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Your Browsing History is Forever

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Your Browsing History is Forever

Finn (Wikipedia)

Finn Hudson really likes Wikipedia.

It started innocently enough; Kurt had made a joke about something awhile back, and Finn had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Normally it wouldn't have bothered him too much, but the fact that everyone else had known what Kurt was talking about had. Finn didn't really consider himself self-centered or anything, but he hated not being able to participate in a conversation because he didn't know much about the topic at hand. So he had gone home, typed the subject into his search bar, and the next thing he knew he was reading the long–really long–page about something called the 'Handkerchief code.'

Finn was fairly sure that he would never look at a handkerchief the same way again.

That hadn't been the end of it. He hadn't understood some of the words on the page, but luckily most of them had been links to their own, separate pages. The next thing Finn knew, he had twenty-two different Wikipedia tabs open on his computer. By the time he made his way through those, he had another forty-seven tabs open, and had somehow (he still, to this day, had no idea how it had happened) found his way to reading about Sesame Street.

Ever since then, Finn had taken to keeping a list throughout the day of all the things he didn't understand. When he got home at night, he would go to his room and look them up. He knew that not all the information on Wikipedia was accurate, mostly because his teachers continually said so during class. That was all right with Finn, though. He just really wanted a general idea about things, and Wikipedia was good for that. Plus, it made him feel smart and informed, even if he was a bit behind everyone else when it came to getting the information.

Artie (Twitter)

Artie can't really remember how he first got into Twitter, but he knows that at this point it has become something of a borderline obsession for him. No matter what he's doing, Artie just has to tweet about it–not the lame stuff like eating or sleeping or whatever, but Artie knows that at the least, his daily movements are extremely important. He needs to have a record of what he's doing and when he's doing it. After all, one day he could become famous and then people would want to know what he's doing every moment of every day. Or tomorrow, for example, Artie could be caught up in a bank heist gone wrong and then his tweets could be the only way that the authorities could save him.

Artie firmly believes that tweeting may someday save his life.

Most of the other glee kids look at Artie as though he's insane when he brings it up. Lauren agrees with him, though. Well, maybe not vocally, but if the astounding number of tweets she posts a day are of any indication, then Lauren is also making sure that her business is everyone else's business.

Artie especially likes that he can access Twitter from his phone. It makes it easy for him to keep up with not only his own tweeting, but with everyone else's, too. After all, Artie knows that their tweets are possibly just as important as his. What if Brittany were to end up lost in the sewers again? Or Karofsky cornered Kurt again in the locker room with no one else around? Or Rachel and Quinn got into a fight on the football field and somehow ended up knocking one another out? Artie knows that if he checks constantly, he may be able to get help to them quickly.

Since they weren't doing anything interest in his French class, Artie decided to take the time to update and check his Twitter feed:

Artic_Artie_A: is awake.

imakeboyscry: up.

Artic_Artie_A: is getting ready for school.

danceboydance: in the car outside Tina's. She's taking forever.

imakeboyscry: on my way to puckerman's then to school

Boygonediva: at breakfast with WarblerboyCapFinnH could you tell Carole and dad that we'll be home around seven?

imakeboyscry: at school.

Artic_Artie_A: has arrived at school.

Artic_Artie_A: is in the hall.

Artic_Artie_A: is still in the hall.

Boygonediva: Finn? CapFinnH

Boygonediva: Finn Hudson, don't you dare ignore me! CapFinnH

imakeboyscry: gonna kick some ass in dodgeball today!

Boygonediva: …are you still upset that I told Carole about your laundry? CapFinnH

Artic_Artie_A: is in English class.

CapFinnH: not cool, Boygonediva, not cool.

goldstargirl: Guys! I have the perfect song for me to sing in glee!

imakeboyscry: actually made a boy cry in dodgeball lol. wimp!

Artic_Artie_A: still in English

Boygonediva: well maybe you should start doing your laundry more than once every six weeks CapFinnH!

likesrainbows: I tried to do my laundry once but then I think the machine tried to eat me so I stopped, Boygonediva.

