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Sleeping Angels

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To: Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus
From: Commander Angeal Hewley, HANDLER First Class
Subject: HANDLER Moritz


It’s come to my attention that HANDLER Moritz is unsuitable for his role regarding SOLDIER 265, Cloud. As you know, I oversaw much of Cloud’s early training and continue to keep tabs on his progress. I’ve noticed a considerable backslide in discipline, as well as an increase in aggression since Moritz took over his training. At best, I am concerned about Moritz’s competence in training and discipline, and at worst I am concerned these aggressive episodes may have an unfortunate outcome for both HANDLER and SOLDIER.


To: Commander Angeal Hewley, HANDLER First Class
From: Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus
Subject: RE: HANDLER Moritz 


Thank you for your concern. I have looked into the matter further and discussed the details with the scientists who oversee 265’s mako therapy. We will monitor the situation between Moritz and his SOLDIER but currently have no plans to interfere with his training schedule.


To: Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus
From: Commander Angeal Hewley, HANDLER First Class
Subject: RE:RE: HANDLER Moritz 


I am concerned that HANDLER Moritz is unsuitable for his position and that his relationship with Cloud is causing more harm than good. I submit now that if you do not take action, the consequences will be catastrophic.


To: Commander Angeal Hewley, HANDLER First Class
From: Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus
Subject: RE:RE:RE: HANDLER Moritz


My hands are tied. I will monitor the situation but you would do well to remember that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


To: Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus
From: Commander Angeal Hewley, HANDLER First Class
Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE HANDLER Moritz 

I am not interested in catching flies. I am interested in keeping people alive.



Date: April 15, 0001
Name and Title of Person Making the Report: Commander Angeal Hewley, HANDLER First Class
Name and Identification of SOLDIERS involved: Cloud – 265, Sephiroth – 001,
Name of HANDLERs involved: Lieutenant Mikael Moritz 

Description of Events

During the course of scheduled and routine training, HANDLER Moritz turned his back on his SOLDIER, Cloud, who proceeded to use the momentary lapse in concentration to tackle Moritz. The SOLDIER then proceeded to claw at Moritz’s face, specifically his eyes and mouth, before biting his throat and tearing it out with his teeth.

SOLDIER Sephiroth intervened, pulling Cloud off and restraining him long enough for me to sedate him. Moritz was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Actions Already Taken or Actions Recommended

The SOLDIER has been reprimanded to the science department until further notice. However, it is my recommendation that judgment be suspended pending an investigation into HANDLER Moritz’s training techniques.



Excerpt from an Interview with SOLDIER HANDLER Angeal Hewley, regarding the Moritz incident. Senior Turk Tseng, Interviewing.


Interviewer: Records show that you reported Moritz’s behavior to the Director of SOLDIER months in advance of the incident in the training rooms. Did you know this was going to happen? 

Hewley: Of course not. However, having worked with Cloud in the past, I could tell he was growing more and more anxious just from observing him in the training room. I’ve been a HANDLER long enough to know that an anxious SOLDIER is a dangerous one.

Interviewer: I see. Would you please state for the record what your previous involvement with SOLDIER 265 was?

Hewley: I trained him from age eight to age thirteen, before he was turned over to Moritz for dependency and field training.

Interviewer: What reason did the most experienced and highly respected HANDLER in ShinRa have to work with a juvenile SOLDIER?

Hewley: Cloud’s mako adaptability is the third highest of all the SOLDIERs. Given what happened to the first SOLDIER with those levels, it was decided that Cloud would benefit from early instruction and from bonding with Sephiroth, who would be his contemporary. It is also not uncommon for experienced HANDLERs to work with juvenile SOLDIERs on occasion before they are assigned more permanent HANDLERs. The socialization has helped reduce incidents of aggression and feral behavior.

Interviewer: Prior to his assignment to Moritz, how would you have described 265’s behavior and personality?

Hewley: Calm, perceptive, and submissive. Cloud is a very obedient SOLDIER. He rarely fought against me and was always very quick to pick up new skills. He can read social cues much better than most SOLDIERs – certainly much better than Sephiroth can – and react accordingly. He was never aggressive as a child. Passive, I guess, would be the best word to describe him. Passive and relaxed.

Interviewer: Would you say that 265’s attack on Moritz was indicative of an adolescent shift in behavior?

Hewley: No. I’d say it’s indicative of a perfectly normal – perfectly human – reaction to stressful circumstances, taken to the extreme by the violence of a SOLDIER’s upbringing. Cloud’s personality has not changed.

