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Chapter One:

Kagome glared at her reflection, out of all the things that have happened in her life this sure takes the cake. I mean, one minute she was in battle then a light hit her, the next she is unconscious…when she wakes, she wasn't even in her own body and alone somewhere she has no clue where it was!

Her life really sucked!

Oh! Did she mention she was in the body of a dragon! Yeah, isn't it great!

Kagome glared even harder at her reflection, she was some type of dragon, she was black but she had some blue-silver markings on her that matched her eyes. Her claws when fully extended were the same color as the markings as well.

Huffing Kagome slowly stood, she only got a couple feet away before she fell again.

"Life stinks" Kagome muttered as she tried to get up again, she never knew that walking on four legs would be this hard! She gave props to Kirara...where ever she was.

As she slowly stood up again, she slowly walked. It was getting easier to do that at-least. Looking around she knew she was in a woods of some type, she was surrounded by trees, and rocks. Lots and lots of rocks, looking around she could tell she was in a secluded area. The only way to get out of the area was up.

"Great..." She looked up at the rock cliffs and glared, "Just my luck the only way out is to fly or climb..." she paused glancing somewhat at her tucked in wings, "And since flying is out of the question...climbing it is."

Taking a deep breath Kagome surveying the rocks and tried to find somewhere that she could jump grab and make it off the ground.

After a couple minutes of looking she found a spot that looked like she would be able to climb and with a determined glare at the rocks she jumped and tried to dig her new claws hard into the side and held her place, sighing as she moved a couple more inches. She had about a foot before she was too the first ledge.

As she made a move to jump again a voice, low and filled with curiosity broke through the silence.

"What are you trying to do?" Kagome yelped and ended up falling, and hitting the ground with a thump. Looking up at what talked to her, she saw another dragon, it looked similar to herself but was all black.

Blinking, Kagome looked at the figure, "What do you mean?" She was going to play stupid. She really had no clue what she was going to do if the dragon turned out to be hostel towards her.

The was a chuckle, as the other dragon jumped down a couple rocks, and stood right in-front of her now, "I mean what are you doing trying to climb a rock when you have perfectly good wings to use." He looked at her for a few seconds before staring her strait in they eyes. This made Kagome nervous and take a few steps back.

Kagome saw a look of shock pass through the dragons eyes as well as a warm feeling spread threw her from the tips of her wings to her tail.

She took another step back, but this caused the other dragon to growl making Kagome freeze on the spot.

'What the hell am I gonna do now!' Kagome thought as she stood still, not wanting to do anything to anger the dragon in-front of her.