Warblerboy: wishes that classes were over so he and Boygonediva could head to Lima for the weekend.

Artic_Artie_A: has entered his French classroom.

Artic_Artie_A: is not paying attention in French class.

puckasaurus: ditchin early 2day!

Boygonediva: FINN! CapFinnH

CapFinnH: fine! Jeesh, I told Burt, dude. Lay off, Boygonediva.

MizmjonesWarblerboy Do you and Boygonediva want to hit the mall with goldstargirl & I later?

Warblerboy: sure! mizmjones

journeyrules: Please come back to school before I have to turn you into Figgins. puckasaurus

puckasaurus: Awh Mr. Schue, y u got 2 be hatin? Fine, journeyrules

Wankywanky: you were the one stupid enough to say that w/Mr. Schue added, Puck. Suck it up. puckasaurus

Artic_Artie_A: is still not paying attention in French.

Artie closed his phone with a snap. Maybe Twitter would be a bit more interesting in a few hours.

Mike (Stumbleupon)

It was actually Sam who had first introduced Mike to Stumbleupon.

Mike wouldn't admit it to anyone, but after Matt had moved away, he had been pretty lonely. It wasn't as though he didn't have friends–between football and glee club, Mike had a wide variety of them to choose from–but he didn't have a best friend anymore. Well, not one that he could hang out with on a daily basis, at any rate. Sure, he and Matt still talked on the phone or online constantly, but it wasn't the same and they both knew it; living in two different countries really put a damper on things.

So when Mike walked into his third-period Spanish class on the first day of classes and nearly ran Sam Evans over, he didn't hesitate to strike up a conversation. Mike had always been fairly friendly (in fact, he was pretty sure that he was probably the friendliest and least dramatic member of the glee club, not that he would ever say that to any of his fellow glee-clubbers faces) and this was no different. The two had connected almost immediately, and when Mike later found out that Sam was joining the football team, he was ecstatic.

The next day, Mike invited Sam over to his house to hang out. After playing copious amounts of Halo and eating anything and everything within sight, the two somehow ended up surfing the web.

After losing what was their third round of Pandemic 2 ("It's always Madagascar," Sam had said grumbled dejectedly, waving a hand angrily towards the computer screen. "You get to that point and you think it's going well and that you can kill everyone, but then Madagascar closes down their ports and you're screwed!"), the two had found themselves unsure of what else they could do online.

"We could check out Stumbleupon," offered Sam.

Mike tilted his head towards his new friend, brow furrowed in confusion. "What's Stumbleupon?"

Sam gaped at him. "You've never been on Stumbleupon?" he said, shoving Mike's chair to the side and pulling the keyboard in his direction. "You have to check it out. It's seriously one of the coolest websites ever." He typed something into the browser and then turned the screen towards Mike. "Check it out, dude."

"Maps of war?" read Mike as he scanned the page. "Why is this cool?"

Sam rolled his eyes, but Mike could see that the gesture was more amused than mean. "You have to hit Stumble!, man."

Mike stared at Sam for a moment before hesitantly reaching out and clicking Stumble! on the screen. After scanning the new page that had come up, he did it again. Then he did it again, and again, and again. By the time he was finished, he was pretty sure that his eyes were threatening to pop out of his head. "So it just pulls up random websites?"

"Yep," said Sam. "Well, not random, I guess. When you sign up, you put in your interests and then when you go from page to page you rate it, so eventually it's pretty tailored to what you're interested in. It's a good way to keep from being bored online."

Mike nodded, only half listening as he clicked Stumble!Stumble!Stumble! over and over again, eyes glued to the screen.

Tina (Tumblr)

Tina practically lives off of Tumblr.

If Tina is on her phone or on her computer, then there is a ninety-percent chance that she's checking or posting there. If someone were to ask why she liked the website so much, Tina wouldn't necessarily have an answer. It's not that she likes the website so much as she liked the content. The constant stream of images, information, and posts regarding her favorite shows and movies keep her interest like nothing else.