Interviewer: Strike Hewley’s last statement from the record please. Note that he does not believe 265’s effectiveness as a SOLDIER has been compromised.

Hewley: Tseng—

Interviewer: Thank you, Commander. We will let you know if we have any further questions.



TO: All HANDLERs First and Second Class
FROM: Lazard Deusericus, Director of SOLDIER
SUBJECT: New Training Protocols for SOLDIERS First and Second Class



The Turks have concluded their investigation into the incident on April 15th, 0001, regarding HANDLER First Class Moritz and SOLDIER 265. It is the decision of the SOLDIER program to reassign 265 to a new HANDLER pending new safety protocols. The new HANDLER will be selected from the incoming pool of candidates. However, we are currently accepting nominations as to who the new HANDLER will be.

Following this investigation, we will also begin implementing new HANDLER protocols for HANDLERs of First and Second Class SOLDIERs – Third Class SOLDIER HANDLERs will not be affected. From now on, the juvenile and adolescent SOLDIERs of these rankings will require an extra HANDLER supervising their training both in the training rooms and on the field. The second supervising HANDLER must be currently unassigned a SOLDIER or be assigned a fully grown, fully trained SOLDIER.

We respect and understand that these restrictions will affect current training regimes. To accommodate these changes, SOLDIER intends to double the number of HANDLERs accepted into its next Candidate Class as well as change the procedure for acquiring a SOLDIER to train. In the meantime, the Turks and the Infantry have graciously offered volunteers to serve as temporary supervising HANDLERs.

Lastly, the SOLDIER program has always stood behind methods of positive reinforcement in training. We would like to remind our HANDLERs – without whom this program would not exist – of the importance of effective training tactics. With this in mind, SOLDIER will begin offering non-mandatory HANDLER Training Refresher classes once a week beginning in June. Please check your bulletins and emails for information regarding class locations and topics.

The SOLDIER program is the pride of ShinRa Electric Company. Let us all work hard and do our parts for our future and the benefit of mankind.



To: Commander Angeal Hewley, HANDLER First Class
From: Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus
Subject: Zack Fair



Thank you for your input in choosing a new HANDLER for SOLDIER 265. We decided to take your recommendation and will be assigning HANDLER Candidate Zack Fair to him once he has completed his training. I’d like to ask you to keep an eye on HANDLER Fair and SOLDIER 265. The lab has reported that the SOLDIER has not calmed any in the six months since the Moritz incident. They are concerned that he will continue to pose a threat to other HANDLERs and to himself, however they are willing to give reassignment a try.

HANDLER Fair is at the top of his class – he is bright, intuitive, and a natural with SOLDIERs – so it would be a shame for the HANDLER program to lose both him and 265. Given your extensive experience as a HANDLER as well as your previous experience working with 265, you are the best choice as a mentor.


To: Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus
From: Commander Angeal Hewley, HANDLER First Class
Subject: RE: Zack Fair



It should go without saying. I will be keeping an eye out for both Cloud and his new HANDLER. [REDACTED] and I both have a vested interest in seeing HANDLER Fair succeed.



To: Commander Angeal Hewley, HANDLER First Class
From: Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus
Subject: RE:RE: Zack Fair


Old Friend, 

Please be more careful with your communications. You are well known for having unpopular opinions in ShinRa. This is dangerous territory you tread and you’d do well to keep in mind that not everyone is as tolerant as your views as I am. Please, if not for my sake, then for your SOLDIER’s sake – enough with these radical opinions.




To: Lieutenant Zack Fair, HANDLER First Class
From: Director of SOLDIER, Lazard Deusericus
Subject: SOLDIER Assignment



Congratulations on successfully passing the prerequisites of the SOLDIER program at ShinRa Electric Company. Your exemplary performance has qualified you to receive a SOLDIER First Class. As you know from your training, only about one in ten SOLDIERs qualifies as First Class. You join an elite group of HANDLERs that includes the Hero of the Wutai War, Commander Angeal Hewley, and the HANDLER known as the Fire of Junon, Garis Brenth. Your position as a HANDLER First Class is accompanied by a two rank promotion to Lieutenant as a sign of the great expectations ShinRa has of you.

Please find enclosed your new SOLDIER’s dossier as well as your requisition and orientation itinerary.

Welcome to SOLDIER,

Lazard Deusericus, Director of SOLDIER