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Streets We Walk

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Taemin hates nights like this.


It's drizzling outside and while any logical person would be inside for such weather, Taemin is not. Instead the seventeen year old is standing out in the middle of the rain, wet to the bone and freezing his miniskirt off. The sheer black pantyhose do little to warm Taemin's legs and he buries his nose deeper into his thin coat. The material in Taemin's only source of protection from the wind is poor. With the passing of each late August night, the temperature in Seoul continues to drop. The rain is starting to pick up now but Taemin still makes no move to go inside.


"Hey bitch." A female voice, low and raspy, calls out to the teenager. Taemin keeps his nose tucked in his coat but lifts his eyes in acknowledgement. A twenty-something year old woman with smeared lipstick and chunky boots makes her way over.


"Hey. Jonghyun got you working late tonight?" Upon closer look Taemin realizes the girl has been crying. Taemin displays no concern.


"There's a group of girls 'round the other end by the McDonalds. Tiffany's already picked up like five customers from off of the street. You want to come?" The woman lights up a cigarette and offers Taemin a drag that he takes gratefully. Numb fingers cradle the flimsy thing and a slight shiver works it's way through Taemin's body.


"Sica, you know I can't." Taemin sends the woman an accusing glare and she holds up her hands in defense.


Jessica knows well enough by now why Taemin can't simply come around to the other side of the truck stop with her. While Jessica and the rest of Jonghyun's girls hang out front by the main entrance, Taemin can't bring himself to. Taemin doesn't think that he'd be able to handle the curious looks of children as they went inside for McDonalds or the glares from commuters getting their morning cup of coffee at Starbucks. Taemin doesn't think that he has the balls to just stand out there in the open for the entire world to see. But most of all, Taemin doesn't think he wants to know how furious Minho would be if he left him.


"You know I can't leave Minho." Taemin whispers, tucking a long loose strand of black hair behind his ear. "Besides, three o'clock is when my man from Hanaro Mart normally comes by."


"Minho still knocking you around as much?" Jessica’s eyes are concerned but curious. Taemin can only bit his lip and shrug a little.


"The offer from Jonghyun is still open. You know you'd like it better than working for Minho. Jonghyun sets us up in a motel and everything! Does Minho do that for you?"


"Sica not tonight." Taemin's look turns dark. "He's watching me tonight. Thinks I've been stealing profits."


"You, the little girl scout? Bullshit." Jessica scoffs. "Taemin you are many things but one of them is definitely not a liar."


"He's just making sure. When I was on my own, my last three customers shorted me."


“Man’s a bastard.” Jessica tosses her cigarette onto the ground and stubs it out with her heel. “You’re going to end up dead one day.”


“Jessica, just go.” Taemin’s tone is no longer as welcoming to the woman and Jessica senses it.


“Fine.” Jessica scowls. She turns to leave but not before shouting over her shoulder, “Tell Minho I say hi and for him to rot in Hell.”


Taemin watches the woman leave, taking in everything from the manner in which her hips swing to the slight limp she’s taken on. Taemin hugs his own jacket tighter around himself, upper body warm but legs bared for display. Legs are what really bring the customers in. It could be snowing outside and Taemin would still be wearing that damn miniskirt. Jessica’s form finally disappears back around the truck stop and Taemin is finally left seemingly alone in the back parking lot. While the front parking lot is for travelers and commuters, the back lot is where all of the trucks and commercial vehicles park. This particular truck spot, beneath the nose of carsick tourists, is also part of the largest prostitution ring in South Korea.


The blinding headlights of an eighteen-wheeler finally pulls up and Taemin’s back stiffens instinctively. The teenager quickly shakes himself of his fear and begins to make his way over to the truck. The driver inside is already waiting, a long time customer that knows the deal, as Taemin’s bony hips jut out like a supermodel’s when he walks. Growing up in the borough of Dongbong-gu, Taemin’s natural walk did not look like this. Instead the boy normally slouched, curling into his body, with his head ducked. However, while at work, Taemin was expected to put on a show. If Taemin didn’t perform, Minho got mad. And when Minho got mad, Taemin experienced the man’s wrath firsthand.