Tina knows that everyone automatically assumes that she is a goth and, to a point, they're right. After all, she wouldn't dress the she does if it didn't mean something to her, if it didn't express a large portion of her personality–it's the same reason that Quinn wears her cross daily, the same reason that Kurt dresses the way he does despite people disapproving. However, there is much more to her than being the "weird Asian-goth girl" at school.

Yes, her tumblr is mostly dedicated to bandom and gothic fashion, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have other interests. For example, no one–not even Mike, who knows almost everything about her by this point–knows that Tina has a secret love for Rainbow Brite. She's watched the old VHS's her mom taped for her oldest sister so many times that she's amazed that they still play. Nor does anyone know that, although she claims her favorite film is the 1931 Dracula, that is actually a huge lie. She likes it, of course–it's her second favorite movie–but her absolute favorite film is actually The Notebook. She ends up sobbing into her pillow every time she watches it.

Those are the parts that Tina likes to keep hidden, though. She likes that no one else knows about that side of her, because it somehow makes it more special.

More hers.

So, although Tina can most frequently be found posting images of her favorite bands to her tumblr account, it isn't necessarily the best indication of her wide-ranging interests…in fact, it only shows one side of her–maybe the largest and most obvious, but by no means the only one.

Kurt (FanFiction Net)

The first time that Kurt found himself on FanFiction net, it was entirely by accident. If asked, he could still remember the circumstances clearly; Kurt had been fourteen at the time, and he and his father had just finished watching an episode of Criminal Minds, which had somehow become a Wednesday night ritual for the two men. Despite how much Kurt and his father loved one another, finding things for them to bond over was difficult, especially considering their vastly different tastes in books, movies, music, and television. In fact, Criminal Minds was the only show that the two men could agree on; Burt liked it because of the action and mystery, Kurt liked it because of the drama.

And Spencer Reid.

Oh, how he liked Reid. Kurt had never really been one to ship fictional characters (although to this day, Kurt was still convinced that something had gone down between Jack Sparrow and Will Turner on that ship), but after they started watching the show, Kurt had increasingly found himself hoping that Hotch and Reid would discover their hidden feelings for one another before beating all the bad guys and skipping off into the sunset together.

It never happened.

Which is how late one mid-November night, Kurt had found himself online and hesitantly typing 'Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner romance' into his search bar At the most, he had expected to find some images of the two, a fan site or two, and maybe some spoilers for the show.

The first few results were exactly what he had expected. Kurt sighed in annoyance and leaned toward the computer, scrolling down the page impatiently. It was at the top of the second page of results that he found it. Staring out at him in large letters was a link to something called a fanfic. Curious, Kurt clicked on it and started to read…eyes getting wider and wider by the second.


From that moment on, Kurt had been hooked. At first, he had only read stories by other people in that fandom. As time went on, though, Kurt branched out–his current fascination was Harry Potter, specifically Harry/Draco, and Kurt swore that it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the contrast of their light/dark appearances reminded him of himself and Blaine–and, eventually, he began writing his own stories.

What had started off as a simple search had mutated into something much larger, something that had become a vital and important component to Kurt's life–one he wasn't sure he wanted to share with others. It wasn't that he was embarrassed or anything (he wasn't), but it was nice to have something that was totally his; something that his friends and family couldn't comment on, something that the bullies couldn't take away from him.

With that thought, Kurt published his newest chapter of his current Harry Potter story, entitled 'The Continuing Adventures of the Dapper Boy-Who-Lived and his Sarcastic-but-Fashionable Slytherin Boyfriend' (Kurt swore up and down that he wasn't projecting. Really…after all, he couldn't help it if he and Blaine fit the roles perfectly and–wait, no! Kurt Hummel did not project into his stories. He was a professional fanfiction writer, damn it!).

Kurt closed his laptop. He had to get ready for his date with Blaine.

Quinn (Livejournal)

Quinn doesn't remember how she got into Livejournal, but she knows that she was about fourteen at the time. Of course, she only remembers that much because every time she logs on and checks her profile page, the year she made her journal is listed.

