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Good Morning Night Vale Tonight

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The first episode where we are introduced to Robert York, the new late night host at Night Vale Community Radio.

Hosting On Youtube.

Always looking for feedback.
However, "improve the quality of your recording equipment" has already been noted and ain't happening unless I hit the lottery.



Dear Subscriber:

1E1740.7-2942, better known as The Great Annihilator, is a substation and repeater for all Chronostream transmits in your sector of the Blood Space War. We are afraid that Enemy agents have sent a suicide mission into the event horizon, thus allowing them to intercept and transmit their own propaganda to your present. We are making every attempt to jam these transmissions, but we are afraid that you will be bombarded with multiple conflicting narratives designed to confuse you. This is done to sow doubt in your mind in hopes to reaping it later. This sort of activity is typical right before an invasion, but never after/before on this scale.

We highly recommend you download the latest patch to the chrono-incursion detectors and stay vigilant. Also, delete any transmission that does not have the official Alliance encryption. The Enemy is known to use memetic kill agents, so anything you read may cause brain hemorrhaging.

We have detected that some of our newest members in your sector have not received the latest summary of the BSW. Transmission to follow:

The Blood Space War is the result of various timelines fighting over what is perceived as a scare resource, chrono-energy. The very life blood of any universe, chrono-energy is actually remarkably robust stuff. However, if every timeline were allowed to split indefinitely, it would result in existence failure in a matter of centuries for trillions of universes.

So the strongest and most enlightened of the universes reached out to other universes that were discovering time travel and brought them into the fold. The goal was to minimize time divergences and in doing so find a way to preserve existence for all its members. Originally it was not believed that it could be done. The Alliance started out a rather fractured lot that remained allied because they believed in keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer.

The Alliance would have been doomed to fall apart, if it was not of the emergence of The Enemy. A small group of chrononauts discovered that worlds without self-aware creatures on it all merged with one another. That single world, known as the dead world, was a hellscape devoid of life. It was also obscenely rich with chrono-energy. The group was tasked with figuring out how to tap that vast source of time energy to refocus it to help the weaker members of The Alliance. The Enemy started out as a mission of mercy.

We don't know what happened. Madness? Perhaps it was planned from the beginning. The group took control of The Dead world and tapped into the vast energy supply to shield their timeline from incursions. At first Alliance command thought that there was some sort of accident and sent multiple attempts to save the original group sent to harness the timeline. Every first responder was killed and their skulls were returned. Most of the skulls has teeth marks on them.

The first act of The Enemy was to declare was on The Alliance. Every attempt to negotiate with them will failed. They have succumbed to propaganda and become fanatical servants of their death worshiping cult. The Alliance was not a military operation at the time that The Enemy made their first assault. Nulogorsk will forever be remembered as one of the great sneak attacks. Using their vast chrono reserves, the enemy had spent millions of subjective years preparing for war. The assault on Nulogorsk was sudden and brutal. The devastation was total. If it was not for the actions of B.B. Schrön during that conflict, the resulting attack would have completely shattered the heart of the alliance, set most timeline adrift, and left the universe defenseless against The Enemy.

Contrary to popular belief, B.B. Schrön is not proud of his actions that day. True, he defeated The Enemy and stabilized countless timelines, but in the process of using his untested theories that would later be refined into the Chronovore Bombard, he inadvertently created The so-called Atrocity Realm. His partial failure, however, was the drive he needed to push forward and perfect Chronovore Class weaponry. His guilt saved countless lives.

Wanting to be remembered for more then just a creator of weapons, he focused his intellect on defensive capabilities and figured out how to create the ultimate defense from The Enemy. I speak of none other then that which bears his name, The Schrön Loop. A pinched off section of an empty timeline, the remainder of the timeline was then broken down for energy and used to fuel and stablize the reaction. Because of the highly destructive results after a Schrön Loop's creation, only enemy timelines were used.

The brilliance of the Schrön Loop is that it is empty of all matter, yet can hold a near infinite amount of information. Indestructible and inacceptable by any normal enemy attack, the Schrön Loops would become symbols of unification and the promise of peace. For one Schrön Loop could hold all the information of every life, of every person, in every reality. Each reality could be recreated perfectly in every detail, but all as pure information and without the high price of a physical existence.

True, some detractors want to maintain a combination of the Schrön Loops and physicality, but our projections show that physical existence will only lead to the end of all realities. Only in a Schrön Loop where all things are possible, can a self-aware being live out it's life without fear of accidentally making a choice that results in the deaths of billions.

The Alliance has already won the war. We have received word from SL's from beyond the end of the BSW and we have been informed of the success of our plan. We will fight the enemy at every turn. Eventually, when the war is finally won, every one who ever fought in the war will be downloaded to SL-1 and given the choice to live any way they choose. It will be a perfect simulation of a universe. For those who wish it, their chosen universes can be shared, or immutable, or a idealized life of their choosing. It is impossible to tell the difference between life in a Schrön Loop and physicality.

It is also much safer. Our estimates show that our Schrön Loop configuration into a stable tetrahedron will not only be incredibly stable, but should last a whopping 48.2 million TIMES longer then a conventional matter infused universe! In our virtually created universes, death truly is just a phase, and you can reincarnate, or go to heaven. Or whatever belief system you wish.

Alas, we cannot just all upload ourselves into Cosmos 2.0. First we must fight and win the blood space war. While we have already won the war, we still need to fight the war. That's where you, and every self-aware being in your sector comes in. Every life matters. Every choice counts. Do your part to help fight the despotic warlords that seek to kill your very existence and absorb it into a dead world. Stay true and all will be rewarded.

The Reality.

The Vision.

The Alliance.