“Hey there little girl.” The truck driver pops open the door to the main compartment. “What’s a sweet little thing like you doing out here by yourself?”


“I’m lost.” Taemin grasps his hands behind his back and slumps a little. The dark haired teen then makes a point of directing a pathetic pout up at the man. The sight has the man flushing with arousal and Taemin resists the urge to wrinkle his nose.


“Why don’t you get into my truck?” The man smiles and extends a hand for Taemin to take. “I’ll help you find your mommy and daddy.”


“Mommy said not the talk to strangers. Mommy said that bad things happen to little girls when they leave with strangers.” The lines sound like something out of a bad porno but Taemin’s so immune to this all that he doesn’t even care. Taemin has a variety of characters for role-playing memorized. The boy is simply running a script now, something thought out in advanced and well worded, and it seems to be working quite effectively on the customer.


“Get in my truck, girl. I’ll help you find your mommy and daddy.”


“Do you have candy?” Taemin’s face even blushes a little as he says this.


“Y-yeah. Now get in my truck.” The man’s breath hitches and Taemin sighs, stepping up on the big ladder into the truck. The area is crammed and the customer’s round beer belly doesn’t help with the fact. Nevertheless, Taemin manages to crawl around the man and plop into the seat besides him. As soon as Taemin is seated, the man is launching himself at the boy.


The teen simply rolls his eyes as the truck driver paws at his clothes like a wild animal. The pantyhose are roughly tugged off, followed by the winter coat, the miniskirt, a tank top, and finally Taemin’s lacey underwear that’s meant for women. Taemin may look like a girl with his smudged black eye shadow and long silky hair, but the item between Taemin’s spread legs is clearly not.


This however does not slow the man down. He knows that Taemin’s really a guy but doesn’t care the slightest as long as he can shove his dick into a hole. This is another reason that Taemin refuses to go to Jonghyun. All of Jonghyun’s whores are women, women that stand by the side of the road and entice men to take them back to the motel Jonghyun has set up. Taemin has only been mistaken for a girl twice before and the angry men’s surprise was not something Taemin wanted to relive. They’d call him a ‘fairy’ and a ‘faggot’ and a ‘deceitful little bitch’. The teen had then been beaten within an inch of his life, both times, and still had the scars to prove it.


“I was so hard the entire ride down here.” The customer rasps against Taemin’s neck as chubby fingers tangle in the boy’s hair. “Just thinking about getting inside that tight little ass. Are you going to cry for me? Are you going to cry little girl when I shove my fat dick inside of you?”


“You lied! Mommy said to avoid bad people you like you! Let me go!” Taemin gives a halfhearted slap to the man’s wandering hand. The truck driver simply laughs as he unzips the front of his jeans. The pathetic fat little thing that comes out does not even deserve in the descriptive word of ‘cock’.


“I’m going to fuck you so hard girl.” The man’s just a little too excited and Taemin frowns.


“Condom.” Taemin drops out of character immediately. The cold tone to the teen’s voice is a complete one eighty from his previous one and it takes a minute for the customer to catch up.




“Condom.” Taemin says again, eyes blank. “You know the deal. You either fuck me with a condom or I get the hell out. Don’t even try and think of stopping me, Minho’s with me tonight.”


“Condom? Condom, right.” The man opens the glove compartment and rummages around for the small square packet. The man’s brow creases in worry and Taemin cannot help but hope that the man has run out. The boy’s already had four customers for the night and his rear is killing him. However just as Taemin is about to redress, the man emerges with a victorious sound.


“Got it!” The truck driver looks to Taemin for approval and Taemin simply smiles sweetly.


“Oh no! Mommy told me what those things are!”

