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Homecoming: Sho & Elle Side.

Chapter 1

For the most part, the trip home from Fukuoka was rather boring, well besides the part of the trip where Aiba was panicking about how he was going to be able to face Hanako after her seeing his baby photos. Other than that, Ohno was asleep, As usual. Nino was playing his DS, As usual. And Jun… well Jun appeared to be sleeping, however Sho came to realise over the years of knowing him, that he was more than likely replying there concert over in his head and figuring out what could be done better next time.

Sho however was looking out the window at the passing scenery in thought. It had been about half a year or so since he decided to give up on Noriko. However apparently his feelings didn’t want to go away so quickly. It still hurt to look at Noriko and Nino when they were together and he was around. He had a feeling Nino knew about his feelings, and he was glad he hadn’t said anything if he did ‘but if he knew than shouldn’t he try to be at least a bit more considerate?’Sho thought to himself. H let out a sigh when he realised he was being ridiculous ‘there a couple Sho… that’s what couples do, you can’t expect them not to act like a couple in front of you just because you still have feeling for Noriko…’ he thought again with another small sigh.

He could feel Jun’s stare upon him, figuring it was because of his sighing he just ignored it and continued staring out the window in a daze for the rest of the ride home. They arrived at Jun’s apartment complex first and dropped him off, Then Nino’s and Ohno’s and then Aiba’s, who he vaguely heard shout something about how he was going to visit tomorrow morning. Then finally he was dropped off outside his apartment complex. Thanking the driver and picking up his bags, Sho walked up the two flights of stairs to his apartment.

Looking over to the apartment to the left of his he saw that there were lights on “Ano…I could have sworn that apartment was empty… did someone move in whilst I was away?” Sho muttered to himself whilst unlocking the door to his own apartment. After taking off his shoes at the door way, Sho made a beeline for his room and literally collapsed on his bed as soon as he reached it.

~Next morning~

Sho groaned as he was awoken from his sleep by a constant knocking on his door. “The hell?” he groaned getting up out of bed to answer the door. He was greeted by a grinning Aiba wearing a hat and sun glasses. “Aiba-chan… why so early?”  Sho groaned putting a hand through his hair. Aiba grinned further “Nino was coming round to visit Noriko, so I figured I better get out of there as soon as possible really.” Sho tried not to flinch at the mention of the couple, but the shoulder pat from Aiba told him, it must have shown on his face.

As he moved to let Aiba in he saw a figure coming out of the apartment next to his. The figure looked to be a young woman, in her early 20’s with long wavy brown hair. She turned around and noticed him looking curiously in her direction. She looked back with a smile, “Ohayou gozaimasu.” She said politely. He smile seemed to be as contagious as Aiba’s and he felt himself smiling back and responding “Ohayou gozaimasu.”  The woman looked like she wanted to say more, but she took a quick glance at her watch she cursed in English, bowed politely, then rushed towards the stairs.

Sho didn’t realise that Aiba had poked his head out behind him, until he spoke. “Uwa~ Sho-chan! You new neighbour is cute!” Sho jumped at the sound of his friend’s voice and turned towards the grinning man. Sho rolled his eyes, sighed and pulled the younger man back into his apartment.

Aiba pouted at being ignored “Mou… Sho-chan! Why are you so grumpy this morning?” He asked the elder man. Sho’s eyes twitched as he walked over to his coffee machine. “Maybe its because I was awoke from a much needed sleep, at a time that is way too early for a day off.” Sho said sending a pointed looks in Aiba’s direction, who just pouted further.

Offering the younger man a coffee, Sho leaned up against the counter “So Aiba-chan, what are you doing here again?” he asked looking over at the brunette who was looking at him over the back of his sofa. “welll~ I told Noriko-chan that I had to pick up something I had forgotten from you, but it was kinda an excuse to get out of the house… cause… well… you know….” Sho knew exactly what he was talking about and will himself not to think about it.

Trying to quickly change the subject, Sho spoke again “Well now that you’re here, wanna go out for breakfast?” Aiba’s grin came back full force at the offer. “Haaai~!” Sho smiled at his friend’s innocent attitude and phoned up a local restaurant to make reservations for the two of them for breakfast.

Once Sho got washed and dressed, they both put on their disguises and walked to the restaurant. The pair were seated in one of the private booths to the back of the restaurant. Once they had ordered there breakfast, Aiba started up the conversation. “Ne…Sho-chan, do you not like Noriko-chan or something?”  Sho tensed up and looked at the other man slowly “What do you mean? Of course I like Noriko-chan.”

Aiba didn’t look convinced “Demo… then why do you always make excuses not to be there whenever she’s around? And tense up or cringe whenever one of us mentions her in conversation? And don’t tell me you don’t because I know you do, I see a lot more things than people think I do.” Aiba announced, surprising Sho at his observance.