In a way, she thinks that her journal has become a part of her. Quinn has become so used to fitting into the mold she's created for herself–she refuses to ever let herself become Lucy again–that sometimes she thinks she forgets who she really is. Yes, the parts of her personality that she shows frequently–the manipulation, the obsession with being popular, her religious beliefs–are a large part of who she is. She won't deny that.

There is, however, much more to her than that.

She can be very kind when she wants to be, and contrary to what others might think, she does regret a lot of the things she's done in the past. Especially the things she's done to some of her fellow gleeks; she regrets telling Mercedes to pursue Kurt when she knew nothing could come of it (though she can't bring herself to fully regret it, seeing how close the experience brought them together), she regrets lying to Finn about Beth, and she regrets getting Kurt involved in her vendetta against Rachel. Sometimes, although she'll never, everadmit it to anyone, she even regrets some–not all–of the things she's done to Rachel (although she still firmly believes, to this day, that Rachel has actively deserved at least eighty-five percent of it).

Livejournal is her escape.

She likes the sense of community that it provides; even though she has never met anyone on her friends list in person, she still feels as though she really knows some of them. Online, in a place where she doubts she'll ever run into any of her friends (and even if she did, how would they know it's her unless she told them? She doesn't have much identifying information on her profile…), Quinn can just be herself.

She doesn't have to look over her shoulder every time she speaks. She doesn't have to worry about whether or not the person that she's commenting to is more popular than she is, or if they are popular enough to hang out with. Here, Quinn can be friends with anyone and not have to worry about what anyone else wills say.

Quinn really likes Livejournal.

Rachel and Puck (YouTube)

To an outsider, it would appear that Rachel and Puck have little in common besides caring for Finn Hudson (albeit in entirely different ways), being Jewish, and having a deep love of song.

While they would be right for the most part, they do have something in common that no one would expect; they both really like YouTube. Like, to the point where they're both borderline obsessive about it. Of course, even then, the way in which they use the website and the videos they watch are vastly different.

Rachel likes to watch–big surprise–music videos. She considers it a great way to discover new music, scope out the competition, and after she posts her own music, a great way of being discovered and getting her name out there. She's still to this day not quite convinced that YouTube is a better choice than posting videos to her Myspace page, but she trusts Sam, Lauren, and Artie when it comes to computer-related things, so she listened to them and switched her focus to Youtube.

Puck also really likes YouTube, but his focus is definitely different. He likes the funny videos of people doing extremely stupid things, and he likes action-based videos that involve explosions, mayhem, and men (or women) being badass. Puck isn't content to just sit around and watch the videos, though. He spends a large portion of his time trolling the website and commenting to any and all videos that catch his interest; sometimes his comments are legitimate ones such as "Cool" or "That's awesome," but most of the time Puck's comments are borderline troll. It's not that he necessarily wants to be mean–he honestly doesn't care about most of the users and their videos enough to use up the energy of being mean–but he thinks it's funny, and apparently so do the people who like his comments, so he rolls with it.

The Tuesday after winning Regionals found Rachel sitting alone in the empty computer lab on the second floor, scouring YouTube for other glee club performances in an attempt to prepare for Nationals. She was so engrossed in her search that she didn't realize anyone else had entered the lab until she heard someone rolling a chair up next to her.

"Sup Berry," Puck said, straddling the chair and trying to peer over her shoulder. "You're on YouTube?"

"Yes," Rachel replied, not looking at him. "I'm trying to check out our competition for Nationals and–"

Puck leaned forward, clearly impressed. "So you're spying?"

"No! I mean, of course not," said Rachel and she shifted uncomfortably in her chair. She thought for a moment before visibly brightening and said, "It isn't spying because they put these videos up for everyone to watch. I'm simply using the tools available to me to better our chances."

Puck made a sound that sounded somewhat like a snort before reaching out a hand to grab the mouse. "That's pretty much the definition of spying."

Rachel ignored that comment in favor of trying to grab the mouse back from him. "What are you doing? I'm busy."

