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Planning The Future

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Chapter 1


"What are your plans now?" said Skye as they were having breakfast in the dining room. "Now I am a college graduate. I guess I will be looking for a job and place of my own with Dean" said Kaylie as she smile and they look at her.

"Accounting?" said Skyler as he look at her and she smile at him. "Sky it's time to go to school" said Lila Rae as she smile and they left. "Your dad have something to show you later when he get home" said Skye as they got up to clean the table. "Ok" said Kaylie as she left.


"Mom?" said Kristina as she came into the house she grew up in. "Kristina isn't that Ethan's funnel shirt?" said Alexis as she notice Kristina wearing a familiar shirt with her blue tank top and blue jeans then they hug. "It is and I have two. He don't know I have them yet" said Kristina as she bit her lip and smile slightly.

"He know they are missing does he?" said Alexis as she smile and they sit down. "He does. I didn't tell him I had them" said Kristina as they laugh and Molly came downstairs then they hug. "It's great you are back home for good. I got to go to school" said Molly as they smile and she left.

"Are you going out with that and see what happen then?" said Alexis as Kristina nod at her. "That's the plan and I had it for four years since he started going to PVU to see us every weekend. I told dad that we were together at Dante's wedding and I have not told him that I have been living with Ethan" said Kristina as she look at Alexis.

"Just tell him when you are ready" said Alexis as she got ready for work and Kristina agreed. "Thanks. I was to meet Kaylie for lunch" said Kristina as she look at her watch and got up. "Is that new?" said Alexis as she look at Kristina's watch and Kristina nod. "Ethan got it for me as my graduation gift" said Kristina as they smile and they left.


"What took you too long?" said Kaylie as she sit at the counter facing Mike who was talking to Kaylie when Kristina show up. "Sorry I want to talk to my mom" said Kristina as Kaylie smile and she sit down. "He's going to bust you for stealing both of his and kept them for four years" said Kaylie as they smile and she agreed.

"Four years?" said Mike as he look at Kristina and she look at Mike. "Ethan have been coming to see us every weekend for last four years at PVU" said Kristina as Mike give them coffee and they smile. "Kristina?" said Ethan as he walk into Kelly's and notice Kristina wearing one of his missing shirts. "Hi" said Kristina as she turn around to look at Ethan.

"That is mine you thief I gather you have my other one too?" said Ethan as he went to her slowly and she smile. "I do. They still smell like you" said Kristina as Kaylie watch them both. "For last four years you had them and never wash them?" said Ethan as he stand in front of her. "Alright. I did wash them and wear them every Monday after you left then. I wear them every night. When you was there I hid them in my closet" said Kristina as he smile at her and they kiss.

"Missed me much?" said Ethan as she blush and Kaylie laugh then Dean came in. "I see that you got busted" said Dean as they laugh then Dean kiss Kaylie. "Can I keep them?" said Kristina as she pout while looking at him. "All you had to do was ask" said Ethan as he sit by her and they smile. "Really? but I had good times hiding it and letting you wonder where they went" said Kristina as he put his hands on both sides of Kristina's stool then got close to her.

"I pretty much gave up after two years and I could always get more. Those two was my favorites" said Ethan as she kiss him and he back up to his seat. "I am sorry I stole you favorite shirts" said Kristina as they smile and he kiss her hand in his. "It's okay" said Ethan as she smile at him and they had lunch.

"When do we tell everyone we are engaged?" said Dean as he smile at her and she look at the ring he gave her. "Want to get our whole family to Metro Court for dinner and tell them?" said Kaylie as she smile when he agreed and they kiss. "I am in. I love you" said Dean as they hold one other hands. "They still together?" said Mike as he and Kristina were watching them. "They are and still in love. The longest relationship than us" said Kristina as she smile at Ethan who agreed.

"We have been together for four years. They been together for seven years" said Ethan as Kaylie and Dean came over to them. "Kris, Ethan Metro Court at 6pm tell the family and close friends" said Kaylie as she smile at them and left with Dean. "Tonight? I want to go swimming" said Ethan as he look at her and she smile at him. "Sure for couple of hours then we got to go get ready" said Kristina as they agreed and left.