Sho somehow knew he wasn’t going to get out of explaining this one, and sighed. “Masaki….it’s not that I don’t like Noriko, on the contrary, I like her more than I should… and that’s the reason.” He paused for a second to let Aiba take it all in before continuing “It hurts when I see her and Nino together, it hurts knowing that I’ll never have a chance with her. I just… I just need to keep some distance between Noriko and myself until I can sort my feelings out.” he finished off, letting out a sad sigh and rested his head in his arms.

Aiba looked at the older man and sighed softly, giving him a sad smile. “Sho-chan, I understand your feelings, demo… you and I both know what Noriko’s like. If you avoid her anymore than you already are, she will notice and start asking questions, or coming round to find you in person.” Aiba said softly to the man.

Sho lifted his head out of his arms enough so he could look at Aiba “what should I do then Masaki...?” he asked in a voice that made Aiba want to go and hug his friend. “Try and distract yourself from the situation, focus you attention on something else, or take up a hobby. I don’t know Sho-chan….but don’t ignore her it will just make things worse… trust me.” Aiba said touching his older friends arm in understanding.

Sho didn’t know how Aiba seemed to understand his feelings, and he knew he was more than likely never going to know either. Aiba wore his emotions on his sleeves yes, but he kept his secrets to himself. He nodded in acceptance at Aiba’s answer and throughout the rest of breakfast they tried to come up with some kind of hobby to distract Sho from his feelings.

The pair finished breakfast and walked back to Sho’s apartment. Once they got inside Aiba noticed something on Sho’s coffee table “Sho-chan, why do you have a English newspaper on the table?” Sho looked over at said newspaper and shrugged. “A friend of mine brought it round and I like trying to figure out what it says occasionally so I haven’t thrown it yet.” Aiba nodded at the explanation, then his eyes widened as if he had just realised something.

“Ne Sho-chan! Why don’t you learn English as your distraction! You’ve always wanted too so why not start now?”Sho thought about it for a while. ‘On one hand it could bring on stress I just don’t need, but then again I managed go to college whilst working so I might as well try…’ Sho thought to himself and then nodded at Aiba. “I think I will Aiba-chan.” Aiba smiled at the faint smile he noticed on Sho’s face.

The 2 men chatted and watched a film for a few hours before Aiba decided to head home. Sho saw him to the door, and just as he was about to turn back in the woman who he met this morning appeared from the stair way. “Ah!” she exclaimed softly when she noticed him at his door way, once again staring at her. She bowed politely before speaking “Gomen about this morning, I would have been late for my first day at work if I didn’t rush off.” She said walking over to him.

Sho chuckled softly “Don’t worry, I figured it was something like that.” A light blush appered over the womans face as she smiled. “Ano I wanted to introduce myself before but as I said, I didn’t have enough time. Hajimemashite, Seto Elizabeth Desu, Demo Most people just call me Elle. Dozo Yoroshiku.” She said with another small smile and a bow.

“Hajimemashite, Sakurai Sho desu. Dozo Yoroshiku.” Sho smiled and bowed back. He was a little bit confused however. Sho, out of all the member of Arashi was never one to be conceited, well not much anyway, but he didn’t quite understand how the girl didn’t seem to know who he was. Arashi were all over the TV and they had billboard up with their faces on them. They were in magazines and on the radio, it just didn’t make any sense as to how this woman hadn’t mentioned it as of yet. Albeit that had only introduced themselves and said hello.

Sho let it slide for the moment in favour of starting up a conversation with Elle. “So Seto-san, when did you move in next door?” Elle tapped her chin once in thought “I moved in about 3 days ago…but I’ve been in Japan for about a month now staying with friends and trying to arrange for all my stuff to be shipped over to the apartment.” She explained. Sho nodded “So where did you live before?” he questioned again, he didn’t know why he was questioning the woman so much, but there was something about her that made him want to know more.

Elle’s smile faltered slightly at the question “England.” Came the short reply. Sho realised there had to be a reason for her moving, and the reason must have been bad if the short reply was anything to go by. Elle quickly changed the subject around on him “So Sakurai-san, have you ever visited England before?” Sho shook his head. “Ano…I know this might sound a bit conceited Seto-san, Demo, Do you know who I am?” Even though the question wasn’t at all related to the topic they were on, Sho couldn’t keep his curiosity inside anymore.

Elle giggled covering her mouth lightly in a cute fashion with her fingertips. “Of course I know who you are Sakurai-san. Your Sakurai Sho of Arashi. Singer, Dancer, Presenter and newscaster. And before you ask why I’m not freaking out about living next to a celebrity, but you’re a human being like everyone else and I don’t see why I should treat you differently. I see people for who they are and not for their Job titles.” Elle explained with a soft smile.

Sho was stunned at the explanation. No one had ever said anything like that to him before. There seriously was something about Elle that made him want to know more about her.

End Chapter 1


Lol that too me a loooong time to write... ah well it got here eventually xD Arigatou for waiting paitently! <3

Next Chapter is Chapter 2 to Noriko & Nino's Story :)