses on the outskirts of town that are owned by my company, so we’ll use those for training. Also, you can use them if you want to practice with your web swinging and such. Not in the city.”

Peter nodded slowly, letting the information sink in. The warehouses were where he went when he was first starting out with his powers and web swinging. So he supposed that was okay. At least they weren’t completely banning him from everything that he’d grown to love.

“Secondly, when you do finish training and if we decide to let you go back to fighting crime, you’re not to do it without someone else there,” Steve spoke up, “Teamwork is definitely key to stuff like this. It’s always good to know someone has your back in case a situation gets too risky.”

“Which is why I keep Cap here around as a sidekick,” Tony grinned, and Steve rolled his eyes.

“And thirdly,” Tony continued, “If you complete any and all training that Natasha and Barton throw at you and you show that you’re responsible and make wise choices when fighting crime, then we’ll consider letting you join the Avengers. Keyword being consider. But for now, I’m going to work on your suit, making it pretty much indestructible and you are going to show me those web shooters and how they work.”

Chapter Text

Both Steve and Tony looked up from the kitchen counter as the music that Tony had blaring was suddenly cut off. Their eyes landed on Nick Fury, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, Coulson standing beside him.

“Ah, Nicky, to what do we owe the pleasure?” Tony smiled, knowing it got under the director’s skin when he wasn’t serious around him. He could tell by the way Fury’s eye twitched just a little.

“I need to talk to you boys about your son.”

They both perked up a considerable amount, before Steve spoke, “What about Peter? Oh god, Natasha didn’t hurt him during training, did she?”

“On the contrary,” Fury began, “Peter has been in training with Romanoff and Barton for a week. He overpowered them every. Single. Time. Predicted every move they were going to make, dodged or caught every arrow Barton let loose. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how someone with no training what so ever, managed to take down two of my stop SHIELD agents, each and every day he’s had training with them.”

Tony’s smile couldn’t get any wider, even if he tried. “Well he’s the son of Iron Man and Captain America, would you expect anything less?”

Meanwhile, Steve’s response was something more like: “You had Clint shooting arrows at my son?!”

“We also put him through SHIELD training. Through every obstacle course we have. Captain, you’ve seen first hand how… deadly, they can be. Peter beat each and every one of them in record time,” Fury continued, “I would like to ask you both, to give your consent to letting Peter join the Avengers Initiative. If it’ll help to persuade you, Coulson has the footage from his training and from his runs through the courses.”

Steve and Tony both exchanged looks, and Tony held his hand out, “The footage, please.”

Coulson handed him a small flash drive, before Tony waved his hand, “Okay. You two may see yourselves out. We’ll watch this later. Right now, we’re busy. We have more important matters to attend to. Like finishing our son’s birthday cake.”

“We could really use him on the team,” Fury spoke up, “Make sure you watch that footage.”

“Will do boss,” Tony nodded, saluting him.

When they had left, Steve looked to Tony. “That was a bit… weird. I had no idea Peter was… that skilled…”

“Uh huh… and you were giving me a hard time about being so willing to let Peter join us,” Tony scoffed, “Anyway, we’ll talk about that later. His birthday is tomorrow and this cake is far from done. Maybe we should have Pepper put the icing on it. She’s pretty good at stuff like that. With baking, and all.”

“Oh come on, how hard can it be?” Steve smiled, “It’s not like we haven’t done this for Peter on his past birthdays.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. And if memory serves correctly, we ended up with the kitchen covered in icing.”

“Hey, that was only the first year,” Steve huffed, “And JARVIS had talked and I wasn’t used to him and he scared me! It was an instinctual reaction.”

* * *

“JARVIS, kindly upload the files on here to the system and play them for us?” Tony asked, plugging the flash drive in, as Steve pulled up a stool to sit beside Tony, in front of his three different monitors.

“Right away Sir,” JARVIS replied, and within seconds, all three monitors were playing footage of Peter’s training with Romanoff and Barton.

Fury hadn’t been lying. It was like Peter could sense whenever Barton shot an arrow his way, and whenever Romanoff attempted to land a punch or a kick. It was nothing short of incredible. By the end of the first clip, both Romanoff and Barton were webbed to the ground, Peter smiling and waving at the camera.

“Wow…” Steve breathed, “That’s… amazing.”

