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Laughing Eyes

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Jared is going to kill someone. He’s not sure who needs killing, since he doesn’t know which of his buddies decided that a club was a good location for his 18th birthday - his money is on Chad, but he can’t really know for sure. More importantly, he doesn’t know whose idea it was for them to go to the only club in town that advertises itself as for “alternative sexualities.” Jared’s not exactly in the closet, but he doesn't advertise his sexuality either, and he's flushed with embarrassment as they stand outside the club, flashing their IDs at the bouncer as they get ushered inside.

At first, he’s overwhelmed by the lights and pounding bass beat, but Chad drags him over to a booth and sits him down right on the edge, where they have a good view of the dance floor. That’s when Jared sees him. He can’t be much older than them, his build slender, his lips - God, his lips - plump and gorgeous, his movements graceful like some kind of predatory cat. He’s wearing too-tight pants that cling in all the right places, and a shirt that’s nearly off it’s so far unbuttoned. Jared even catches a glimpse of nipple as the boy turns to talk to someone.

He just about dies when the boy flashes him a grin and starts over.

“Hey,” he greets, almost a purr, walking right up into Jared’s space and running a hand down his front. His eyes gaze travels slowly down Jared’s front, lingering on the bulge in his jeans. Jared blushes. “Wanna dance?”

Jared’s mouth is too dry to reply, but Chad shoves him out of the booth and answers for him in the affirmative. Jared stumbles to his feet and rubs his palms on his jeans, licking his lips and swallowing hard. He didn’t expect the guy to be almost as tall as him. That doesn’t happen often.

“Hi,” he finally manages, but the quiet sound gets completely overwhelmed by the thump of the music. The other boy just smirks, hooking his fingers in Jared’s belt loops and hauling him forward. They press through the crowd until they’re right up by the speakers, forced chest to chest, and Jared marvels that the boy is almost his height – that doesn’t happen often. Then he feels a firm bulge against his thigh and it’s not his height he’s marveling over.

He thinks he catches the boy smirking again, but it’s hidden in the flashing strobe light on the dance floor. What he does catch is the boy’s skill at dancing, his sensual, sinuous movements making Jared feel bumbling by comparison. There are hands sliding all over his chest, up his dark tee and down to the vee where his jeans hang low on his hips. Jared starts at that, but the boy runs his hands back up, this time under the hem of his shirt, and his hands are hot on his skin. “You’re sexy,” the boy murmurs in his ear, then nips at the lobe, and Jared just about melts.

“U-uh, thanks, you’re uh, you’re hot…too,” Jared stammers, less than eloquent. The boy laughs, a low rumble, and Jared feels it shoot straight to his groin.

“Let’s get out of here,” comes the suggestion, and Jared can’t agree fast enough. He’s hard as a rock and can’t believe how lucky he is as he follows blindly where the boy leads, through the crowds to the very back of the club and into a tiny supply closet, lit by a swinging, yellowed, bare bulb. The boy yanks the door shut behind them and crowds Jared up against it, grinding forward on his thigh, and Jared groans, winding his fingers in the boy’s hair and impulsively pulling him in for a hard kiss. Jared’s heart is pounding in his throat when the boy breaks the kiss, forcing his hand between them to palm at the teen’s crotch.

“What d’you want me to do to you?” the boy asks, a hoarse whisper against Jared’s parted lips.

“Wh-what do I…what?” Jared pants, all of the blood in his body definitely not in his brain, his hands dragging down the slim sides of the boy’s torso. He doesn’t seem very intent on letting Jared think, either, his mouth all over Jared’s neck, hand kneading at his cock.

“What do you want me to do to you?” he repeats slowly, clearly, and flicks his tongue out at the soft underside of Jared’s jaw.

Jared’s breath catches and he grabs at the substantial bulge in the other teen’s pants, their hands bumping clumsily together. The boy chuckles, smirking.

“I don’t think you can afford that, kid,” he murmurs, grinding forward despite his words.

Jared immediately yanks back his hand like it’s been burned. “Can’t…afford…huh?”

The boy stares at him for a moment, then starts laughing. “Oh man, you didn’t…? Lemme guess, you’re from the ‘burbs. First time at a club that doesn’t have ‘country’ in the name.”

“ friends took me...I haven't been...” Jared mumbles, his face flaming red. God, he’s such a sucker. Of course this gorgeous kid, this freaking God wouldn’t actually be interested in him. “I should go,” he manages, pushing past the boy - whore - fumbling for the doorknob with shaking hands.

“No, kid, wait a sec,” the boy sighs, planting a hand on the door to stop Jared from leaving.

“I don’t have any money,” Jared replies mechanically. He keeps staring down at the doorknob, although he’s stopped trying to turn it. He’s still shaking with his intense embarrassment.

“Forget about the money,” he returns, voice soft and honeyed, placing a hand on Jared’s hip to turn him. “Brag to your friends later that I didn’t even charge you.”

“But…why?” Jared asks, frowning in confusion, going where the boy guides him, but slowly, reluctantly.

He smirks, leaning in so his lips brush the shell of Jared’s ear. “Let’s just say I have a thing for virgins.”

“I’m not a virgin,” Jared tells him honestly. He isn’t. He’s just never had sex with a guy.

The boy looks him over with a raised eyebrow. “Uh huh. Lemme guess, missionary in the dark? No, don’t answer that.” He runs his free hand down Jared’s chest, resting it on his other hip, and presses him back against the door. “You’re cute,” he mutters in Jared’s ear as he pushes up the hem of his shirt again.

Jared’s breath is coming fast and shallow. “I-I am?”

