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Nick Burkhardt wants to unmake the world. He hadn’t known that it was possible to survive pain like this and Juliette’s death had left him reeling.

He pulls away from Trubel. And anyone Wesen. He goes back to holding his Captain as far away from himself as possible.

Sean is hurting after everything he went through with the possession. He feels the distance between himself and Nick keenly, but can do nothing to change things. He understands. But it still hurts.

At least what remains of his family has gone back into the woodwork again. Just maybe Sean can relax a little.

Until he wakes one morning, and realizes he is in deep, deep trouble.

He fumbles his way to his landline, and pictures the numbers, shakily he dials.

“I need your help.” He doesn’t need to identify himself, because the person on the other end knows exactly who it is. He’s terrified, he tells her what’s happened.


Three miles away, Rosalee Calvert puts down the phone and stares across the table at Monroe in horror.

“Someone has put a curse on the Captain.”

Monroe was waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it has.

“What kind of curse?” He moves to take his wife in his arms.

“A sense curse.” She looks up at her beloved husband, “Monroe, Sean is blind.”