“Yeah… it is,” Tony agreed, feeling pride swelling in his chest.

That was his son. And from what he could see, his son was shaping up to be a pretty damn good superhero like his Dads were. The second and third clips consisted of Peter going through each of SHIELD’s obstacle courses, one inside and one outside. He ducked and dodged every gun shot, jumped across every pit filled with deadly spikes with ease and finished them both within minutes.

“Well… now I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that Peter can hold his own in battle,” Tony mused, “Besides, he’ll have the team backing him up. Though, judging by the footage… I’d say he’d be the one backing all of us up.”

“Yeah…” Steve agreed slowly, “I can’t argue with that. Alright, so we’ll let him join. On one condition. You finished modifying his suit?”

“Yup,” Tony nodded, “I completely redid the fabric, lacing it with vibranium and adamantium. It’ll hold off pretty much everything that your shield does and more. I also made it retain the feel and stretch of spandex, so it’s easier for Peter to move around in. Also, if it helps ease your worry, I already created a suit for Peter, like my Iron Man suit. It’s lighter and easier to use, more like the Mark V design. I already showed it to him but haven’t let him have access to it yet. If you want, I can teach him how to use it and he could use that for the more… dangerous, battles.”

Steve chuckled and shook his head, “You really do think of everything, don’t you?”

Tony smiled, “I don’t call myself a genius for nothing, after all.”

* * *

The next day, Peter was relieved when he finally made it home from school. It would be his luck that his birthday would be on a school day. The only good thing, was that Harry and Gwen insisted on taking him out for pizza right after, in order to celebrate.

“Welcome home, young Sir,” JARVIS greeted him, as he walked through the front door, “And Happy Birthday.”

Peter smiled a little, “Thanks, JARVIS. Are my Dads home?”

Peter blinked as the hologram that JARVIS had up, disappeared, showing the entire living room, decorated for his birthday, the table had a supply of food and a birthday cake, which Peter could recognize in an instant that his Dads had tried, and somewhat failed, to make. Next to it was another cake, and on top of that one, there were little marzipan figures of Iron Man and Captain America, and between them was Spiderman.

Peter smiled, knowing Pepper had to have made that one. She was a genius when it came to baking things.


Peter nearly jumped out of his skin as everyone jumped out from what seemed like nowhere. He laughed a little, trying to slow his heart rate down.

“Oh my god, you guys…”

“HAPPIEST OF DAYS TO YOU, YOUNG SPIDER!” Thor smiled, slapping him on the back, “I am truly happy to be celebrating this wondrous day with you!”

“Thanks, Uncle Thor,” Peter chuckled, patting his back gently, “It’s good to see you again too.”

Peter had to admit, he was a bit surprised that Thor would come all the way from Asgard just for his birthday. It was really nice of him. After greeting everyone who had come for his party, Steve walked, hugging him. “Happy Birthday, Peter.”

“Thanks,” Peter smiled, “You guys planned all this?”

“We did,” Steve nodded, smiling, “Your Dad wanted to hold this huge party at the Stark Expo Center though. I told him you’d kill him if he did that. If you didn’t die of embarrassment first.”

Peter blushed a bit. His Pops definitely knew him well. “Well, this is nice. I like smaller birthday parties, anyway.”

“I do too,” Steve agreed, smiling and wrapping an arm around Tony’s waist as he came over to stand beside him.

“Happy Birthday kiddo,” Tony smiled, “We have some surprises for you.”

“What kind of surprises?” Peter asked, looking curious.

Tony only smiled that smile, the one Peter knew meant he was hiding something. Something big. Oh boy.

“After everyone else gives you your gifts, we’ll head down to the workshop and show you.”

Peter nodded, trying his hardest to think of what it could be. He was drawing a blank.

The party itself went on for a few good hours, music playing from the speakers, probably louder than it needed to be, which Peter suspected Tony had something to do with it. After everyone else had given him their gifts, they were sitting around, eating cake and pizza and listening to Thor tell stories from back on Asgard.

He’d gotten some pretty cool gifts, too. Bruce and Clint had gotten him a new camera, a fancy DSLR with a couple different lenses, which he could only guess cost a fortune. But Peter could only imagine the awesome shots he could get now, especially with his Spiderman abilities. Why hadn’t he thought of that before?

