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Reflections of a King

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An Article of the Lost Boy Who Lived

At the age of seventeen, Harry James Potter, The Boy Who Lived, had finished the war. Voldemort – or Tom Riddle, was gone- forever. His very soul destroyed in the process. Sadly, no one celebrated the defeat of the Dark Lord. Everyone that mattered to The-Boy-Who-Lived had died in the course of the war.

The Magical World, suffering from the abrupt loss of so many promising Wizards and Witches – including one of the Greatest Wizards who ever lived, Headmaster of Hogwarts- Professor Dumbledor, and Severus Snape- a misjudged Potion Master, the Magical World formed new bonds with Magical Creatures. Thanks in part to Harry Potter, because of his childhood friendship with a half-giant and centaur. Once the Magical World had recovered- it found the Boy-Who-Lived-To-Kill-The-Dark-Lord had disappeared.

It is assumedthat having completed his education in the Magical World; he turned his attention to the Muggle World, which, despite being one of the causes to the war – had escaped relatively unscathed. Harry found that Hogwarts had credited him in the Muggle World. In fact he, and many young Wizard and Witches today- are thought to be geniuses for getting into such a prestigious and selective school as Hogwarts.

Much is believed to be the case with other Magical Schools, for Muggles, of course, do not know of magic- and they assume only talentedmembers of the Muggle World are allowed into the schools. From such records we find that Harry had expressed an interest in Science. Which is best described as a muggle form of 'potions'. Once the Muggle World learned a talented young man as our Harry expressed such an interest, muggle money was practically given away to Harry, in return for him to go to certain muggle colleges.

Mr. Harry Potter, we assure, was accepted into one of their very best schools. He excelled, and later he mysteriously disappeared at the age of twenty-eight from one of their highest caliber of muggle 'science departments' (also called 'labs') in the world.

Any information on Harry James Potter, The Boy Who Lived, should be owled to the Ministry of Magic: Investigation of Missing Persons Division.


Science Department, Atlantis – Pegasus Galaxy

Harry was bent, ever so carefully, over a test tube. It contained Wraith DNA, and he was attempting, for the umpteenth time – to find out if the Wraith were immune to indeed everything, as some people believed…

"Any luck with the E. coli, Harry?" The good Doctor, Carson Beckett, asked from behind him. Harry resisted the temptation to send out wandless stunning, and silencing spells, on the man. That would assuredly draw attention to Harry, and ruin the experiment.

"No, and there won't be 'any luck' if you keep interrupting when I'm at the critical intervenes; when, I may add – it's the only time safe for me to view the results with a microscope." Harry stated, not unkindly, for he knew Carson- and liked the man well enough – out of the lab.

Beckett chuckled, and Harry resisted the somewhat childish urge to roll his eyes.

"Harry, due 'choose' to remember that you team- or should I say, Lt. Ford and his team. (Harry could practically hear the man teasing him, so what if he didn't like 'his' team?!) Are coming to pick you up, whether you like it or not. This time Elizabeth says you have to go, 'and have fun adventuring in this bottomless pit' so she won't have to listen to John whine about Lt. Ford whining about you not 'liking him'." Carson said as he moved away, cautious, Harry had been known to blow up at people- but Carson thought it was too fun teasing the youngest man on the Science Department's team.

Harry sighed, finishing up the experiment, and swiftly putting the lab equipment away. It was just too bad Wraith attacks don't happen every time he was assigned to deal with Atlantis's teams – and his 'team leaders' obvious, but harmless, advances…

(…"So I was thinking, you, me, and… dinner?" Lt. Ford had asked 'playfully' though there was a note of hope in his tone, much to John Sheppard's amusement. "I think not Aiden, for one, the Wraith might attack," it was a long-standing joke, for on Harry's first mission, they had attacked Atlantis, cutting Lt. Ford and Harry off from Atlantis for four days- when it was only supposed to be a half-day mission. "For another…I'm married to my research, I'm afraid there really isn't time for anything else but her.")

Lt. Ford was under the mistaken impression that, as Harry had been the one to create a 'cure' for his 'extra' Wraith-genes, which had been a simple matter of putting active Ancient genes in the Lt. – active Ancient genes being ones only Harry and Sheppard had, that Harry 'obviously' needed to be watched out for. Unfortunately 'looking out for' apparently meant many other things then simple friendship to Lt. Ford.

Lt. Ford had formed his own team, as Shappard's team of Teyla, Ronon, and Dr. Rodney McKay had worked out very well indeed, and as a old Professor of Science had told Harry, 'if it ain't broke, don't be messing about trying to 'fix' it'.

Thus Ford, normally a intelligent man, had gotten the mistaken impression that taking Harry from his beloved Science lab, and putting Harry on his own team; which had opened up a whole different can of other worms and had the highest potential for death, getting 'snakes' in his head, and getting his life-force sucked out of him (just to name a few), was helping Harry come out of his shell.

This, it seemed, had put him at the end of 'jokes' in the military, someone, 'asked' which the Harry preferred – the lab, verses another living human being. Sheppard, the only man on Atlantis Ford was second in rank to – thought this was hilarious.

So did most of the Science Department.

It wasn't that Harry didn't think Ford was cute, in a charming I-saved-his-life way – but Harry was much more interested in defeating the Wraith first, and promising relationships with other men, and/or women, second.

If a war with the Dark Lord had taught him anything- it was not to form attachments until after the threats (in this case, the Wraith) were neutralized. This time at least, Harry was dealing with something that wasn't targeting just him, which alone did wonders for his nightmares.

Eyeing the microscopic results he sighed- the E. coli was useless against the Wraith, next on the list were more deadly viruses, and the even rarer elements found on Earth. At least he had gotten the results finished before Lt. Ford had arrived.