Finally after an hour of being drilled into upholstery, Taemin stumbles from the truck. The windows have fogged from the activities of the two passengers inside and Taemin breaths the fresh night air in deep. The teen’s hair is slightly mussed, but with one swipe of a sweaty hand, the locks fall smooth once more.


A figure is waiting outside at the foot of the truck when Taemin reemerges. The man is none other than twenty-six year old Choi Minho and the expression on his face is not a friendly one.


“Hey bitch, where’s my money? You count it?” Minho barks as Taemin steps down from the vehicle besides him. Taemin barely even has time to answer before Minho is slapping the poor boy across the face, hard. Taemin reels in pain but does not even whimper as he hands the bills over.


“Taemin? Everything okay out there?” The truck driver’s curious head pokes out from a rolled down window.


“I’m fine.” Taemin answers quickly, ducking his head as the customer stares at him. Taemin knows what he looks like when standing besides Minho. At least when Taemin is standing out in the parking lot alone, he can pretend that he lost his keys when curious eyes watch him. But there is no fooling anyone when Taemin, young Taemin in his miniskirt and pantyhose, is standing next to Choi Minho.


Taemin can practically see the fear in the man’s eyes as he looks Minho over and Taemin doesn’t blame him, Minho’s a scary bastard. The pimp’s black hair is closely trimmed with designs shaved into the sides and he carries himself like he means business. Taemin watches the truck driver’s eyes move from Minho’s expensive Rolex watch to the fat sparkling diamond stud on his left ear. Taemin watches the truck driver’s eyes take in Minho’s muscled form beneath the pimp’s baggy jeans to the tight wife-beater Minho wears over it. Taemin can feel the truck driver’s eyes then turn to him and Taemin blushes. The teen looks like exactly what he is when he’s standing next to Minho, a cheap whore. A cheap whore whose outfit mostly consists of clothes from Costco.


“He done fucking you?” Minho’s eyes flash up to the driver.


“Y-yeah.” The man says unsure of how to respond.


“Then get the fuck out of my lot. You’re blocking traffic and I’m going to squeeze another customer out of this bitch before the night is over.” Minho is aggressive in everything he does and the driver immediately backs down.


“Yeah…sorry. So I’ll be heading back this way once my run is done. Around three maybe?”


“Yeah whatever just your truck out of my spot.” Minho glares before returning to counting the money. The pimp checks it once, twice, and a third time just to be sure that Taemin hasn’t pocketed anything for himself. Then the eighteen-wheeler is pulling away to park off towards the back of the lot for a good night’s sleep. Taemin’s night however is far from over.


“More?” Taemin’s voice comes out in a soft whisper. Minho looses count of how many bills are in his hand and he cruses.


“What did you say to me bitch?” Minho barks and Taemin’s blood begins to pump a bit faster. “What did you just ask me?”


“Another customer, Minho? I’ve already had five counting that last guy.” Taemin picks up his gaze barely in time to see Minho’s hand shoot out. The teen gasps, nails clawing at Minho’s hand that is now closed around his throat.


“Are you fucking back-talking to me? Tell me you’re not fucking back-talking me. Taemin? Tell me that you just didn’t fucking back-talk to me.” Minho’s dark brown eyes appear more black than brown. The pressure around Taemin’s throat has the teen struggling to force out the words.


“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it hyung!” Taemin whines, windpipe slowly closing off.


The teen begins to thrash in the older man’s hold as Minho cuts off Taemin’s air supply. Long nails dig into Minho’s skin as the pimp watches Taemin’s face turn purple. Fear is coursing through Taemin’s body, the fear that he’s finally pushed Minho too far and that the man’s had it with him. The only glimmer of hope that Taemin has is how Minho seems to be getting aroused at how Taemin’s eyes are wide with panic. The man leans forward and presses his nose to Taemin’s hair, inhaling deeply, before grunting in pleasure. Then suddenly the pressure is gone and Taemin is left to fall onto the wet asphalt. The teenager lands on his knees, gasping for breath and breaking into tears.