"I want to show you this awesome video," Puck said, ignoring her. He leaned forward and typed something into the search bar. A moment later a new video filled the screen. Satisfied, he leaned back and said, "Look at it! It's awesome."

Rachel huffed. "I don't understand why you think I'm interested in," she trailed off and looked at the screen, trying to determine what exactly it was they were watching. After a moment, her eyes widened and she said, "I–is that a man jumping off a roof and into a pile of mattresses?"

Puck nodded enthusiastically, and reached out towards the keyboard again. "I know, awesome, right?" he typed something into the search bar again and said, "I have a bunch of other good ones in my favorites…"

They ended up missing their next class, and were eventually caught by Coach Sylvester and given a week worth of detention for skipping. But surprisingly, neither one was too upset by that fact.

Santana (ONTD)




Santana twitched.

Blaine, who had been sitting next to Santana for quite some time now–they both had a free period before glee and had decided to spend it in the computer lab–shifted uncomfortably. Every few moments he would lean slightly to his left, towards her, hoping to catch a glance of the computer screen. However, every time he got close enough to start reading, Santana would gasp dramatically, twitch, or make some other sort of sudden movement that would have Blaine recoiling back into his original position faster than he thought humanly possible.

Blaine would never, ever admit it out loud to anyone, but Santana kind of terrified him in a 'you-frighten-me-so-much-yet-I-feel-like-we-have-a-strange-connection' sort of way. In fact, Blaine was pretty sure that somewhere between Santana insulting his height, insulting Kurt (and being insulted by Kurt frequently in turn), threatening Blaine's life and manhood should he hurt Kurt, appearing randomly on Kurt's doorstep one June evening to drag a confused Blaine off to Breadstix for what she claimed was "bonding time" (and leaving an excited Brittany behind to hang with an equally baffled Kurt), Santana had somehow–and Blaine still to this day wasn't quite sure how–turned into his best friend at McKinley (other than Kurt, of course).

"It won't load!" Santana hissed suddenly, whipping her head around to look at Blaine. The movement was so sudden that it shocked the curly-haired boy into falling out of his chair. Santana ignored Blaine's indignant howls of pain in favor of glaring at the computer. After a moment she reached out to pound F5 repeatedly. "Blaine, why won't it work?"

"Why won't what work?" asked Blaine as he climbed back into his chair. Once he was fully seated, he rolled as far away from Santana as possible and cast an uncertain look at her. "What exactly are you trying to do?"

"I'm trying to read Oh No They Didn't!" she said, "I can't get it to load, though. I just finished reading a post about Lindsay Lohan and then I saw one about Twilight and I wanted to read it but–"

"You secretly like Twilight?" was all Blaine could think to comment on. He instantly regretted it when Santana sent him a glare that he was fairly sure could set kittens ablaze instantly. Shifting uncomfortably he quickly added, "I mean, you're sure it won't load? That's really weird. Huh."

Santana leveled him with a long look before finally turning her attention back to the computer screen. "Look, Frodo," she said, reaching out for the keyboard again, index finger twitching frantically above the F5 button. "You and I aren't leaving this lab until I get my daily dose of ONTD. So either help me to figure out why this won't load, or you and I are missing glee."

Blaine hesitated. "Santana, can't you just look at this later?"

"No!" she snapped, whirling around to glare at him again. "I have to read this now. Important things could be happening and I need to be informed! Suck it up, hobbit."

"Okay, okay," Blaine said, reaching out for the computer mouse. "Let's try this…"

Sam (CrazyMonkeyGames)

Sam Evans is undeniably a nerd.

Or maybe he's a geek…or both. Regardless of what term one wants to apply, the fact of the matter is that Sam definitely qualifies; he's seen every episode of Avatar at least four times, Captain James T. Kirk is pretty much his idol (not that he'll ever tell anyone that), he once spent three hours arguing with his mother about why David Tennant was clearly the superior Doctor, and he has some pretty mad League of Legends skills.