He laughs softly, grinding his thigh forward against Jared’s crotch. “Yeah, you are.”

Jared can’t quite wrap his head around someone as beautiful as this boy calling him anything good. “B-but you’re…you’re gorgeous,” he manages, and the boy laughs again.

“Thanks, kid, but you know what I’m pretty sure is more gorgeous?”

Jared shakes his head, and he feels soft damp lips against his ear again. “Your dick,” he murmurs, and before Jared can fully register what’s happening, the boy’s on his knees in front of him and he’s undoing Jared’s fly with quick, sure fingers. He nearly collapses against the door, grabbing for the handle to give him some stability.

“Oh God,” he almost whimpers as there’s a hot, open mouth pressed against his cock through his boxers, and his hips rock forward instinctively. He feels a low rumble of a laugh against the sensitive flesh. “Wait,” Jared pleads, putting a hand to the boy’s temple. “Wait, just…what’s your name?”

The boy laughs again, almost in disbelief. Jared wonders if he’s the first to ask. “Why do you care?”

Jared licks his lips and shrugs. “I just…curious.” It feels wrong to get his dick sucked by a guy whose name he doesn’t even know is the real reason, but it sounds dumb even in his head.

He’s silent for a while, licking thoughtfully up Jared’s bulge and sending his knees buckling again. “Guys in the alley call me Jenny Thunder,” he answers finally, glancing up at Jared for a moment before starting to tug down the elastic of his briefs.

“Can I call you Jen?” Jared blurts out, flushed with embarrassment and arousal in equal parts.

“Sure, whatever gets you hard,” Jen shrugs, immediately wrapping his sinful lips around the head of Jared’s cock and humming in what Jared hopes to God is pleasure, because it’s certainly bringing him pleasure.

“Jared,” he gasps, clutching at Jen’s gelled hair. “My name’s Jared.” He thinks the boy laughs again, but he can’t tell, and he doesn’t really care to tell, not with the wet heat of Jen’s mouth completely enveloping him. He’s moaning and whining and panting and shameless within thirty seconds, and he can only take a few minutes of Jen’s beautiful, talented mouth before his stomach and balls tighten and he comes hard down his throat.

Jen pulls away while Jared’s head is still swimming, and he has a faint, amused smile on his face, along with a drip of cum on his lower lip. Jared swallows hard. “Y-you have a…”

“Hm?” Jen hums, blinking innocently. He runs his fingers over his bottom lip and raises his eyebrows in obviously feigned surprise when they come away sticky. “Well, how ‘bout that.” With a playful glance up at Jared, he licks his fingers clean, and then slides them in his mouth to suck them. Jared nearly comes a second time.

Apparently bored of teasing now, Jen gets to his feet and pats Jared on the ass. “All right, Country Club, get back to your friends,” he says.

“Wait,” Jared protests as he clumsily tucks himself away. “I want…I mean, you’re still…” He gestures down at the bulge in Jen’s pants.

Jen’s eyes widen in what appears to be genuine surprise. “You wanna…what? Get me off?”

Jared nods.

Jen laughs, seemingly disbelieving. “You’re too cute to be real,” he chuckles, then nods. “Okay, fine. Show me what you got.” He backs away, giving Jared room to go to his knees. Jared doesn’t do that, however. He grabs Jen’s hips and switches their positions, hands going to fumble Jen’s fly clumsily open, heart beating a thousand beats a minute. He hears Jen gasp in his ear and he smiles nervously, even planting a soft kiss on the older boy’s neck.

“This is okay, right?” he confirms, wanting to make sure he’s doing okay. Jen nods as he tilts his head back in a laugh.

“Yeah, kid, it’s great, just…shit, don’t be gentle, okay? I’m not gonna break.”

That request makes Jared a little anxious but he nods, finally getting Jen’s cock out into the heated air of the tiny closet and wrapping his hand around it. It can’t be much different from jacking himself off, he thinks. Just a slightly different angle. He’s got this. Before he starts, though, he pulls his hand away again to spit into his palm – not being gentle doesn’t mean he’s not going to be courteous.

“You just have big everything, don’t you?” Jen chuckles breathily, eyes flicking to Jared’s hands. “I like it.” Jared manages a faint smile and wraps his fingers around Jen, starting to jack him slowly. He tries not to be hesitant and ensures his grip is firm as he works the shaft and picks up speed. “That’s it,” Jen whispers. “Fuck, yeah.”

Encouraged, Jared jacks him harder and faster. It’s rough and inelegant and fairly artless but it seems to do the job, as within a few minutes Jen is grabbing his shoulder in an almost bruising grip and coming in his hand. The mess is hot and sticky and he bites his lip as he glances around the room for some way to clean up. “Here, just…” Jen sighs impatiently, catching Jared’s wrist in his own hand and licking up the cum. Jared’s eyes widen: it’s unquestionably the dirtiest thing he’s ever done, or had done to him. Jen’s accusations of missionary in the dark were pretty dead on. When his palm is damp only with saliva, not semen, Jen drops it and winks at him.

“All right, Country Club. Back to your friends, go on,” he urges, sidling around Jared, freeing up the doorway for him to exit.

Jared pauses though, a faint flush on his cheeks. “Will I see you again?” he asks tentatively. His blush deepens when Jen laughs at him.

“Sure, kid, whatever. You know where to find me,” Jen replies, tone teasing but not malicious, and Jared grins. “Now get out.”

Jared stumbles backwards out of the closet, a goofy smile on his face, and after one last glance at Jen, he trips across the dance floor to where Chad will no doubt want to hear every gory detail…details which Jared has decided to keep for himself.