“I’m sorry.” Taemin whimpers, crawling forward and latching onto Minho’s leg. He presses a series of small desperate kisses to the pimp’s jeans and begs for forgiveness. “I’m sorry hyung. Please don’t hurt me.”


“I’ve just about had it with your shit. My fucking money is disappearing. I’ve got Kim Jonghyun and ten others to compete against. The last thing I need right now is a mouthy little bitch who needs her mouth filled just to shut up.” Minho lashes out, kicking Taemin from him. The teen cries out in pain when Minho’s sneaker hits him square in the ribs and he falls to the ground once more. The boy is a quivering mess on the ground now, exhaustion and malnutrition leaving his body weak.


“Get the fuck up.” Minho sneers, “Get the fuck up. Taemin? Taemin, did you hear me? Get the fuck up. I’ll fucking pop a cap in your ass if you don’t get up right now! Taemin!”


Minho’s right hand dives beneath his shirt and pulls out a Walther P99 semi-automatic. The movement is a familiar one in the corner of Taemin’s eye and the teen cries out.


“Yuri did it!” Taemin screams, holding his arms above his head. Minho’s face drops and he jabs Taemin’s shoulder roughly with the gun.




“No. No I can’t. She told me not to tell. She said she’d kill me if I told.” Taemin is sobbing now and Minho can only roll his eyes.


When Minho was twenty-three and already a few years into having a steady stream of customers, he decided to branch out with his selection of girls. Up until then, Minho was known for specializing in pretty blondes (all of them dyed) that were good at sucking cock. It was during this time that Minho got the brilliant idea to add some underage jailbait to the group. He’d originally planned on nabbing this sixteen-year-old girl that was currently working the street corner without a pimp, when he’d spotted Taemin. Lee Taemin was a fourteen-year-old ward of the state that had nowhere to go since Taemin had a tendency to run from his foster homes. It had been all too easy.


“Hey kid.” A voice called and Taemin turned around in confusion. Taemin was currently walking along the sidewalk, headed to a laundromat, when a sleek looking Cadillac Escalade pulled up along side him.


Taemin’s back immediately stiffened, all too familiar with gang violence in these parts. The child was just about to make a run for it when the voice called out to him again.


“Hey kid I’m not gonna shoot ya. Come over here.” A black tinted window rolled down to reveal the smiling face of a boy that appeared harmless. Taemin couldn’t help the small stutter that his heart gave as he gazed at the rather attractive man in the expensive looking car. The man’s long brown hair was skillfully swept around his face in loose waves and Taemin was immediately impressed, thinking this older boy as cool.


“What do you want?” Despite Taemin’s growing crush, he was no fool. Taemin knew what happened to homeless kids like him on the street. “I’m not part of any gang if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m just passing through so leave me alone.”


“Kid, I’m not part of a gang. I’m simply stopping to ask if you’re alright.” The man’s eyes were a happy warm color of brown that seemed to pierce Taemin’s broken soul. The boy muttered something under his breath when the man spoke again. “What?”


“I said,” Taemin spoke up, “What does it matter to you?”


“What does it matter to me?” The man smiled at Taemin’s sharp tongue, “Here I am, driving alone and minding my own business, when I spot this fifteen-year-old kid who looks like he just got the shit beat out of him and you ask me why I’m concerned? What happened to you, kid? Older brother knock you around good?”


“No. I don’t have an older brother. I got beat up by some guys that live on my street. Not like it’s any of your business though.” Taemin glared before he started walking off again.


“Hey! Hey kid!” The man called after the boy, car rolling slowly down the street so that he could talk to Taemin. “I’m just trying to help. I’ll be honest…you like hell right now.”


“I don’t need your charity! And what are you, driving around in a ride like that in this neighborhood? Some sort of pimp?” The man could only smile at Taemin’s word and shake his head.


“I just so happen to run my own construction company. Pardon me if I’m not allowed to lavish myself with a car every once in a while. I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t need some help or anything.”


“I already said that I don’t need your help!” Taemin screamed, hands clenching around the broken backpack in his grip.


