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I think about your nose
The line it draws in your face the flare of it,
Touching it tracing it flex fingerprints and tongue
How it begs me –
“Taste me” –
It pulls me from my open orbit to your
Silly structured gravity – “Come closer”
"Closer" softer harder and
Until you’ve taken my knees and elbows
Hostage - no negotiation.

I think about your chest bi-cardial
Inconspicuous and strong and
How does it all fit in there?
You are a freak of nurture
Whereas I, – Well.
You beat thick constant thumps
In front of me behind me
Beside me
– Without me. –
You keep me pulsing
It’s only you – only ever been you – only you -
Even when I wish you wouldn’t
("Good riddance" they'd say)
Even when you should let them take me, have me –
You hold
Steady steady steady me.
You hold.

I think about your hands
Spidercracked worn in
Clinical and more than adequate
Fingers of appropriate length
And they look so nice in mine
Fit just so – like a piece of case
Facts slid into motive slid into
The Rest of the Story solved –
Case closed. –
Your fingers next to mine between them
No space – skin on skin on skin and
Curved around
“Take my hand” and you did but
Who was leading whom?
I think we’d have always ended up
Here. Us.

I think about us.