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I Burn Eternal

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The TARDIS dematerialized in London. He was alone, no one by his side, no one to keep him company, no Time Lord presence he could sense. As much as he was belittled, embarrassed and even sometimes shunned by his own people he still craved their company. He felt his inferior and superior all the time. His secret didn’t pass his lips freely anymore. He had to pick a side, he picked the superior. But nestled within his consciousness the inferior side remained. And on times like this, on those rare moments when his life was a bit quiet, he plays with it, the side that craves normality but as always he was brought back to reality by the beating of both his alien hearts.


The TARDIS had indicated disturbances occurring all over London. However whenever he got close to any source, it would stop and there was no trace of it to be found anywhere. He would usually be glad at this but with how quickly these disturbances were appearing and disappearing, something wasn’t right. He got to the last known disturbance that the TARDIS picked up to find that again there was nothing there. But at the last spot he got a feeling as if someone was following him

She was there in the last spot after she stopped the threat when the TARDIS materialized. She quickly ran and hid close by behind some rubbish bins. A man stepped out, she guessed it was the Doctor; he was alone she had noticed, as had closed the door behind him. It had been some time since she had seen him; he had regenerated since she had last seen him. She missed the fact that she couldn’t just walk up to him and have him regard her as a friend and to recognise her. The Time War stopped all that, but she missed his friendship so much. She was really tempted to reach out and touch his shoulder.

He sensed it in the air, someone was there, and he was almost sure of it. He walked over to a spot in the alleyway; it smelt a bit of sulphur. He held out his hand, the energy being given off made the hair on the back of his hand stand on edge.

She carefully got up from where she was hiding and went to move into the shadows a bit more. She made it into the shadows and waited. But like he had heard her, he swung his head around. He came close to her before he heard a scream and quickly ran away to try and find its source.

When she was sure that he was gone, she ran to the opening of the alley and peered out at him as he left. Then he quickly looked back and spotted her. This caught her by surprise and she ran away.

He didn’t know what it was but he looked back, in the middle of tracking down an unknown nasty, he stopped to look around, this never happened to him before. But he spotted her; she was leaning against the corner of the alleyway, just looking at him. She had purple streaks of colour in her dark hair, she was pale and thin of face. He would know her again if he saw her. Then she spotted him looking at her, she got frightened and ran away. ‘Wait!’ he called out. But then he was alerted to the sound of screams again and he groaned and ran off again.

Her heart was pounding, that moment was too close for comfort. She turned and faced the TARDIS; it had been through an awful lot. She put her hand up and touched the outside and then left.

He arrived back to the TARDIS a couple of minutes later.

Crystal walked into Sparrow and Nightingale’s for a look around the books section; she picked up a copy of Yeats poetry and left to a nearby coffee shop.

The TARDIS materialised not far from where it materialised last. She was distracted by something, he could tell. He looked outside, all around him and he spotted her, the same girl sitting in a coffee shop, he went over and walked inside.

She knew that he was coming over to her; she never forgot a scent, especially his. Footsteps continued until it stopped at where she was sitting, her heart leapt in her chest, but her composure remained the same.

‘Grant me an old man’s frenzy’ he found himself saying.
‘Myself must I remake’ she replied, smirking over her book of poetry.
He grinned back at her.

He sat over the way from her. She had a mug of tea along with her book; she called a waitress and asked for another mug of tea.

‘Why were you in the alleyway?’ he asked her straight out.

‘I was doing my job, that’s all’ she told him.

‘Who do you work for, Torchwood?’ he questioned her.

‘I’m freelance, like you. Torchwood are good, I’ll give you now that Captain Jack is at its head’ she replied adding ‘and before you accuse me of murder, I didn’t kill them, I frightened them off, that’s all’

‘I’m assuming that you know about how I get around’ he replied adding suddenly horrified ‘Oh God, you’re not one of LINDA’. She giggled

‘No, I’m not, LINDA disbanded a long time ago, I know because they were on my case about you’ she replied. ‘Why would they be on your case, I’ve never seen you before today’ he said rather matter of fact.

‘Ah, now that’s where it gets a bit sticky for me’ she said rather nervously.

‘Why?’ he asked her.

‘Cause, I have seen you before today, sure you have changed with regeneration, but you’re still the same man. Still the same person, despite the change of face and the scars’ she replied.

‘I have no scars’ he replied quickly. ‘Not outwards, inwards, your scars are on your soul. You’ve been hurt internally and I couldn’t help you, as much as I wanted to’ she said trying not to cry.

‘I have to go’ she told him. She paid for both teas and walked out, the Doctor followed her. ‘What do you mean, as much as you wanted?’ he asked.

‘It doesn’t matter ok, forget about me Thet’ she told him running off. ‘What did you call me?’ he said rather dumbstruck, it was a name that he hadn’t heard or gone by for quite a long time.

She was gone again from him, he wished she would stay a little longer and tell him more, maybe shed a bit of light. Part of him believed her, part of him didn’t, but she still was of interest to him. He walked to the TARDIS but was attacked.