That last one, especially, is important to note. Sam likes to play games; board games, card games, role-playing games, and online games. You name it, and Sam has probably played it at least once.

Quinn has dated Sam long enough to know about his obsession with games of any kind. So, one look at his bookmarks and it comes as little surprise to her when she learns that Sam practically lives off of CrazyMonkeyGames, an online gaming website. One evening, Sam tries to teach her how to play Raze, but she isn't very good at it. In fact, Quinn isn't very good at games in general; she always goes bankrupt playing Monopoly, she always guesses incorrectly in Clue, and the one (and only) time that she had nearly won a game of Apples to Apples, Finn had tripped and knocked the table over, sending a flurry of cards everywhere.

So after the fiasco that is Raze, they went through a slew of other games (Territory War, Battleship, Pigeons Revenge) before settling on Sam's absolute favorite online game–Pandemic 2.

"It's fun because you have to be sneaky," Sam explained, pointing out different options on the screen to Quinn. "You have to manipulate everything so that it works in your favor."

Quinn studied the screen for a moment before reaching out to click on 'relaxed' mode. Then she hit 'parasite' and asked, "What exactly is the point of this game, Sam?"

"You have to infect and kill everyone," Sam said cheerfully. "If you don't, you lose."

"That's it?" asked Quinn. "It sounds kind of..."

"Yeah," Sam agreed. "It's kind of evil, but it's a lot of fun. Oh, look, you need to name your disease."

Quinn paused, trying to think of the thing in the world she hated most, the one thing that was like a walking disease in her mind.

'RachelBerryitus,' she typed into the screen. She then beamed at a wide-eyed Sam and said, "Now what?"

Brittany (I Can Haz Cheezeburger?)

Brittany giggled.

On either side of her, Santana and Kurt turned to look at her for the third–or was it fourth?–time, before finally turning their attention back to their own computer screens. They were in the middle of their Computer I class, the only class that the three of them had together, and they were supposed to be editing an Excel document that needed to be turned in by the end of the class period. Kurt and Santana were both nearly finished, but Brittany had spent the last twenty minutes giggling constantly, and both were beginning to worry that she would never finish.

Brittany giggled again.

Kurt only sighed, but Santana had finally had enough. "Brittany, why are you laughing? There is nothing funny about Excel!"

"What's Excel?" Brittany asked, blinking at her. Santana stared for a moment, mouth agape. Then she looked past Brittany at Kurt, who was mirroring her expression perfectly.

"Brittany?" Kurt shifted in his seat and leaned towards the blond cheerleader. "Excel is the program you're supposed to be working on for class. What exactly have you been doing for the last twenty minutes?"

Brittany beamed at Kurt–he was her favorite dolphin, after all–and started talking excitedly. "I've been online! I like to read the Cheezeburger blog!" she said. Then after a moment, she added, "I really like cheeseburgers because they're yummy, Kurt."

Kurt and Santana both blinked. Finally, Santana spoke. "Cheezeburger blog? You mean that website with the weird cat pictures that have text at the bottom?"

"They aren't weird," said Brittany as she bit at her lip. "They're funny. It's my favorite website. I think that sometimes Lord Tubbington logs onto my computer and looks at it too, though. I wish he wouldn't do that…I'd let him look with me if he would just ask nicely. But what can you expect from the cat who reads my diary without permission?"

"Oh," was all Kurt could say. Santana just stared.

"Do you want to look?" Brittany asked. "I can show you my favorites!"

Kurt and Santana exchanged another look over Brittany's head. After a second they turned their attention back to her. "All right," said Kurt, smiling. "Let's see some cats."

Mercedes (Facebook)

For the longest time, Mercedes had absolutely no interest in getting a Facebook. Sure, she knew that everyone else thought it was a great way to stay in touch, but she honestly considered it nothing more than a waste of time. In all honesty, the idea of everyone knowing her personal business bothered her a lot. Plus, Mercedes had better things to do than to spend all of her time online, stalking everyone else's movements and thoughts.

