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100 Ways To Say "I Love You"

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“Pull over. Let me drive for a while.” Cas says in the early evening. Dean glances at him with tired eyes. They’ve been on the road for four and a half hours heading towards California to see Sam and his family.

“You sure?” He asks, keeping his eyed fixed on the curving road.

“Yes, Dean, you look shattered. You sleep, I’ll drive.” Dean yawns suddenly and nods, pulling the Impala over at the next parking place. Dean steps out into the chilly evening air and swaps places with Cas.

They set off and it’s not long before Dean has his head leant against the window with his jacket stuffed under his head to ease the vibrations from his beloved car. His mouth is slightly ajar and his face has fallen into a relaxed expression. Cas smiles and drives on into the night.