"Dad I want the whole family at Metro Court tonight at 6pm and I told mom" said Kaylie as she found him in the living room. "Okay and tomorrow meet me next door" said Lorenzo as she smile at him. "The house that is for sale?" said Kaylie as he nod and she smile then left to make phone calls.

Q's boat house

"Dillon?" said Ethan as he went to get his towel then put on the necklace he took off earlier and start drying himself from swimming. "Ethan" said Dillon as he look inside the boat house. "What are you doing?" said Ethan as he look at him and look in his bag. "Looking for my watch" said Dillon as he went to look for it.

"Lost it?" said Ethan as he smile and got his shirt out of the bag. "Found it. How's the water?" said Dillon as he close the door and look at him. "Cool and it's not bad" said Ethan as he put on his shirt and Kristina came over to him. "I am cold already" said Kristina as she ran toward her towel and put it around her. "Just dry off and you will feel better" said Ethan as he smile at her. "Sure" said Kristina as she look in the same bag Ethan was in.

"Ethan we need to go before we are late because Kaylie will kill us if we ruined it for her" said Kristina as she dry off then got her shirt and short on. "Dillon you have to go. Emily got the call from her and she said all of you are going beside Georgie and Nikolas plus the kids" said Ethan as Dillon look at them.

"Six?" said Dillon as Kristina nod and they smile at him. "Let's go Ethan" said Kristina as she pack the bag and Ethan took it to carry it. "See you soon" said Ethan as he look at them and left with Kristina.

Ethan and Kristina's

"Are you ready?" said Kristina as she was getting ready to go. "I am" said Ethan as he got up after putting on his shoes. "You look handsome" said Kristina as Ethan kiss her. "You are my beautiful girl" said Ethan as she smile and they left.

Metro Court

"Twenty minutes early and no Kaylie yet" said Ethan as he and Kristina went to the bar. "I am going to talk to one of my brothers" said Kristina as she saw Dante, Lulu and Peter arrive. "Dante" said Kristina as she went to them and they smile.

"Kris" said Dante as they hug and move to a table. "He got big" said Kristina as they start talking then Ethan brought some drink for them. "Here" said Ethan as he give Kristina her cup and she smile at him. "Thanks" said Kristina as she took a sip and he kiss her head. "She's here" said Ethan as Kaylie and Dean arrive.

"What's the news?" said Molly as the whole room agreed with her. "We are getting married" said Kaylie as they stood still and the room was silence.

"Kaylie" said Jacilyn as she hug her then Lorenzo and others with congratulations on the wedding announcement. "Welcome to the family Dean" said Diego as they shake hands and smile. "Thanks" said Dean as Kaylie went to hug Diego. "Let's eat and celebrate the news" said Diego as they sit down and start having dinner.

"Diego. You think he's good enough for her" said Dillon as he, Georgie, Lulu, Dante, Peter, Matt and Maxie sit with Abby and Diego. "I do" said Diego as he look at him then at where Kaylie's sitting at with Dean. "Young love these days" said Dillon as he smile at Georgie and they agreed.

"To Kaylie and Dean may they have happy long life together" said Sam as they cheer and drink to it. "Thanks Sam. All of you for coming it mean alot to us. You are coming to the wedding" said Kaylie as they replied that they all are coming.

"Awesome. Sam and Ryan it's been one year and half since you two hitched" said Dean as they laugh and the boys smile. "It is and got married during our junior year" said Ryan as he and Sam smile while they agreed. "It was beautiful" said Kristina as she smile. "And caught the bride's flowers at Dante's wedding" said Ethan as they laugh. "Kay caught Abby's at her wedding" said Dean as they talk about good times.

"Our little girl grew up and getting married" said Jacilyn as she and Lorenzo look over at Kaylie's table. "Where did the time go?" said Lorenzo as they smile. "We have Lila Rae, Skyler and AJ left since Diego is married then her" said Skye as they agreed.

"I am ready to go home. I was swimming with him and we had fun but I am wore out" said Kristina as they agreed to go. "Let's go then" said Ethan as he help her up then Kristina grab her purse. "Later" said Kaylie as she smile and they left.

