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Take to the Sky

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Jason's not going to say it's a stupid idea, but. It's a stupid idea.

He doesn't fit in here, will never fit in here. He's not like Dick, can't fake it the way he can. It's obvious he's nothing like the other kids going to this stupid camp, isn't some kid born to money the way Bruce was, the way these kids were. He's a scruffy street kid who's going to stick out like a sore thumb.

It's a fucking terrible idea and Jason's said so at least ten times, with little success because Bruce is Bruce.

"Have fun at camp, Jason!" Bruce - Brucie calls, waving and smiling like an idiot because he loves to torture Jason with Brucie. (Loves to torture all of them with Brucie because he's a bastard like that.)

Jason would roll his eyes, but there's a reason for this particularly bad idea (and really, who thinks it's a great idea to throw Gotham's spoiled rotten rich kids into summer camp and not expect something to happen?), so he smiles and waves back and tries not to grind his teeth.


"We thought it would be good to pair the older campers with the younger attendees," the counselor burbles, bright and cheery and getting on Jason's last nerve with her inane chatter.

(Also, that sounds like yet another terrible idea, have none of these people met a bully in their entire life? Because Gotham's elite are rife with the bastards.)

The counselor - Sherry or Carry, something with an -arry sound in her name leads them to one of the bungalows painstakingly designed to look like rustic mountain cabins. Supposedly they're equipped with “only the necessary amenities,” or so the brochures claim, in order to give the campers a “real camping experience.”

Except for things like bathtub jacuzzis. God forbid they go without such essential basics.

"Here we go!" she sparkles, looking like a toothpaste ad as she opens the door. "Oh, and it looks like your cabinmate is here already!"

Jason looks around her to where a tiny kid is perched on the bottom bunk looking slightly bewildered, which. Yeah. Jason gets that, this camp is fucking bizarre. No wonder Bruce thought something was up with it.

(It's not too early to rule out an evil robot army masquerading - badly - as humans, or an invading alien race with the ability to shapeshift, or just run of the mill mind control because no one can be as perky as Sherry – Carry? - is and not be evil in some way.)

The kid's eyes widen when he looks at Jason, almost scared.

The counselor is completely oblivious, smiling bright and obnoxious. "Hello - " she chirps, pausing to consult her clipboard for the kid's name. " - Timothy! This is Jason, he'll be your cabinmate for the rest of camp! I'm sure the two of you will get along perfectly!"

Timothy smiles weakly. "It's Tim," he says, polite and proper and he hops off the bunk and walks over, hand extended. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Jason eyes the kid. Small, scrawny, a little too pale, but his smile is real enough, if a little uncertain. Jason smiles, does his best to look non-threatening. "Nice to meet you too, Tim."

Tim's smile goes from uncertain to something. Wary, like he's not sure he should be smiling, and Jason. Okay, it's.

The kid's fucking tiny. A perfect target for bullies and Gotham's elite are rife with the bastards. But Jason's Robin, he's supposed to look out for people like Tim. Make sure they're protected, safe. Bruce may have a specific reason for sending Jason to the damn summer camp in the first place, but plans change, and there's no way he's going to leave Tim to fend for himself. It's the right thing to do, right?