"There you are Dr. it almost looked like you were hiding from me." Lt. Ford teased, Harry glanced up – while he had 'cured' the other man, his eye would never be wholly human again.

"I wish I could Lt. unfortunately, it seems you've set the Science Department against me regarding these 'explorations'." Harry stated blandly as he took of the lab coat, mask, and gloves. Lt. Ford grinned, and shared a glance with Lt. Laura Cadman, the new security member of Ford's team, who had the misfortune to once share McKay's body in an incident with a Wraith Dart.

Dr. Zelenka was supposedto be on the team; unfortunately he had been forced to back out – and to team up with McKay, to do something regarding advancing the Ancient's weapons. One of Teyla's people, an Athosian man called Halling – Harry knew next to nothing about him, except that his son, Jinto, had once vanished in Atlantis during the chaos of a finding the 'shadow entity' that could suck energy from people, and things; the Science Department was still trying to explain that one.

Halling had joined them as part of a new standing treaty with the Athosians, long ago requested they had hat one of their people be on each team- or they would not trade the food on the main land, which Atlantis had desperately needed awhile back. It had proved to be an ideal situation, as the Athosians were helpful- especially when off-world.

Halling nodded to him, and Harry smiled with a slight nod. Lt. Ford almostseemed to pout, because Halling got more of a friendlier reaction form Harry them he did; but he turned so his back was to them, and led the way to an unexplored section of Atlantis.

Halling had proved adapt at learning the Ancient language that Doctor Jackson had provided from Earth – in fact, most of the Athosians acted as translators for the Atlantis teams. There was no scientific reason for this, but Atlantis teams had found themselves glad for their ability.

Sometime after the shadow entity incident, they had started to seriously explore Atlantis, they found mysteriously empty rooms; a 'teaching' room the Athosians were taking advantage of, as part of the treaty. They had arrived at the scene, and as usual, split into two groups - Halling with Lt. Cadman, and Ford with himself.

They carried advanced computers Earth had sent that would automatically map the area they were in; Harry didn't know how they worked, but they did. Lt. Ford walked ahead checking the entrances, 'Okaying' them- and moving on- while Harry did a more complete search. It was during one of these routine explorations that Harry found himself trapped in a dark room, the door slamming shut, with a whoosh, behind him.

"Doctor Potter! Harry, are you alright in there?" Lt. Ford yelled through the door, and Harry could hear the panic edging into his voice. Harry blinked, the darkness of the room encompassing him, and he moved to where he thought the door was.

"I-I'm okay Aiden –um, Lt., it's just a bit too dark in here for my tastes." Harry said through the door.

Lt. Ford swallowed; Harry's fear of the dark was practically legendary to the Atlantis military teams. So he rarely went off world for more then a few hours, unless it was dire, so despite the innocent statement- Ford knew it for what it was- a warning that his time was low.

"Lt. Cadman, Halling- Dr. Potter has been trapped inside an unknown, potentially hazardous, chamber- I need your assistance immediately." Lt. Ford 'requested' although by his tone, this was clearly more of an order.

"We're on our way Lt. Ford." Lt. Cadman's voice came clearly out of the radio. Harry concentrated on taking slow, deliberate breaths, his voice; even Lt. Fords and Lt. Cadman's outside the door, echoed into the room; giving him just a hint of just how large the chamber really was.

"Hang on Harry; I'm sure we can get you out of there in no time…" Aiden said, he could hear Harry sliding down the wall on the other side, and tried not to picture the others' haggard expression.

"Just keep calm Harry; we'll get you out of there in no time." Lt. Ford tried to assure him, Harry felt himself roll his eyes. Aiden is trying to help, Harry reminded himself, don't bite his head off…too much.

"I'm aware of that Lt. Ford." Harry snapped back, he hadn't heard Lt. Cadman and Halling arrive – but they had, and Halling's laughter at Harry's abrupt, if strained, response proved it.

"We need to go for help Lt. Ford; I've already tried to contact Sheppard on the radio." Lt. Cadman insisted- he heard Lt. Ford retort, and then Halling's deep voice, sounding reassuring- Harry then heard Lt. Ford sigh.

"Alright, Dr. Potter, Cadman and I are going for help – Halling is going to stay here with you. Are you alright… with that?" Lt. Ford's voice came again through the door, Harry felt a grim sort of amusement curl in his belly.

"Just peachy, Lt." Harry stated sarcastically, after all, it was the only logical decision. Cadman and Fords' security and military skills would be useless outside the shut door separating them from Harry. As Harry fully agreed with Halling- the other two, somewhat reluctantly, did go for help.

"Halling, I'm going to see if there is a light switch somewhere in here…" Harry told Halling, as he moved further into the room. Harry heard Halling agree, and tell him to be careful. Harry found himself rolling his eyes – did they think he was helpless without them? Harry whispered a light spell, and his eyes widened at the impossibility of what was before him.

"My gods…"

"Harry, what do you see?" Harry heard Halling ask from behind the door.

Harry found himself walking to the edge of the railing, on each side of the floor a stair case descended – and ascended, and on each side of the huge chamber, hundreds, upon thousands of cryogenic chambers, all containing the original Ancients…

"The Ancients, Halling, all the Ancients are here!" Harry yelled, exuberant, he heard Halling ask something, but Harry was too far away from the door to hear what it was. Harry sent the light up – silently urging it to grow as it floated to the ceiling. This was one of the chambers in the spirals, and for a moment, Harry wondered if all the spirals of Atlantis were full of Ancients.

Harry swallowed down his glee, for beside him, an Ancient had appeared.