Next day

Next door by Alcazars

"Dad we are here" said Kaylie as she and Dean enter the house to look around. "What do you think?" said Lorenzo as he smile when they look over to him and the rest of the family standing in the living room. "What does that mean?" said Dean as he look at them then Kaylie. "It's ours?" said Kaylie as she smile at them.

"All yours as your graduation gift" said Lorenzo as they hug. "Thank you dad" said Kaylie as she and Dean hug then they smile. "We got the payment on the house paid until September then you two are paying it after you two get a job" said Jacilyn as they nod in agreement. "Good. We can start shopping for the house when you two are free" said Skye as they smile then Kaylie and Dean look at each other. "We got job interview today" said Dean as they look at them. "Good luck and here's the keys" said Aidan as he smile and they left.


"Hey Mike coffee please" said Ethan as he went to Kelly's to get coffee before going to Haunted Star. "The return of other missing shirt?" said Mike as he give him a go to cup of coffee and notice his shirt. "It is and she have the one she wore yesterday. I guess you heard the news?" said Ethan as he smile and Mike nod. "Kaylie and Dean's wedding. I was invited" said Mike as they smile and Ethan agreed. "We may be in it" said Ethan as he touch his necklace.

"Maybe. Nice necklace" said Mike as he notice it in his hand. "Thanks. Kristina and I gave each other the necklace on New Year's Eve last year. She have one with my name on it and I have hers" said Ethan as he smile and put his hand on the heart. "Take good care of her you hear?" said Mike as he point to him then Ethan raise his hands up. "I will" said Ethan as he smile and left while Mike went into the kitchen.

E- I love you and I am out looking for a job. Wish me luck- Kristina
K- Good luck and remember I love you no matter what- Ethan

Haunted Star

"The lost boy return" said Luke as they laugh when Ethan appear. "What's going on family?" said Ethan as he look at Lucky, Nikolas and Lulu standing by Luke. "Dodge we were talking about Kaylie and her wedding to Dean. How wonderful it will be. She may miss Pete when her wedding date come closer" said Luke as they agreed.

"She and Pete got along well once she came home. Losing him was hard on her and Peter made it better for her once he was born. I know she does missed him as time go on" said Lulu as Ethan hug her. "It's okay. Dean can handle her" said Ethan as his phone ring and he get it out.

E- Be my best man? Kristina accepted Kaylie's offer to be her maid of honor. That mean you and her will be walking down together- Dean
D- Sure. Keep us updated- Ethan
E- We will- Dean

"Who was it?" said Lucky as they watch him texting on his phone. "Dean and I am the best man while Kristina is maid of honor" said Ethan as he grin at them and put his phone away. "You and Kristina still together?" said Nikolas as he look at him and Ethan nod. "We are" said Ethan as he look at him and they smile. "You are in love with my husband's little sister Kristina?" said Lulu as she smile at him and he chuckle. "I am" said Ethan as they smile and laugh. "Later" said Lucky as he left with Lulu and Nikolas.

K- Dean asked me as his best man- Ethan
K- Maxie hired me and Kaylie to work in her company's accounting office and he told you I am maid of honor?- Kristina
K- He did- Ethan
E- Later- Kristina


"Hey" said Kristina as she arrive and Ethan turn around to smile at her. "Ready to eat?" said Ethan as she nod at him. "Starving and I had great time learning at work with Kaylie" said Kristina as he nod and hold her in his arms. "Let's go" said Ethan as they left.


"Have you see Katie?" said Kristina as they were eating dinner. "I have see Johnny lately and she may be at work" said Ethan as Kristina look at Ethan. "I love you" said Kristina as he smile at her. "I love you too" said Ethan as he eat his fries. "Much better" said Kristina as she finish eating her food. "I know" said Ethan as they smile and left after paying the bill.

Dean and Kaylie's house

"We got our master bedroom the kitchen, and all bathroom done" said Kaylie as they were sitting on the floor in the living room. "Got the power on. I brought the bed and stuff today" said Dean as he pet Casey who was laying down by them. "You working at Johnny's garage?" said Kaylie as he nod. "He rarely keep it open and with me working there now we can keep it open more" said Dean as they spend the night together in their first home.