“What happened to your backpack? Why you carrying it like that?” The man asked, car still rolling along slowly as Taemin continued walking.


“It’s broken, asshole. One of the guys from earlier grabbed me by it and broke the strap.”


“You want a new one?”


“What?” Taemin’s head picked up as he eyed the man uneasily. “Who the fuck are you?”


“The name’s Minho. Choi Minho.” The man smiled, tipping his baseball cap as if greeting a lady. “And you are?”


“Taemin.” The kid sneered, feet pausing. Minho’s car rolled to a stop besides the child standing on the sidewalk.


“Well Taemin,” Minho smiled, “Can you lay concrete?”


“I’m sorry?”


“Can you lay concrete? Can you use a hammer? Do you know how to read blue prints?”


“N-no.” Taemin’s face pulled into a frown, distrusting this strange man. “Why would I know how to do that?”


“Because I can give you a job with my construction company if you’d like. It’d give you some steady income and maybe buy you some decent clothes. Where do you live? I’ll swing by and ask your parents if it’s okay with them.”


“I don’t have parents.” Taemin snapped. Minho blinked at the violent reaction before Taemin’s face was pulling into something softer. “I’ve got nowhere to stay. It’s just me.”


“You wanna learn how to lay tiles? It’s an easy enough job and I’ll pay you ten an hour.”


“T-ten an hour?” Taemin’s mouth dropped open. “Are you shitting me?”


“No, I am not ‘shitting’ you.” Minho’s smile had grown larger now. The man in the car was a spider. A spider that woven a enticing web that glittered with morning dew drops and was now luring the clueless butterfly towards it. Once caught, the spider would then tie the butterfly up tight and suck out its blood.


“What’s the catch?” Taemin was still a little skeptical but his guard was definitely lowered now.


“No catch. I need me some summer workers. You want the job or not?” Minho said, now sounding as if he could really care less if Taemin came with him. Just like that Minho had dangled something desirable in front of Taemin and was now coldly threatening to take it away.


“No! I want it! I want the job!” Taemin said, taking a step forward as if Minho would speed away at any moment. Minho grinned. The butterfly was now fluttering around the web in curiosity.


“Alright then kid.” Minho said leaning across the passenger side to open the door, “Get in.”

“Why are we here?” Taemin asked looking to Minho questioningly. The pair was currently walking in a cheap looking motel. The vacancy sign was flickering in need of a bulb change and the man at the concierge desk didn’t even give Taemin a second look. Taemin knew something was up. Taemin was clearly far too young to be hanging out with a guy around Minho’s age and Minho was far too young to Taemin’s father. Why hadn’t the man said anything?


“I just need to meet my business partner for a quick meeting. I’ll introduce you to him since you’re working for the company now.” Minho smiled; pocketing the key the concierge gave him.

“Oh. Okay.” The boy followed the older man down the hall and into a hotel room. There inside is an older man with teeth that remind Taemin of a rabbit’s. The man didn’t look like a construction worker (although neither did Minho now that Taemin thought about it) but rather looked like he should be a rapper or something.


“Onew, my man.” Minho smiled, extending a hand. The two grasped hands before pulling one another into a hug that pressed their shoulder together. Taemin could only snicker, recognizing the awkward gesture as a man hug. The other man’s eyes flickered down to Taemin and now the smile is instantly wiped off Taemin’s face.


“Who’s this?” Onew asked, nodding towards Taemin. Taemin doesn’t like the dark look in the man eyes and he stepped behind Minho for protection. The sign of weakness had the older man barking out a gruff laugh.


“This is Taemin. I told you that I’d been looking some more help.” Minho’s hands tightened around Taemin’s shoulders and shoved him front and center. “Taemin say hi.”


“Hi.” Taemin whispered, eyes downcast. Something was wrong here. Something was very wrong here and Taemin could feel it.


“How old are you?” Onew’s eyes landed on Taemin’s tiny hips and the boy squirmed.


