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Homecoming: Sho & Elle Side.

Chapter 2

From there first meeting, Sho hadn’t really had the chance to talk to Elle properly again, it was only a Short ‘Ohayou’ or ‘Konbanwa’ here and there. It was a tad frustrating to Sho, because as much as he denied it, he really did want to get to know his enigma of a neighbour better.

After a long day of outdoor shooting for New Zero, Sho trudged up the stairs to his apartment, only to bump into a tired looking Elle in the hallway. “Ah Konbanwa Seto-san.” Elle jumped in surprise at the greeting, not realising there was anyone else in the hall. She turned and gave a small smile to the man “Konbanwa Sakurai-san, Ogenki Desu ka?” Sho smiled at the younger woman “Hai, Genki Desu. Yourself?” Elle’s smile slipped a bit, but she answered “I’m a bit worn out from work, demo, I’m doing well.” There was something about Elle’s smile that made Sho come to the conclusion she was hiding something.

“Ne, Seto-san, are you free at the moment?” Elle blinked at the question “Eh? Now? Hai I’m free, why do you ask?” she asked confused as to why Sho would ask that sort of question. Sho smiled letting her know there nothing to be alarmed about “I was wondering if you would like to get dinner with me? My treat.” He said. Elle thought about it for a minute and then shrugged “Sure! Why not.” She replied, then looked down at her state of dress and sighed “let me just go and get changed first.” She said rushing quickly into her apartment, muttering about ‘children and paints’ making Sho chuckle. Whilst she got changed he himself quickly rushed into his own apartment and got changed into something more casual.

2 minutes later Sho was outside waiting for Elle to come out of her apartment. He did a one quick check to make sure he had his phone, keys and wallet, and also checking to see if his card was actually in his wallet, which he never used to do until Aiba and Nino decided to play a practical joke on him a few years ago. Hearing Elle’s door open Sho turned towards her to see her dressed in a simple black tank top, and black blue skinny jeans, she had a small cream coloured cardigan flung over her bag just in case. Elle smiled at the taller man and set off into step with him out of the apartment complex.

“Sooo, where are we going?” Sho smiled over at her as they continued there stroll in the direction of the small restaurant he knew. “Well I was thinking Sukiyaki? Is that okay with you?” Elle nodded “I haven’t had Sukiyaki since I arrived in Tokyo so I’m all up for that!” she said with a grin. The pair walked out of the apartment complex and down the road.  Elle laughed over the fact that Sho had to wear a hat, face mask and sunglasses in the late evening. Sho Pouted but agreed over the fact that it was strange, but necessary.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Sho asked for one of their small booths, so that Sho could actually take off his disguise to eat and so they could have some privacy.  After taking a seat and ordering some drinks, Sho started up a conversation “So Seto-san, what do you work as that makes you so worn out in the evenings?” he asked with a small grin, making the woman in front of him smile in return “I’m an English and Art teacher for a Shougakko in Minato-ku.” Sho’s eyes widened slightly at the information “Ehhhh? Demo you look so young! And your already a fully qualified teacher?” Elle giggled “How old do you think I am Sakurai-san?” Sho’ eyebrows furrowed together as he thought. “20? 21?” he answered making Elle let out bubbles of laughter. “Sakurai-san, I’m 25, but I’ve always been told I have a young face.” She answered a few giggles still escaping her, especially when Sho’s face started to look like a fish out of water.

“Ehhhhh?! 25?!Your only a year younger than me!” Sho stated, still shocked.  Elle giggled again and nodded. The waiter knocked on their booth’s door and entered with their drinks and asked if they were ready to order, which they did.

They chatted a little bit more about Elle’s Job “So what grades to you teach?” Elle smiled softly “I teach grades 1&2 English and grades 5&6 Art. It a little tricky remembering all my students names and such but working with the children is fun.” Sho didn’t miss the nostalgic smile on the woman’s face and couldn’t help but wonder what happened before she moved over here. The spoke for a little while longer until there dinner arrived and continued to talk through. “So Sakurai-san besides being an idol and a newscaster, what do you like to do in your spare time?” Sho thought for a while “I like to read a lot I suppose, or spend as much time as I can with my family…Oh at the moment I’m studying English, but its rather difficult trying to learn a language on your own.” Sho said with a sheepish smile.

Elle looked rather surprised at that and then smiled as she thought of something “Well if you’re having trouble learning by yourself, I can always help out Sakurai-san, I am an English teacher after all.” She said with a giggle. Sho looked slightly shocked at the proposition, and slightly wondered why he didn’t think of it first. “Ano, would you mind?” Elle smiled at the question “I won’t mind Sakurai-san, I like teaching, I wouldn’t have chosen it as a job if I didn’t. Even if I do teach shougakusei, I can adapt to teach adults too.” Elle announced with a grin.

Sho grinned back. They both agreed on whenever Sho was free they would have a lesson together, As Sho’s schedule was quite hectic at the moment with the Beijing Olympics coming up, and as Elle was generally free I didn’t really matter to her when the lessons were.

They finished dinner and walked back to their apartments and exchanged phone numbers. Elle smiled at the man from inside her doorway “Thank you for dinner Sakurai-san.” he smiled back “No problem, I’ll message you when I’m next free.” Elle nodded with a small blush dusting over her cheeks. “Okay, ill start editing some of my exercises that I have for the children for you to do.”  She said with a smile. Sho chuckled lightly and nodded “Oyasumi Seto-san.” he announced walking over to his door. “Oyasumi Sakurai-san.” Elle replied and shut her door.



GAH OMG IM SO SORRY!!!! Honest to god or what evers up there I am! I just started college again for the first time in 5 years and I’ve finally got a job again so things have been a bit hectic! And im really sorry its such a sort chapter, but I figured its better to put something up than leave it for another month or 2 >.< so this is what I wanaged to scrape up. I had started this chapter before all the hectic came about, and then because I stopped it half way through I lost my train of thought… I knew what needed to be in the chapter, its just how I wanted to word it, and it neded up more as a filler chapter than anything else now, which slightly sucks, but what can you do~

Next up is Noriko and Nino Chapter 3 And im also gonna try and start up Moving away again, and see if I can try and finish that, IF you like An Cafe, Please check out Moving Away, tis a threesome fic with Takuya/OC/Kanon which might slightly be based on a fantasy of mine~ Non-chan and Taku-chi were always my fave 2 in An Cafe <3 lol