That changed when she joined glee club and met Kurt Hummel. Yes, she and Kurt had known each other before glee club–they were both in the same class, after all–but they hadn't really interacted all that much. But then Mercedes joined the glee club and, somehow, she and Kurt had suddenly become the best of friends.

It was Kurt who had first demanded that Mercedes make a Facebook. "You have to have one," he said. "Everyone else does…how can you expect to be kept in the loop without one, 'Cedes?"

Quinn and Brittany had agreed with him and the next thing Mercedes knew, she was sitting at a computer with the three of them hovering over her, staring at the words on the screen with dread.

Mercedes joined Facebook.

She decided then and there that that was as far as it would go. She had made one simply to appease the wrath of Kurt Hummel, and that was it. She wouldn't actually use it.

In fact, Mercedes forgot all about her Facebook account for weeks. It wasn't until she found herself home alone one boring Sunday night in early January, with absolutely nothing else to do, that she logged on. For awhile, it was as boring as she assumed it would be. As much as she loved Kurt, she didn't want to read a play-by-play of his 'I-swear-its-not-a-date-but-I-really-wish-it-was-and-why-is-Blaine-so-amazing-but-stupid-but-amazing' coffee outing with Blaine. Nor did she really want to know that Puck had 'scored', or that Brittany was lost somewhere in the mall, and that Santana and Quinn were going to go find her (as soon as they posted said statuses telling everyone so, of course).

She was about to log out and go to bed when she noticed something odd on Sam's wall called 'Mafia Wars'. Curious, she clicked on it and realized that it was a game.

Facebook had games?

Later, Mercedes would admit that she had no idea how it happened. One second, she had been curiously surfing through different parts of the game and the next thing she knew, she had found her way to multiple games and pages, and her wall looked something like this:

Mercedes is playing Mafia Wars.

Mercedes answered a question about Finn Hudson.

Mercedes is playing Mafia Wars.

Mercedes just answered a question about Santana Lopez.

Mercedes just answered a question about Sam Evans.

Mercedes just answered a question about Kurt Hummel.

Mercedes is playing Frontierville.

Mercedes is playing Farmville.

Mercedes likes Fashion and 26 other pages.

Mike Chang to Mercedes Jones: I'm glad that you like SuperPoke Pets, Mercedes. But did you have to send me 37 requests in two hours?

Mercedes is playing Farmville.

A few seconds later, a new post appeared on her wall:

Kurt Hummel to Mercedes Jones: I do not farm.

Blaine Anderson: You know it's not real farming, right? (Mercedes Jones likes this).

Kurt Hummel: …did you seriously just ask me that?

Blaine Anderson: What? I just don't understand your comment. Fake farming is not the same as real farming. You won't get dirty or anything.

Brittany Pierce: I have a farm! But one of the llamas ate the giraffe! :( (Finn HudsonQuinn Fabray, and three others like this).

Finn Hudson: You have a llama? That's cool! You should bring it to glee club.

Kurt Hummel: …really, Finn?

Blaine Anderson: I would also like to see this llama.

Mercedes Jones: Could you please just accept the request, Kurt? I need four more neighbors.

Kurt HummelMercedes: Fine. But you owe me. Blaine: I'll be waiting at our table at the Lima Bean tomorrow morning for your apology.

Blaine Anderson: …what did I say? Why are we fighting and why am I apologizing? I'm so confused :(

Finn Hudson: Don't argue with him about clothes, dude. Or being clean. You won't win…I learned that the hard way. He once got me grounded for three weeks because I forgot to do my laundry (Kurt Hummel likes this).

By the time Mercedes looked back at the clock, she realized that four hours had passed. She bit her lip and looked back at her computer. She knew this was probably not a good thing, but…she really wanted to finish setting up her farm.

She shrugged and went back to her game. She'd just stop playing in another half hour.

Three hours later, she was still at the computer.

Lauren (Fail Blog)

If there was one thing that Lauren Zizes enjoyed, it was people doing really stupid things. Specifically speaking, she enjoyed people doing stupid things and then putting them on the internet for everyone to see. The internet was like the gift that just keeps on giving, a plethora of stupidity and amusement for Lauren to bask in when she was feeling happy, or sad, or just bored.