“Fourteen.” Taemin said and he felt Minho’s hands tighten in surprise.


“Fourteen?” Minho asked, looking down at Taemin in wonder. Taemin could help but think that Minho looked like a little kid that just won a prize at a fair.


“Y-yes. Is that a problem?”


“No I think you’re going to be the answer to our problems.” Onew laughed and Taemin stared at him in confusion.


“How so?”


“You ever suck cock, Taemin?” Minho’s breath picked up a little and Taemin whirled around in shock.


“What?” The boy’s eyes were wide, hoping that he heard wrong or that Minho’s words came out worded incorrectly.


“Have you ever sucked a cock?” Minho repeated, eyes narrowing into a leer.


“What are you talking about?”


“Onew shut the curtains.” Minho instructed and Taemin’s stomach dropped. The child made a bolt for the door only to find that it was locked. Taemin couldn’t get out unless he had the key. What kind of a motel still used actual metal keys?


“Get away from me!” Taemin warned, backing up against the door.


“Baby, come here.” Minho smiled, opening his arms wide in welcome.


“Stop right there! I’ll scream for help! I swear I will!”


“Baby, no one is going to hear you and if they do they won’t care.” Minho was shaking his head as Onew tugged the curtains closed. Taemin’s heart was now beating wildly in his chest and he whimpered.


“Get away from me.” Taemin’s eyes are wide as Minho bravely strode up to him. The older man let his hand fly and Taemin screamed as he fell back into the door. Then Minho was pulling out a gun and Taemin shut immediately.


“Now listen here.” Minho’s voice was full of venom as his free hand shot out to grab a fistful of Taemin’s hair. He gave the boy’s hair a good yank and Taemin yelped in pain when his hair was pulled too roughly.


“You are going to suck that man’s dick. You are going to suck it like you’re angry at it and you are going to moan the whole time. Got it cupcake?” Minho’s eyes were no longer warm but cold and full of something sinister.


“You can’t do this! I’ll call the police! I’ll call the cops and-” But before Taemin could finish, Minho’s slamming his gun against the side of Taemin’s head. Taemin cried out and Minho watched the stream of blood that now was sliding down from the boy’s hairline.


“You will do it! You’ll do it or I’ll blow your fucking head off. Do you hear me? I’ll blow your fucking head off!” Minho shouted while Onew stood in the background smiling the whole time.


“No.” Taemin’s eyes were pleading, “No please. I won’t tell anyone! Just please! Please don’t make me.”


“Do it.” Minho’s eyes were cold as he grabbed Taemin by the wrist and threw him down. Taemin fell onto his hands and knees before Onew was stepping up in front of him.


“Open up cupcake.” Onew smirked, grabbing Taemin under the jaw. The boy was crying now as he gazed up at the man in fear.


“Please don’t do this.” Taemin pleaded but Onew was shaking his head ‘no’.


“Tell me how good he is and then I’ll judge.” Minho said, stepping up behind Taemin. The man’s knees dug into the boy’s back and now Taemin was pinned between the two men. Minho grabbed Taemin’s head to hold him steady as Onew unzipped his jeans.


“No.” Taemin’s protests had been reduced to soft whispers. “No please.”


“Hold him.” Onew said. The man’s most lethal weapon stood out proudly from between the ‘v’ of the man’s pants.


“I am.” Minho snarled, fingers forcing Taemin’s head to remain still.


“No! No please!” Taemin’s cries started up again with a new energy as he took in the sight of Onew’s leaking member. “Please!”


“Just shut up already.” Minho snapped, giving Taemin’s head a rough jerk, “God you’re a whiny little bitch aren’t you?”


“No! No please!” Taemin screamed. Minho’s hips pressed up against the back of his head as the man’s fingers clenched around the boy’s jaw to hold his mouth open. Taemin could no longer form comprehensible words while being held like this and Onew sighed in mock relief.


“Alright there.” Onew breathed in excitement, guiding his member closer to the boy’s mouth. “Let’s see what you can do.”


