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The Hellspawn

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"Are you ready, Tonate?" White asked.


Ted nodded. He never talked unless it was strictly necessary, and the plan was clear enough. White's contact outside jail would distract the guard that was watching over them and Lance Amano had bribed other guard to steal the keys and open their cell. Then they could escape through the hole in the courtyard that they had been months digging with spoons. Sharing the cell with those two annoying pests had been a pain in the neck all this time, but now they were really coming in handy, and all he had to do was fabricating a bomb for whoever had put the plan in motion. He had hidden it inside a teddy-bear and kept it in his pocket.


A pink-haired woman approached the guard. His name was Marlon Rimes. He had been imprisoned a few months for obstruction of justice, but they had given him parole and now he worked part-time as a prison guard.


When the woman took off her T-shirt, Ted realized that she was White's contact. She wasn't even wearing a bra, so her generous and bouncy bust was there for all to see. Rimes didn't say anything, but his eyes were as opened as they could be. The woman grabbed his arm and guided him through the corridor, who knew to where.


After the both of them had disappeared on the horizon, a short guard came carrying a handful of keys. If Ted recalled correctly, he was some guy from Nine-Tales Vale that had come to city in search for a better life. For a prison guard, he had a worrying tendency to steal things. Ted didn't remember his name because all the inmates called him The Raccoon. The idiot needed to try five different keys before using the right one.


The four of them went silently to the courtyard. It was 4 AM, so nobody noticed. To move the big stone that hid the secret tunnel under the wall, they needed a lot of effort and time, even if they were four. Just when they finished moving it, it started raining.


"Crap." Amano swore. He was the first one to enter the hole. Ted followed him, and White was the last one. While they crawled in the darkness, the rain got heavier and they started hearing thunders every now and then. Getting mud all over their faces wasn't pleasant, but it was a little price to pay for freedom.


"My brillielegant suit is complelutly destruined." White complained after the three of them had gotten out of the tunnel, finally outside the prison. Ted had expected some light but it was as dark as in the hole. Apparently there weren't any street lights in that alley.


Suddenly, a shot rang out, and someone screamed.


"Is someone hurt!?" Ted asked.


"Not me!" White shouted.


Then a lightning gleamed and he could see it clearly. Lance Amano lied between them with a hole in his chest, and in front of them there were two shadowy figures, both wearing habits and hoods. The only difference between them was the color, one was brown and the other was white. The white figure was holding a smoky gun and the other pulled out a knife.


White screamed like a little girl and ran away in the opposite direction. Ted followed him silently. He noticed that the alley only had two exits.


"White, I have an idea." He said. "If we follow different paths, at least one of us will escape."


"And if I do this, it'll be sure that I'm the one who escapes." He replied, and then he kicked Ted in the knee. He toppled and crushed in the wall, and then fell backwards


He started nose-bleeding and got dizzy, but he could see the figure with the white habit approaching him. Ted thought he was going to die, but it just crouched next to him, got the teddy-bear and left. After a while, he got up and wandered around. After he didn't know how much time, he found himself next to the dead body, that now lacked one eye for some reason, and heard a voice behind him.


"Hands up!" Ted turned around and saw a police officer pointing a gun to him.