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Tongue of the Devil

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Sam couldn’t get over it.

Lucifer had a forked tongue. An honest-to-God (ha) forked tongue. Not a snake’s, but a human tongue split; a physical manifestation of Satan in a human vessel.
Had it always been like that? Had he not noticed? Not that he particularly gave much attention to the tongue of the Devil, but you’d think you’d notice something like that.
It was the way both parts moved independently that really creeped him out. It looked weird - must feel weird too. Man, imagine kissing that!

He did not just think that.

But what if?

How would that feel, to have that tongue in your mouth? To kiss a mouth like that? Normal at first when the mouths are still closed, sure, but as soon as the move is made to deepen the kiss, that first touch of tongue on the other person’s lips – but it would be two touches, two tongues almost. Working together or licking at the top lip and the bottom simultaneously?

Too freaky. Shudder.

Of course, that’s just the start.

It would be even weirder to be kissed with tongue – tongues? A tongue split in two, not snakelike but still snaking its way around your own; wrapping, pushing, stroking against your own from two sides. Would that feel good? Could that feel good?  Wouldn’t the innate wrongness of the sensation be repulsive? Surely. Probably.

Could there ever be enough distraction to negate the repulsiveness? If it wasn’t just the feeling of the freakish tongue to focus on, if Lucifer was kissing someone with lips too, and teeth maybe - these other, still-human-feeling points of sensation would just feel good, not repulsive. And hands: if he were being touched, too? Held or stroked or a hand cupping his cheek; sensation to draw his thoughts away from the fact that the thing he was kissing had a forked tongue. Maybe then he wouldn’t mind.

Well, actually, Sam thinks he’d still be mainly focused on the feeling of this tongue is forked this is unnatural. The hands would need to be more distracting, tugging on his hair or nails dragging down with the slightest dig – the touches that promise more than mere kissing. Yeah, that could work – make the touching more sexual, more distracting and he’d be drawn away from what was happening between the mouths and less freaked out that Lucifer was kissing him with a forked tongue. Distract him near completely with a hand on his dick or a-

Oh god, what if that tongue was on his dick?

He’s fairly certain that in his mouth it’d be weird, being able to discern one too many things moving. He can’t deny that his dick isn’t exactly picky though - doesn’t process weird, only interprets every touch as pleasure. And with a tongue split in two the amount of touch would double, two points of contact, two different sensory feeds to process… would that mean the pleasure would double too? He rather thinks it would.

Yeah, he can concede that weird though the forked tongue is, he could probably quite enjoy being sucked off by Lucifer.


He definitely did not just think that.

“I don’t want that, no, that’s not what I meant!” he exclaims to the empty space in front of him.

Behind him, he feels hands on his shoulders and a head leant in close to his ear.

“Say what you like, Bunk Buddy, but if you want me to believe you then you really ought not to think so loud.”