Taemin’s fingers could only dig painfully into the thick denim material of Minho’s pants when Onew jammed his cock down his throat. The thing was monstrously large, even by adult standards, and it’s the biggest thing that Taemin has ever swallowed. The boy choked against the object being forced down his throat and Onew moaned as Taemin’s throat closed around him.


“Jesus.” Onew swore, hands coming up to grab at Taemin’s hair. Minho’s fingers were still holding Taemin’s jaw tightly so that the boy’s mouth was more like an open cavern. It only made it a better fuck hole in Onew’s mind.


“Agh! Ah!” Taemin’s whimpers were ignored as the men started discussing business.


“Wet?” Minho asked.


“Yeah nice and sloppy.” Onew moaned, pumping his hips forward a bit. Taemin gagged around him and the older man smiled. “Yeah real nice and wet.”




“Hmm pretty good. He still has a lot to learn. Due to his age his mouth is a little small for my tastes. I can’t even get all the way in there or I think he’ll choke to death.”


“Then let’s try it.” Was Minho’s remark and Onew chuckled.


“You ready?” The man directed down at the child that was currently attached to his cock. “I’m going to see how far down in ya I can get.”


Taemin’s eyes widened in a plea of resistance but Minho was already tipping the boy’s head back. The skin on Taemin’s neck was pulled taut, throat swallowing, as the boy could now see Minho’s face. The man’s eyes were trained on Taemin’s fearful face and Taemin glared back at the man that he was foolish enough to trust.


“Here we go.” Onew sung. Taemin closed his eyes as hands were all over his face now, urging or caressing him.


Then Taemin felt it. The large swelling warmth that pushed so far down his throat that Taemin could not breath. The wet velvet walls that were the back of Taemin’s throat, spasmed around Onew’s cock. The sensation felt wonderful. Both men watched as Taemin’s lips were spread wide to accommodate Onew’s large girth. Both men’s eyes were watching how the boy’s throat struggled uselessly around the piece of flesh. Both men were watching how saliva slipped out of the side of the poor boy’s mouth, as the man’s cock was jammed down the child’s throat.


“It’s like a fucking vag.” Minho smiled, “The way he’s all wet around you. It’s like fucking some wet bitch’s pussy and now she’s slimming all around you.”


“Oh fuck yes.” Onew moaned. “Suck me down.”


“You heard him.” Minho growled, slapping Taemin upside the head. “Suck him down bitch.”


Taemin didn’t understand what that meant and Minho sighed in frustration. It didn’t matter to Onew though, because the wet tightness around his dick was almost good as being inside of a woman. The man’s hips began to rock backwards and forwards into his victim’s mouth. Driving down the boy’s throat as if Onew were plowing the boy’s rear. The worst part was, with each thrust Taemin’s head was sent backwards only to meet Minho’s hips that moved forward to meet him. Minho seemed to have gotten hard from their little show.


“Oh fuck. Fuck.” Onew’s breath hitched as his hips slammed forward. Taemin could only wince as the man’s balls slapped against his chin and at the sour salty taste of precum. Taemin could smell the man’s musty natural scent and feel the slightest bit of stubble bumping the tip of his nose. Seemed Onew was need of a shave.


“Here it comes!” Onew warned before he was throwing his head back in pleasure. An explosion of hot sticky fluid was shot into the boy’s mouth and now Taemin struggled with all that he had. The boy was slamming backwards against Minho but the man was already letting go of the boy. Taemin fell to the floor and coughed violently as a mouthful of semen dribbled down his chin.




“Eight out of ten. He needs work but he’s a keeper.” Onew tucked himself back into his pants.


“Hmm.” Minho hummed, watching as Taemin hacked on the floor. “My little bitch.”


“You going to train him or just send him out there?” Onew asked, really caring less what Minho decided to do with the boy.


“Think I’m just going to send him out. The whole little virgin thing is adorable.”