And Fail Blog was like the ultimate treasure chest of stupidity. It was, without a doubt, Lauren's favorite website–she checked it religiously–and she was never disappointed. Today was no different, and since she was feeling generous, she decided to share the wealth with the one person she knew would appreciate it as much as she did.

To: puckertheman

From: zzzizes

Title: man up puckerman!

Puckerman, I really liked these links on failblog. You better take a look at them so we can discuss them tomorrow in glee. I'll know if you don't.

Satisfied with the body of her e-mail (who needed long and rambling when you could be short and to the point?), Lauren proceeded to copy and paste thirty-three links into the e-mail. She hit send and waited until the screen disappeared. Satisfied that her good deed for the day was accomplished–how was sharing stuff this good not a good deed?–she turned her attention back to Fail Blog and hit F5.

Hopefully something new would be posted.

Blaine (Crimelibrary)

Blaine Anderson is not a serial killer.

All right, perhaps it's important to start from the beginning. It had all started when Blaine was still in middle school. Long before he had come out, and long before the events at the Sadie Hawkins dance that made him transfer to Dalton, Blaine had actually been pretty popular. In fact, he had been really popular; he had the best clothes, the best things, he'd been on the football team, and he had some of the best grades in not only his particular class, but in the whole school.

Good grades were important to Blaine. They were a symbol of achievement, and they were one of the few things that the bullies hadn't been able to take away from him–even when his bullying was at its absolute worst prior to the Sadie Hawkins dance, Blaine had managed to keep high grades.

It had been this need to keep good grades that had led to Blaine's borderline obsession with Crimelibrary.

It had started innocently enough. In one of his classes, they had been covering notorious murders in American history. The teacher had then assigned them each a serial killer, cult leader, mobster, vigilante group, or similarly violent groups/individuals to do a paper and project on. The paper and project would constitute half of their final grade in the class.

Blaine had been assigned Ted Bundy.

He knew the basics of the case, but Blaine also knew that simply summarizing wouldn't be enough for both a paper and a project. So he had decided to go all out in his research, determined to walk away with the highest grade possible. He'd started at the school library like everyone else, and although he had found a lot of good sources, Blaine still felt as though there was something missing. With that thought in mind, Blaine had turned to the internet. A quick search had provided a few helpful links, but it wasn't until he hit one of the last ones on the first page that he found himself entranced.

'What the hell is a Crimelibrary?' Blaine thought to himself before clicking on the link. His eyes widened as he realized what he was looking at–it was like an entire encyclopedia of bad people! The next thing he knew, he had thirty tabs open regarding different nefarious crimes and criminals. Eventually, and Blaine wasn't exactly sure how or when it happened, the majority of his bookmarks had turned into links from Crimelibrary (the day that Kurt had logged onto Blaine's laptop and discovered this was still embarrassing for Blaine. "Really, Blaine?" Kurt had said, raising an eyebrow in amusement. "You have one-hundred and sixty-seven Crimelibrary pages bookmarked? …Is there something you want to tell me?")

Now, as originally stated, Blaine Anderson was not a serial killer. Really, he wasn't–okay, yes, at times he'd had some less than savory thoughts about Dave Karofsky regarding the whole Kurt ordeal, but it wasn't like he would ever act on them.

Because killing people was rude, and Blaine Anderson?

Blaine Anderson was not rude.

Or a serial killer.

"I really think you are," Kurt teased cheerfully from somewhere behind him. A second later a still-grinning Kurt appeared next to Blaine, and reached a hand up towards his collar, straightening it. "Come on, Bundy," he said, pressing a quick kiss against Blaine's lips. He headed out the front door and towards the car. "We have places to be."

Blaine sighed, mentally beating himself up for having said that last thought out loud. Then, realizing what Kurt had actually said, he blushed before following his boyfriend out the door. "For the last time, Kurt, stop calling me Bundy. I am not a serial killer!"