Pepper and Natasha had gotten him season’s passes to Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando; she said they were good for both places and insisted that it would do them good to get away and do family things once in a while, which had definitely sparked an idea in Peter’s head.

And Thor… Well he was Thor. So he’d taken the liberty of getting Peter a crateful of different flavored pop tarts. Which definitely amused everyone, much to Thor’s confusion.

“Have you not had these before? They are the food of the Heavens!” Thor had said, smiling ear to ear, “My people have never had anything so amazing before.”

“Okay, okay. Everyone, down to the workshop. And if anyone touches anything at all, JARVIS will shoot you. No excuses,” Tony said, looking around warily at everyone.

You couldn’t really blame him; he only ever let Steve, Peter, Pepper and Rhodey into his workshop. No one else had access. For reasons.

Once everyone was gathered downstairs, Peter took notice of the huge sheet that was covering the display cases where Tony kept his Iron Man suits. Weird.

“Okay, Peter,” Steve started, smiling, “This gift has three parts. Your father and I talked about it for a while and finally made a decision.”

Peter nodded, watching with bated breath. Steve and Tony walked over to the sheet, pulling it off of the display case and letting it fall to the ground. Inside, were Tony’s Iron Man suits, as usual, and next to the Mark VII, was Steve’s Captain America suit and shield, and next to that, was the suit Tony had made for Peter. Next to that, was his original Spiderman suit that he’d made himself and next to that one was a new Spiderman suit. It was gorgeous.

“This right here, is the suit I made for you,” Tony smiled, tapping the glass casing, “I used the same kind of spandex material of the suit you designed and laced it with vibranium, like the kind that’s in your Dad’s shield, and adamantium. It’s pretty much indestructible now, as well as completely flexible, just as spandex was meant to be, meaning you won’t lose any of the freedom to move around.”

Peter was sure he had to be dreaming. This was just… amazing. Not only that his Dad designed a whole new Spiderman suit for him, but there, on the wall, all of their armor stood on display, waiting to be used to save the day. Like some kind of super-family.

“And,” Tony continued, still smiling, that same smile he got whenever he talked about science or technology, “I’m going to be giving you training on using your new armor. Flight lessons and using the weapons and such. And Steve is going to teach his sparring techniques and practice them with you also.”

Peter nodded, dumbstruck. He wasn’t sure he even knew what to say, so he instead hugged both Tony and Steve tightly.

“I think he likes his gifts,” Steve chuckled, hugging him back, “And there’s still one more thing.”

Peter looked up, staring, “One more?”

Tony nodded, “JARVIS, let them in please.”

Peter looked over as the door to the workshop opened, and the one and only Nick Fury walked in, Agent Coulson following.

“Hello son,” Fury smiled, actually smiled, “And Happy Birthday. I must admit, I was pretty impressed. You overpowered my top two SHIELD agents like it was nothing. You beat our obstacle courses in record time, and without getting so much as a scratch. After talking with your fathers and showing them the footage of your training, we have come to an agreement.”

Peter let out the breath that he didn’t even know he’d been holding. Oh my god. Was this really going to happen? Or was he dreaming this all up?

“Peter, it brings me great pleasure to be here today, to ask you to join the Avengers Initiative.”

That was the last thing Peter heard before blacking out.

* * *

When Peter came to, he wasn’t sure where he was or what had happened. His first thought was that he’d been knocked out in battle and had dreamed up his whole birthday party.

“Peter, you’re awake!” Steve smiled, helping him sit up, “Are you okay?”

Peter looked around the workshop, feeling like he’d just taken the best nap of his life, “I’m fine… what happened?”

“You passed out,” Tony supplied, handing him a glass of water and sitting on his other side, “It’s amazing; you can take out the best agents in SHIELD, but Fury walks in the door and asks you to join the Avengers and you pass out.”

Peter stared at them, “Wait, I didn’t dream it up? I… I’m really one of the Avengers now?”

Steve nodded, unable to help but smile. Even though he and Tony were worried that something bad could happen to Peter out in battle, they also knew that he was strong and could handle his own now. And the knowledge that he now had his own version of the Iron Man suit, made Steve feel a whole lot better.

“Yup, you’re an official Avenger now,” Tony smiled, wrapping an arm around his shoulders, “We’re a big, happy super family now. And we’re proud of you, Peter.”