“You’re fucking lucky that you told me that.” Minho says, pocketing his gun. Taemin whimpers and the pimp is hauling his whore up by the arm.


“What are you going to do to her?”


“That’s none of your concern. You just be a good little bitch and suck cock when I tell you to.” Minho pats Taemin’s head as if a pup. The boy wrinkles his nose as his hair is messed up once more and then Minho is hugging Taemin to his body.


“H-hyung?” Taemin stutters. The man has his front pressed to Taemin’s and his hands on the seventeen-year-old’s rear, pulling their hips together.


“You didn’t break our rule did you?” Minho’s eyes are accusing.


“No!” Taemin cries out in shock. “Never Minho! Never!”


“Good.” Minho smiles. The pimp pulls his underage whore’s face closer to his so close that Taemin can feel Minho’s breath on his lips. Hooded eyes meet wide scared ones. Eyes of a person who has been hurt so much. Eyes that are eager to pleasure to avoid another strike of the hand.


“I’d never let anyone else.” Taemin’s eyes flutter and Minho’s hands give his rear a good squeeze.


“You’re mine. But you know that don’t you bitch?” Minho’s cheek brushes against Taemin’s and Taemin can feel the other man’s stubble against his face.


“I’d never let anyone else.” Taemin says what he knows Minho wants to hear. Minho’s eyes turn cold again when he pulls back to look the boy in the eyes.


“Don’t push it.” Minho growls before he is slamming his lips over Taemin’s.


The boy leans all of his weight against his pimp so that Minho has to support him, he knows that Minho loves being in total control. Their mouths meet hungrily against one another with a few gnashes of teeth and biting of lips. All Taemin wants is to go home but he does not protest when Minho grabs his hand and drags it into his ridiculously baggy jeans.


“Hmm. You have such soft hands. You been lotioning every night like I tell you to?” Minho sighs as Taemin’s fingers curl around his half hard member. Taemin gives Minho a good hard tug and the pimp’s fingers, as strong as a basketball player’s, grab a piece of Taemin’s rear through his skirt.


“Yeah.” Taemin’s voice is all airy and weak. He gives Minho another good pump and the man’s hips rock forward into his hands. “And sometimes… when the other girls aren’t around… and I’m lotioning my hands…”


“Yeah?” Minho pants.


“I finger myself and pretend it’s you that’s fucking me.” Taemin makes of a point whimpering softly and Minho is coming.


“Ah shit.” Minho rasps, arms still holding Taemin against his body. “Ah fuck.”


“Take me home.” Taemin pleads, true intentions now coming out. All Taemin really wants to do is sleep. “Take me home and fuck me.”


“Not a chance.” Minho laughs weakly pushing away from Taemin. “We still have one more customer for the night.”


“Oh.” Taemin’s face drops and Minho slings an arm around his whore.


“We gotta go to that old motel down on Route 138.” Minho grins and Taemin is suddenly fourteen again. “You know the place.”


“Yeah I know it.” Taemin grumbles and Minho laughs.


“Don’t be so cold, baby. There’s a real nice man there for you. He’s missed you a lot and I think you’ll be happy to see him.”


“Fine.” All emotion leaves Taemin’s face as he becomes a blank slate. Minho grins and presses his mouth to the boy’s ear.


“Then I’ll take you home and fuck you like you asked me to.”


The butterfly is foolish enough to land on the spider’s web. It had looked so pretty and enticing with its many glittering jewels when it first landed but now the butterfly finds that it is stuck. It was so easily to initially land and yet when the creature wishes to leave, its feet seemed to be glued to the web. The more creature struggles the more the web tangles around the butterfly until it is totally unable to move. It is then, when the butterfly is trapped and helpless, that the spider moves in for the kill. The spider appreciates the butterfly’s beauty but hunger is the only thing on the predator’s mind now. The spider’s fangs will pierce the butterfly and suck it dry. The spider enjoys the butterfly’s beauty to the very end.


When all that is left of the vibrant creature is a dried out husk.